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  • How Did I Become My Favorite Character? (Revamp)

    How Did I Become My Favorite Character? (Revamp)


    Niall, a man passionate about Dating Sim RPGs, does his best with everyday life streaming his exploits.One night, while hanging with his friends, Niall finds himself on the wrong end of a blade. The wielder? A deranged and jealous fan.Niall begins to fall to his death, only to awaken in Hero's Chronicle! Not as the hero himself, but the villain, Aveline Synclair.Good thing he likes her, huh?A.N. This is the revamp of the original. I am still the same author, but the story will be vastly altered. Less, but not no, dark elements. More fluff. This is also a harem story, for those that don't like this type of story. I can't seem to tag it as harem.

  • How Did I Become My Favorite Character?

    How Did I Become My Favorite Character?



    Niall was the average male, but with an added passion for Sim Dating RPGs. One drunken night, while chatting with his friends, Niall finds himself in an alley with a blade protruding from his waist.----Welcome to Hero ChronicleRole: VillainObjective: Make this story yours.--You have been granted the Sim Breaker, enjoy Young Miss.Cover art is not mine. Will be removed if requested by artist.We have a discord server now: free to join! Crowe#4408 if you're having difficulties joining!This version of the novel has been cancelled. Please look forward to the revamp.

  • Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne,

    Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne,

  • When The Carnations Bloom

    When The Carnations Bloom



    "I may have got the wrong inference or even right, but I intend to keep showing you what is in my heart," he said taking her hand and placing it on his chest, leaning his head on hers, his eyes closed. "You know I have waited years to let this feeling out, to stand confident in front of you, for this moment," and he took a deep breath and gently touched her lips with his, kissing her. He puts his one arm around her, pressing her, and the other on the table to support her. She then put her hands around his neck, holding on tight, responding, as the water droplets kept falling from her hair. She knew nothing else and let it happen, for the moment, except the fact it's against the rules to do things with her professor...When Miranda moved to the city from the beautiful orchard in the village, all she dreamt about was finding a nice guy who would cherish her, hoping for a different life unlike her family. But instead of one, she encounters two and finds herself in unexpected turn of events that changes her life. The sweetest moments turns into nightmares as she juggles between work and college life. The bitter past and the tempting present confuses her. Will she decide to battle it out or run away? Meanwhile the Niall, the professor tries his best to work things out and put the duties on track while his ex girlfriend keeps interrupting their lives. What will happen between a handsome professor, a farm girl, a CEO and an obsessed ex-girlfriend? Will love overcome the horrors and responsibilities or bring them to doom? The story unravels in a city and a magical valley with intricate blend of love, music, family, hardships and conflicts and tenderness one would face in the world. The enchanting tale between Loyal Niall, Demure Miranda, Tragic hero Darren and Villainess Clara will not fail to inspire and sway the reader's heart. The story not only creates the world of romance but also with the tinge of realism one could relate with when it comes to achieving your dreams, pushing of the hurdles lying in the way.




    When fifteen year old Niall finds a book of maps , he was sure to hand it to his bestfriend Elise . Find out what happens when they follow the maps and finally gets access to magic . A book filled with magic , fun and friendship .

  • [BL] Under the String of Fate

    [BL] Under the String of Fate

    Dalam kecamuk kehidupan yang melelahkan, dua jiwa bertemu.Mereka saling tarik menarik, seperti terikat benang masa lalu.Dia tak mengenal siapa orang itu. Tak mengerti mengapa dia memandangnya selalu.Yang dia tahu ... dia merindu.Namun suratan kehidupan gariskan nasib berbeda. Di kehipan ini, mereka masih tak bisa bersama.Begitu, kah?Persetan!"Aku tak akan meninggalkanmu!" Niall meneriakkan kata-kata itu. Dia pandang lurus lelaki di depannya, yang telah lelah dengan permainan kehidupan. Pandangan kosong itu, wajah beku itu, sungguh membuat Niall bertekad abaikan suratan takdir dunia ini."Aku tak akan membiarkanmu sendiri di dalam dunia keji ini."--Hanya untuknya.

  • A Ghoul Like You

    A Ghoul Like You

    Nothing says “I love you” like a stake through the heart.<br><br>Niall’s just looking for a quiet life, ever since the botched vampire attack that turned him into a ghoul. He’s even trying to stay off the pleasures of human flesh.<br><br>Jamie’s a revenge-driven kid on a vampire killing spree, and he needs Niall’s help to survive. Somehow Niall finds his long-dormant conscience -- and his libido -- waking up. But Jamie’s luck can only last so long.<br><br>This is a visceral story of love (or something like it) among the undead.

  • Perfect Moon The Werewolf

    Perfect Moon The Werewolf

    Agatha tidak menduga pertemuannya dengan ketiga pria tampan itu membawa hidupnya pada pengalaman yang membakar jiwa. __ Agatha mendadak dilamar oleh tiga pria sekaligus. Ketiga pria itu adalah Calix si pebisnis sukses, Lean si dokter umum, dan Niall si penyanyi terkenal. Yang lebih mengejutkannya lagi adalah mereka seorang werewolf! Werewolf terakhir di dunia ini. Agatha ditakdirkan menjadi Luna bagi ketiga pria tampan itu. Sedangkan mereka bertiga dikejar-kejar pemburu werewolf yang berbahaya. Di tengah lamaran itu, Agatha dihadapkan pada seorang pria manusia yang jatuh cinta kepadanya. Mana yang harus Agatha pilih? Ketiga pria tampan itu atau seorang pria yang jatuh cinta padanya?

