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  • Hunters


    Fantasy MYTH

    Four names; Rook, Jango, Theron, and Tizane. Hunters, adversaries to the immortals of Heaven, Hell, Olympus, and more. These are the people who hunt down supernatural creatures and kill them. Who do jobs for gods, face down monsters like it's nothing, and talk to demons like they're friends. Join us as we live the life of a hunter...P.S.This is a fanfiction following/continuing after the series of Supernatural(season 15 Episode 19). Let's see if we can revitalize the series. ;)

  • Hunters



    Set in a universe much different from ours, Cypher and Artemis find themselves answering the calling of becoming Hunters. the road ahead of them is unclear, but one thing is clear- they're in for more than they bargained for.



    'They tried to destroy my home. We had no protector so they assumed we were weak. They preached justice but brought only fear and misery. So I decided - I decided to hunt them down! It doesn't matter who you are or who you work for. Your position holds no significance when I come for you. You say you serve the gods? Well, even they are not safe.' You are just the appetizers, your so called gods, now they are the main dish.'In a world where technology and power abound, the stage is set for an awesome adventure. A war begins featuring a hunter and his prey. This is a battle against the gods themselves.'It doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter which world you rule. Hell you can be a sector lord for all I care. Cause when it comes down to it, you are all the same! I don't see distinction between gods, demons or devils. I am status blind! I don't care if you are a ruler or a peasant, a CEO or an employee. You are all my prey. It's hunt!!!

  • The Witch Hunter System

    The Witch Hunter System



    Dual cultivation isn't a choice; it's a necessity. After being struck by a truck like most lucky protagonists (or unlucky ones), Vaan found himself transmigrated into the body of an orphan in the world of witches and demons. However, they didn't always exist. Demons terrorized the world ever since the Gehenna Realm descended over 300 years ago. but along with them, came mana, giving birth to witches to combat these demons. Since then, the world of men was dominated by witches, establishing the seven witch kingdoms, which safeguards at the forefront of the demon invasion. In order to survive in the matriarchal society of the witch kingdoms, Vaan, like all other men who cannot use magic, had to learn how to service the witches to survive. Nevertheless, it did not come without its own benefits. Years of research have led the world to the discovery of intimacy between men and women could increase the witches' mana absorption. But at the same time, men could absorb some of this mana to improve their physique and lifespan. Thus, since then, an intricate relationship was formed between men and witches in the red-light districts. Love became casual, and dual cultivation is common. As a prodigy in the art of pleasing women, Vaan lived a smooth two years since his transmigration as an orphan. However, everything came crashing down in a heartbeat one day when his life was nearly taken, and Lady Eniwse whom he served went berserk. Even so, that was not the end. With the awakening of the Witch Hunter System, watch how Vaan takes on the world and becomes the lord of witches. ===== Genre: [Mature Content] [R-18] [Smut] [Magic] [Witches] [Demons] [Spirits] [Dragons] [Beasts] [Reincarnation] [Adventure] [Action] [Mystery] [Academy] [Weak-to-Strong] [Scheming MC] [Harem] [System] [Servants] [Slaves] [Smart MC] [Alchemy] [Forging] [Misunderstandings] ===== Note: Contains lemons. Hunting witches does not necessarily imply killing witches if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ===== Feel free to join the discord for novel discussion or grab the novel update role in the link below; =====

  • The Hunters

    The Hunters


    My weapon clatters to the ground. Diving behind the nearest tree, I scan the floor in search of a weapon. A battle-axe rams near to my head, grazing my ear. However, it remains stuck in the wood, with the brute grunting and yanking at it. I take the opportunity, swiping up an arrow, thrusting it straight through his chest. He clutches the arrow, tearing it out, releasing thick crimson with it. With the creature no longer a problem, my gaze sweeps the bloody area, quivering knees barely able to hold me up. Within seconds, my eyes are glued to a man; 6 feet of pure bulk, numerous tattoos meandering around and accentuating the bulge of muscle. He holds a carelessly wrapped bundle, tucked uncomfortably in his grasp. I step back, but he reaches me within seconds. "Mine," he holds my arm in a bruising grip, cradling my unconscious, malnourished sister with his other hand as he drags me along.

  • "The Hunters"

    "The Hunters"

  • Nero, The Legendary Hunter

    Nero, The Legendary Hunter



    Nero was an orphan boy who one day went to sleep like any other day in his apartment. However, what he did not know that the moment he slept, it would be his last day of life... Or at least that was how it should be. Nero's soul wandered between the worlds and ended up entering the body of a girl who was trapped in a human mutation laboratory. While the girl's soul was still alive, he hibernated inside her body. After so many tortures, the girl named "Zero" in the laboratory died. But, it didn't end there, when the girl died, something very strange happened, something took control of the girl's body and that same thing escaped the laboratory. It was when Nero what that was hibernating in the girl's body woke up and realized was completely naked. In addition, he realized that he turned her into a beautiful winged woman with white hair and some pink strands. Discord:

