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  • Satire


    Go and get ur gaol untill u reace the normal end ur of life at 60

  • Satire Of Satisfaction

    Satire Of Satisfaction

    Juliet knew herself more than anyone, she was selfish, greedy, cunning and ruthless. Built on a foundation of anxiety and self image issues, her life had suddenly began to stabilise again, she had a happy family, a perfect friendship and even managed to bury her mental health problems. Unfortunately, because of how calm her life has been she decided to becoming the girl of her ex crush in other to gain satisfaction of claiming the superior goods.

  • The Adventures of satire

    The Adventures of satire

  • Satire World

    Satire World

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    As Angelo ran away from home, he had to stay in a hotel offered by a mysterious man. From there, he had chance encounters with eerie instances, soulmate, magical minutes, and other things he can't explain.

  • (satire) horror wow

    (satire) horror wow

    kisah aku, manusia biasa. semua ini salah aku. jika aku tidak membuka pintu tersebut, semua ini tidak akan berlaku. maafkan aku

  • Martial Geek (Satire)

    Martial Geek (Satire)

    Alan wants to live a normal peaceful life in a martial world of tigers and dragons fighting on mountains.

  • My Pick Up Artist System

    My Pick Up Artist System



    "With this system, I'll become the world's greatest seducer! If it doesn't kill me first..." I was a nobody, a short fatty Otaku. Then, a girl's voice popped into my head: [Seduce a woman within a month or die.]"What the I'm an 18-year-old virgin..."[7+ looks only. No slam donkeys.]"You’re forcing me to die!” Facing annihilation, I saw no choice but to join the international community of pick up artists, and from that day forward, my boring student life became filled with craziness and womanizing. I just had one problem: "Why are all these guys insane?!?"Pick Up Artist: One who uses specialized tactics to seduce women.Additional Tags: weak to strong, supernatural, action, fantasy, funny, dungeon, face smacking, bloodlines, modern, harem, r-18, litrpg,magic, cultivation, martial arts, shameless protagonist, parody, satire, succubus, netori, adult, ecchi, sex, hidden gem, drama, wuxia, adventure, mature, school life, seinen, princess, billionaire, werewolves, xuanhuan, erotic, erotica, romance, revenge, polygamy, psychological, r18, 18, 18+, smut, hentai, comedy, light novel, alchemy, system.*No Netorare or Yuri.*If you dislike harem, I guarantee this one will be different and become the best harem you've read on WN. There are colorful characters, no bad romance, and no annoying female conflicts driving the plot.*Every volume so far has been even better than the prior one.*If you're wary of reading originals, I assure you that I'm a native English speaker and you'll find the writing here to be at a print professional standard. If I said this story had the 2nd best grammar on Webnovel, no author or translator would dare say theirs had the 1st.*If you doubt any of the above, please read the hundreds of 5-star reviews. Some originals may have more reviews because they're older or get more marketing from Webnovel, but I doubt they have more glowing 5-star reviews.RELEASE SCHEDULE: 1 new chapter posted every day by 12 pm Est/12 am GMT+8. Bonus chapters don't have a set time, but if there are some pending, on per day is posted for 2 chaps/day total.Join the largest Webnovel Discord of 2500+ readers for character art and more: (case-sensitive)If you'd like to make a Paypal donation to support the cultural cause of the novel and author:

  • Mafia Lord's Librarian: A Satire of Love at First Sight

    Mafia Lord's Librarian: A Satire of Love at First Sight


    Keira Hawkins thought that the new library patron, Nate, was disgusted by the birthmark decorating her face. But then, he asked to go on a date with her during their next meeting. The innocence of love at the first sight turned dangerous when the man who falls for Keira was a mafia lord. Nate refused to let her out of his sight from that day onwards. Thankfully, with a mean slap to the face, done rightly in public by her mighty right hand, had rendered Nate to cease his nonsensical doings. And yet... One unsuspecting morning, she woke up on the most comfortable bed, in an unfamiliar room, cradled in the arms of a gorgeous man she crowned as the most annoying patron of the week. "You're the one who came to me," whispered Nathaniel Wolfe – the mafia lord who reigns over the east side of the country.



