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    Fantasy CONQUER

    By the age of 80, General Gama Feihren has long since retired and is now on the last days of his life, spending most of his time on a virtual first-person shooter game he truly loves and enjoys: Gaia's Paradox.Reminiscing about the days of his former military glory as his body is nearing death's door— Follow the adventure of Feihren as he ventures into this new world he suddenly transmigrated in, New World: Nuwiell



    You've heard of the games. You've played 'em. You loved 'em. Shooters. Real fun, blowing people up with a detonator or shooting people's faces off with a sniper rifle. Well, what if I told you, that it isn't a game? In the future, wars are killing the Earth. 79.463% of the population, gone. 15% owns a gun. 5.537% have lost all hope and are waiting to die. Little food, small amounts of supplies. The only thing not scarce is ammo. Almost infinite ammo everywhere. Find it on the body of some Amish person everywhere. Guns everywhere. The only way people fight now is with guns. Snipers, pistols, shotguns. So many guns. If you don't carry one, your sure to die, what with all the crazed people looking to eat human flesh, all the dead-alive animals, and so many other dangers. If you don't have a gun, get one. But remember: This FPS is not a game!

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  • FPS MMORPG: Contract Battleground

    FPS MMORPG: Contract Battleground


    Returning from the Eastern Europe after working with the military in 2054, he only found out that his father debt to the mafia turned him into a marked man. Forced to join an experiment for a protection, he passed away during an experiment. However, he quickly found himself in an unknown game called [Contract Battleground], a full dive VR-based shooter RPG game created several years later and a game inspired by the warfare of 20th and 21st century. Under the username “Beuer”, can he quickly adapt to the new environment, or will he be stuck under the conflict between the Carmine Federation and the Avoset Union? Follow his journey to adjust to his new world filled with guns, politics, and ever changing environment. Not to mention the people that he met ranging from the highly disciplined staff sergeants to the wacky players.

  • The Tale of the Void Emperor

    The Tale of the Void Emperor



    *Completed* Check out my 2nd & 3rd novels too. 2) Cosmic Peak. 3) Re: Love & Magic. [~Synopsis~] This is not your usual isekai novel. it has my unique world background, unique power system and i am trying it make it a unique experience for every reader. :) I would really, really and seriously appreciate if everyone reads all free chapters before deciding to drop your coins and FPs in this one. Thank you. Athan, a 16-year-old boy, lived until he was killed for a stupid reason. ( stupid reason & more in the prologue:v ) But it seems that fate had stored different things for him as after death, His soul transmigrated to another world inside a dead body of a boy with the same name and same facial features as him. He also found out that a mysterious black whirlpool seemed to be inside him and connected to his soul. After the short unfortunate first life, he starts living his second life with more suffering that he chooses himself to get stronger but with that also comes happiness he had never experienced. A smooth sailing second life of Athan starts with something mystical inside his body and other benefits of it that could make him stronger with some suffering. However...he didn't know that due to his soul ( That was supposed to return to the source of the universe after death but instead, it transmigrated by someone for some purpose and that caused an adverse effect like increasing misfortune on his soul ) The benefits he receives ultimately becomes the source of his second doom that is even worse than death. But...that's when the future Void emperor is born. ------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanted an MC that becomes stronger and reigns supreme without relying on anything external and he achieves his own unique power by virtue of his own hard work and ability. Although he gets benefits in the early stage of the story, That is the build-up for when he walks on the path he creates for himself. As you read more, it will get better so don't give up after just the first few chapters, At least please read the 2nd volume as The Real adventure starts in Volume 2[ Bloody Universe.] That's why my 103 chapters are free. [note: The First R-18 Chapter is 41. ] This is my first novel so expect some mistakes but I am striving to improve constantly because writing the story I play in my mind is so much fun and it's even more fun when people read it and enjoy it. ---- I've started using Grammarly premium from chap 90 and onward but I've still yet to edit early chaps...Though I'm definitely planning to edit them later and when I get free time. I hope you like this book. Thank you for reading. PS:- I own the images on my LN's Cover and all arts in AUX chapter are official arts that I commissioned. Discord: https://discord.gg/mCYTeRBuYx

  • My class is transferred, but only I reincarnated as an FPS player

    My class is transferred, but only I reincarnated as an FPS player



    Haruto Kuramoto was supposed to move to another world with his classmates, but only he failed to move and only his soul came to God.As God apologized, I wondered if Haruto Kuramoto was crazy about it, so that he could use the abilities of the FPS game and reincarnate.He who starts from reincarnation? The adventure has begun.P.S. This novel is google translated.I don't own any of this, for fun purpose onlyAuthor: Blue sky bonitoChapters: 173 Chapters and is still ongoing

  • More FP! Dead Virgin Copulation

    More FP! Dead Virgin Copulation


    The young virgin was reborn in the game. His development depends on copulation and FP [F*ck Points]. *** WARNING: This book contains mature R-18 content, read it on your own accord. Sexual Fantasy, Mature, No Rape, No Yaoi, No Pony. ***

  • Kar98K Upon Touchdown!

