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  • Psychic Parasite

    Psychic Parasite



    [Sequel Released] (Psychic Parasite: Final Serenity)At the peak of his life, a man is transported to the future. A world that had faced an apocalypse, barely clinging to their humanity is what greeted him. The post-apocalyptic world, the Earth of the future was shrouded in mystery. In order to return to his timeline, an era where he had left his footsteps behind, he had to unravel the secrets of the world. The only problem being, this was an era dominated by the Parasites. Note: Giving the story a light read like your usual cultivation novels will leave you confused. There is plenty of foreshadowing all throughout the story. Enjoy your read~!!!------------Cover by: JamesmikopiCheck out his works: my Discord server: contact me through my Discord ID: Overlord_Venus#9364Or through my email: mistameeee@gmail.comFollow me on Instagram @overlord_venus

  • Once Human, Now a Parasite

    Once Human, Now a Parasite



    Arthur, once a successful and rich businessman, was given a second chance in another world. He was tortured for months by men his wife hired and, now... he was offered a new beginning but it wasn't what he wished for. He was met with the unexpected when he found himself to be a minuscule entity known as a Parasite.PS: MC is a hypocrite. PS2: This story contains profanity and gore so read at your risk.

  • Parasite Mage

    Parasite Mage


    Oliver Green, finally did what no one in his family was able to, he reached level 5 as a parasite mage. With it, he gained a new ability that allowed him to create a new parasite called, animal parasite. What will he do with it?The story will start with male mc, but later on, not right away, he will become she. Also, I am not a native English speaker and I apologize beforehand for any mistakes, if you find it in you to tell me where I make any errors, please comment on them and I will fix them. My online name for other novel sites such as royalroad and scribblehub is Abysn as well, I will post this novel there as well.Additional tags:Mind Control - Body Swap - Genderbender - Male to Female - Adult

  • Shapeshifter Parasite

    Shapeshifter Parasite



    °°°WPC 142 WINNER°°°| Male Lead - Space Thriller |------------------------------------------------------------------In the year 3202 greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting melting of glaciers, caused an endless series of natural disasters that led the Earth to collapse, making the air almost unbreathable and forcing the world's greatest leaders to adopt the extreme solution: finding a new habitable planet. It has been 5 years since the departure of HWSS Behemoth, the first Heavy Weight Spaceship of the "Project Nowhere" aimed at exploring new human-life suitable planets of planetary systems near our solar system, but after a message that confirmed the success of the mission, the signal with the spaceship was lost forever.The young Layton worked as a janitor handyman aboard the BS Voyager, the spacecraft destined to accomplish the most important mission for the future of the human race: tracking the Behemoth and establishing a safe route between Earth and the target planet, avoiding mass extinction.One day, while he was on his daily tasks, he found out that somebody got sick on board and that who knows that don't want to spread the news, assuming it is the work of a non-human being.From that day on, Layton will be the only one who’ll know this secret and must ensure, together with his allies, to alert the security officers of the BS Voyager of the presence of an unidentified alien being on board, without being discovered by the infected ones.Will the flight crew reach HWSS Behemoth and achieve the mission? What other dangers lurk aboard the Voyager? P.S. This is not my main novel, so in the first period, the stability of the updates may not be constant. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it!------------------------------------------------------------------Contact me on Discord: Immanior_Ipse#6129Follow me on Instagram: @immanioripse_authorFacebook: @immanioripse

  • My Parasite Skill System

    My Parasite Skill System



    dropped and deleted

  • The Parasite Queen

    The Parasite Queen


    Have you ever wondered what will it feel like to be a parasite?Well if you do, then you should know my story. I was just a simple girl that loves reading novels until one day I got transferred into a different world.You'll think that this world will be a world based on the novel that I'm reading but you're wrong. I got transferred to a world that I don't have a clue with.Anyway, if you want to know more of my endless rant then you should go start listening to my story. My name's Rema and I'm reincarnated as a parasite. P.S. • New Book but I'll mainly focus on my first book before this book or maybe the other way around so don't expect a continuous release of chapters.