  • Hunters Royale

    Hunters Royale


    Tell Me If I'm Lucky or not!!.It was just another day in my high school until I accidentally killed the Demon Lord..Yeah, I did. Now I am stuck with him, and he wants me to do something insane that only someone out of his mind would do!!. I always had a dream to become the strongest Hunter Monarch with the best system ever and find my missing Dad's whereabouts. But I guess, I'll have to keep that aside for later because I have something else to do right now. And that is..To eliminate every other Demon possessed humans from the world. But things don't seem easy. Since the day I received the Demon Lord's powers...My head is worth a massive bounty, which means, the moment I unleash my uncontrollable powers, I'll be chased down by millions of 'Hunters' from around the world. Along with them, I have some other parties targeting me. But the thing is, they don't seem to be from this world, at least their leader isn't, and somehow they seem to know about my Dad. xxxxxI am Jin Wrack, the one who possesses the Demon Lord as my system. And I, who is just 17, have the biggest responsibility on my shoulders. It's going to be a battle royale, more like, a 'Hunters Royale'It's me and my allies VS The rest of the world. Will I win?... Or will I succumb to the might of my enemies?... Only time can say...............................................................................Here are some promises. If this work becomes your favorite.300 Power Stones- 1 chapter extra that day.500 Power stones- 2 chapters extra that day.1000 Power Stones- 3 chapters that day. The Book Cover belongs to its respective artist. I loved your work and that's why it's up as my book cover. If you want me to take it down or add credits message me. Instagram = @monarchof_huntersPatreon - Releases on Patreon!!JOIN OUR DISCORD you. ENJOY READING!!

  • They Are The Hunters

    They Are The Hunters


    This short story was a class assignment, tell if you would like a part two.

  • Hunters moon

    Hunters moon


    An expedition into the unknown was truly that, what did he expect to find, stories of ghosts in the final frontier, expeditions doomed to fail, and then of course the Alaskan triangle... Unexplainable events still unexplained to this day regardless of how technology reveals the unknown.Has he gone mad? Or was this normal for anyone who gets lost here. Is it the cold? Hypothermia? Or was it rally him who lost all reasonable thought..People go missing here more than they do in the Bermuda triangle, it was a fact brought up to him by someone who knew the area well, but he merely shrugged it off.Was he lost? Did the triangle take him?Sweat dripped down his forehead, Bertus was way too old for this but adrenaline had him on his feet by a margin, he didn't know it was going to be this kind of expedition.'Why are you running?' The ghost like voice echoed through the forest again, he stopped and leaned against a tree, looking back he saw nothing, just trees, rocks and snow.'Just say, and I'll end it'"Please stop!" He cried standing up and backing to a tree "I can't take it anymore!"'Are you willing to submit yourself to me?'"What ever it takes!"Bertus saw a set of green glowing eyes appear in the dark ahead of him, then another, then another. Soon he found himself surrounded by eyes, standing so that they don't come in line with the illuminated snow. Bertus felt his breathing pick up, a fog started rolling in from all directions, until the wolf eyes disappeared behind it. Somehow it gave him relief, until the eyes appeared in the mist again, this time closer, but still they made no noise, he trembled uncontrollably looking around as to see a way out but there was none. 'You can calm down now Bertus' the voice came from the front, he saw between the green dots a set of violet purple eyes appear, and come up to him, as they approached, the white mist inverted, turning black, the trees turned white, he could see the wolves now but they looked like corpses, half bone, flesh rotten and intestines missing. Some were only an embodied ball of sagging, rotting flesh, the bones not present. Fear gripped Bertus but then a hand took his cheek and brought his face forward to meet the purple eyes again, it was a woman, she looked native American but her eyes seemed lifeless, hollow, violet smoke emitted from her irises, making it hard to see how her eyes really looked.Bertus backed but only his head could move and it hit the tree. He looked down and saw she was in fact naked, but black smoke covered her in such a way that one could only barely make out her nudity.'Sssh–' she said, he saw fangs in her mouth, black ears on her head tucked into her thick black hair.'I will take the nightmare away now' She leaned in and kissed him. Bertus felt her cold lips, then in through his mouth came warmth, almost like drinking soup, it went down into his stomach and finally it made his whole body twitch involuntarily.Pain took him over, he screamed and fell to the ground it felt like his body was being torn from the inside out, then as the hunger and bloodlust set in, his vision blacked out.'You will never be human again, you will never die as well, but you will always seek blood, want flesh, and always want more'

  • Hunters: The Prequel

    Hunters: The Prequel


    "My heritage is a strange one, my destiny even stranger. My journey is not for the faint hearted, and even my friends cannot truly be trusted. Yet I will come out on top, for I am the Supreme" Our story starts on the planet of Zandor, as a young boy realizes that his path isn't as simple as it seems. Follow Mane as he strives to understand what it means to be a Supreme, and uncover the reason why so many gods want him dead.