    Kar98K Upon Touchdown!

    Video Games MAGIC


    Liu Zilang had a well-kept secret — he was a prodigy in competitive FPS eSports. His specialty? CSGO. He even entered the finals in the prestigious world tournament. Alas, his team fell short due to Liu Zilang's inexperience. Shattered by the fact, Liu Zilang vanished from the eSports scene. That was until his friends got him to play a new game known as PUBG. Liu Zilang's life turned around and he began to make his comeback. Follow Liu Zilang as he encounters difficult situations, all while learning to open up as a person, but more importantly as a brother.

  • Records of the Weakest Emperor

    Records of the Weakest Emperor



    Calvin Villanueva was once heralded as the savior of the world. His might was unrivaled despite possessing the weakest class in Las Felipinas. But in a cruel twist of fate, his achievements were turned against him and in a span of a single night, he went from experiencing heaven to plunging into the deepest parts of hell.Captured and imprisoned by the Sucklings, an alien invader who came from a different realm. Calvin became their Scribe, the Keeper of History, and ultimately... He arrived at the peak of the weakest Writer Profession and became the Author of Fate. Unfortunately, it was already too late. The world was now in ruins and Calvin only had a single choice in front of him. It was death.He may have chosen death but he had proven before his death that he was indeed the true savior of humanity.Manipulating fate, twisting time and space... Calvin went back to the past for a second chance to turn things around!This is a story of someone who was once at the peak, striving to return to the summit while correcting his past mistakes, against all odds, and clashes against unscrupulous gods and the supernatural he shall once again find his own path to the top.Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Evil Gods, Evil Religions, Goddesses, Hidden Abilities, Industrialization, Mature Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Mystery Solving, Mythology, Nobles, Time TravelDisclaimer: Reviews comparing the novel to scog will be deleted. Don't be so braindead to think that just because the mc has similar circumstances to the mc of that novel the novel is now a copycat of that awesome novel.By that logic, all isekai is a copy of the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court and all FPS games are a copy of Halo.Read on and if you hate the similarity then, move on.Thanks!Want to contact me? Come into my discord!discord.gg/sDjM5MB

  • Kar98K Saat Mendarat!

    Kar98K Saat Mendarat!

    Liu Zilang memiliki rahasia yang terjaga dengan baik – ia adalah keajaiban dalam suatu FPS eSports yang kompetitif. Spesialisasinya adalah? CSGO. Dia bahkan masuk final di turnamen dunia ternama. Sayangnya, timnya tidak mendukung Liu Zilang karena pengalamannya yang masih kurang. Sedih dengan kenyataan itu, Liu Zilang menghilang dalam arena eSports. Sampai akhirnya teman-temannya mengajaknya bermain game baru bernama PUBG. Hidup Liu Zilang berubah dan ia merencanakan untuk kembali ke arena. Mari ikuti kisah Liu Zilang, terutama saat menghadapi masa-masa sulit, sambil menunggu ia lebih terbuka sebagai manusia, tetapi juga yang lebih penting adalah sebagai saudara.

  • Gun Survival: Legendary Sniper

    Gun Survival: Legendary Sniper

    Video Games SYSTEM


    This was a world where games were the center of attention and where a FPS survival game had taken over the world by storm. Maas, a college student, suddenly found out that he had a sniper system. [The more players you killed, the more powerful your sniping ability will become!] From that day onwards, a weird player that only used snipers appeared in the game. … When a well-known streamer ran into the said sniper, a bullet shot through his skull before he could even boast. When a female streamer ran into the sniper and begged for her life with a cute voice, a single shot from a 98K broke her Level 3 Helmet and made her cry. When a professional player with an AWM noticed Maas, he quickly ducked and kept his head low, knowing well that the moment he peeked, he would die. … It didn’t take long for people to come to the conclusion that the only way to defeat Maas was by picking up all the snipers on the map. If Maas was able to find a single sniper, the victory would be his. As long as one landed on the same map as Maas, the only way to get into the top 10 was by hiding in the corner of a house and keeping their heads low until the game ended.

  • •shadows°


    duas crianças se perdem em uma floresta, e então elas procuram alguém para ajuda-los, mais mau sabem que estão prestes a descobrir os segredos que essa floresta guarda.

  • luxuria demon

    luxuria demon

    Good guys, I'm Brazilian I'm new to creating novels, and I'm also 100% bad in English, I'll use google translator, I hope you understand me-----------------------------------------------------------------An extremely handsome young man, with sharp features black eyes like abyss,long hair that reaches his waist,but not everything and roses, he was born without any talent.R-18




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  • How Can You Call Me a Cheater?

    How Can You Call Me a Cheater?