  • Parasite Invasion

    Parasite Invasion

    My name is John and am the most unluckiest man alive. My goal to success and freedom reach its peak and after the most unfortunate accident every thing change in an instant. Turning into a nightmare. Something I will never wish to encounter . A new journey set in and as I move forward I discovered mysteries of the undead. Now we deal with the new Normal and that is what fate has brought upon us.

  • Parasite Evolved

    Parasite Evolved

    Hi I’m Jaeger, or well the former host of this body was anyway. What do I mean by former host? Well one moment I was playing games in my room, and the other I woke up in a bed in the body of someone called Jaeger. I thought I was dreaming until a system popped up saying ‘ Host status: deceased. Taking over full control, and activation parasite evolved system.’ So yeah… I’M A PARASITE! And to make matters worse I’m onboard something called a capital class colony ship. How will I survive? I have no idea. I guess I’ll have to figure that out huh.-I do not own the rights to the cover. I got it send by a friend. If the owner somehow sees this and wants me to take it down or if anyone knows who the owner is so I can give credit please let me know! :))

  • Reincarnated As A Parasite

    Reincarnated As A Parasite


    Watch as Eleric struggles to survive in an unknown world with strange energy and body, one that can't survive on it's own.(WARNING THERE WILL BE OCCASIONAL SWEARING BY OCCASIONAL I MEAN SOME WHICH MIGHT ALSO MEAN OFTEN/A LOT)[You need to find a host or, you will perish in the next 5 minutes]‘HUH?! What do you mean I will perish?! Why will I perish what is going on? What can even be my host? I’m fucking blind I can’t see for shit.’English is my second language if you see any errors I would greatly appreciate it if you comment it so that I can fix it! Thanks! Hopefully you enjoy!

  • Parasite Takeover

    Parasite Takeover

    What will happen when a person is transmigrated into a parasite and not just any kind of parasite, a parasite that can take over a body and take all the stats the person has to empower itself. This is the story of a man who was transmigrated into the body of such a parasite, read as he breaks his limits again and again.

  • parasite cantik

    parasite cantik

  • The Parasite with Godhood

    The Parasite with Godhood

    A man who spent his entire life grinding, dubbed "Beatable" has beaten almost all games possible. Those "impossible" were rendered jokes in front of Beatable. But those fun days where Beatable smiled and grinded away with his seemingly limitless energy and the money he earned from grinding came to an end. It was 2050 and he contracted an unknown disease. He died with immense regret, mourning, and yearning to live once more. A second chance. With his last breath he spoke, "Please..." As darkness took over his vision with his closing eyelids, the roaring of madness entered his ears. He woke up in a sweat to find himself in his younger body. But there seemed to be a guest: Himself.------

  • Parasite 2042

    Parasite 2042


    In a world of man and monster, human and parasite, there is a boy named Ayato Shinigami feared by both parties. He is a parasite that once liked humans because that was his father and mother's passion, but after a fateful encounter with former friends, the number 1 and 2 seats of the Tokyo Exterminator Organization, an organization that specializes in the dealing of parasites, human-like creatures that survive off of human flesh and blood although looking like humans they have a special internal organ known as a kisachi organ, from this organ they are able to use a blood-like substance normally they take the form of tentacles or tails and sometimes even projectiles and weapons. However after the humans had killed the first few low level parasites, scientists were able to make special weapons called kagumas. After his parents death, Ayato Shinagami begins to hates them however his sister Hikari Shinogami continues to try and hold back her instincts as much as possible following in her parents footsteps becoming something known as a scavenger, a parasite that feeds off of already dead corpses. How will these two individuals fare in this cruel world of predator and prey, exterminator and exterminated, parasite and human.

