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    "Aku benci menjadi orang pintar" -Keela"Lebih baik aku memikirkan orang orang tercintaku daripada harus memikirkan pelajaran"-Rahma"Kita harus atur strategi agar kita menang, bukan hanya perang melainkan dalam hal apapun"-Esti"Tidak ada gunanya sekolah tinggi tinggi jika akhirnya mengenaskan"-Putri"Seharusnya tidak ada orang egois didalam asrama ini"-Mila"Apapun yang terjadi, ku serahkan pada Tuhan"-Mida

  • The autobiography of an insignificant Ravenclaw

    The autobiography of an insignificant Ravenclaw

    Fantasy Romance HARRYPOTTER

    Harry Potter fanfic about a seemingly insignificant Ravenclaw and her seven years in Hogwarts (from 1991-final battle) **I don't have the books, and I'm going to try to use what I can remember as knowledge, but I'm going to be honest that most of the scenes are going to be made up and use movie/Fannon knowledge. **I'm writing a harry potter fanfiction. Warning: Hermione and Harry are POC. Hermione is mixed (she's light enough that you wouldn't think she's anything other than white, but her hair gives you pause. Her dad's black.) And harry is Mixed as well (I'll leave it up to you to decide his ethnicity, but I don't want to open that bag of worms. but he's something. Just, obviously not white.) MAJOR CHANGES FOR READERS TO KNOW: Harry is bisexual, and he's not going to end up with Ginny, (deal with it,) And It'll be explained in the fifth year with a lot of drama. Hermione and Ron also won't end up together. They'll date, but (and, SPOILER) Ron will end up with Lavender, and Hermione...well, surely, you can guess. Tall, dark, and broken English? Fred lives. Draco never gets the mark. He's still the adorably meanspirited boy, but... well, I'll let you find out after I write it. Snape is cruel but redeemable. He didn't love lily in the way he did in Jk Rowling's version. He has a son. He's not the big bad bully, at least, not to Thea...that's actually how I got this idea! I wanted a character, who was silent and always in the background, not the main character, but just there, and Snape, the terror in Hogwarts students' nightmares, was simply nice to her. Only nice, never cruel. Maybe because she looks so much like Lily...would be a replica, if she had those famed Avada Kedavra green eyes...Yes, but for now, it will simply remain a mystery...




    "RAVENCLAW!!!!!!!"'The stupid hat announced, honestly I was really hoping for hufflepuff, no one ever pays attention to a puff, f***. I could've managed to lay low then surprise everyone with my awesome skills during the triwizard tournament. But whatever this just slightly disturbs my plans, not that much of a setback' I think to my self as I walk to my new house who are cheering me on. 'meh maybe it wont be so bad though if they bully me like they did Luna, sending them to the infirmary unconscious isn't a problem'. An evil grin emerges on my face for a split sec before I put on my innocent girl face again. 'This is gonna be so fun'.FEMALE MCNO HAREMNO R18(maybe)(Yo just writing for fun, I'm not an experienced writer at all!!! and the cover pic ain't mine got it of Pinterest and I don't own Harry Potter book series and the characters that's all J K Rowling, I'm just responsible for my MC and maybe a few other OC's. Anyway enjoy!!!)

  • Emuel Steller : Mysteries and Souls

    Emuel Steller : Mysteries and Souls


    Are you sure we live in a completely normal world? What would one do if he came into contact with mysterious world? Will he still have moral bottom lines? What about gods if they do exist? Do you love the earth?

  • Cthulhu Mythos In Cultivation World: Journey of Supreme God

    Cthulhu Mythos In Cultivation World: Journey of Supreme God


    Zhu Wushang a boy who has no spirits roots that can't cultivate but he has a heaven-defying comprehension that can master any form of, skill or arts. He can perfect those skill within ten tries as long as he can do it. Unfortunately, this cultivation world didn't appreciate his talent because of nearly all of its civilization was build upon the basis of cultivation, and one needs a spirits root to cultivate. Otherwise, they could not achieve anything significant.Until the day that changed everything, The day of his death and reborn with the replaced organs from the life form called Shoggoth and get the first heritage from the vast void of primal chaos.My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RavenNovelDiscord: https://discord.gg/caR33dxTag: Harem, Polygamy, Genius protagonist, Weak to Strong, Overpowered, Sudden strength gain, Lovecraftian

