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  • Jane, 1d and the devil

    Jane, 1d and the devil

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE DEVIL

  • 1d/5sos Medical preferences

    1d/5sos Medical preferences

  • My babysitters are 5sos and 1D

    My babysitters are 5sos and 1D

  • Tales of The Dragon Sovereign

    Tales of The Dragon Sovereign



    "Is this the life that I can be proud of ?" This was the last thought Long Chen, The Imperial Dragon Prince, The supreme elder of the ice dragon clan in the immortal realm.Long Chen who had turned from a young ambitious warrior to a cold, detached, neglectful old monster, was betrayed, was abandoned by the people who were once his comrades.Long Chen whose familiar bonds had withered due to the river of time was choked with emotion.Just When he thought that he had reached the end of his road, a mysterious entity interfered with his fate, making him transmigrate as a 16 yeard old debaucherous young master in the mortal realm.With the birth of his new ambition to control his fate and of those around him Long Chen leads to a new conquest.As the honor of the dragon crumbles the insidiousness of a demon is born inside of him. The Dragon Prince is dead, born is the Dragon Sovereign.Watch as he sets off to conquers the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths....This is my first novel but I guarantee you that both the quality and grammar of this novel are as good as a translated novel.Join me on discordhttps://discord.gg/2PaRCYmU...What you should expect+Ambitious MC+Fast Pace+Fast cultivation in the beginning+Clanbuilding+Many Companions of MC who stick with him+Ruthless MC+Slow gradual romance+Harem+MC networking with people for common interests.What you should not expect in this novel-Long Separation-Useless Companions-Cockroach villains-1D villains-Loner MC Do you like what you see and wanna read more? Support me.Patreon-https://www.patreon.com/lilhawkPaypal-singhav.2001@gmail.comEvery donation helps Please share your thoughts on the reviews and chapter comments.P.S Chapter length- 1500-2500 wordsRelease schedule -3-5 chapters/weekI don't own the cover

  • Touring with One Direction

    Touring with One Direction

    Teen ROMANCE

    (Fanfic of Harry Styles. 1D included) DISCLAIMER: I didn't focus on the timing and what not, so if I add something dumb or something that just doesn't make sense, I'm very sorry, don't be mad. Some chapters are short and others are probably longer. Sorry about that and also, I made up a name for my account. so in the story, my twitter, instagram and snapchat account will be @Victoria_V (It's only for the story, it's not my actual account).. also, this is my first book to ever publish so I'm very nervous to see how many people read it, and what they think of it. Obviously, I'm not a professional writer so please don't make a big deal out of a spelling mistake or something. I have literally re read this book so many times to make sure it doesn't have anything wrong with it. Anyway, enjoy the book :) Warning! This book contains mature content, including explicit and suggestive language, sexual themes, drug use, addiction, and overall mature themes throughout the entire book. Overview: Victoria, who is 17 years old, has a father who works as a technician in the music industry. Victoria is so used to being dragged on tour with other bands. One day, her father introduces a new adventure. Romance, drama, friendship, fights, and more. EVERY CHAPTER IS A SONG NAME

  • Run From The World That's After Us

    Run From The World That's After Us

    It killed them and they imprisoned the others. Sia (5a), and her Best friend Lorie (1d) need to escape. The 'help facilities' weren't ever going to make the others better. For 9 years Sia was in there, watching as kids came in, died, or went insane. Sia and Lorie needed to get out, it was either that or die trying for them. --- Cadence (3b) and Ashley (2a) have been running basically all their lives. They escaped another 'Help Facility' years ago, but they had to keep running. They had a bounty on their heads and they can't trust anyone, not anymore. Adults are out for the money on their heads, while other escaped kids would turn them in for a free 'out of the facility' pass. --- 1d: move small, light weight objects with mind 1c: move heavy medium sized objects 1b: move large, light weight objects 1a: move objects 3x their size, regardless of weight 2c: doesn't injure easily 2b: can heal small cuts on themselves or others 2a: can take away poisons and heal larger wounds 3c: can withstand large volts of electricity 3b: can withstand large amounts of electricity and make sparks, charge phones, computers, etc. 3a: can shoot out lots of electricity, cause power outages, make things like electronics explode 4c: can omit heat, heat resistant 4b: ignite small fires, can withstand 190°F 4a: make large fires, hold fire in their hands, make fires stronger 5c: can see in people's minds 5b: can add false memories, take away small thoughts 5a: go in people's heads, force commands (brainwash), add or take away any memories.

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