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  • Battle Frenzy

    Battle Frenzy



    Amidst a disaster, an orphan contracts a sickness. In his waking hours, he is tormented by his ailment, but when he slumbers, there is infinite darkness. One day, when he was five years old, a strange Fate Trickster appeared in his dreams. Ten years later, he dreams of becoming a lord. To do so, he takes a chance to trade his fate! That day, Wang Zhong once again stood at the gates of the Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. He was about to start a brand new life.

  • Battle Through the Heavens

    Battle Through the Heavens



    In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and the weak have to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Three years ago, Xiao Yan, who had shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything. His powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?

  • Battle of Ascension

    Battle of Ascension



    Check my other work: Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life ['s-Retirement-Life ]Humanity is trying to overcome a crisis that has occurred on Earth, but all effort has become futile.In the face of a dead end, waiting only for the destruction of the Earth, a voice suddenly rang out broadcast to the whole planet.Ding !!!"Battle of Ascension Phase 1: Preparation, begin!"Ding !!!"Battle System will active after Phase 1 starts"===Special thanks for Butterz--------------------------------------------------

  • Unseen Battles

    Unseen Battles

    Realistic Fiction DARK MULTIPLELEADS

    Niklaus has lived in Alexandria all his life with his best friends Samuel Orion and Mako Kirishima. He loves them both to death, in more ways than one. Samuel hides a darkness within him that makes him, in his own mind, unable to be considered worthy enough to be Niklaus and Mako’s mate. He is plagued by the Dark Ones. Monstrosities that are created from the Dark Essence of those that pass on from the First World and onto the Second. The Dark Ones have broken through the barrier that protects the In-Between, the passageway to the First and Second Worlds. And have set their eyes on Samuel. Neither Niklaus or Mako know of these monsters, they can’t see them. They can’t hear the horrible things they say to Samuel, how they tell him he should take his own life, how he’s not enough for anyone who comes into his life, including his loved ones. He fights an unseen battle that nobody knows about. And it will stay that way, even if it kills him in the end.

  • souls battles

    souls battles

  • Fighting Battles

    Fighting Battles


    THIS STORY IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR NOWAng tahimik at payapa na bayan ng Antonio ay biglang naging isang katakot takot na lugar para sa mga binata at dalaga dahil bawat araw na lumilipas ay nababalita na nawawala isa isa ang mga anak nila. Ano ba ang nangyayari? Ano ang ginagawa nila sa mga binata at dalaga na ito?"In the battle field, there's two rule... Fight hard and don't be killed"

  • Battle Royale of the Sinners

    Battle Royale of the Sinners



    Tong, a sinner who was suffering endless torment in hell because of his mistake he had done in his previous life, was giving other chance to redeem himself by the devil. All he had to do was participating in the redemption program, organized by the gods and the devils. He would be reincarnated as a random citizen of China during the end of the era of the East Han, and the prelude of the era of the Three Kingdoms. He would also retain his memory and a cheat skill that he designed for himself. Tong later found himself reincarnated as Zhang Tong, the son of the Yellow Turbans leader, Zhang Jiao. The problem didn't end with just the dilemma of the Yellow Turbans Army. It appeared that other than him, there were 99 others from the modern world that reincarnated into this timeline with him as well. This redemption program by the gods and devils didn't seem to be simple. There was definitely something fishy going on. Then the hidden agenda revealed itself to the reincarnators. Zhang Tong had to utilize everything by any means necessary to survive this ordeal. -------------------------------------------------- This series is completed. Sequal: Lilim Heritage Online -------------------------------------------------- Discord: --------------------------------------------------

  • The Battles for power

    The Battles for power


  • Hypothetical Battles

    Hypothetical Battles


    Some a possibility, others from various times lines. What would happen if the modern-day British Crown & Parliament force had a civil war? What if the Samurai and Crusader Knights meet on the battlefield? How about British Napoleonic era forces faced the Roman legions? Modern Scotland and England went to war?

