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  • I Don’t Want This Bad Ending

    I Don’t Want This Bad Ending



    [WPC#3: Bronze Tier Winner]In the famous romance novel “A Happy Ending” has a cliche plot of a heroine picking her favorite fish in the fishpond and becoming a happy female lead at the end of the story. The villainess, Evelyn Callie von Emsworth is the young lady of the Dukes House, a spoiled lady that craved for love, she bullies the heroine and died at the guillotine by the order of the Male Lead which she loves. While everyone had "A Happy Ending", only Evelyn was met with a tragic death. What will happen when a graduating college student died and become part of the famous novel “A Happy Ending” and became the tragic villainess of the story? Will she stay at the original plot? Or will she turn her fate and create another path? Will everything came to light and will the story deviate from the original? *** [EXCERPTS:] "I don't need a useless daughter," said Duke Keene. "Why can you just die silently?" Allan said. "You were the one who was always stalking me. Disgusting!" said Edickart. "You're the one who's playing with fire!" Cabel said. "Can you mind your own business?!" Silvester states. "I hate you and your whole family!" said Adley. "How can you do this, Lady Evelyn?! You're vicious!" said by the heroine, Elise. "Wait... I didn't do any of this!" Evelyn pleaded! But wait... What is this?! "There's something you need to know... The answer lies in your lost memories." "Wait... And who the f*ck are you?!" *** Find out how she will regain her lost memories and how the future will unveil for the future Villainess. "Hello, Author??? Yohoo~ there wasn't something like this written in your story?!" (√ # ` ×` )√ *turn table* "This is a scam! I need a refund for this stupid novel!!!" - P.s. picture, not mine. credit to the owner. Take note: THIS NOVEL IS A SLOW BURN.

  • Guardian Of The End

    Guardian Of The End


    "What kind of guardian would you want to be? the one who destroys everything or the one who protects everything?" Jason, one of the many casualties during a nuclear explosion gets the chance to reincarnate into another world due to his deeds during the war. He gets tossed to another world due to ending up with the Shadow god as his patron, something deemed impossible. With a system to guide him in the world of Clover and a family jinxed through the generations, his adventurous life in new world begin. --- I don't own the cover





    "THE END IS HERE" The only sentence which made sense in the situation Mark was in. Trying to take the easy way out from all the horrors of his life Mark Blaze encountered the eruption of Zombies. The fight for survival has started. Would Mark be able to survive while facing his dark past he wanted to get away from or would he lose everything once again? IMP NOTE- THE MC IS NOT COLD BLOODED AND ISN'T A SOLO WARRIOR. IF YOU EXPECT THAT KIND OF CHARACTER THEN I CAN ONLY SAY THIS BOOK DOES NOT PROVIDE YOU THAT.

  • His Fairy Tale Ending

    His Fairy Tale Ending

    Leonardo Emerson Winthrope is the Crown Prince of Gefrington, while Tristan Quinn Calliwell is an orphan and a commoner. When Leonardo hires Tristan to look after his twin children, he doesn't expect to fall in love. After all, he's still trying to move on from his failed marriage. But he can't stop his burgeoning feelings.<br><br>Tristan knows his relationship with Leonardo will encounter some setbacks, so he isn't surprised when members of the peerage protest it out loud. There's nothing he can do about his status, though. He has zero idea about who his parents might have been. He hopes the citizens of Gefrington will come around someday and support his relationship with Leonardo.<br><br>Are Tristan and Leonardo doomed to an unhappy ending? Or will they find their happily ever after in the end?



    Aira lestari yang tiba-tiba mendapatkan tawaran dari seorang Reyan Aditya yang merupakan teman SMA dulu kini mengundangnya dalam sebuah pernikahan, sampai pada akhirnya Aira tahu kebenaran yang membuatnya kesal atas ungkapan yang Reyan lontarkan kepadanya. Akankah ada akhir bahagia untuk mereka?

  • Never Ending Empire

    Never Ending Empire


    Oliver somehow reincarnated as the crown prince of Andola. Since he was always into kingdom building novels, he appreciated the second chance. And decided to make his country Andola into a better place.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please help me by voting with the power stones and I am doing bonus chapters for each of them under ten!

  • Ending Maker

    Ending Maker


    Two heroes of the game Legend of Heroes 2 that were rotten water*. Kang Jin-ho in the first place and Hong Yoo Hee in the second place. One day, I opened my eyes and reincarnated as a character in the game… “Hey…you too?” “Hey…me too!” The ending of Legend of Heroes 2 is the destruction of the human world. But if there’s two of us and we’re not alone. If it is also the #1 and #2 in the server rankings. The path of rotten water begins for a perfect happy ending!

  • “The Ending”

    “The Ending

    This story takes place in an alternate universe where Mysterious X just has fun.

  • Book Transmigration: Happy Ending With The Villain

    Book Transmigration: Happy Ending With The Villain



    Once she transmigrated, Su Muxue became a simple-minded, arrogant, and domineering female supporting character who was subjected to a villainous bigshot's torture before ending up in a miserable state. Fortunately, she transmigrated early in the plot and the story had only started not long ago. The villain was still a pitiful little nothing who lived in her house. Although the original owner of the body was bad-tempered, her family treated her exceptionally well. Since that was the case, she should not be blamed for dealing with those who harbored ill intentions toward her family first. To let her family live a better life, Su Muxue utilized all of her abilities. When she was in school, she received so many awards her hands shook from overexertion. When she reached adulthood, she invested in companies everywhere, causing her name to shoot up on the list of the richest people frequently. One day, when the wealthiest man who often ranked in front of her showed up, Su Muxue realized in shock—was this not the original villain in the book? Even so, what was going on? Why was he looking at her with such loving eyes?

