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  • Nanagsuki France

    Nanagsuki France

    une fille normale avec de grands rêves

  • Bonjour! France

    Bonjour! France

  • France Final Days

    France Final Days

  • As We Meet in France

    As We Meet in France


    “But she was my mind, my life, my love.” On the countryside of France was where young Annalise lived all her life and to her dismay, it would also be the place where American Olivia Rowe will also be staying. Through all of her unwanted acrimony towards her new foreign roommate, Annalise finds the hidden desires, lust, and obsession for the blonde beauty she watched quietly. With the little time they have left, they begin to explore the fascination and fear deep within one another and together they become one. But will becoming one keep them together?

  • Somehere In France With You

    Somehere In France With You


    "Vive La France"It's Sepember 1940 and the germans have just steamrolled through France. Fear of the Germans have truly skyrocketed now that they had taken of the French country. But there was always one thing stronger than fear. Hope. And in those small segments of hope were The French Resistance. A brave French group that dedicated their own lives to bring back true france. They carried out small to big operations such as Espionage, helping downed allied pilots escape capture, conveying Intelligence to the allied powers etc. And in a small village in german-occupied France, were two Spanish siblings, Lucia and Antonio Castelló. Who mostly passed letters and anti-german Propaganda around the village and beyond. They had never even seen a downed allied pilot before. But when the two siblings find 2 pilots injured and one on the brink of death, how will they help them? Will they be ready to return to what they left behind? How will they escape the watchful eyes of the German soldiers that watch all the inhabitants 24/7? This story is about:~A German pianist~A Spaniard plagued with Anxiety. ~A resistance member with a hard punch~A Nazi with toothache~A stubborn Australian pilot ~ And his kind polish friend with one ear~A Jewish athlete

  • can bts speak France

    can bts speak France

  • I love pubg and france

    I love pubg and france

    I love girl i love pubg i love france

  • The Kind Prince Who Became An Evil Lord of Darkness

    The Kind Prince Who Became An Evil Lord of Darkness



    Betrayal is a wound that every man has felt, I wrote this story to show how it can make a man strong. In 17th century France, the rich nobles control the world with a magic system called "Artifacts". Prince an innocent hearted prince of the Bourbon Kingdom, one day has his life thrown into chaos by betrayal, and inherits an "Artifact" that is the ancient spirit of "The Dark King". Through misfortune after misfortune, Prince eventually loses everything and starts his life over without a royal name. Prince vows to make his way back to the top hiding amongst the everyday people of France."If you were to love someone... and it turned out the person you loved never existed…Were you ever in love at all?”-The Dark PrincePrince is a Japanese style light novel based on Machiavelli’s classic "The Prince". Although this work takes influence from it, the story, quotes, and characters are all completely original. It is mostly the concept of good and evil that is borrowed from Machiavelli.“What is so remarkable about this day? The day in which you have lost all of your money and are covered in crap?” The old man laughed“Today” The boy said walking out into the street“Hey! Get out of the WAY!!!!” A man cried“Is the day I step out of the darkness…”“Sir Ivan! Watch out!” A man yelled“Today is the day I once again reclaim the name”“Prince”

  • The Crown Princess: Frances Delvaux

    The Crown Princess: Frances Delvaux


    Frances Delaux was the hidden princess of the Delvaux Empire but when the Empress died and came the long mistress of her father, Millenia Kersamin, and her half-blooded sister, Misteria Kersamin. She knew to herself that she was the only royal blood to be the first in line to the throne, but every position can be taken away from someone, immediately.

  • La Noche Version Frances

    La Noche Version Frances

    Historical Romance R18 COMEDY MYSTERY

    la nuit un roman de style colombien qui vous rattrapera au fil des ans

  • The Crowned Princess: Frances Delvaux

    The Crowned Princess: Frances Delvaux

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC MYSTERY

    Frances was a hidden princess inside Delvaux Empire. No naked eye have seen her before but life can be so much of a plot twist when her father have brought home Millenia and Misteria Kersamin after the Empress died. The mistress and the half-blood sister who is once before a commoner. That's why Frances is careful, because opportunities can be taken away, immediately.

  • Revolutionary against the revolution

    Revolutionary against the revolution



    A man suddenly finds himself in the body of teenage Louis-Auguste, or better known as Louis XVI of France, the last French King before the French Revolution. Watch him as he changes tries to change the history while keeping himself alive because all it takes is a single spark to cause the powder keg of revolution to explode and take him with it.DC:

  • Emery: A Prince's Adventure

    Emery: A Prince's Adventure


    Destined together before they were even born. Is it possible? Emery France Van Allan, a well-known prince has to marry due to his father's sake. He has been enjoying his life like a commoner, partying and living the life instead of being at the castle, fulfilling his prince's duties. One look at him, no one would have guessed that he's royalty but it's in his blood and his fate. What happens when he's been called by the Queen for his responsibility with Emma, a girl he hardly knows?

  • Deathseeker
Book 1: The Tale of Zhao Yun

    Deathseeker Book 1: The Tale of Zhao Yun

    My first ON will try my best not to screw it up.Synopsis:A young man dies by getting pushed in front of the train by a strange shadow. He awakens in the Nothingness were someone we know awaits him.Basically our MC will be traveling from Era to Era starting with the Three Kingdoms. He will be living under the Vikings, participate in the 100-year-old War between France and England and many more before he reaches his goal.

  • Reborn as a space storm

    Reborn as a space storm


    David was just a normal guy living in the USA when suddenly he died and became a space storm. !!! Don't expect frequent updates I write this for fun.!!!

  • Reborn as a Nano Drone

    Reborn as a Nano Drone


    In One moment i was laying in my Bed and in the next i was on a destroyed Planet.As a Nano Drone.



    Alexander Aidan Versailles is scheduled to marry a woman he has never met or seen, but only one information he knows ...He is destined to marry a Princess ....Princess of France.But his decision will be confused with the arrival of a ....Maid?...Athena Bless, a woman with thick glasses, messy hair, and old-fashioned clothing.Worked as an assistant at the Versailles Mansion and became the guardian of a naughty child.Where will their fate lead while living in the same house? Especially when new personalities emerge to make their lives more active?Hawk .... The Assassin. Prime .... The underground leader. Safety or chaos?What role will they play in the lives of these two?Read on to find out :)

  • His Brother is Napoleon

    His Brother is Napoleon


    A naturally persuasive engineering man, for some unknown reason, traveled to France before the Revolution and became the big brother of the future Emperor Napoleon. He is to cling to this thigh, and from then on to live and die, or to seize this opportunity to create their own altruism?

  • Her Ex-Husband's New Wife

    Her Ex-Husband's New Wife


    Ren Mei wanted nothing more than to forget her ex-husband Li Shun and the nightmare that was her marriage. But when he suddenly arrives at her little cottage in France four years later to take her back to Shanghai to see his dying grandmother Ren Mei realises that she still loves him. But can she forgive Li Shun for what happened between them in the past in order to move forward? And does moving forward mean letting him go again?

  • Musings from the Heart

    Musings from the Heart

    A collection of poems...