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  • Tae Kim

    Tae Kim

  • Tae  kook

    Tae kook




    ❦ vhope-taeseok ' bts As próximas horas se resumiram em cortes na pele de ambos e em parte do fígado de TaeHyung para transplantar em Hoseok. Ficaria uma cicatriz com certeza, mas que cicatriz é pior do que a da dor de não ter mais seu amado para o resto de sua mísera vida?[ONESHOT ♡ 2017 ♡ YAOI]

  • Tae ❤︎︎ Akira

    Tae ❤︎︎ Akira

    Competitive Sports ROMANCE BL

    When two foreign exchange students meet, one has a disliking to the other, but as they get into volleyball, he don’t think the same.

  • Money Loving CEO's Detective Lover

    Money Loving CEO's Detective Lover



    [COMPLETED] "20,000 USD per year," he frowned. "That's too less." Gayoon stood there with question marks swirling her head. "Eh?" she asked stupidly. "Your net worth," Minho nodded. "And you earn 1666.777 dollars per month. It's too less. You bring zero profit to my company. So I decline your feelings." It was as if she was hit by lightning. Was she...being rejected? "Poor momma," Jina sighed, patting her mother's head. "Don't worry! We'll get him to kneel! Right Casper?" The invisible ghost beside Jina nodded in agreement. Even a ghost is feeling sorry for me! Gayoon cried inwardly in despair. I'm gonna die an old maid! .... Jeon Gayoon is a feisty and hardworking detective in her mid twenties. She only believes in two things: Hard work and determination. Optimistic and yet, short tempered, Gayoon strives in her life on her own while hiding a terrible secret which makes her guilty till this day. Enter Hwang Minho, the country's richest man and the CEO of Hwang Constructions. Handsome, volatile and devilish, Minho only cares about two things: Money and his daughter Jina. The volcanic CEO is known for rating people based on their wealth and power. Hiding the scars of a painful past, he and Jina run into the hot headed detective, Jeon Gayoon, when his daughter began a search for her real mother. Only catch? Jina inherited the ability to see deadly spirits from the mother she had never known. And the biggest surprise is? Minho recognizes Gayoon as Jina's birth mother. Follow their journey as they come together to solve crimes and fight off evil spirits haunting their little bun. DISCLAIMER: This novel deals with ghosts and gruesome crimes. Please be aware of the horror aspects and read at your own risk! *Enjoy the mix of supernatural and cute romance* *No FL violation* *ML is aloof but a fluffy guy* Join my discord for spoilers: https://discord.gg/snBuKUx

  • tae mo mabaho

    tae mo mabaho



  • alamat ng tae

    alamat ng tae

  • Tae Hyungs girl

    Tae Hyungs girl

  • Want a cup of TAE?

    Want a cup of TAE?

  • The Mirror of Tae Ho

    The Mirror of Tae Ho

    ' I looked at the mirror for a long time.It was looking back at me. Not my reflection.The Mirror looked back at me.'The story of two worlds, two people and their worlds. Meet Doo Gyul, who lives a debt ridden life as a artifacts dealer, Desperately in search of more money while trying to shut down her love of historic artifacts and stories to live a practical life.Things take a turn when she spends her last bit of money to visit a museum, not knowing what she was going to getting herself into....A whole different world...A new friend...With a mirror.

  • Lee Tae-Hyun

    Lee Tae-Hyun


    Taehyun had always wanted to become an idol. He thought that living a life of a celebrity was fun and all, not until he discovered the darker side of the entertainment industry.

  • Ban Tae Akiyama but not really

    Ban Tae Akiyama but not really

    When Ban Tae Akiyama joined the GIHS school, everything changed within the blink of an eye. The world started to change and shift from normal to devlist territory. Due to the drama tensity everyone’s daily life of their own routine has changed throughout the years.This time, they are much more aware of what is going to happen. When Ban Tae Akiayama had high hopes of him being peaceful it was denied by God.

  • Doctor Demon

    Doctor Demon



    “If I get another chance to live, can I get the ability to protect her?” the little boy asked the reaper. “Careful what you wish for,” the reaper warned. “The body you’ll get will awaken a sleeping demon.” A promise made in death. An innocent wish, unites two people with destructive abilities. A demon who will be the end of her... Hwang Jina is a detective in her early thirties who can communicate with the spirits of the dead. The dead come to her and haunt her until she helps them to move on. Smart and compassionate, she has the uncanny ability to solve even the most unconventional cases. Amidst all the dead souls, she seeks the one boy with whom she extracted a promise to meet again. Hiding the pain of losing her first love, her quest to help the spirits lead her to an eccentric 24 year old, Ohm Hobin, a half demon and half human psychiatrist. Masking his ability to read the memories of all living beings, Hobin is seeking the girl who has been haunting his dreams for a while. Flirtatious yet arrogant, his methods clash with Jina’s when it comes to catching deadly criminals and psychopaths. But, there is something which keeps pulling them towards each other. No matter how much Hobin tries to stay away from Jina, his innate urge to protect her overpowers his ego. Can he keep his promise this time? Or will the demon in him kill the person he loves the most? ..... Temporary cover taken from pinterest, credits go to original artist Will revert back to the original cover after November *No FL abuse* *Healthy romance* *Novel deals with crimes and ghosts so read at your own risk*

