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  • Humanity


    A dragon of flames created the most powerful twins in the world. Jaxston and Talivia Balcoin-Hale have faced so many challenges before and after being crowned King and Queen. They were forced to grow up extremely fast literally. This is the beginning but we're nowhere near the end.

  • Humanity


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  • Reject Humanity, Return to Monke

    Reject Humanity, Return to Monke



    Ordinary day, ordinary life, that is until, I found myself getting stabbed to death by my fellow student for reasons unknown to me. Then some kind of holographic window prompting me to reincarnate appeared while I was busy drifting through the infinite darkness of the void. Of course, I pressed yes, it’s boring here, then found myself to be a dungeon master… As a fucking monkey no less…

  • Rise of Humanity

    Rise of Humanity


    Title: Rise of Humanity, 人道至尊 Author: 宅猪 (Zai Zhu) Status: 1490 Chapters (completed) Translator: RisingDawn Editor: GemVoo Chapter Release Rate: 1 chapter a day Join us on Discord Review us on NovelUpdates Tags: Legends, Mythology, Demons, Gods, Dragons, Monsters, Clever Protagonist, Romance Synopsis In the world birthed by Pangu, the Three Sovereigns lit the spark of humanity that the Five Emperors would later fan into a blazing fire, eternally branding humanity as the leaders of the world…. This was a time where twilight had descended on the reign of the Human Sovereign and the Five Emperors had yet to emerge – humanity was merely one of the myriad races wandering about the vast cosmos. This was a desolate and barren era. The monsters, devils, heavenly gods, and deities of all races stood aloft; with the demons, heavenly souls, and spirits dancing freely around the world. The humans were still a feeble and burgeoning race at the mercy of the pantheon of races that ruled the world together from within the great wilderness. This was not the era of the Foreworld, but the barbaric and untamed era of uncivilization! Let us rewind back to China’s ancient and classical mythology and recount the legendary tale of how a single figure led humanity out of an epoch of darkness and into a new dawn. “Why do I seem like a monster? It’s not that my heart longs for blood, but the indifferent reality, and the harsh truth ... that drives me to kill.” — Zhong Yue Click for more Notable Quotes! Here's a picture of the Three-taloned Golden Crow that will appear in the novel: Click for more Mythical Creatures! Things You Should Know Honestly, judging from the title itself, one’s initial impression would be that the story is simply another boring and cliche cultivation novel. Or at least, that was what I thought at first when I was first introduced to this novel by a friend. But to my surprise, and most likely to yours, (if you read it, that is ...) you will soon come to realize that the plot gets very interesting, involving many characters from the ancient and primeval eras of Chinese mythology. Every story has their own charms, and every character has their own tale to tell. And this, is the tale of a young man fighting not for himself, but for the betterment of humanity. The plot starts to get really good at around chapter 50-ish, and that’s when the roller coaster starts to rise higher and higher to never come down again (literally, it ended in a climax).

  • Supreme Human System

    Supreme Human System



    Check out my second novel: The Supreme One....What will happen------- WHEN YOU HAVE A RIDICULOUS DREAM? TO BECOME RULER OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. But life gives you no chance ---- Born in a poor family, no bloodline, no soul beast, and a trash talent. And a destiny to become someone slave. Will he let his fate decide his path? or he will control his fate and break the shackles of destiny. Will, he ever solve the mystery of his nightmares. Will the youngest race ever free themselves from the ancient restrain. There was a saying in the human race since ancient times, " Supreme human will return one day, and he will take his vengeance. A protagonist with a mysterious system. An Antagonist who was once hailed as a hero, a myth, the god of time and space, and the progenitor of his race. Hello guys, it is my first time writing a novel, and English is not my first language. Initial chapters have some grammar problems, after that chapters are pretty goods.Give it a try to chapter 20 at least. (PS: The cover image belongs to the person who draws it)

  • The Alpha's Human Luna

    The Alpha's Human Luna



    Nancy Neo, moving from town to town her entire life. Got to settle in Akin city with her family, a city that promised peace and safety ended up robbing her of everything.She has always been lonely. Unaware of the existence of werewolves in this modern era. One day she accidentally stumble into the territory of a werewolf pack on the night of a full moon. She finds out that they are throwing a celebration. When the alpha lays his eyes on her she realized it was her lover Baby. how will -a humble Nancy - take it?

