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77.77% Miss Monarch Butterfly Wants to be on Top! / Chapter 1: Feng Zhiqing is dead!

Feng Zhiqing is dead! - Miss Monarch Butterfly Wants to be on Top! - Chapter 1 by Littlepunnie full book limited free

Chapter 1: Feng Zhiqing is dead!

Feng Zhiqing is dead!

Feng Zhiqing opened her eyes and looked at the group of men that were surrounding the lady who laid lifeless on the bushes. The lady's head was continuously bleeding, and her limbs were twisted in an uncanny position.

She tried to reach the thick rugged, flat-crowned evergreen tree yet her slender hand passed through the object as if she was just an imperceptible existence, and was an invisible entity to the naked eye.

Feng Zhiqing saw the black-clothed men who were carrying their raven SIG-Sauer P226 and wearing their heat thermal goggles. Her last recollection of her death was these assassins chasing after her in the obscure mountain of Tai Shan.

She narrowed her eyes while recalling those loud gunshots and her tank top that was soaked in ruddy blood. She found out that those cruel faces are now painted with worries and a tinged of madness as if they were facing a great dilemma of their life.

She then heard the leader of the group hoarsely yelled and said " F*ck! This woman is now dead, yet she is still giving us a headache! Brother Nine, have you found the jade pendant?" The leader of the group can't help but throw a hard kick on the lifeless woman and send her limp body three meters away from the pool of blood.

Brother Nine hastily wiped away the sweat on his haggard face. He glanced at his fellow brothers that were behind him and were catching their breath. Brother Nine can't help but to feel aggrieved as he had lost three of his comrades, and blame it for their 'what damn good luck' that their group had encountered a horde of wild hyenas while looking for that damn jade pendant!

Brother Nine pushed his erratic emotions and politely said " Leader, we have searched 30 meters away from the body, yet we still haven't found the jade pendant that the Tang and the Wells Family had asked us for. "

Feng Zhiqing's phoenix eyes narrowed, and she hardly clenched her hand into a fist when she heard that the assassins that were sent to erase her existence on earth were sent by her maternal family, and her fiancé's family!

It was a complete betrayal!

Feng Zhiqing plainly smiled. However, this smile did not reach her eyes and her obsidian orifices screamed a resolute vow of retribution!

What has she done to die horribly?

What outrageous deeds have she committed to be chased after by countless assassins?

How much pride will she lose while looking at her physical body being beaten up by some group of ninja-turtles scum as if she was a worthless dog by the side of the street?

How about her painstaking stint of trashing money, power, and privilege that she had given to assist her maternal family and fiancé?!

She hardly clenched her hand in determination nonetheless, her heart was repenting when she reckoned her idiotic routes. Feng Zhiqing pursed her pouty lips when she thought of her grandfather's painstaking effort to affirm the acknowledgment of the elders and branch-family members as their monarch.

Feng Zhiqing solemnly made an oath to herself that if she, Feng Zhiqing was to be given a second chance to live, she will make those scumbags kneel beneath the soles of her feet, and look up to her as if she was the most potent being in the entire world!

Feng Zhiqing perniciously sneered, she clasped her right hand in indignation but was then caught off guard by the hard rectangular object she was holding.

She examined the rectangular object that was brimming with a familiar Chinese character carving, 'Shàngshēng', which means 'Rise' in English. Feng Zhiqing couldn't help but be surprised at the rectangular item she was holding.

It was her family's jade pendant!

This jade pendant was a beacon and was originally from her grandfather who was the previous head of the Feng Family. However, it was then passed to her at the inauguration ceremony before her grandfather left her after his ten years of being bedridden. Old Master Feng was the only person who protected her from the dangers of the world. Of course, her parents did so until she was seven years old. But unfortunately, her parents died under the inhumane killing scheme of an unknown faction — it was an assassination!

She was about to know who were the ones who successfully ended the lives of her loving martial parents, but she died four years after she claimed her position as the monarch of the family.

Back to her grandfather, Old Man Feng was also the one who tenaciously cultivated her with the intention of succeeding the biggest battle of her life...

To become the monarch of the Feng Family!

She promptly braced the cool jade pendant when it suddenly formed a crack. Splitting the pendant into a half!

In an instant, the pendant was set to smithereens, which rendered Feng Zhiqing to her wit's end.

Feng Zhiqing tried to seize the dispersing fractions of the jade pendant, yet her hand was ratified. Unable to grab a single fragment of the jade pendant.

" Mother! Mother, do you need a glue stick, super glue, or something!? " A childlike voice rang out beside Feng Zhiqing's ear, its tone was full of sentiment and concern.

Before Feng Zhiqing could answer back, she felt her translucent, spiritual body being drawn back by an indistinct force and as a result, her consciousness began to fade. Right before she passed out, she heard the same childish voice anxiously questioned. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_19722102806191205/feng-zhiqing-is-dead!_53008046753901475">!_19722102806191205/feng-zhiqing-is-dead!_53008046753901475</a> for visiting.

" Ahh, Mother, I think we need a net with small holes, right? Right?! Aiyahhh… never mind, I'll see you once again mother when I have enough sleep and...po...wer..."

