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  • Marie's backstory

    Marie's backstory

  • Henna backstory

    Henna backstory

  • Lucia (Backstory)

    Lucia (Backstory)

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE R18

    This is a Test Storybook, testing out the app while introducing one of my favorite characters in my franchise. Understand her background and soon see how her story leads to the official series called "Karma". I lack vocabulary and writing due to my short-term memory. If someone want to write in detail the story for me in the future that would be amazing! Please enjoy.NOTE: I will be going back through the chapters to fix some small and large errors I made

  • Backstory: Alpha

    Backstory: Alpha

  • Backstory of the magician

    Backstory of the magician

  • Kat's backstory

    Kat's backstory



    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    Jenny encountered a strange robot that looks similar to her and seem to be impersonating her she was knocked out by that evil robot, she meets robots from different places and universes, and they formed a team to stop the evil Chaos Jenny from doing her evil plans! see what happens in the storyStory Belongs to: Lizza28_ytCharacters belong to their respective owners

  • Afton Family Backstory

    Afton Family Backstory

  • What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?

    What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes?



    I was a genius in the Earthen Plane. I was a cripple in the Spiritual Plane. I was dead in the Cloud Plane. After experiencing death in the form of dragon sneeze, I find myself back in my room in Earthen Plane where I was a genius. I had been too focused on training myself in the past life. Now that I've been given a second chance, I should just enjoy my life to the fullest extent! Instead of locking myself up in my room to cultivate, take in a few disciples so they can help take care of me! Easy life is best life! The other Planes suck anyway, I'll just lay back here and relax! All I need to do is to teach my dear disciples on the things I've learnt while they take care of me! Huh? What do you mean one of my disciples destroyed the Sinister Demon Sect last night? Do you not see how she's here massaging my shoulders now? There's no way my disciple could have obliterated the all-powerful Xi Family, can't you see she's obediently pouring tea for me over there? You must be delusional to even suggest my disciple could have flattened the impassable Death Mountains, just look at how cute she is taking a nap under the cherry blossom tree. What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? *** Notes: Side Stories in "My Cute (Yandere) Disciples' Side Stories" If you're here for the R18 tag expecting adult scenes, know that this was a decision I made quite late into writing this so the scenes only come up very late into the story. One or more of the disciples may or may not have a tragic (depending on personal opinions) backstory that may or may not offend/disturb some readers (depending on your personal opinions/mental fortitude/openmindedness/morality/sexual orientation/real world knowledge/political agendas/reaction if someone gave you lemons/view on whether the Earth is flat or round, which I personally think it's neither and is actually a donut nom nom nom) which may or may not affect the rest of the story significantly. Consider yourself sufficiently warned. Story inspired from "My female disciples are scary" by feeling_tired Cover is done by the really awesome Lumi! Buy me tea (because I prefer tea over coffee): You can join our discord through this link:

  • FandomTale - My BackStory - (UnderTale FanMade)

    FandomTale - My BackStory - (UnderTale FanMade)


    “P-please! Make it stop! Th-the pain! Ahh!” “It’s to much!”“H-help me!”——————————————————18/01/201X:It’s been a while since Dr. Gaster forced Sans to drink a potion.Even though Sans hated when Dr. Gaster did that, Sans managed to do a lot of stuff like: shapeshifting into any human/monster and two glowing eyes.Papyrus did got jealous but managed not show his jealousy but try to be happy for Sans.His right eye is red and the other dark blue, he has light grey bones and wears a black plain hoodie.02/07/201X:The short skeleton got tired everyone calling him ‘Sans’. So he decided to name himself: ‘Fandom’. He thought it’ll be cool and awesome since it kinda got boring from his old name. So, everyone called him Fandom. But the only monster who doesn’t accept that is Dr. Gaster... he wasn’t happy when Dandim changed his name but didn’t stop him.19/07/201X:A war has been broke between ‘Humans And Monsters’. Monsters tried everything they got but, still, nothing..So, the humans were VICTORIOUS!But never knew that Fandom and Papyrus was still alive and went back to snowdin.23/11/201X:Ever since they came back, Papyrus got extremely sick.When Fandom went to check up on.But when Fandom founded out that Papyrus died, he acts like nothing..

  • Astell(my oc) backstory

    Astell(my oc) backstory


  • In The Shade Of Daylight (Shade's Backstory)

    In The Shade Of Daylight (Shade's Backstory)

    Meet Shasha! A lively, cheerful bubbly girl who loves to make friends! She just transferred to a new school from being homeschooled, and it seems to be just fine!...But considering she changes a lot in the future, that won't last, will it?~~~~~Hi! Okay so for those who don't know, Shade A.K.A. Shasha is an original character I made a long time ago. I decided to turn her backstory into a novel, because why not? My child Shade needs some recognition, don't you think?Also my writing sucks so--Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story! - LL

  • Holly's Backstory - The Story of a Hero and Villain

    Holly's Backstory - The Story of a Hero and Villain


    The backstory of the secretive girl, Holly Lucifas

  • SimpleMMO player backstorys

    SimpleMMO player backstorys

    Video Games ACTION

    List of various backstorys from the game SimpleMMO

  • NameLess Backstories (NL Universe)

    NameLess Backstories (NL Universe)


    A compilation of backstories for my novel, known as NameLess. This will cover the full and detailed version of each and every characters journey and how they got to where they were.Feel free to read the original novel if you enjoy these.

