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  • A World Worth Protecting

    A World Worth Protecting



    By the year 3029 CE, Earth's technology has developed rapidly, borders no longer exist, and Earth has been unified, marking the beginning of the era of the Federation. At that time, a huge sword flew from the heavens, piercing the sun and causing a huge sensation on Earth. Perhaps because the scabbard of the sword was already in tatters, countless shards have broken off from it following the collision with the sun and spread across the universe. Many of these shards have landed on various places across Earth. With the arrival of the bronze sword and its shards, a new unlimited energy source has suddenly appeared on Earth. This energy source has since been named Spirit Qi. Spirit Qi is like air, thick in some places and thin in others. As the Federation and other factions gather more shards, they discover more information on cultivation, pill refinement, Spirit Stone refinement, and other techniques. The words on the shards have an ancient feel to them, making it a trend for people to use ancient language. The appearance of Spirit Qi rapidly makes the original energy sources obsolete and has completely changed people's lives. Not only has the Spirit Internet been formed, Spirit Qi has also changed the course of Human Civilization, causing the world to enter a civilization of cultivation. This would later come to be known as the Spirit Inception Era.

  • Protecting Max

    Protecting Max

    Twelve years ago, Max Harman survived a vicious attack by his ex-lover Tony. It severed their relationship and landed Tony in prison.<br><br>When Tony’s released from jail, Max’s nephew Jack fears the man may seek revenge on his uncle. Wanting to buy a gun for protection, he visits Deacon Young's shop. Deacon convinces him to bring Max by to do the same. Despite his misgivings, Max gets a gun for security, too.<br><br>When Jack’s fears prove to be correct and Tony starts to stalk Max, Deacon steps in to try to protect him. Can Max's growing interest in Deacon -- and vice versa -- survive Tony's escalating reign of terror?

  • Protecting the Playboy

    Protecting the Playboy


    Themara Nixon needs to protect Webster Dect.Webster Dect is a son of an attorney. His father is a good attorney and fight for what's right but then his father got some enemies and one of them wants Webster Dect to be killed.So Themara Nixon, a secret agent needs to protect him at all cost. May chance kaya na ma inlove sila sa isa't isa?

  • Protecting The Crown

    Protecting The Crown

    I was inclosed in a family full of secrets , betrayal , and deceit and just to protect a crown , a mere title , this put my whole life in an unexpected series of events . I was trapped cornered in the darkness of my unknown past, centuries of anger , but nothing could bring my family closer like a little bit of chaos. "I never thought I could escape this tunnel of darkness till I was proven wrong , until this glimmer of light stepped in and I believed things could change . "

  • One Protecting Darkness

    One Protecting Darkness


    I am one of the few people left on the Earth. I never thought there would be a worse place. Maybe I should have died in that world. Unfortunately, I have to live. Even if I don't want to, I have to live and save them.

  • Protecting Kai

    Protecting Kai


    Jun – a successful business owner falls in love with Kai, his clumsy assistant. On a late-night Kai is picked up by a cab driver that drives her beyond her destination and tries to take advantage of her. Jun follows them and once rescuing Kai, has the cab driver killed. The cab driver turns out to be a rich, rebellious kid, whose ruthless father will do anything to get his revenge.

  • protecting her

    protecting her

  • Protecting Chevelle

    Protecting Chevelle

    Teen ROMANCE

    After watching her parents go through a near divorce and her friends drown themselves in chocolate ice cream and white wine whenever they were dumped, internet sensation Chevelle Sealim-Brown swore to never fall in love. Ex Marine DeMarcus Van de Berg swore to protect Chevelle from the dangers of being the President's daughter, but can he protect her from falling in love?

  • Protecting the Campus Badboys

    Protecting the Campus Badboys


    Pumasok sa isang napaka sikat na paaralan ng mga mayayaman para magawa ang misyon. Misyon na bantayan ang apat na sikat na estudyante sa loob. Ano ang mangyayari if mag tagpo ang landas ng bawat isa? At bakit kailangan nilang bantayan ang apat na estudyante na yun or should we say the campus badboys? Sino-sino ba sila? Four mysterious girls and the badboysLove or hate?Started: August 31, 2020Ended: ---

  • Protecting The Alpha

    Protecting The Alpha

  • Protecting the Aster

    Protecting the Aster


    Frost has never been like the other Protectors of Earth. He was the last one to be found and is thousands of years younger than his fellow embodiments of the seasons. His body has more limitations than his counterparts and he's the smallest out of all of them. And his passion for the Earth and its inhabitants could rival any of his peers and he just wants to help protect them alongside everyone else. But when humans start digging into aspects of the Protectors that they shouldn't be, can Frost help his friends in not only protecting the Earth and its inhabitants from forces that humans can't see, but can he help protect the humans from themselves? Because somethings are just not meant to be in the humans' hands.

