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  • Lord of Cowardice

    Lord of Cowardice

  • The Return of the Devil's Wife

    The Return of the Devil's Wife



    The day she died was the day she finally realized that her detachment and cowardice were her biggest mistakes. That those were the reasons she lost everything. "If time will turn back its hands, I will no longer just watch. I will return everything in its rightful places. I will control my own fate." These were her thoughts as the reel of her life played, as the poison coursed in her body reminding her of her incompetence, of her inaction, burning all of her resistance and detachment. And then she opened her eyes once more. She was back. This time she will make sure that she won't lose anything or anyone. Including a certain smiling devil who is really good at kissing. --------------------- This is an Original story and not a translation. All rights reserved. :) Disclaimer: The image in my cover is not mine. Just got it from Pinterest. Credits to the source.

  • YELLOW Flower

    YELLOW Flower

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 CAMPUS MAFIA

    It’s the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.Lurking in the background is the dark side of yellow: cowardice, betrayal, egoism, and madness.

  • Un-Requited


    A story of unrequited feelings? or simply cowardice created by the fear of rejection? If you were in his place what actions would you have done?

  • Slaughter dominate

    Slaughter dominate

    In the cultivable that you must be as a strong person ,only slaughters who are dominating the world. If you becoming cowardice in the world that you will be died. Changing the world is your aim, to use your strong strength kill all rivals, using your volition to correct the already inaccurate world Because you are chosen as fate by the celestial Daos. The mission is you no way to avoid it. Because this is destining .

  • Once Upon A Puppet

    Once Upon A Puppet


    Mistakes were made in the past. Running away and without a word was the severe one. Only if one knew that the amnesia they were facing was nothing more then an answered prayer they may not look for answers to it. Anne chooses redemption over cowardice. Will it change her situation or her personality?

  • Even a Goblin Can Dream

    Even a Goblin Can Dream


    What does the word "goblin" often invoke in the average adventurer's mind? What images might they conjure up out of unconscious bias? Slothfulness? Debauchery? Violence? Cowardice?And what if there was a goblin that defied those very images?Here lies the tale of a goblin that changed the very foundation of what it means to be a goblin!

  • Steampunk Polyamorous Romance Featuring Airships and Dragons: Reboot

    Steampunk Polyamorous Romance Featuring Airships and Dragons: Reboot


    Where airship fly the skies and romance abounds, Captain Valencia Steele and Jackie the Pirate struggle to keep their feelings for one another under control while Morrows, Jackie's male lover, tries to lose his cowardice. Forced together by the fickle ways of fate and malfunctioning inventions, will the trio manage to find their happily ever afters, or is heartbreak on the horizon?

  • Drunken Fantasy: A Novella

    Drunken Fantasy: A Novella


    It's time for a story.A story that you have all heard; you are all aware of.A story, maybe one, that many of you have gone through.A story so common that you will find it uncommon.A story of cowardice.A story where the bond becomes so unnecessarily strong that one couldn't shake it when the time comes.A story of excruciating pain.A story of love; a love that you realized a tad too late.It's a love story but not one for romance.So, now, it's time for a story.

  • SW: Thy Protector of Ghost Emperor

    SW: Thy Protector of Ghost Emperor


    A handsome Ghost Emperor, Gui Xie Jiduan, lost the respect of the majority of his subjects after his divine sword was destroyed by an immortal. A vicious ruler is now hiding in the power of his enchantments to protect his life. Day by day, his subjects ridiculed him for his cowardice, and other superior ghosts challenged him to surrender his reign.In fear of his life, he stayed in his castle and ordered his loyal subordinates to hunt him a meal - living creatures, preferably divine beings, so that he could absorb their cultivation and enhance his power. When he met a group of cultivators led by a woman named Ye Shin, everything in his life changed considerably. The woman was eager to exchange a favor in exchange for her hundred years of service in his realm.From then on, the once ridiculed ghost emperor boldly ventured out of his castle and faced all his enemies with no fear.Behind his fearless image is a strong woman with unparalleled power.A/N: Ye Shin's journey in ghost realm. #strongfemalelead #xuanhuan

  • Doltish Boling Yili Reborn

    Doltish Boling Yili Reborn

    What will happen when a wild, arrogant, and cold secret agent crosses over to the body of a weak and timid young miss of an aristocratic family?She, Chu Ye, is the CIA agent who grabbed the outstanding title of “Agent 007” after the death of Qian Xie. However, she fell in love with the enemy during a murder mission and died for love.She, Boling Yili, is the seventh young miss of the Boling family, the greatest aristocratic family of the Eastern Nation, but because of her natural timidity and cowardice and her inability to become a sorcerer, she was regarded by the family as a disgrace and was exiled to a small remote town, where she supposedly died due to suicide and drowned in a pond