  • Merciless Dragon Knight

    Merciless Dragon Knight



    The world went into chaos, and the VRMMORPG game I used to play 'Great Genesis' turned into reality. I, Kim Hajun (A streamer and a former gangster) with my girlfriend, Park Yun Hee (A cafe owner and a former assassin) are in the middle of that chaos. I swear to myself that I will sacrifice everything and anything for our own sake. __________________________________________________ #Disclaimer: 1. Everything in this book is fictional and not intended to be satirical, demeaning, defamatory, etc. 2. The artwork does not belong to me and if anyone knows the artists of this work, please let me know and I will credit them. __________________________________________________ #Note: I expect constructive criticism and suggestions because I want to be a better author.  __________________________________________________ #Extra Chapters (A): 500 Power Stone = 1 Extra Chapter 1,500 Power Stone = 2 Extra Chapters 4,500 Power Stone = 3 Extra Chapters __________________________________________________ #Extra Chapters (B): 50 Golden Tickets = 1 Extra Chapter 150 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra Chapters 450 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra Chapters __________________________________________________ Released on: 09.52 AM (GMT + 07.00) April 12, 2022  __________________________________________________

  • Cultivating Anthro CEO RPG Hero Harem Reincarnation in Another World

    Cultivating Anthro CEO RPG Hero Harem Reincarnation in Another World



    What constitutes as wish fulfillment, in the eyes of someone who already has it all? Growing up, Akira Maximilian had to sacrifice many things that most teenagers take for granted on his journey of becoming the world's richest, youngest, cutthroat playboy billionaire CEO. This included such mundane pastimes as watching Anime, dating, going to parties, and of course...GAMING. This all changes when he is whisked away into a new world, rife with adventure and perversion, starting from [Level 1] in an attractive new body, under a brand-new alias... His grand objective? To bring capitalism to Another World! As throughout this totally serious and not-at-all satirical story, he will encounter new friends and terrifying foes of GODLIKE Cultivation powers, in this land of Cultivating cultivation cultivator cultivation cultivating cultivation CULTIVATION C U L T I VATION CUROLAOCVICNE CUITLITIVAT CITAL A/N: CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A COMPLETE REWRITE! Will mark updated chapters as "REVAMPED!" I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ONLY READ THESE CHAPTERS AND NOTHING ELSE! It's all being fixed. (Even these Revamped chaps are subject to further change)

  • Rebirth of A Dragon God

    Rebirth of A Dragon God



    Warning: this book is satire. nothing inside should be taken seriously Shenlong has always been a great lover of women; even overshadowing the great God of Sex. Well, he's actually been cucking most of the gods in ninth heaven for a while now. Unfortunately he's a little 'too good' for his own good, resulting in the goddesses and demigoddesses flat out refuse to accept their previous masters.Using anger to mask their insecurities, several gods get together and trap Shenlong while he's having sex with the God of Sex's number one beauty. At first he was angered for being cast into the lower heavens, and forced to lose his Godly Dragon body, but once he arrived on the lowest heaven, he found himself thanking the God of Sex's generosity. Although he was cast from the highest heaven, he had fallen into an area inhabited solely by women. 35 million of them in fact.We expect Shenlong's gonna have a lot of fun.Tags: No more tags, I think my last tags got this book banned lol. This is a repost, and hopefully doesn't get banned again

  • the neighborhood whore wants her man to be monogamous

    the neighborhood whore wants her man to be monogamous



    Harutos life isn't going so well.Sisters locked up1 parent dead, 1 in a comaChildhood friend/girlfriend cheated on himBest friend slept with gfHe's single heartbroken but he's a nice guy. He's just wants everyone in his life to be happy.Can he do it without becoming an asshole?NTR protagonists always get robbed. They get the short end of the stick. Forced to lead a life of obsession for something they can't have, but what happens afterward?The nice guy MC always doing the right thing and always gets disrespected and looked down on. The waifu gets dicked down and drowns in pleasure while the cucked MC caters to her. But, what happens when love tries to steal the MC from her?After reading over 100 NTR novels I have achieved NTR-NIRVANA and this is my attempt at a new genre. RNTR!"REGRETORARE".... where the female that was stolen regrets her decision. This isnt about revenge, or the MC seeking justice. Its about a nice guy who was raised to love others AND DAMMIT HE'S GONNA DO IT.(This is my first attempt at writing, beware of incest, horror, trap, and netorare tags. "MOST" NTR happens in flash backs because we are starting after it happened, growth is very slow, the main point is MC didn't break and stopped taking shit from others. I will be making a Satire of every NTR trope. from gyaru-oh DQ's, NTR cheating on special holiday's, NTR blackmail, NTR Shota, NTR deception, NTR trauma..... etc. it will be painful before it gets better.)add: tags"brother/sister, son/mother, blackmail, netorase, hiding-gifts, pregnancy, trap, cannablism, gore, violence, pansexual*I don't use bisexuality tag because MC isn't attracted to trap because of a penis, but because they have a genuine connection.(Cover image is not mine, all credit goes to artist, this just displays the best description of a character)