  • Accidental Romance

    Accidental Romance



    **Cover photo does not belong to me. (From the author of bad things in-house)**Ann Peters, a poor orphan, finds herself in love with CEO Wang Tae-joon, a man who everyone believes is far beyond her reach, she decides that only the deity can help her get him. She becomes even more desperate when she finds out that he is getting married to the billionaire daughter, Jiang Grace who is very mannerless and arrogant. Her desperate cry for help causes the deity to move in her favor and so after a brief accident both Ann and Grace wakes up in different hospitals to find out that they now occupy different bodies. Grace finds herself in Ann's body, and Ann finds herself in Grace's body. Ann goes home with the billionaire family and has to adjust to being the billionaire's daughter and automatically Wang Tae-joon's Fiancee. Tae-joon observes this new Grace in surprise as she is nothing like his arrogant fiancee, the lady before him represents everything he has ever wanted in a woman yet he is too scared to believe her when she professes her love to him. His fiancee never loved him and the only reason they were getting married was for a merger between both companies. Chairman Jiang finds out about the soul swap and instructs Ann to keep it a secret from everyone else, including his knowledge of it. As he wants his arrogant daughter to learn humility through this process. Grace on the other hand returns home with Mrs Shu, Ann's benefactor and finds out that a difficult life awaits her. Grace finds herself falling in love with Ann's cousin, Brad Carter who shows up in search of Ann. What happens to everyone and their relationships when the soul swap takes place again and both ladies return to their original place?**PS: Cover photo does not belong to me. (From the author of bad things in-house)**

  • Married to Bad Boy Tae II

    Married to Bad Boy Tae II

    An arranged marriage to Taehyung and Yerin but Taehyung has a girlfriend and yerin don't like Taehyung either Taehyung so Yerin will make a deal with Taehyung to divorced her after 6 months but how would they leave together before the marriage ends?Read this Book to know more about it...Available in Wattpad tooMy second account...I forgot my password for the Jungkooky_Maknae account so please stay tuned for the update

  • Lycan and His Lover

    Lycan and His Lover

    “Reject me!” She begs. “Reject me now!”His eyes are on the pitiful girl who is on her knees, begging for rejection. Her desperate tone makes his heart ache. He will do anything for this woman. Kiss her, love her and kill anyone for her.But reject?“You are stuck with me, my dear,” his silky voice resonates in her ears. His handsome face leans close, his scarlet eyes locked into hers.“You are mine, Roseanne and I will burn down this world if you go away…”In the kingdom of Ezealyra where supernatural creatures rule over the humans, 18 year old Roseanne Vadimovna is a witch and a slave owned by the Lycan Royal Family. Ruled by the ruthless Lycans, Roseanne is forced to do their bidding until one day she was sold off to an auction for lecherous werewolves. And her world turns upside down when he comes to her life. Dmitri Daskov, the Lycan Duke of Sloria. Her master.Her mate.Elusive, sly and manipulative, Dmitri harbors a dangerous obsession for vengeance against his enemies. When his eyes set on Roseanne, he becomes her new master with a purpose in his mind.Scared by her new circumstances, Roseanne finds herself in a new land with no hope of the future. Yet, she finds herself drawn to the dangerous darkness lurking within Dmitri, a darkness which is about to plunge her into the depths of hell.What will happen when she finds out his true intentions?Can she redeem him? Or will she also drown in his darkness?

  • jungkook

    jungkook jinmin tayoon Tae jun

  • The life long love of Tae and Guk [BL]

    The life long love of Tae and Guk [BL]


    "What do you want the most in life, Jeon Jeongguk?""Kim Taehyung," The teenager replied without a second thought.Principal Lissy smirked, as Jeongguk shook his head, falling out of the daze she created for him and before the ravenette could change his answer or be properly embarrassed by it, she fired the question to the other boy, "And what do you want the most in life, Kim Taehyung?"Flustered and feeling out of his wits by his former friend now nemesis-cum-frenemy's reply, Taehyung squeezed his eyes close, shutting down his brain in case Principal Lissy dazed it and spewed out the most ridiculous thing he ever spoke in 17 years of his embarrassing life, "I want Dolphins to get high on puffer-fish."His reply was so determined that Principal Lissy gave up the idea of expulsion. |||| TAEKOOK centric but OT7 focus|| Soulmate AU|| very crack-y and fluffy|| angst if you squint hard enough||best-friends to enemies to frenemies to friends to soulmates to weird denial phase to addicted lovers AU||

  • The Idol's Wife

    The Idol's Wife



    (COMPLETED) Kwon Jiwon, also known as KJ, is the nation's heartthrob. Voted the most handsome and talented idol of the nation, KJ has achieved everything he ever dreamed of. Together with his group, EXOTIC, he is the rebellious idol who is a royalty in the music industry. But deep inside, KJ is hiding a dark secret, which can threaten everything he worked for. His decade long secret, for which he literally erased time and his past, to achieve the success he has today. Despite his success and fame, he is still pained by the past which only he knows about, making him feel isolated from everyone. His only companion is a mysterious talking cat, Jade, who made a dangerous deal with KJ years ago. However, fate intervenes when KJ is threatened by a criminal cartel. His past re-enters his life in the form of the beautiful but feisty Jung Mirae, the founder of the mercenary group Abyss who is hired to protect him. Despite having no recollection of her memories with KJ, Mirae is entangled with the lonely idol who is determined not to reopen the wounds of their erased past. To top it off, Mirae gets involved with Jiwon's best friend, Ash, unknowingly breaking Jiwon's heart in the process. What is KJ hiding? What is his connection with Mirae? Will they ever reconnect with each other in the present? A/N: This is my first attempt at writing a somewhat adult romance. I might be sloppy at it but please bear with me ;-; The cover is borrowed from google/pinterest but has been modified to suit my characters. Credit goes to original owners. Thank you. JOIN MY DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/Yh5c2xj