  • Soul's Will

    Soul's Will

    I thought that when you see the light, you ran towards it, for it will save you soul. But....Why....? I saw the scream of the innocents. I heard the blood that spurt from the very core of humanity. I taste the fear of those people whom I trust. Why did God gave me a second chance in this forsaken place? Bravery is only for those who are fools. Cowardice is only for those who are innocents. I will search the light in this damn tunnel! I will crawl, even if my knees and palms have bruises. If the the above almighty do give me a chance, I will let my conviction be my reality, knowledge be my guide and cautiousness be my haven. Genre: World building, Action, War Drama, Violence, Sex and Gore Release: Slow 1500- 4500 words per chapter

  • Somanath: A Tale of Forgotten Time

    Somanath: A Tale of Forgotten Time

    Somanath is a historical novels that revolves around a famous temple of lord Shiva.The Somnath Temple located in Saurashtra on the western coast of Gujarat, India, is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of the God Shiva.Somnath is Acharya Chatursen’s historical novel based on the seventeenth barbaric invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni on the Somnath Temple in Gujarat. The novel chronicles the effects that the many plunderings had on the temple and the people of the town. Acharya's novel takes us back in time and helps to explore the rich history of India especially Gujarat. The novel evokes the sense of an entire social world.The book also reveals the many customs and culture of the Hindus in this era. Bravery and cowardice, loyalty and betrayal, love and affection and cruelty and sacrifice is all encompassed in this novel. The book also speaks of the ills of the Hindu and Muslim society, its barbarism and its inhumanity.What attracted the plunderers to the Somnath temple? What did King Bhimdev do to protect this gods house? Did he succeed or fail? In harrowing detail, Acharya uses fiction to get at the “truth” of history.Written in historical fantasy style, the book throws light on the amalgamation of Hinduism with Islam in this subcontinent. Somnath Chatursen’s characters are not Hindus or Muslims but humans – people who are products of their time and place; people who had to make tough choices to survive. Some of them take the high road, while othera plot and scheme to do evil.

  • Third World Zombie Domination

    Third World Zombie Domination


    Belonging to the lowest stratum of Filipinas, a third-world poor country situated at the large continent of Maharlika, Ezra is a quick-witted young lady but is a prisoner of her cowardice. One day, she was chased by a group of notorious bandits which led to her tragic death in their blood-filled arms. However, things took a 360 degree turn when she woke up to her body but in an entirely different universe where a zombie apocalypse broke out. Her past memories are intact but she has not acquired the memories and skills of her new self... yet. As Ezra ventures into her new self, she will soon discover the top-notch ability and fighting skill of her new self.

  • Serenity House

    Serenity House

    Books and writing have always been an enormous part of Anita's life. She survived school by hiding out in the library, with several thousand fictional characters for company. At university, she overcame the boredom of studying accountancy by squeezing in Egyptology papers and learning to read hieroglyphics. Today, Anita writes historical fantasy novels from her home in rural New Zealand. You can find her on Facebook Be the first to hear about new releases, specials, and giveaways. Sign up at: In 1918 England, join an Edwardian Cinderella on her journey to defeat the undead and find her happily ever after Part 1: Ella,The Slayer Seventeen-year-old Ella copes the best she can scrubbing the floors, and slaying the undead. Then the new Duke of Leithfield arrives in the village and working alongside Seth, Ella glimpses a future she never dreamed was possible. But in overstepping society's boundaries, she could lose everything - home, head and her heart... Part 2: Alice, The Player Ella must venture down a rabbit hole, but this is no wonderland... When Alice goes missing without a trace, the new vermin queen sends an invitation--Ella is welcome to try and rescue her friend, before Elizabeth lets her subjects tear the housemaid apart. Part 3: Rory, The Sleeper Could the long dead duchess, Millicent deMage, be the key to understanding the pandemic of vermin? The final battle is looming, but this might be one fight Ella can't win, and she will be the one put to sleep forever... Part 4 Bonus: Henry, the Gaoler On the frontlines of the Great War, Henry kept a token of happier times - a worn photograph of a young girl with long blonde plaits. He returns from war damaged and vowing to do one brave thing to make up for his cowardice - release Hazel from her prison. But is it safe with the pandemic and its horrific aftermath?

  • I Betrayed My Sister

    I Betrayed My Sister


    On that day, I made a mistake. A grave one.My sister could not take it anymore. She decided that it was enough. She did not want to live in an environment like that.She was still just 11 years old. I felt guilty because the punishment I was supposed to receive, got passed on to her. And the cause of that unfairness was my cowardice.I really liked how she was always positive when she would get humiliated by the other kids, even by our parents, she would endure and smile through the pain.I admired her braveness and strength.But the day I was the one that humiliated her, she could not take it."Haha...So you too also was having fun on humiliating me."She could not believe it.That was the last time I saw my sister.She ran away from home, leaving me with immense remorse that I could not possibly get rid of.::: Cover is not mine!!