  • Secret Battles

    Secret Battles

  • The unseen Battles

    The unseen Battles

  • Heavenly god battles

    Heavenly god battles


    Longhuo is a 13 year old boy who is terrible at everything he does except of music and gaming and is magnet for bad luck so he's an easy target for everyone in his school to pick on one day on his first day to eighth grade he received a letter from his deceased grandfather which contained a letter and mysterious necklace with a ring attached on it and this is how everything he knows will soon change

  • Fighting Silent Battles

    Fighting Silent Battles

    Mula pa ng pinanganak ka, lumalaban kana sa pagsubok na ito araw araw,sa bawat pagdilat at pagpikit ng yong mga mata, naririnig mo sila,at minsan hindi mo mapipigilan ang iyong emosyon na hindi mo maiiwasang ipakita sa iba, sa bawat araw na nagdaan sinisisi mo ang sarili mo dahil dito ,ngunit patuloy kang lumalaban para mapagtagumpayan mo ito

  • Why Me?: Battles in Life

    Why Me?: Battles in Life

    Why Me? Have you ever questioned this yourself? Bullying -> Love -> Hatred -> Romance -> Friendship -> Harassment -> Revenge -> Forgiving -> ... Sarah Watson is a girl who slowly grows up fighting the struggles she faces in her life. Being a fat girl, she rarely has friends. Be it in her family or school or her love life, she has to face lots of trouble. She gets love but is it even true? She makes friends but are they loyal? With everything coming one by one, will she fight her tragedies and make herself stronger? If she will make herself stronger then how? <<…So, I was swayed for a moment." His words were like bullets piercing my heart. I still could not believe what he was saying, I grabbed his shirt and asked with tears in my eyes, "What about the time... the time we spent together? What about everything we did together? What about…" He interrupted me as he made his shirt free from my hand looked at the side she was and said, "It was a time pass for me. Just look at her and look at yourself in the mirror. I love her. I missed her. I did not feel anything for you. I just played with you. Do you think a fatty like you deserves me? Ha-ha, did you really think I loved a hippo like you? ">>

  • Within the Waves of Battles and Darkness

    Within the Waves of Battles and Darkness

  • Paintball: Future battles

    Paintball: Future battles


    In a world where sports are chosen based off your families lineage, after high school you either go into it professionally, or if the sport is Paintball, or Airsoft, you go into the military. We'll follow a girl who is about to enter her team Sparta and become a Spartan.

  • Little Battles of Experience

    Little Battles of Experience

  • I Can Obtain Attributes From the Aftermath of Battles

    I Can Obtain Attributes From the Aftermath of Battles


    Chen Mu, a good youth of the 21st century, transmigrates to the world of immortals, and incidentally brings his Little Assistant that can extract attributes from the aftermath of battles. In the mortal village, the villagers fight. [Physical Strength+1] Within a cultivation sect, disciples spar. [Fire Spiritual Root +1] [Cultivation Power +1] [Fireball Technique +1] ...... With a bit of help from the Little Assistant, plus his own hard work, Chen Mu originally wants to casually obtain longevity in this peaceful Immortal Cultivation World. However, the Immortal Cultivation World that has been peaceful for a thousand years is suddenly thrown into chaos and strife. Thus, the Little Assistant transforms... It becomes Big Assistant!

  • Encephia : Battles in a Fight

    Encephia : Battles in a Fight


  • After all those battles

    After all those battles

    Teen ROMANCE

    Macie Allison Llarena. She's the kind type but her heat is inside. Her Mom wants her to be a model, but modelling isn't her passion, instead holding their lands in Lacurna is what she wants. She met, Aiden Mateo Custavado that she loved and he loved her, too. A tragedy unexpectedly happened, she lose hope, she became weak that she don't even want to see Aiden. Aiden still did not face up, but then again she is the one who gave up.Sometimes, we really have to sacrifice even though, it is important to us it is for your own good and his own good. But, do sacrificing is the best thing to do when it comes to this situation?

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