  • Midnight Memories ✎

    Midnight Memories ✎

    Harry goes on a school funded trip to London during spring break. Harry is staying with Maura, so that means it's Niall's job to take Harry around and show him the sights. What happens when Harry meets Niall's friends Louis and Liam? Will Harry make 3 new friends? Or will there be something more? This is a Larry and Ziam fic Harry - Canadian (17) Zayn - Canadian (17) Niall - Irish (17) Louis - British (18) Liam - British (17) Started: November 25, 2020 (Also available on Wattpad and Ao3)

  • Cold Water

    Cold Water

    Nicki Palmer would describe herself in three words: adventurous, ambitious, and fun. She's not your average girl; she gets into trouble at school, doesn't do what her parents ask of her, and likes to sneak out at nights. She can't wait for high school to end so she can pursue her favourite hobby: dancing. Niall Harrison is a troublemaker who happens to hate her. He would describe Nicki in three words: selfish, spoiled, and annoying. The two of them have never been able to stand each other, ever since Rey moved to a public school 3 years ago.All they have to do is get through their last year of school without killing each other before they will finally get their freedom. But that could be a little tough, since they're stubborn, tough, and strong-willed. Their differences may collide, but at the same time, they sort of complete each other. Too bad hate is much more powerful than love.Or is it?

  • Blessed By Gods

    Blessed By Gods

    The great Yendarian Empire might not be as great as it seems. Niall is a loyal citizen of his nation, but after his father is banished, he questions his fidelity.

  • Once In A Lifetime {N.H Fanfiction}

    Once In A Lifetime {N.H Fanfiction}

    Stella a regular girl who turns19, lives in USA but before she left for USA she lived in Doncaster her best friend "Louis" was one of the people she had to leave behind there. Louis becomes a part of one of the world's biggest boy band and Stella goes to college. But what will happen when Louis and Stella reunite and she falls in love with his bandmate Niall?



    Sebuah keluarga yang cukup besar, The Zeeger. pada generasi ke-3 di keluarga ini, beberapa dari mereka ternyata belum cukup mengetahui satu sama lain. Jika dikatakan, mereka tahu satu sama lain hanya sebatas nama saja, itupun ada yang hanya mendengar dari cerita orang tua mereka.Berawal dari permasalahan yang terjadi antara kakak beradik, Shannon dan Niall.Mereka, generasi ke-3 The Zeeger, mulai mengetahui satu sama lain.

  • *Before Him*

    *Before Him*


    Remember when you were a kid and life was simple. The biggest things you stressed about was the fact your favorite stuffed animal went missing. Your whole life waiting to grow up so you can explore the world and have no one to stop you? Me too. I want to go back. Away from the stress and the heartbreak and the tears rolling down my cheeks. I want to go back, Before Him.Torrie Matthews's life changed in the span of a year. After accepting a job to become a Patent Attorney for billionaire Niall Veneti things start to unravel. What happens when secrets are let out and she falls for the mysterious billionaire who isn't who she thinks he is.

  • Silently Crying

    Silently Crying

    Nazrella, Noah, dan Niall.Sebuah Kaka beradik yang saling menyayangi. Mereka hidup bahagia semasa kecil mereka di California, Amerika. Hingga suatu saat sang kakak tertua menyaksikan kejadian yang tak seharusnya tidak ia lihat mulai mengubah pandangannya terhadap apa arti sesungguhnya pada kata "bahagia". Ini bukan lah kisah romantis anak muda normal seperti kalian. Novel ini bercerita tentang pilu nya tangisan, kejamnya takdir, dan sejatinya, novel ini bercerita tentang perjalanan hidup, yang dimana kebahagiaan tidak dapat diraih dengan mudah, apalagi murah.Disetiap kebahagiaanpasti ada hargadan pengorbanan.

  • Growing and Changing

    Growing and Changing

    Fantasy Romance REBIRTH

    Sylvie Camellia, the young Miss of the Camellia Ducal house grew pampered and spoiled by her Elder Siblings, never seeing the ugliness of nobility. One day she saw her Sister killed in front of her by an impostor who disguised themselves as her Brother, before dying. When she opened her eyes she returned to 10 years in the past when the siblings had just gotten control over the fief and wakes up on her Sister's lap. She resolutely makes the decision to prevent her Sister's death.But it seems her changed behavior does more than raise a few eyebrows, and her 'not-so-blind- siblings have noticed the change. Interviewer: Now that you've seen that she's different what'll you do?Elder Sister Valeria: Well, of course, I'd have to take care of whatever it is myself, I wouldn't want my hard work go to waste and have my darling dirty her hands.Interviewer:? What hard work?Elder Brother Niall: Why should we say, anything upsetting our little Sylvie has to be gotten rid of.**********The cover pic does not belong to me all credits go to the original artist, I just photoshopped it a bit to be more accurate for my use!

  • To my boobear

    To my boobear

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 BL

    Harry is a openly gay man and Louis is a gay man but no knows besides his family and best friends Zayn and Niall. He can't get a certain curly haired blue eyed boy out of his head. Harry isn't looking for someone but his best friend Liam wants to find a boyfriend for himself and Harry, he thinks Louis would be perfect.

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