  • I Will Protect You This Time

    I Will Protect You This Time


    To unite two nations, I was used as a tool by my own family, for a political marriage with the crown prince of the Fellmirr Empire, an empire led by werewolves. Although my husband was sometimes cold to me, my days there were peaceful. I was happy.But then, my family used me to assassinate my husband and framed me as the culprit. In the end, I was brutally tortured and killed by the people who share the same blood as me… By the people of my land. 'Why? Why only me? I never asked for anything. I didn't even ask for your love, Father. I did whatever you asked me to. So why? Why did you do that to me? If I ever get a second chance, I'll never let them use me. And if… If I could, I would never let you die, Leonus!'Gasp* "What is this? Where am I? How am I alive!?" When I woke up I found myself in the past, before the time I met Leonus. "This time for sure, I will never let my family use me. And I will protect you this time... Leonus!"But what is this? My husband who was cold to me time to time changed! "Bell, don't even think about leaving me! You don't know how crazy I can be for you."Why is he like that?#Action #Travel_Back_To_The_Past #Fluffy_Romance #Obsessive_Male_Lead #possessive_Male_Lead #Smart_Female_Lead #Trashy_Family Warning: Some chapters might contain violence or mature content! No rape though.The Artwork belongs to the rightful artist.

  • Protected Ex-wife

    Protected Ex-wife

    "I'm pregnant!" The woman said indifferently. Elsie Lawson was stunned. The woman continued, "It's my brother-in-law's.""Nonsense!"Elsie Lawson questioned."I'm not talking nonsense. It’s been three months!" The woman handed her a medical report. When she saw Charlie Gardner's signature on it, Elsie's mind went blank.At this moment, her world was destroyed.On this day, Charlie handed her a divorce paper and drove her out of their house.

  • Protecting the Boss's Wife

    Protecting the Boss's Wife


  • Protecting the Fifth Prince

    Protecting the Fifth Prince


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  • Protecting The Mafia Boss Son

    Protecting The Mafia Boss Son

    War&Military MAFIA

    A story about a lady who has forgotten everything from her memory of the past and just believing in what the people around her told her. All she knows is that she is the famous reaper of a fierd mafia and also the one who should take care and protect the Mafia Boss Son.But what if everything she knows was a lie?

  • Ten Years of Yearning. My Love, Let Me Protect You.

    Ten Years of Yearning. My Love, Let Me Protect You.



    { Completed } Luo Lixi was once a lovely and bright child loved by many people. She had many little dreams in her life. After the death of her parents, her only close family was her grandfather and little brother. She thought they loved her as much as she did. but a betrayal from her brother, Luo Lixiang made her world view crumble to dust. She was heartbroken and vowed never to love someone in her life. But a certain someone came to her life unexpectedly and made her waver in her vow. He was also a person who had many goals and ambitions to achieve. He was the one who taught her to live for herself and to love him. She came to know a side of herself that she didn't know exists till then. *** *** Sheng Ruming said as he pressed her head in his chest. "Are you listening? Listen carefully. This heart beats only for you. You're the only girl I loved from my young days till now. Back then I was immature, didn't know what to say or do to please you...but now." He lifted her chin with his right hand as he looked at her eyes as if staring straight at her soul.  Luo Lixi was shaking as she felt her heart was pounding rapidly. This stimulation was too much for her. As he forced her to face him, just looking at those familiar black eyes caused her to feel tingling in her heart.  As her hot tears kept falling she heard a deep voice rang by ears, "Listen carefully. I had said this back then, but you didn't believe me yet thought I was joking with you. Now I'll say this again..." She turned her face to him as she heard his next words, "I love you..." *** *** It's an original story written by me and contracted with Webnovel. No other websites have the permission to publish it. Hope you'll enjoy it! -SB_MoonChapter length 1k~2k. (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┻━┻

  • Forced to Date a Big Shot

    Forced to Date a Big Shot


    Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first meeting. With death being the only other option, she makes the first move: “I am rich and I can fight.” “Be my boyfriend and I’ll protect you.” From then on, news of the Xue family’s eldest daughter and number one student keeping a gigolo slowly gets out. Alas, she is someone who protects people she calls her own fiercely, until that fateful day—shielding the man behind her from the supposed-hooligans, she proclaims coldly: “My boyfriend is timid, so come at me if you have any issues instead.” The hooligans shivers in fear as they look toward a certain big boss who is being protected. So the infamous “Black Yama” actually has this kind of hobby?

  • Protecting My Heart From You

    Protecting My Heart From You

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE BETRAYAL

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  • Protecting My Mafia Princess

    Protecting My Mafia Princess

    Colton Cruz is the best of the best; this bodyguard, with the soft hazel eyes, lives for the rush and excitement that the Mafia world provides. You might find yourself on his speed dial, but you will not be the one that will capture his heart. Trinity Stone is the spoilt brat that becomes Colton's next assignment. She is a pleasure on the eye but an absolute nightmare to be around. This lonely and misunderstood girl is the heir to the Stone Crime Family. Colton soon finds him desiring what he cannot have, the daughter of one a Mafia Boss. As they navigate their way through this new and forbidden love, they are faced with all the reasons why they are not allowed to be together. There is always more to what meets the eye; they shall face secrets and lies that shall test the strength of their love. How far will Colton go to get what he desires the most?