Feng Zhiqing can imagine a small child moving around her like a broken wheel, while making a cute-moe expression in front of her face. The childish voice began to wane as her consciousness was dragged inside an eternal abyss.

At that very moment, the dark clouds began to build up in one area, and a series of powerful lightning bolts were sent striking towards the dead body in the middle of Tai Shan Mountain. The assassins were frightened by the lightning strikes, and accordingly went running towards the wilderness to protect themselves from the onslaughts of heaven!

The dried leaves were set on fire and smoke soared in the atmosphere. The reeking smell of flesh and coppery, metallic components greeted the assassins' noses.

Brother Nine looked in the direction where the body of Feng Zhiqing was lying and nervously asked their leader. " Leader, what about the body? We still need the body of that woman! "

" Leader... our efforts will be washed in vain. At least we could have handed that bitch's body to the Tangs or Wells."

The leader was also anxious, but he could only look at the body being engulfed in flames.

" Leader, what shall we do? "

" Leader… "

" Leader the 10 million yuan…"

* * *

East Di Continent, Shang Empire Year 84427 Before The Destruction of Planet Azure[1]

The Shang Capital City was remarkably loaded and where the Imperial family's palace resided.

The streets were brimming with festivity, and many citizens from different human empires also had joined the fun.

Today, on the fifth day of spring, the Martial Qi young competitors from different martial scout colleges and academies around the continent of East Di have arrived at the tall gates of Shang Capital.

In a while, a group of 50 students from Da Cui Academy entered the gates, and they were greeted with a city that was bustling with noise and excitement.

The Shang Capital City was the complete opposite of their ever-peaceful, green vicinity of Shengdai Province. This new environment was making their lethargic dog bodies scream in passion as if they were injected by the so called 'legendary' chicken blood!

Merchant stalls and big shot business owners were scattered around the junction of the street.

Scouts wearing their rank badges on their right chests and some were cuddling their dragon-like looking Andromedas were looking at the armaments, pills, potions, inscriptions… anything that the market can offer that could hasten their cultivation or enhance their fighting prowess during the tournament.

Brushing a glimpse over the crowded street, Feng Zhiqing heavily sighed at this sight and said. " The Martial Qi Competition will begin in two days. In the next four days, there will be a beast taming competition and the last day will be an alchemy tournament. We need to purchase some supplies that are not available in our province's Medicinal Pavilion. But this... "

The instant Feng Zhiqing pointed to the price tags of herbs that were displayed, they couldn't help but to rub their snouts and redirect their sight to the other side of the street.

They looked at the incredibly high prices of herb stalks, and they couldn't help but to wince at this gruelling~heart-wrenching~horrible view…

A hundred-year-old Calamus Myrtle ten silver taels…

A ten-year-old Alpha Star Leaves 11 gold coins…

A hundred-year-old Blue Stem 15 gold coins…

A ten-year-old Heaven Gilead Buds 25 gold coins…

Thinking back to their small Medicinal Pavilion~ Shengdai Province's Medicinal Pavilion was a small faction that was governed by a group of First Grade Primary and Intermediate pill masters. The herbs that were sold here were either auctioned by low-level mercenaries or the pill masters themselves acquired it through a barter system thus, were sold for the least amount of 10 copper coins to 20 silver taels.

Holding his tattered purse, Hou Shao can't help but curse." Whose poop of a camel brain decided those prices!? "

Although they knew that herbs are very important in cultivation and alchemy, these values are too much for them who came from a small province to handle!

What the fuck? Are they going to eat grasses and insects for a week?!

Feng Zhiqing nodded her head in affirmation and teasingly said. " Young Master Hou is shortchanged of money? "

Hou Shao flared up and roared." Whose money is short? Your money is short! Your whole family's money is short!"

Listening at Feng Zhiqing and Hou Shao broke down the tense atmosphere, and they all helplessly laughed at this scene.

At this moment, a purple-dressed lady who was surrounded by her high-calibered dressed peers suddenly spoke. " Hhmp! Small dogs who can't afford dog food should shut their filthy mouths! Where did these dogs come from? Expensive? Tch! "

The surrounding students snickered and some held their purses as if they were guarding them against a thief.

Looking at the laughing students, Hou Shao's eyes narrowed and mercilessly replied. " Where did this hippopotamus come from!? Such a big mouth! Tch! "

In front of so many people, Hou Shao with his vicious tongue gave the purple-dressed lady no face at all! The surrounding people couldn't help but to look at Tang Wei Wei, and muffle a chuckle.

" Pftt…"

" Pftt…"

Tang Wei Wei was startled by Hou Shao's response. She looked at the students who were pointing their fingers at her, and her round siao pao face twisted in anger.

" You! … "

"It is I !!..." Hou Shao raised his chin with an impeccable confidence from who knows where, and pulled Feng Zhiqing beside him and whispered.

" This is what your best friend can do! Amazing, yeah? " Huo Shao grinned.

[1] 4 Billions years... I believe that before the dinosaurs have gone extinct, human civilizations coexist with them~ same to say that they also cease to exist after the meteor salvo~

Littlepunnie Littlepunnie

More than words to show how you feel~ that your love for me is real~ search More than Words on Google.

Thank you for reading! I hope you'll leave comments and drop power stones!


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