  • The real ending

    The real ending

    Lucas, merupakan seorang kapten muda, tampan, dan dingin yang memimpin pasukan dari klan manusia sekaligus keturunan keluarga pasukan terkuat dari klan manusia, memiliki misi yang sudah ia rencanakan sejak berumur tujuh tahun. Peristiwa atas pembantaian yang dilakukan oleh klan iblis pada keluarga nya itupun membuat nya dendam hingga saat ini. "Bagaimanapun, aku harus membalaskan dendam atas perbuatan klan iblis pada keluarga ku! Kalau tidak karena perbuatan mereka, aku takkan hidup sengsara seperti sekarang!" Lucas. "Kau takkan mampu membalaskan dendam mu itu, karena aku akan menghentikan mu," Bagaimana ceritanya? akankah Lucas dapat membalaskan dendam atas kematian keluarga nya? atau justru rencana nya gagal?

  • The Ending

    The Ending

  • Ending.


  • Bukan Ending

    Bukan Ending




    seorang remaja bernama JongChen Anak dari CEO ini mendapatkan masalah bersama seorang gadis cantik bernama Sana.Karena atas perilaku JongChen pada malam itu membuat Sana gadis cantik ini Khawatir Akan kondisi nya nanti.Menurut Sana pada malam itu jika dia tidak menolong JongChen pasti kesialan ini tidak ada pada nya.dan kecelakaan ini tidak terjadi kepadanya.

  • My Happy Ending With An Obsessive Villain

    My Happy Ending With An Obsessive Villain



    A chance encounter allowed Su Qing, who should have died in a car accident to cross over and become an evil female character of the same name in a novel. She was originally a rich person enjoying life but as she caused trouble one after another, she ended up dead by the roadside. Thinking back on the female character's sad life, Su Qing wished she could just die again. And the cause of this calamity was her falling in love with the main character at first sight and starting her blind pursuit of him. Su Qing thought, 'Isn't he just the main lead? What's so great about him? If I can't deal with him, I'll just avoid him then. 'Stay away from the male lead and say no to being cannon fodder! Say no to love!' Compared to the main lead, Su Qing was much more attracted to the little villain she had picked up along the way. With her careful nurturing, the originally future prime antagonist became a good man who was equally capable at work and in the kitchen. More importantly, he was handsome and sweet! 'Isn't it awesome having a handsome, rich, and beautiful person who can afford to do nothing? With a puppy accompanying me to boot, what else do I need in life?' Yet… Everyone else said, "She's a goner. Gu Jue that b*st*rd is a pure psychopath!" Gu Jue said, "Hush, don't listen to them. And you lot, keep your mouth shut~" [Character setting: Su Qing: Eccentric, pretty and kind-hearted, a genius. Gu Jue: A little puppy in the front, a big boss in the back. An obsessive yandere.

  • Rejected Ending

    Rejected Ending

    Kenapa di kebanyakan cerita selalu ada antagonis? Seharusnya orang jahat itu gak usah ada. Dengan begitu semua orang akan bahagia."Itu lebih baik ketimbang takdir dan semesta yang jadi antagonis. Kita tidak bisa melawan takdir dan semesta. Tidak ada karma buat kedua hal itu" Bercerita tentang Dania Felicya Dewi, gadis cantik yang sangat memedulikan penampilannya. Ia benci sesuatu yang kotor dan menganggap semuanya kotor. Karena suatu hal ia bertemu dengan ketua eskul Pecinta Alam dan terlibat kedalam eskul yang bertentangan dengan kehidupannya itu!

  • восточный русский (sad ending)

    восточный русский (sad ending)

    в этой истории три подростка, которые покидают UFA Russia и направляются в Нью-Йорк, поскольку они обнаружили, что сайт New York Times взломан, и половина, чтобы остановить того, кто отвечает за его сайт

  • The Ending of the Abyss

    The Ending of the Abyss


    Benjamin is a simple boy who is growing up on the outskirts of a small town.

  • Is always Happy After Ending?

    Is always Happy After Ending?



    "Do you know why you are here? What brings you here?" The lifeless eyes of Aurora stared with a blank expression on her face as the lady circled around her. "What is your wish? What does your heart desire, my child? Tell me about the beautiful voice that you have lost. Your sister took your voice due to envy," She paused, now standing in front of Aurora. "But you can get it back my child by stabbing her heart and wishing for what you desire the most." She said, holding her face between her hands staring into her eyes. "Not everyone is a saint here, there is always a demon hidden deep within your heart." Every story has its own ending, some make you jump in joy, some leave you a sobbing mess, some make history and some leave you in a mystery but the question is, is it always happy after the ending? 'Voice of love from the Sea' had its own happy ending where the prince and the princess lived happily ever after. The princess becomes the queen and gives birth to a beautiful child. This is the journey of a story after the ending where a character is meant to die by the betrayal of her own sister. The world of unknown where a reader transferred into the body of a character, the voice which has now lost its power. The world Daisy read is now going to be her life as Aurora, the side character of the book. The mystery which stayed in the dark will reveal now. The voice which made desires come true will now make your nightmares your reality. Will she gain it back or once again fall into the grave her sister has been digging for her? Will it end with love or will it end in pain? The unacceptable ending. Will you be the Saint or the Evil? "You are just a tool to win the love of my life back, just a tool to play with. Even if you run away, I will find you from wherever you are until the time I get Zoe back for myself, even if it means I have to kill anyone," he said, pushing me against the wall with a loud bang. 'Can I just give this brat a whack on his head? This is the reason why this brat didn't get the female lead' The book cover credit goes to its owner it has been edited by 'reinesse'. I hope you love and support my work, LOVE YOU READER-CHAN.