    "Please r-remove this.""shut up, you are being noisy."Senorita Bardot a ballet dancer, her dance was like a butterfly, that caught the eyes of cold CEO William Anderson. Her movements set him on fire, He was so obsessed with her that he hates it when other men seeing her performance and complimenting her, he wants to tie her up and make her his forever.But, this only made her hate him...what will happen when this hatred turns into love?

  • MaoTensei!




    HEAD ON OVER TO MAO: ATROCITY/REBOOT!Daily uploads such that I'll reach an upgraded more interesting version of the first two volumes by the end of the month. Keeping the same style of humour. Just now I know what I'm doing instead of rushing in blindly.Or you could wait a month and read volume three! Which is a satire on classroom of the elite and basic competitive highschool stories. But more than that, you'll have fun with Mao around.P.S: Yuuno and Mao will be roommates from the third volume. Like not just hinting their time together but actually spending some quality time in each other's vicinity.Drop a coll or review while you're at it.

  • War of the Gods: A Divine Comedy

    War of the Gods: A Divine Comedy



    Would you like it if today you suddenly went from being normal to becoming a God? Before you answer, the catch is there’s an apocalypse coming and you have to recruit Earth’s greatest ancient Generals and Gods into your army to prevent it. Wait, one more catch, it turns out most of them are dirtbags and trolls. I’m warning you, maybe you should read the story before you answer.This satire/action/adventure contains brutal battles, beauties, cultivation, mythology, magic, divine weapons, Gods from many regions, world creation, conspiracy theories, sci-fi tech, vampires, werewolves, giant monsters, and many other bastards. Oh and it’s based on real history, myths, and legends.*A new chapter daily Mon-Wed by 1 PM Est. (GMT-4).

  • The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper,  a LitRPG novel. [Froze]

    The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG novel. [Froze]



    --- Extra tags: Satire, Adult/Mature, Monster girl(Monster girl Encyclopedia kind), Fiction/Satire/comedy (I.E. Not to be taken seriously).By the will of unknown deities, Clyde is swiped from Earth and tossed into an anime world. He’s the declared the Stone aka main character. One day, he must kill the Viper, the antagonist. Too bad things aren’t exactly as black and white as that. The Stone is something much more…This world and its inhabitants are real. It’s another dimension with a lot to explore.This is the story of a young man’s evolution from college boy of Earth to godhood and beyond. The challenges stand ahead of him: demons, monster girls, crazy yanderes, even a girl with maxed charisma. He never thought he’d ever see a magical girl…A story of comedy, action, and going from weak to completely unstoppable. He is the system disruptor…In a world where tropes are present, anime girls falling in love so easily, and city-wide issues intertwining with the main mission, Clyde must level up power and his mentality, RPG-style. He can no longer be that earthling. He will learn… whether he likes it or not.Someone who breaks systems…Feared by the gods…~A lover of character development lover! Warning: Episode 7 and beyond contains and ramps a lot up on sexual content, including scenes. You have been warned. This is not for the faintest of hearts! There are also monster girl quest references in here too. Once again, fair warning. Think about that before entering.You now know what you're getting into...[Recommended for those who know of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia] --Heads up: this develops into a Harem (and eventually they'll end up as his wives. If that's not your thing, this is your head's up.) -----------------------------------------------Written and edited by me with Persona as my inspiration!*He goes from cautious to embracing! *Don't just stop somewhere in volume 1 (because we know the beginning doesn't count for a judgment). Binge it! Binge it! Binge it! ***Author note: get in now before you're left behind. I'm planning to be around for a while xD.***-------------------------------------------------* Morning of Nov 25th 2018: 1 million views reached! -----------------------------------------------NOTICE AS OF FEB 2019: Web novel hiatus indefinitely due to Amazon, people translating my shit and charging money for it, posting this on other sites without my permission. Please join discord and/or Facebook page for updates. Patreon will continue to get chapters as normal.Thank you truly for understanding! This is my livelihood and I don't want to lose it. Please see discord's announcements for information on the Web novel's suspension.------------------------------------------------Volumes 1-14+ ongoing available on Amazon. Audible too!ATS has found an editor as of Aug 26th. Be expecting the ebook versions to be fixed even more. See discord for more info. Volume 15 in session...----------------------------------------------*Advanced chapters and special bonuses:Patreon: --------------------------------------------------My website is https://www.alvinJatwater.com**Discord channel: [If you have questions or concerns, this is the best place to reach me]