  • My Faᵵe System

    My Faᵵe System



    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The first two volumes do not include necromancy. The protagonist uses his powers to change fate and awakens his bloodline. You can start at Volume 3, Chapter 169: The Great Unseen, if you want to read necromancy. A lot of backstory are in the first two volumes, including enemies and friends, but I will work to write from now on while also explaining what happened in the first two volumes. This is to allow everyone to start on their preferred point. Synopsis; [You have used 100 Lost Souls to summon an undead.] ‘Change probability,’ Nikolai used his powers of fate and increased probability. The giant black box in front of him began rotating, and golden cracks appeared as another undead joined his army. [You have obtained the Dullahan of Wrath (Lvl. 1)] Nikolai grinned and clenched his fist in excitement. With this monster joining his undead army, he’ll have an easier time getting the Legendary Skill. [Warning!] [Consume one Living Soul or suffer the consequences.] The system stole his joy and sought to remind him that he was no longer human. Nikolai sighed and looked at himself in the mirror. He stopped being human the moment he awakened. Now, he needed to devour humans to stay alive. Humans and gods alike hated him. *** I hold no copyrights over the cover. *** If you wish to support me:

  • Immortal Wanderer

    Immortal Wanderer


    Hey, have you heard of a rumour floating around recently? I heard that there’s this girl walking around, weird, right? She walks and just goes around the place, no one knows who she is, no one knows where she came from. Hell, I don’t think even she knows the answers. But oddly enough, she never seems to age, does she? Of all the dragons, dwarves, elves everywhere, there’s a simple tale passed down from generation to generation. Of a girl that does not age. But... How did it all start? In this fantasy world, how did this person come to be? A world where humans isolate themselves within their walls, wary of the monsters that lie outside. A world of magic, a world of fantasy, but nothing seems carefree nor fun. Dating back to one of the greatest disasters known to humanity, the disaster where many deaths were witnessed, life was made. Living eternally, forever wandering about the world. Monsters do not attack her, no sickness plagues her, and time becomes irrelevant. Wandering from village to village, eventually, she comes across a group of excited people. 'Hey, take us out to the unknown, we want to see the world!' This is a tale of finding the meaning of life in a world where nothing seems to go anyone's way. *(Notice: The first part of the story is a backstory. If you don't really like the theme of the backstory, I understand if you just don't read it.)

  • Two Steps From Hell

    Two Steps From Hell


    The book opens with Joel Essen, a scruffy detective, witnessing an assassination of a renowned physicist. Going against his captain’s orders, he investigates the case. But in doing so, he opens Pandora box and learns of a nefarious plan to unleash hell on Earth. This new profound burden pushes the detective into action to go against a group of very powerful individuals. As intriguing as the plot seems, it’s not the heart of the book’s mystery. It becomes rapidly clear that Joel Essen himself is very peculiar. He has his warts and inner demons from his past. A mystery that is slowly revealed throughout the book. The central theme of the book is that ‘no man is an island and no man stands alone’. Seeing that this book is a team up book, Essen will have to learn to trust and work with others. This is something he will especially struggle to come to terms with. In fact the other four main characters will have to learn to do the same. Every character has their own backstory that is perfectly intertwined into the main plot. Two Steps From Hell is a very suspensive story and with each chapter, the readers are forced to the edge of their seats. Everything and everyone will be against their favourite protagonist and time will be of the utmost importance to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

  • Cathulhu Online, MUNYA!

    Cathulhu Online, MUNYA!



    [WPC#270 - Silver Place Winner] "I'm really a superhero, munya!" In the age of superheroes, Miao Xiaomao was one of the mediocre commoners, who had no superpower. But one day, he met his fateful truck-kun and died. After he came back to his sense again, Miao Xiaomao found himself regressing back to the past. Using his knowledge from the future, Xiaomao invested in the game that he had played in his previous life early to prepare for the new age - The Age of Superhuman and Cultivators. He would soon find himself integrating with his in-game character to awaken his power. As Miao Xiaomao altered his fate, he eventually got involved with the game's secrets and the alternate universe of Pangu and Chaos Demon Gods. Also... "Munya munya munya munya munya! Munya munya-munya munya munya, munya-munya munya munya munya munya!" ...... Q&A because synopsis is too mainstream. Question: What should you know before you read? Answer: This novel shares the same universe as my previous work [Villain Cultivator]. You may find people, names, places, and backstory of things from the other story, and some readers may comment on the things you don't know. Question: Should I be concerned about this? Answer: No. Even if you don't know the background, you can still enjoy the novel as the story will eventually reveal everything to the readers. Question: What should I expect from this novel? Answer: I'll list it for you. - Human MC's story in the real world. - Fluffy, naughty, and obnoxious non-humanoid MC's story in the VRMMO game world. - Weak OP Protagonist to OMGWTFLMAO-OP Protagonist - Munya munya munya munya munya! - Cryptocurrency, NFT technologies, and crypto investment. - Game Character Integration - Superpower and Super Heroes in the real world. - Cultivators, spirit stones. - Memes, parodies, stereotypes, comedy - Plot Twists... MANY Plot Twists.

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