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    Multiverse Anime System

  • Expecto Patronum || Cedric Diggory x Hufflepuff reader

    Expecto Patronum || Cedric Diggory x Hufflepuff reader




    "RAVENCLAW!!!!!!!"'The stupid hat announced, honestly I was really hoping for hufflepuff, no one ever pays attention to a puff, f***. I could've managed to lay low then surprise everyone with my awesome skills during the triwizard tournament. But whatever this just slightly disturbs my plans, not that much of a setback' I think to my self as I walk to my new house who are cheering me on. 'meh maybe it wont be so bad though if they bully me like they did Luna, sending them to the infirmary unconscious isn't a problem'. An evil grin emerges on my face for a split sec before I put on my innocent girl face again. 'This is gonna be so fun'.FEMALE MCNO HAREMNO R18(maybe)(Yo just writing for fun, I'm not an experienced writer at all!!! and the cover pic ain't mine got it of Pinterest and I don't own Harry Potter book series and the characters that's all J K Rowling, I'm just responsible for my MC and maybe a few other OC's. Anyway enjoy!!!)

  • Birthmarks



    Rose Potter, everyone thought she was dead after the incident in her first year at Hogwarts. Harry didn't think she'd be safe anymore so, Dumbledore obliviates her and told everyone she died. But in reality they sent her back to London to live a normal life with the Dursley's. Harry hid her all this time from the Wizarding World. Until one day after school, she gets attacked by a dementor. Her rescuer? Draco Malfoy. She finds out about the Wizarding World because of him, and after telling Harry she knew everything, Rose insisted on going back to Hogwarts. And surprisingly, Harry agreed. After arriving, she stumbles upon a book that'll change her life. And everyone else's.But she'll have to deal with betrayal, love, heartbreak, death, and the past... (Rose is Harry's twin)-{The order of the Phoenix - deathly hallows}-This fanfic contains strong language, mature scenes and topics! It mentions abuse/rape so carefully think about it if you'd like to read.It also contains smut ;)These characters belong to J.K Rowling!!Elijah Grey, Rose Potter, and the plot belong to me

  • Slytherpuff


    when the descendants of Hufflepuff and Slytherin become best friends, get placed in the most obvious houses, and are both gay....... just what will happen? A lot. reviews, ratings, and comments are appreciated. sorry about any grammar or punctuation errors. please let me know when you see any. (No smut...... rating is because of some triggering abuse moments. no, not between our gay boys. just read, and you'll see.)THANK YOU!!

  • lasair agus gaol

    lasair agus gaol


    This is a story about a young girl who has been through lots of trauma growing up from being sold by her biological family when she was just a baby to being abused her whole life by the people who bought her when she ran away from her abusive "family", She receives a mysterious letter delivered to her even though she has no home...Ember was an outcast and also has social anxiety as nobody has ever thought her talents cool, Embers main worry is her eyes and her ability to speak to cats, she is known as a lingua cattus... This story tells of how the shy selective mute girl got her happily ever after.

  • Planets of us

    Planets of us

  • The Devil’s Triangle

    The Devil’s Triangle

  • The first letters of a revolution

    The first letters of a revolution

    A group of teens, who couldn't be more different, gets trapped together. Can they survive? Will they have what it takes to defeat the enemy?

  • Love Is All Around

    Love Is All Around

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC HARRYPOTTER

    "There are no strange creatures, only blinkered people..." At Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry, nothing is normal. Throw a few magical teenagers in the mix, and everything goes haywire... Newt Scamander is a Hufflepuff student at Hogwarts, hoping to seek something new this year. To his surprise, he receives his wish, along with the prettiest girl of Ilvermorny! (according to himself...) Who knows what to expect when love is in the air?

  • I hope you feel the same

    I hope you feel the same

    The war is over. Students return for their last year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Over the last few months, Hermione and Draco became good friends without his parents knowing. Slytherins takes Hufflepuff on in a quidditch match and something unexpected happens short after..

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