  • Once Human, Now a Parasite

    Once Human, Now a Parasite



    Arthur, once a successful and rich businessman, was given a second chance in another world. He was tortured for months by men his wife hired and, now... he was offered a new beginning but it wasn't what he wished for. He was met with the unexpected when he found himself to be a minuscule entity known as a Parasite.PS: MC is a hypocrite. PS2: This story contains profanity and gore so read at your risk.

  • Nurturing Humanity

    Nurturing Humanity


    In the tribal farming era, the world was vast and unknown. Upon continuous exploration, the people of ancient times were appalled to discover that in this world, where the sky was round and the earth was square, all sorts of miracles had befallen them. There were even figures like an ultra-big ten-thousand-foot giant, as well as huge intelligent beasts that had mysteriously appeared, trampling upon the mountains and rivers, and shattering the earth. Hundreds of years later, in such a dangerous environment, people fought against the huge beasts and finally established the glorious Sumerian civilization. On this day, a wise giant suddenly made a complete descension on earth, trampling on all the mountains and rivers, and wiping out the entire nation. The world crumbled, and city-states collapsed; had the gods descended to condemn the people? "I’m sorry, you're all just ants living in the orchard of my yard and you are just scrambling all over the place. If I were to accidentally pass you by, I might just accidentally trample you all to death. That’s it for you.” So first, I’ll set up a sandbox in my own yard, a base area for plotting farmland. Then, I will shepherd the human race and various worlds in my sandbox.

  • Humanity Online: World Sanctuary

    Humanity Online: World Sanctuary



    After an accident leaves pro-gamer Eric Lieu both mentally and physically scarred, he’s forced to leave the pro circuit and any chance he’d ever have at being the “best.” In real life, socially-awkward loners whose facial muscles only seem to recognize “surly frown” and “smug-ass smirk” as expressions don’t get to rule the world. But then eccentric genius Zhao Jianyu launches Viren’s Refuge, the first full-immersion VRMMORPG, and Eric decides to join this game of Gods and monsters to rise from the ashes even stronger than before. Citing his belief that “Games belong to the Gamers,” Zhao Jianyu refuses corporate investments and offers an unbelievable deal to hardcore gamers: Play for Shares! The first 10,000 players to buy the insanely expensive VR gear and game subscription will receive stock in Zhao Jianyu’s private company. Furthermore, once the initial 9 Mythic Realms of the game are defeated, the Final Player Rankings will determine who inherits the company. Zhao Jianyu does all he can to make the playing field equal against the corporations determined to exploit his game, but it will be up to the gamers themselves to prove that those who enjoy the game the most will always be the ultimate winners. With the help from a quirky cast of friends Eric definitely didn’t ask for (and can’t understand why they keep sticking around), Eric is determined to win the game for the gamers and help Zhao Jianyu realize his dream of a world safe for all types of people—even the loser loners. But with so many real-world stakes, will Eric be able to survive long enough to prove the true worth of a gamer?

  • My Checkpoint System Turned Me Into The Godfather of Humanity

    My Checkpoint System Turned Me Into The Godfather of Humanity


    Chu He transmigrated into a barren world as a lowly odd-jobber in the Xia clan. He had initially accepted his fate and was ready to spend his life ordinarily and peacefully. Little did he expect himself to suddenly awaken the Checkpoint System which rewarded him for checking into places! Ding, congratulations to the Host for successful checking-in. For your first check-in, your reward is the Golden Nine Turns. Ding, congratulations to the Host for successful checking-in. For your twenty-one-thousandth check-in, your reward is the Golden Manifestation of Buddha's Form. Chu He was certain that the world outside was too dangerous, so he resolved to not leave the book depository until he became truly invincible and peerless, and thus he stayed for a hundred years. A hundred years later, the Tiger clan attacked the Xia clan and planned to massacre countless humans, it was at that moment that Chu He finally showed his hand!