  • The Parasite Armor

    The Parasite Armor

  • Parasite Alien Slayer

    Parasite Alien Slayer

    Horor dan Thriller ACTION ADVENTURE


    Kedatangan alien ke bumi, menjadikan manusia sebagai inangnya. Membuat manusia berubah menjadi sosok monster mengerikan dan dikendalikan oleh mereka.Ken Kudoroki, seorang ilmuan yang menantikan buah hati bersama istrinya Annette Akira. Mengalami kejadian yang tidak pernah dibayangkan sebelumnya. Ketika alien merasuki tubuhnya, menjadi parasit yang mengubah hidupnya.Sewaktu ia tersadar, ia perlahan meneliti dan menciptakan sebuah alat untuk bisa mengendalikan diri dari parasitnya. Ken memburu dan membunuh seluruh alien dengan bantuan alat dan memanfaatkan kekuatan alien itu sendiri.Di lain sisi, ia juga merindukan hari bahagia bersama istri dan anaknya dan mencari keberadaan mereka.

  • A1 Parasite

    A1 Parasite

    Deprived of one of 5 basic senses at birth in a world where having a edge puts you in the top of the league.A bloody path to the top and a fight for his life against syndicates Guilds and dungeon monsters, born into darkness and in darkness he will rise...Survival craves a way for redemption Corruption comes at a cost for everyonePower corrupt absolutely and One must absolutely corrupt power.****Fear warning :MC has a Large Anger Issue so his choice might not sit well with you all sorta...

  • Ingin Kukatakan Sesuatu

    Ingin Kukatakan Sesuatu


    Sean Yuwono mengabdikan dirinya selama tiga tahun pada keluarga istrinya, Giana Wangsa, namun selalu mendapatkan perlakuan buruk dari mereka semua. Suatu hari, saat sedang bekerja menjadi pengantar makanan, Sean mendapati istrinya di kamar hotel dengan putra kaya bernama Cahyadi Pangestu. Bukannya meminta maaf, Giana justru menyalahkan Sean yang hanyalah seorang suami parasit tidak berguna yang menumpang di rumah keluarga istrinya. Pada akhirnya, Sean memutuskan untuk menceraikan Giana. Tiada yang menyangka bahwa Sean Yuwono, yang selama ini direndahkan dan dihina banyak orang, sebenarnya merupakan cucu dari salah satu keluarga terkaya dunia dengan aset melebihi ratusan triliun. Menikah dengan Giana dan menjadi menantu keluarga Wangsa sebenarnya merupakan pelatihan yang ditugaskan oleh kakeknya. Keluarga Wangsa bahkan tidak tahu bahwa Sean baru saja diangkat menjadi Presiden Direktur Grup Citra Abadi yang sedang mereka kejar untuk pendanaan proyek besar. Jabatan baru membawa Sean menjalankan proyek besar bersama Wapresdir Chintia Yandra yang muda, cerdas, dan berbakat menaklukkan laki-laki. Sean ingin melihat bagaimana reaksi Giana, keluarga Wangsa, dan lingkaran bisnis Jakarta begitu mengetahui kebenaran mengenai identitasnya. Urusan mereka belum selesai begitu saja.

  • Parasite Life - The Anklorians

    Parasite Life - The Anklorians


    Survival is a must for most races right?

  • My Parasite Life

    My Parasite Life


    “Nature is unkind: it treats all things impartially”What if you could reincarnate? But you were reincarnated as a parasite in another world… ======================================= Synopsis: A man is reincarnated as a parasite and immediately takes over an innocent village boy’s body in a fantasy world. Finding himself hunted, he takes the boy’s body and identity with him on the road!======================================= Follow this story inspired by “That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime” only on Webnovel!

  • Conquering the Universe as a Parasite

    Conquering the Universe as a Parasite

    This novel main theme is how is a life of heavily tortured person in a new world where he is reincarnated as a parasite(and how he evolves). i would recommend it for people who love devour ability

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