  • Legend of Supreme Cosmic Scripture

    Legend of Supreme Cosmic Scripture

    Supreme and forbidden spirit art that anyone who studies it by just 1 page, will get an untold power but will be driven into insanity no matter how high the strength and will go on a rampage until death within a short period.Zhu Wushang an adopted orphan with no spirits roots who lives with his adopted parent in a remote village of the Desolate continent. By the twisted of the fate while on the verge of dying, He gets to study The Supreme Cosmic Scripture. His unknown bloodline enables him to study it without going insane.Join Zhu Wushang in his journey, fighting against many oppression from powerful clan and empire. Meeting many loyal friends and many beautiful fairy and goddess and creating a long-lasting sect of apex legend.[Volume 1 is the kind of Prologue. Because protagonist will actually get the scripture from volume to onward so, please bear with me ok. ^ ^a]Tag: Harem, Polygamy, Genius protagonist, Weak to Strong, Overpowered, Sudden strength gain, LovecraftianMy Discord: https://discord.gg/caR33dx

  • The Girlfriend

    The Girlfriend

    This story is story about a girl who has crushes on many people, but they all turn her down. She eventually finds a guy she likes and wonders if he likes her back.

  • The past is now

    The past is now

    Running away from your past isn't always the best choice, sometimes you need to face it head on. Josh, James Harry and Sarah find that out the hard way. As well as finding out that sometimes those closest to you are the ones you need to watch out for.Be warned that this story does contain some sensitive topics. This is a work of fiction and none of its events actually played out.This is a multi perspective story as well with both male and female POV's

  • My journey in Harry Potter.

    My journey in Harry Potter.


    This fanfic is something I'm doing for fun it is inspired by shade umbrus the incredibly annoyed ravenclaw go check that out. "A story known about for many decades a famous popular story known as Harry potter my favourite book series became the place where I must fight for my life every single day I shall not yield I for must be fierce so I can one day know peace".

  • The La La Land

    The La La Land

  • The Hogwarts Years

    The Hogwarts Years

    You probably think that this is another book about a boy who survived and his great adventures. But not this time! The story is about four teenagers with different characters and stories; Sophie - an energetic fluffie with a love for plants, Win - a slightly pessimistic raven with a flame that often hurts itself, Noah - a bit of a funny raven who loves piccolo and glitter; and Zara - a self-confident ravenclaw with an amazing love of popcorn. Their adventures are full of laughter, ups and downs, and sometimes love. And they cannot run out of glitter!

  • Emaline Goode: The Raven of Ilvermorny

    Emaline Goode: The Raven of Ilvermorny

    In this prequel to The Secrets Of The Gordian Knot, Hogwarts has never had an American student before in its 1000-year history. That changes when Emaline Goode, 16-year-old Mozart-loving witch, astronomer, philosopher, and Thunderbird who is wise beyond her years, discovers that she has been transferred from Ilvermorny to Hogwarts for the 1991-1992 school year, the same year Harry Potter began his schooling at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Along the way, she makes a decision that will change her life. Forever.

  • A Demon's Diary

    A Demon's Diary


    This is the story of a young woman called Anne, who died struck by lighting twice in the same night. After this incredible demonstration of bad luck, she is reborn into the world of a Novel she had just finished reading!Unluckily, she quickly finds out that she was transferred into the body of the villainess of the saga, Countess Evelyn Ravenclaw "The Red Demon".Follow her story as she does what she can to bear the responsibilities of her role in this story, looking to evade becoming a full on villain, and instead searching for other ways to survive in this strange yet familiar world.PD: This is my first work so don't get your hopes too high, I'm just doing this for fun!

  • Baldwins Daughter - Reformed Death Eaters Book 1

    Baldwins Daughter - Reformed Death Eaters Book 1


    "Mum?" I ask she turns to me "yes dear, what's wrong?" She asked "Umm, what if I don't want to be in Slytherin?" I ask she smiles at me "Listen, if you don't want to he in Slytherin that's fine. I'm pretty sure it will take your Feelings into account" she says I smile "what will?" I ask she gave a soft chuckle "the sorting hat dear" she says •~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•Haile is the daughter of Anne and Richard Baldwin, the youngest of three. A year before Haile got her letter to Hogwarts her older brother Tony J. Baldwin, Mysteriously died, which shocked Haile she was depressed for a year though she is still sad She learns to be happy, she meets a shy boy at Diagon Alley called Lukas Dragur. On the train to hogwarts she meets three girls Luka Shuriken an orphan and adopted daughter to the Weasley's. Jennifer and Juliet whitecastle who's family are famous though Haile barely heard of them She meets other people during school, like Draco Malfoy son of Lucious Malfoy, Harry Potter the boy who lived. And love interests like Gabriel Trumen her house prefect, notorious bully Erin Bryce, And Ivan Lake a level headed, over excited Ravenclaw. Haile shows a more quiet personality and hates being surrounded  by people, Even worst she gets bullied for who her parents were, as the year goes on Haile gets closer to Hermione Granger, who becomes a good friend.

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