  • Trials of Humanity

    Trials of Humanity



    [You don't have to pick any of the classes you know?] An unrecognizable voice echoed in Jason's mind... In a world suffering a decade after a pandemic, Jason Hilgrave was an average day worker, tired of "government approved" activities. Pining for adventure to free him from the monotony, Jason finds himself thrust into a new mysterious world full of swords and magic to prove humanity's value to the gods! A mysterious voice referring to itself as a "guidance system" convinces Jason to forego the class selection granted by the gods. He chooses to pursue his own path to reach the pinnacle of magic. ---- I don't own the cover art and will take down upon request from the artist

  • The Serpents Humanity

    The Serpents Humanity



    After his untimely death, the man named Alex finds himself reincarnated as a snake in a different world with a strange system called "The Evolution System"Alex slowly finds out the mystery of the system from the lowly beginnings as a snake.

  • The Return of Humanity

    The Return of Humanity


    By 2020, a global pandemic has decimated one-third of the world's population. Humanity tried to defend itself against it but this was only the beginning. Devastating natural disasters roamed the Earth, destroying everything in its path, meteor falls on the planet. One day, everything stopped, a blue sky appeared and no cloud could be seen.The only surviving ones remained we thought it was over but huge portals opened, freeing the monsters. LHumanity was forced to dig underground galleries to survive, bringing everyone back to the Stone Age. [Lots of sex scene, so please, those who do not like, abstain]




    Jazz, harus bertahan hidup sementara virus yang diduga menjangkiti manusia dan mampu merubah menjadi monster pemakan daging telah melanda Indonesia. Setelah kehilangan jejak ibu dan ayahnya yang ilmuwan, Jazz berjuang untuk mencari mereka dan berharap keduanya masih hidup. “Jika sesuatu terjadi, telan kapsul ini dan imunitas tubuhmu akan meningkat,” pesan ibunya sebelum mereka berpisah terakhir kali. Dengan bekal kapsul istimewa tersebut, Jazz menjadi satu-satunya manusia yang kebal terhadap gigitan makhluk yang umum disebut zombie. Jazz membangun bunker di belakang rumahnya dengan tujuan untuk menjadi tempat pribadinya dalam menyendiri dan mengembangkan hobi membuat senjata. Siapa yang mengira bahwa bunker tersebut menjadi tempat paling aman untuk bersembunyi? Dengan tanggung jawab merawat bayi berusia delapan bulan yang Jazz selamatkan di hari pertama invasi, pemuda itu berusaha sekuatnya untuk bertahan. Bersama Milen, gadis tomboy teman sekampusnya dan Wisnu sahabatnya dulu, Jazz menggempur kumpulan zombie yang merajalela. Misi Jazz untuk menyelamatkan siapa saja yang bisa ia selamatkan, membuat dirinya menjadi seorang yang tangguh sementara mencari keberadaan orang tuanya. Ayahnya adalah kunci untuk vaksin penyembuh mereka yang terjangkiti penyakit tersebut.

  • The Genesis of Humanity

    The Genesis of Humanity


    Note: (This is my first book so I am sorry if the grammar is bad, or my writing skills are not up to par, also, since this is just a project for my own enjoyment I will make as many chapters as possible completely free, hope you enjoy the book :D)In a future where humanity destroys itself in a desperate fight over drinkable water, Stevan Ciracio is given a second chance to prove that humanity is able to prosper until the intergalactic age without ending itself, but even though he is not aware of it, he is not alone in his quest.