  • The Legendary Ghost Hunter

    The Legendary Ghost Hunter



    Warning: Milfs and succubus angels inside. Very descriptive scenes. Not suitable for those under 18. ------- Thousands of years ago, the First Expungement came. The world changed, and humanity was nearly wiped out. Thankfully, with the paracausal power of Angelicas, humans was able to push back the Ghost tide and rebuild their civilization. Now, however, it was time for the Second. Finn Thresher was just a normal university student at first. He, like the rest of the public world, had no idea what was coming for them — but sometimes, just because you don't know, doesn't mean you can't be harmed. His family... his sight... his purpose. All lost to the paranormal. It was time to abandon his beliefs. To throw away his morals. After all... if these creatures weren't human anyway, there was no point in showing them humanity. In the first battle of this war, the Ghosts won, nearly driving the human race to extinction. In the second, the humans fought back with the power of Angelicas and managed to secure a victory. Now, the third and final round was approaching — and this time, it's personal. ------- Power stone/golden ticket info: 500 power stones/100 golden tickets = 1 bonus chapter 750 power stones/200 golden tickets = 2 bonus chapters 1000 power stones/300 golden tickets = 3 bonus chapters + Weekly power ranking goal for mass releases! ------- Discord server: TBA Support me! (Patreon): TBA Release rate: 2 chapters/day (14 chps/week) ------- Cover is not mine. Source: Unknown. In the process of working on getting a commissioned cover right now, but until then, find me on Discord. ------- My Other Novels: Endzone: Simulated Apocalypse/Ascension: Online/The Mage of Primordial Chaos

  • Vampire Hunters

    Vampire Hunters

    Season 1:Alex was a boy who goes to his uncle's hotel. He find a lot of friends. He had an relationship with his girlfriend, Paula. After all of that, his girlfriend finally dies. Later he became a Vampire Hunter and collect a lot of money. He goes to the bar to met a powerful hero named Blake Kr. He asks Alex to help him fight a villain with a team of brave knight.About:Vampire Hunters is a limited series fictional Webnovel book created by Kristen "Penn" Yonder that was based on a ROBLOX game "Vampire Hunters" by ZacAttackk.

  • Guozhao Hunters

    Guozhao Hunters


    Syaoran was created as the most powerful mortal guarding the northern fortress. He fell in love with two souls secretly, which angered heaven. His punishment is to be reborn as a human being, and he must suffer humiliation, pain, illness and death in the form of a woman.

  • Teen Hunters

    Teen Hunters


    A teen hunter is a secret group of teenagers who hunt supernaturals. Each has special powers, and together they will fight evil supernatural creatures of all kinds, including monsters, ghosts, demons, and other supernatural creatures that roam the world. What they didn’t know was that one of them wasn’t who they thought he was- he came from the long line of angels chosen by heaven to look after the prince of the underworld. He joins a group of hunters who will help him stop the release of supernatural creatures from the portal of the underground world and eventually close the hole of both worlds.

  • Hunters Fate

    Hunters Fate


    One Hunter and one Shifter, mates but can never be together.War broke out when I was just a baby, my mother dead trying to protect our people. She was the female Alpha; leader, mate, mother, daughter, and the only one who could bring peace or so they thought. You see my mother was a different kind of Shifter not only is she over 200 years old, she had our Goddess's blood running in her veins. She was powerful, that is till I was born. Now its my turn to fill my mothers place cause even the Goddess her self is done with this bull shit. So now your asking who I am, well my name is Ivory Thorn and if my story doesn't make u wanna read more my mates will.I've been trained to fight and kill people who are nothing more then animals, my name is Drake Phenix and I'm a Hunter. The stories I've been told of the Shifters is that they are evil, that the Devil him self made these Shifters to start war and boy did we humans bring the fight to them. Even brought some back for some fun, well that's from the stories I heard from my father at least. Out of everything that has happen in the past 200 hundred years, I have a feeling things are about to change.





  • Disease Hunters

    Disease Hunters


    A galaxy spanning empire has been struck with multiple outbreaks on many of its planets. Due to this, the empire has formed a response team to handle these diseases and prevent their spread, Druskin is one of these responders. What diseases shall he and his unit find, or will it even be curable?

  • Moon Hunters

    Moon Hunters


    "I understand that I still have no experience. I am just an incapable teammate who failed to go all the way with my comrades. However, the loyalty that has been etched into my heart, at least that I can guarantee is genuine. It is my truth after all ... " In an alternative future of yours: "21/12/2012" the date of an event that shook the entire planet earth. On that day, mythological creatures, which until then only existed in fictional books and films, descended from magical portals in the skies of our _'pacific'_ planet. Against these creatures, several wars were fought, after 10 long years, billions of humans were killed in the process, leaving a population of just under 50,000 alive. 60 years have passed since that event that today we call _ "The invasion" _. In those years, many countries fell with the countless wars, one of the few that did not surrender was Japan, where our protagonist with European blood lives, she dreams of being part of the greatest force among humans, _ "the moon hunters "_, they are the only ones who can save our home. His biggest dream is to bring an end to the war of humans against monsters, so that children can live in a world where blood does not need to be spilled for things to be resolved.

  • Demon Hunters

    Demon Hunters