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  • The Shadow Triplets (OHSHC) (Kyoya x OC)

    The Shadow Triplets (OHSHC) (Kyoya x OC)

  • I got summoned to another world, then married a yandere!

    I got summoned to another world, then married a yandere!



    [Some chapters contain R-18 content.] [No rape] [No NTR] "I will become strong with this self-tailored game system! What?! Why does it give quests based on my wife's wishes?!" Kyoya got summoned to another world by a beauty whose aim was sole to get a weak husband! So weak that he wouldn't be able to get a harem and seek other women! Such motives quickly exposed beauty's real personality - a yandere - so Kyoya could only have two paths in his new life! Either to get enough strength to run away from the yandere wife or be strong enough to teach her common sense! A few days were enough to break one of his paths, however! But not only that, his special power, All Creation System, seemed to favor a yandere wife instead of him?! *I, Sixth, have published this story solely for I am not responsible for other illegal copies on other sites* #Support authors on by reading their stories here or on the webnovel's app! - Comments and replies of the author are his and only his opinion. - Story is a fiction solely for the entertainment purposes, nothing related to the reality. -

  • Anime sad stories

    Anime sad stories

  • ᴘᴀssɪɴɢ ʙʏ

    ᴘᴀssɪɴɢ ʙʏ


  • Haruhi's pregnant with the 'shadow kings' child

    Haruhi's pregnant with the 'shadow kings' child

    Haruhi spent one night with kyoya and that's when her life turned around! Was it for the good or worse?

  • A New World [ANW]

    A New World [ANW]

    Re-incarnation, something which is considered as a curse or blessings based on the person's lifeAlex, a person who lived in the Middle class and Grim a person who lived a rich life go to the same school and are best friends. One day when the school was going through a Field-trip, the school bus rolled over on a cliff due to malfunction, and everyone died in that accident. As those two, and other students woke up in a fantasy world which will go to the brink of apocalypse soon . . . . this story is on whether they will survive or will they die??

  • thier silky love

    thier silky love

    Thier silky love

  • Shinku No yūsei

    Shinku No yūsei


    The Four ages, The first age in which humanity began, the expulsion of Adam and Eve due to the Sin of eating the forbidden Fruit. The second and Third is the age in which they start to flourish and also the age in which Human Fought for Domination and Power, causing Terror and Ruins. The Fourth and Final age is The Crimson Age in which Humanity will meet its demise. -The Heavenly Sage.The 23rd Century:A century where Exorcists, Awakened humans and Alchemist exists, as they fight against curses, Demons and malevolant spirit. As Humanity shall survive these Disasters and prove to God that they are worthy to be spared and they can bring a change

  • A Fateful encounter

    A Fateful encounter

    This story based on UnderTale and the AU's where sans is getting replaced from being the royal judge and a human disguised as a monster ACTS as the royal judge...what is his motive?? How did he didn't got noticed?? and most likely where is sans??One thing is for sure the human is gonna have a HELL time.

  • tangled but twisted

    tangled but twisted

  • Is it wrong to be a badass in the dungeon?

    Is it wrong to be a badass in the dungeon?


    Since theres allot of danmachi fanfict that has A wimp mcand i cant find a fanfcit that fit my expectationsi just created my own.---what will happen if suddely smart characters fromdifferent anime suddenly get teleported to danmachiworld? with a op ability they will dominate the worldor maybe fight each other? also dont expect goku luffy or saitamai said Smart Characters! but expectDio from JJBAOrikie from hyoukakirito maybe?siesta and maybe her assistant.a guy from Elite classroomand kyoya from Talentless nanaalso the mc is an introvert and issecretly obsesed with chocolates.NO DETECTIVE CONAN!also im filipino soexpect me to be cringe!

  • I married a Yandere

    I married a Yandere


    This Manga Script/Novel series is about upcoming Mangaka. Yasuo Kyoya. Who is given a task to start and finish a manga series within a year to boost his reputation. Though things tend to get tricky when one of his assistants Akui has a Yandere disorder due to past trauma with a boy she had a crush on. the two of them can always get the job done but, with their editor in chief who's given them a 1 year deadline. Each member of their team and even themselves still have yet to come to peace with their own issues for the sake of the manga to be ever completed at all.Manga Cover Done by Jmeowww

  • World is My Puppet

    World is My Puppet


    An Old man with a versatile skill set dies in a different world.Kyoya Jin, an orphan with amnesia because of his accident, inherits the old man's memories while awakening his quirk.The Fate of the World of Boku No Hero Academia is changed tremendously with the emergence of this new Hero.

  • A Hero Trained by the Most Evil Demon King is Unrivaled in the Academy

    A Hero Trained by the Most Evil Demon King is Unrivaled in the Academy


    Kyoya Kujo is a boy who was unable to save the world because he does not possess the unique abilities that are the blessings of a goddess. In another world where returned heroes who have saved many worlds gather, he is a boy who could not save the world. In the academy, he was ridiculed as a “Failure Hero”. However, he is the most powerful and unique hero who trained for 30,000 years in another world with Felice, the most evil demon king who has destroyed 3,000 worlds! Kyoya’s latent ability is so powerful that even the strongest heroes cannot compete with him…? The tale of a boy trained by the most powerful demon king is about to begin!

  • The Madness Within by LexieM3

    The Madness Within by LexieM3

    Act 1: chapters 1-5. Abigais past is summarized. She enters the vampire world where we meet Chamomile, Kyoya, the High Priestess, and Marrisa. She is trying to understand why she is so drawn to Kyoya. She assumed she will be a huntress. She then has her formation ceremony and finds out that she will be the Next High Priestess. Act 1 endsAct 2a: Abigail spends time trying to grapple with the pressure of being a high priestess when she has just entered the vampire world. As she begins training with the current High Priestess, she finds that begins to have issues with her mental state as the pressure begins to build up. She starts frequently panicking and blacking out until one day it comes to a head and she does something disastrous, and teleports to a different world. Act 2 ends with her deciding to isolate herself. Act 2b: 3 months have passed since she isolated herself on on the seemingly abandoned world. She spends most of her time hunting, and surviving and caring to a wolf pup she finds. Although she is more relaxed, her power blackouts continue to worsen. One day, she's hunting and finds Kyoya who is hunting The same animal. We find out that Abigail accidentally teleports him with her. He reveals that he has been teleported at random a few different times. They all seem to happen when Abigail is at high stress points. A chapter is dedicated to them hunting and living together for a few months. During this time, Abigail's powers are in control. The high Priestess suddenly appears avd through a long conversation reveals that she is dying. If the there is no High Priestess, there will be no more Vampires born and they all will get sick and die a slow death. Since Vampires are the strongest the absence of them can cause a rift that brings disastrous, world ending results. Abigail again agrees to train to be a high Priestess. When they teleport back home, Kyoya is nowhere to be found. Act 3: As Abigail resumes her training, she begins to have her powers overwhelm her again. She begins losing hope that she will be able to become a Priestess. She escapes to the Island again. She then meets Amy and Marissa, who hunts with her for a few weeks and they explore the outbursts. Marissa suggests trying to utilize the outbursts instead of holding them in. She tries but fails. Frustrated, she experiences the worst attack yet. There is a lot of damage. She discovers that Kyoya was teleported again is mortally wounded. She goes through many emotions bad she tries but fails to heal him. She attempts to turn him but it's unsuccessful. She has another outburst and this time ends up somewhere in her mind.  She speaks to someone who tells her that she needs to trust herself and let go of the past. She does this and finds that she's even more powerful than she expected. She finds herself back with Kyoya, who she heals. The book ends with her going back to train as a High Priestess.

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