  • Experiment Humanity

    Experiment Humanity

    Humans—they’re paranoid, greedy creatures. They’ll do just about anything to benefit themselves and only themselves.This is how Experiment Humanity, a privately funded project, was born. The best and brightest of the United States were to be genetically modified into super-soldiers to protect the people against foreign enemies.But, something went wrong during experimentation... After an accident resulted in a chain reaction amongst all the equipment and test subjects, the test subjects failed to remain “human.” They became the monsters of myths and legends. Their DNA altered to the point of turning them into... things only thought to have existed in stories. While many retained a human appearance and could be considered such, no one—the test subjects themselves included—even dared to think so. They became monsters, “Freaks,” and suddenly, their lives became jokes to the “Ordinary.” Yet, despite persecution and paranoia, the “Freaks” continue to thrive. Separated from the rest of the world, they do their best but their best is only so much in a world where it’s everyone for themselves and where distrust runs rampant.Though, that fails to deter some. Four heroes rise, despite all odds, and work to truly show that Experiment Humanity was not a failure and “Freaks” they may be but they are still the best, the brightest, the strongest. They are the embodiment of Experiment Humanity, they are Experiment Humanity and soon, the whole world will understand what that means....A special thank you to my friend, K.E.D., who sat with me days on end, helping me build on the plot and devise interesting plot points: this novel would not be here without your help. 5 years later and it all finally comes to fruition.



    When a man with power, literally, goes on a quest to destroy humanity, what do you think will happen? Follow our Anti - hero Sid to see what happens to humanity after Sid starts his quest to make the humans suffer.

  • sheperding humanity

    sheperding humanity

    During the ancient tribal era, the world was vast and inscrutable. Through constant exploration, the ancients were horrified to discover that God walked the land. The Wise Beast stood ten-thousand-feet tall, trampling mountains and shattering the earth. Hundreds of years later, in that dangerous environment, mankind triumphed against the giant beasts and finally built the glorious Sumerian civilization. On that day, the Wise Beast suddenly descended, trampling over mountains and rivers and destroying the entire nation. The land and the sky crumbled. Cities collapsed. Has God descended to punish men for their sins? “I’m sorry, but you’re just ants living in my yard. You’re all over the place, and I accidentally stepped on you while passing by. That’s all there is to it.” This is the story of a slightly disappointing Creator and his hyper-competent creations.

  • Deathless humanity (Bl Qt)

    Deathless humanity (Bl Qt)


    When Snow, a system, gets an update out of nowhere, Shu XinYi who has been trapped as a connon fodder was finally free. Well he still had to play cannon fodder but this time he could actually do what he wanted. Slap some faces? Sure. Become better then the protagonist? Sure? Make love to that CEO? SURE. Bring salvation to all humans trapped inside these virtual worlds? Well he can try. Shu XinYi was not alone on his journey, a being that was "Unidentifiable" accompanied him in all these worlds trying to combat multiple bosses together. Why these worlds existed? Who was that unidentifiable being? What were the circumstances of his existences? Shu XinYi could only figure out through time.This novel contains mild gore and Smut scenes. Warnings are given at all necessary points so please read accordingly.World orders (I will keep updating them as I write more worlds)Level 1 Deathless humanity 1. Basketball career is all about sponsorship, love and jealousy.2. Women can be dangerous, business women can be even more dangerous.3. A painter can't murder they can only love their camera guy, trust me twin bro. Level 2 Interstellar ruins 4. Pheonix eyes are properties of not just the pheonix, well that too.5. Being killed by a rabbit is not that bad, will they step on me too? Or they can be my wife.6. Twin brother again? I won't give you my lab's professional bunny. Level 3 Power ascension 7. Master only uses the sword of his 2nd disciple, maybe Master really has favorites.

  • After Humanity

    After Humanity

    It was on new years day in the year 2020 when the world turned to dust and ashes. Not a human, mammal, or even an insect were in plain sight. With the earth's magnetic field down, various creatures roam Mother Earth, seeking both the destruction of any organism left alive and to satisfy their eternal hunger. To repair the damage, other mysterious beings must resurrect the biosphere of the Earth, so that Mother Earth can have strength enough to activate her magnetic field from other fiends who wish to dominate her.An easy task for the intellectual pacifists but, what would become of Mother Earth if a confused blueprint of humanity were to roam the earth? Will it apprehend enough understanding to bring back what was lost of the world? Or will it self-destruct in the process?

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