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  • turned down, deleted

    turned down, deleted

    Realistic Fiction R18 MYSTERY CAMPUS TRAUMA


  • The undiscovered

    The undiscovered

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    A girl who doesn’t want to follow the only thing she’s ever been told in her life. What if she doesn’t want what her family wants for her? What the elites have made law ? She wants her own beginning.

  • Undiscovered Love

    Undiscovered Love

  • Undiscovered Dream

    Undiscovered Dream

    The novel is about a teenage boy who dreams of becoming a football player for his father to proud of.Knowing how great the role of his father whom he loved and admired was once one of the football players during the Japanese occupation, this teenager was determined to continue in his father's footsteps and high spirits. Several times tried to be a football player in Tumpat Province, but was always unsuccessful.The feeling of sadness, frustration and guilt towards his father struck his soul deeply. However, the motivational words from his father made him rise again, this time as a fighter in education after realizing his impossibility to be a football player.

  • Undiscovered Fate

    Undiscovered Fate


    Just Your Normal Dude from Asia woke up As Rias Gremory the devil from Dxd to Fairy tailThis story is available At Fanfiction. Net by Yuki42 that's basically Me.

  • The undiscovered world

    The undiscovered world

    The story is about 4 teens who decide to go on a road trip to the forest they travel around the forest and they see a bridge between two forests. thy cross that bride and end up in entirely different world.

  • Undiscovered Paradise

    Undiscovered Paradise


  • Undiscovered Corpse

    Undiscovered Corpse

    High-grave is one of the spine-chilling towns during nights. This town is on the hills which has a lot of graves of people who died centuries ago, and exactly that's how our town got this name. People say the graves are a curse on the town but the people living including me don't actually believe that, you know it's all in the mind!

  • Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

    Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God



    Starting over once more, he has entered this “living game” again in order to control his own fate. This time, he will not be controlled by others. Previously the Level 200 Sword King, he will rise to a higher peak in this life. Methods to earn money! Dungeon conquering strategies! Legendary Quests! Equipment drop locations! Undiscovered battle techniques! Even the secrets Beta Testers were unknowledgeable of, he knows of them all. Massive wars, life advancement, entering Godhood, sword reaching to the peak; a legend of a man becoming a Sword God has begun.

  • The undiscovered past

    The undiscovered past



    Let's us check out what you have never imagined that will existed

  • The Undiscovered Dreams of Nightmare

    The Undiscovered Dreams of Nightmare

  • World largest undiscovered mysteries

    World largest undiscovered mysteries

    Learn the world greatest mysteries



  • the undiscovered truth 

{two much lucky }

    the undiscovered truth {two much lucky }

    A simple plan can change our life's. That's the faith right? Many year have passed out nothing changed in my life i am normal teenager girl. Guess what? I thought i am normal but sometimes they say what you see is not the whole truth.what if you are living in wrong place? what if you love someone to whom love is prohibited. What if some people who are close to you are your enemies. Let's discover what happens in her life so stay tuned.

  • The Academy for heroes and demigods of undiscovered Earth

    The Academy for heroes and demigods of undiscovered Earth

    the academy is a school for heroes and demigods

  • My compass points to new undiscovered dungeons

    My compass points to new undiscovered dungeons

    Sho is a 17 year old young man. He was adopted by the 2nd miss, Shuna, of the Kang Family. She was a widowed woman at the age of 25 so when Sho was left on the vicinity of a church she frequently visit, she didn't think twice to adopt him. She believed this was the way of God to comfort her grievances from the death of her beloved husband. She had been taking care of Sho alone in the house her husband gifted to her for the past 16 years, yet she suffered an accident after coming back from the hospital. This accident took her life.As the adopted son, Sho inherits all the things she owned. According to the lawyer, his mother seems to know that someone wants her life so she revised her will a week before her death. She stated that her remaining 100,000 crystal coins (10,000,000 gold coins; 1 crystal coins=100 gold coins) would be given to Sho together with a compass.When the Kang family came to know that she left 100,000 crystal coins to Sho, they became angry because he is an outsider of the family so why would she left such a big sum to him. They schemed the death of Shuna but they were left seeing the mountain of treasure being horded by an outsider of the family.Sho didn't care of the money left to him by his mother. He was still shocked that the one that has been taking care of him since he was a child is now dead. This is such a great shock to him that he didn't get out of his house for a whole month, he just remain there mourning for his lost. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow me on my social media for sneak peaks and updates.Twitter: @Phoenixen_book

  • My Undiscover life

    My Undiscover life

  • Regressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!

    Regressed Reincarnation: How to Escape a Fantasy World!!



    'Every Mistake has a price' Visca, a playground for the 'Gods', is a world where 'Gods' nurture their champions to fight for them. Reincarnators, Transmigrator, Regressers, people with system and other cheat characters, all roam the world of Visca.Then, HE was brought into this world.And THAT, was the mistake the 'Gods' shouldn't have done.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer:He reincarnates in a world that has its own laws and rules. A vast world where different species rule over different kingdoms. A world where magic decides your future. There is danger lurking everywhere. Thousands of secrets undiscovered. What happens when a genius among geniuses reincarnates into that world with only a pathetic amount of magic within him? What would happen to someone who only wanted to live a plain life with his wife and family? What was the reason for his reincarnation? and what will he do next? Find out as you follow a magical journey of myths and Legends, as threads of fate unravel themselves at the hands of the 'weakest' mage. .................................................................. [Chapter 1-8 have been edited once. Chapter 9-12 will be edited soon. Thankyou for your patience] ................................................................. [Chapter 1-18 is 0th ark. (A form of intro ark) It has many information dumps and there could be grammatical mistakes in them, so please bear with it. Chapter 19+ is the first ark. It is where the main story actually starts. Thank you for coming here] .................................................................. Other important points: •This isn't a weak to strong type of novel. Our protagonist is strong from the beginning. The story would revolve around him and his brothers along with the future allies and the choices they make as they explore the world. •The first 18 chapters will have a lot of foreshadowing, world-building and other explanations. It will cover at least half of the world area that you should expect to be explored in the future. •Also, you might feel like it started somewhere from the middle with so many things going on in the background and that's because it is so...Don't expect things to finally kick into motion after the MC appears... .................................................................. [I do not own the Cover and if the creator has any issues, please message me at deathscavenger97@gmail.com I'll credit or remove it]

  • His Witch Queen

    His Witch Queen



    “I will never accept that monster vampire as my wedded husband..!" Princess Alice's eyes shined with determination. On the other hand, King Cyrus's eyes glowed with aloofness when he muttered, "I will make the Princess of Suzania cry the tears of blood when she would crave death rather than staying with me…." ... The enmity between both the Kingdoms was evident for ages until they decide to hitch the royal through a wedding, with a deeper and hidden motive She was the beloved princess of her Kingdom Suzania, Princess Alice with a prophecy making her unique of all her kinds.  He was the Crowned Prince of Vampire land Gazelle, who never believed in love, as the word only brought misery in his life. A first-ever wedding where a vampire and a witch were wedded due to the turn in circumstances when her cousin bride denied getting married.  Political based marriage where the groom and bride held undefined hatred towards each other. Love was forbidden because both empires have their unseen aims. But for how long can the couple resist the temptation and their longing for each other, when not a mere human is married off to a vampire. Especially, when the groom was yet to be told about his new wife's precious powers and undiscovered identity? Will Princess Alice, soon to be Queen, overcome the challenges that the newly married life will throw at her?  However in this new Kingdom, many are waiting for her husband’s downfall, and to make cuckolds out of her. Read, "His Witch Queen" to know more.