  • Summoning a Villain (Hiatus)

    Summoning a Villain (Hiatus)



    I still need to do a better synopsis, but essentially, this story is about a vampire summoned in another world with his family.This is a "satire" with isekai stories, and it will have our MC evil (or anti-hero) contrasting directly with summoned heroes. *Mc only show up in chapter 5 (Summoning an undead).*My English is not good, and I am still learning not only the language but also to write a story, so expect something very amateur and misspelling mistakes in this story. I am developing this as my side project, and it is still pretty "raw." Then again, don't read expecting something incredible. I have edited and re-read these first chapters several times, but there are certainly still mistakes that I hope to correct over time. If any of you notice these mistakes, please comment on this, and I will correct them as soon as possible.As I already explained that my English is not good, I will delete reviews that only complain about my grammar. If you are willing to read something that you know will not have perfect grammar and still complain about it, you are just toxic.My intention in posting these chapters still "raw" is to get constructive criticism not only to make this a good read but also to know if anyone would be interested in reading something like this.*The cover is not mine.*

  • The best of epic sex stories by epic sex stories like - smashwords

    The best of epic sex stories by epic sex stories like - smashwords

    The Best of Epic Sex Stories by Epic Sex Stories Like most single moms, I would do anything to support my kids. As a Vegas stripper, I have. I put myself on my book covers to remind me what inspired that epic sex story. You wouldn't believe half of the shit that I've seen or done. To find out, read my books and search for my 400 sexy photos on (change search filter to “restricted”). Tell me what you think at This 110,000 word book has my five most popular stories. We start with the wildly popular Coveting My Neighbor’s Wife (just read the first few pages and you’ll see why); in the Hypno-Orgasm Seduction, a man desperately in love uses orgasms induced by hypnosis to cure the woman he loves of frigidity; The satire The Perfect Husband takes a humorous look at an unusual man in an unusual marriage; a hot daughter uses sexual scandal to expose her hypocritical father in The Preacher’s Slut; and, in very rare hard-science erotica, you learn what sex in orbit would be like in The First Space Orgy. Check out my other fifteen stories by looking up Epic Sex Stories at your favorite online bookseller. Copyright © 2013 by author Epic Sex Stories Published by author Epic Sex Stories at Smashwords This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is coincidental. All rights are reserved. Except for book reviews, no more than four paragraphs can be reproduced without written permission from the author.

  • SSS-Class Beast Tamer

    SSS-Class Beast Tamer



    A/N: Paused At the end of the thirteenth century, a tower appeared in every country and countless portals also appeared that connected the human world with another world that they did not understand at all. Humans tried to research the towers and portals, but this ended in a portal outbreak that caused various monsters to come out of the portal. The world became chaotic and at the same time, humanity awakened a mysterious power which they later called themselves as hunters. Ten years have passed, Takahashi Rei who is the grandson of a yakuza boss awakens his power as a hunter with the SSS Beast Tamer class. __________________________________________________ #Disclaimer: 1. Everything in this book is fictional and not intended to be satirical, demeaning, defamatory, etc. 2. The artwork does not belong to me and if anyone knows the artists of this work, please let me know and I will credit them. __________________________________________________ #Note: I expect constructive criticism and suggestions, because I want to be a better author.  __________________________________________________ Released on : 01.20 PM (GMT + 07.00) March 29, 2022 __________________________________________________