  • Riddle of Ruin

    Riddle of Ruin


    What if in the struggle between magic and science, magic was the victor? What if technology disappeared and magic became what was used to colonize the galaxy? What if now magic is used to wage war across the stars? The imperial fleet’s only hope for victory is the ‘Hero of the Empire’ Metternich. Too bad that the man many consider to be their greatest hero, is in fact their greatest coward. Metty once more finds himself in a desperate situation on the Planet of Volun 4. Newly promoted to the rank of Commodore, he must take command of the defeated 378th fleet cops and lead it to victory against a superior foe, and he must do that before the arrival of an even greater enemy force, while also keeping his secret cowardice hidden from his own troops, lest they turn on him. Meanwhile rebellion stirs in the Occupied Territories, as a mysterious figure called 'Nobody' emerges to rally the rebels and lead them to victory against the Empire. But is he truly their salvation? Enemies to his front, vengeful rebels to his rear and surrounding him are allies that may betray him at any moment. Just another weekday for poor ol' Metty.

  • A Poetic Fallacy

    A Poetic Fallacy

    To you, as a reader, What is true Horror? Do you feel any authentic, 'real' fear when watching or reading a frightening moment? No matter how well an author paints a vivid image in your imagination, You will always be protected by the abysmal veil of being 'just an observer'. No matter how fast you run away from a dark room to under the cover of your blanket. No matter how 'afraid' you are , you will always remind yourself that the scary movie you have watched or the scary book you have just read are all just make-believe, a part of your imagination, 'FAKE'. No matter how 'immersed' you are, you will always know, in the depths of your psyche and the very crevices of your mind that it was all , just 'fake'. So. What happens when you tear down that wall between you and your imagination. When you RIP off that veil of protection? When you step into the role of the protagonist, will you bask in the adrenaline born from the desire to survive? Or will you succumb to the very weight of your cowardice and disappear into nothing but only a lost and found poster, the subject of a police investigation or just a grief filled albeit fleeting memory?

  • Aftermath: Life After Death

    Aftermath: Life After Death

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    Kennedy: When he was nine and his brother was twelve, his brother was kidnapped and later found dead. The man tried to take Kennedy, but his brother saved him that day. Kennedy has never recovered from that trauma. He's quiet. Reserved. And doesn't want to get close to anyone, too afraid they will see fault in him, as he himself does, in the death of his older brother.Fox: When he was a senior in high school, an angry student rampaged the school with a gun. He killed five people and himself, Fox's twin brother among the dead. Fox blames himself for his brother's death, for not being there with him, for not dying with him. For surviving in an act which he perceives cowardice. He's angry at himself and angry at the world. In his anger and grief he's convinced himself he deserves a life of loneliness. For how can he live a happy life with his brother's blood on his hands?They meet by happenstance. Will they each be able to find the love they want so desperately, yet deny themselves? Or will their past finally consume them both?

  • War Of The World: A Dragon's Child

    War Of The World: A Dragon's Child


    A world full of warfare between the creatures that exist within it, be it against their own kind or other races. A world engulfted with utterly hatred, conflict, greed, and desire to become superior to those around them. A world wherein only the tough and strong can thrive and survive due to the unfair and brutal law that it holds within. The dogma... Wherein the weak shall die or be killed by those who are only fit to live, in order to conserve the essential sources that this world contain. Wherein the weak shall suffer an eternal torment and shall only live as a slave and a prey to those who are above them. The dogma... Wherein showing mercy is a foolishness. Wherein a desperate run from death is a cowardice. Wherein avoiding threats in your life is an extreme infirmity. These dogmata shaped the world that the creatures known and calls it home. There is no place for those who only want to live an extravagant and peaceful life. There is no place for those who are frail and coward, ignorants and to those who only want is a total serenity. This world seems like a place not for those who can't accept the brutal truth that it holds within. Because of desperation to live and to survive, the creatures underneath the shadows of the so-called "lords of the world" desperately hid within their enormous shadows. They lurked and forbeared in secluded areas wherein the lords can't reach or sense them. They tried to survive even if it means risking and sacrificing many lives for the sake of their race's survival. But, all of this started to change when an accident happened. An accident that will change this world forever. A glimpse of hope finally reached the frail creatures. They rebelled against the lords for their rights and freedom. They fought them until they attained their victory. The creatures finally claimed their rights and freedom. They attained a peaceful life and serenity. The weak and sick among them got a chance to live. However, even if they finally claimed their freedom... The warfare will never end.