    Foo, a bright young man that happens to be a computer genius, who excels in life by taking shortcuts when possible. If life was a game, he would definitely pick the easiest mode. Exams in school? Just read all the books once, and make sure you don’t forget the contents. Looking for a job? Make sure everyone around the boss knows just how perfect you are for the job. Having others bragging about your excellence is more trustworthy and gives plausible deniability. Quiz time? Let me just start my special search engine's voice recognition. Competing in soccer? Aw, how unfortunate, the opposing team 'somehow' got their clothes filled with itch-inducing powder, leading to a walkover. Playing a FPS game? Well, lets just have my own mouse driver software get some headshots while I watch a movie. It’s perfectly legit, as it just speeds up the response time so that it clicks before I even get to the computer. Gambling sites and online casinos? Data-mining, number-crunching and image recognition! By utilizing computer knowledge, solving problems is easy! Some might get jealous, but hey! Just be like me, and use your brains for once! However, in the modern era, the gangsters and other shady businesses are moving their turfs towards the internet and gaming circles. What happens when they realize that Foo was a threat to their profits? Well, no suspense here, they killed him. That’s the end of story... if you are to believe the god that greets him after his death. However, can this story get a fresh new start when Foo somehow ends up in a game-like medieval fantasy world? Or will the lack of modern tools, like his beloved computers or other modern conveniences, cut his story short yet again? ------------------------------ Also, thanks to SageDrunkKitty and Remteldanmarkius for proofreading the synopsis! Any errors still there are their fault! The fact that I might not have listened on them does not automatically make it my fault, okay?

  • Tactical Online Battlegrounds

    Tactical Online Battlegrounds


    The World was taken over by an FPS Virtual Reality Game, developed by Chinese Developers.

  • 绝地之传奇归来


    在十七岁的时候,他是CS人人敬畏的枪王‘北神’,而二十七岁时,他只是一个普通的单身老爸。 MOBA类游戏选手的黄金年龄,是十六岁到二十二岁,但是FPS类的游戏,却不乏三十岁仍然在战场上厮杀的身影。 唐方北,因为FPS游戏的没落而没落,又因为绝地求生的崛起而崛起。 绝地求生,又名绝地大逃杀,或者...绝地大追杀! “对于你们来说,这个游戏在于一个逃字,而对于我来说,这款游戏,在于一个追字” 当吃鸡变成主流,当FPS再次回到大众的视野之中,昔日的王者再次拿起自己手中的枪! 传奇归来?重返职业?重回巅峰?这些先放在一边! 看着身边粉哒哒的的闺女,二十七岁的FPS老将,今天要带着咱家姑娘吃把鸡!

  • ¡¿Mi Vecina La Yuri Se Enamoró De Mí?!

    ¡¿Mi Vecina La Yuri Se Enamoró De Mí?!


    Uzuki Kasegawa es una chica común e ordinaria que disfruta su vida pacífica o eso es lo que aparenta en realidad es una gamer, que disfruta los juegos fps, ella realmente no destaca ni en estudios ni mucho menos en deportes es bastante promedio.A comparación a su vecina Yumi Togase quien destaca tanto en deportes y en estudios pero su elegancia es la que más destaca junto con su belleza, todos la ven como alguien inalcanzable pero eso no aplica para su vecina Uzuki quien sabe que es una otaku loca por el yuri todos los dias son ruidosos gracias a ella.Yumi no sabe que Uzuki escucha todo lo que dice ya que es la única que vive a su lado la otra habitación está vacía o bueno estaba vacia ya que se muda otra chica que vive sola y escucha todo lo que está dice, obviamente ella no guardará silencio sobre esto y chantajeara a Yumi.¡Ven a ver éste divertido triángulo amoroso entre una gamer, una otaku y una delincuente!

  • I Only Want The Second Male Lead

    I Only Want The Second Male Lead

    Fantasy Romance BEAUTY


    Song Ying died from heart attack and her soul transmigrated into the last novel she had read called ' The CEO's Sweet Little Wife'.She became the villainess, Bai Xiu Ying who was Male Protagonist's childhood friend. She was head over heels in love with him and became a thron between MP and FP love journey. As a villainess, she tried to hurt Female Protagonist time after time and finally died in the hand of Male Protagonist.After reading the book Song Ying had a huge crush on the Second Male Lead and cried alot when he died in the end.After waking up as Bai Xiu Ying, the transmigrated Song Ying vowed she would never let herself and the Second Male Lead die as the original plot. " Whoever wants that stone-cold Male Lead can take him away! I only want the second male lead!"................Hello, this is a story of the Villainess and the second male lead love journey.There will be Funny, Strong and Confident Female Villainess Vs Cute, Protective & love-struck Second Male Lead.This is my ORIGINAL BOOK and not a translation. This is my first time writing a book and english is my second language. So if there are any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, please forgive me. Warning *there will be some smut scenes *

  • Dirandra [Military]

    Dirandra [Military]

    Dirandra ialah seorang anak yang menyukai sebuah permainan game yang bertema FPS. Dirandra sering bermain bersama teman yang bisa dibilang sahabatnya yang bernama Satria. Mereka sering menghabiskan waktu di warnet. Namun karena satu hal Dirandra harus pindah dari tempat dimana ia dibesarkan.Pada suatu saat mereka dipertemukan dalam keadaaan perang. Dirandra sangat terkejut saat mengetahui fakta yang sebenarnya.