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  • MXM



    Miles Frey, a sixteen years old boy, was happy, carefree, but most especially, troublesome.In his last year of highschool, the hormone filled teen had college in sight, and all the pretty girls he would meet there.However, he never expected his life to take a wrong turn.On his graduation day, while he was giving a speech in front of everyone from his school, a huge storm suddenly appeared out of no where.Lightning struck everyone and creating a large, engulfing flame. Everyone that was at the graduation died, except for Miles.For some reason, he was teleported to what he thought to be heaven. There were endless shiny buildings and all sorts of beings flying about.Miles then fell incouncious and found himself in what he could only describe as a throne room. What was odd was that there were four thrones. All of a sudden, four beings descended from above and sat in the thrones.They all looked rather human. What was peculiar was the aura that enveloped each of them. One was glowing green, another blue, one white, and the last black.The one glowing white, a woman, pointed to him and addressed him."You, mortal," She started. "You have been chosen, chosen to be the one who will finally bring peace between the Gods, but most especially, who will put the fifth God in his place." She finished.From her palm came out a dark purple aura that floated towards Miles and invaded his body, turning him into what was from that day known as The Demon God, The entity responsible for punishing any God that goes out of line of the Devine Conduct.[Congratulations: You have successfully created The Original Demon][Would you like to appoint him a system?][Yes]Follow Miles Frey on his journey of adapting to his new life as Punisher of The Gods as he ascends from being an average student, to being the most powerful God in existence.

  • Alpha's Baby (MxM)

    Alpha's Baby (MxM)


    When werewolf shifters are asked to leave Manhattan, Sawyer Rivers is at a loss. Manhattan is the only home he's known having lost his parents when he was younger to a brutal Pack bloodbath. Plus, he's penniless and his heat period is about to hit the roof. Upon the suggestion of a close friend, he visits Bad and Boogie which is a breeding zone for werewolves under the guise of a bar. There he meets Daniel who saves him from a troop of nasty alphas who'd planned to rape him. When Sawyer's heat hits in full force, Daniel has no choice than to knot with him. After the best steamy experience of their lives, Sawyer is set to leave Manhattan. Days and weeks pass and he discovers that he's pregnant with Daniel's child. Daniel who's been on the hunt for him ever since finds him in a miraculous twists of face and has to convince him to be his mate and Luna, even though Sawyer feels he's not right for him. Can Sawyer deal with his insecurities and the paparazzi that comes with being Daniel’s Luna? What happens when a jealous desperado threaten to ruin their bond?

  • My Dominant boyfriend (mxm)

    My Dominant boyfriend (mxm)

    Trigger warningNot for kids below 18Make sure, you voteMalexmale▪Embark on a journey of discovery with Roy and his jealous boyfriend as they are in a toxic relationship.(Unedited)All Rights Reserved

  • The Billionaire Run-Away husband (MxM)

    The Billionaire Run-Away husband (MxM)


    (WARNING: MATURE LGBT+ CONTENT Evan Knight Has been married to his angel for two years but has known him since he was twenty years old and what his husband doesn't know is that he has been keeping a secret from him, the secret that has to explain why his Love has so many personal body guard who he hired to watch over him and protect him with there lives. After hiding his other company he owns from his husband and the dangers that comes for being a Mafia boss he Is ready to put a pause on his marriage in order to protect his little angel, his Love. Robin Knight Has been living a happy married life for the past two years with his husband who is always away on a business trip but when he is home he always make sure that Robin knows that he loves him.Robin always dedicate his life to his restaurant when his husband is not around. He always wanted to open a restaurant after finishing culinary school and with the help of his billionaire husband, his dream of owning a restaurant became real but one day his perfect married life was destroyed by the husband he loved and treasured so much. ________________________ 'I was so stupid to think that someone like him could love me' he thought to him self as he was sitting in the private jet of his husband on his way to France.I mean come on he has everything and he spend most of the time in business trips, but how was I sure that he is not cheating on me ' he thought'. ________________________ This Book is about A mafia boss who is hiding his empire from his Husband in order to protect him and keep him safe but what happened when his biggest rival and his enemy get their hands on the one he has been trying to protect. NOTICE: This is a gay Novel and it includes gay sexual content if you don't like to read this kinds of books please avoid reading it.

  • Knowing Ian (mxm)

    Knowing Ian (mxm)


    Sebastian Wymans is in love with Natalia, his best friend. He fell head over heels since the day he first laid his eyes on her. He'll do whatever she ask him to do. Yes, he would do whatever for her...including setting her up with the boys she has crushes on. Pity, he knows. The two are about to enter college and they're excited about it. Everything is going alright. Well, until he realises that his roomate is the bad boy of his high school life. What could go wrong with roomating the bad boy? Nothing. Well, again until Nat tells Seb that she just fall for the bad boy. What could go wrong with roomating the bad boy? Everything.




  • Silver Lining [MXM]

    Silver Lining [MXM]


  • Fall in Love [ MxM ]

    Fall in Love [ MxM ]


    Sebelum baca alangkah baiknya untuk follow dan jangan lupa vote and komennya biar author tambah semangat " Anjing lu, babi, setan Jahanam kenapa bisa sih gue se atap sama elu entah apa yang di pikirkan bonyok gue sampai rela nyuruh anaknya se atap sama Setan macam elo!!" - Arsa Mahendratta Wijaya -" Lu bisa diem nggak!!, kalau elo masih bacod lagi ,gue gak segan-segan cipok elo sekarang!!"- Jhonatan Fernando - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cerita ini mengandung unsur 18+, kata kata kasar dan mengandung unsur LGBT jadi yg Homophobia minggir jauh jauh dan bersikaplah bijak. Happy reading

  • [MXM/BL] Unplanned

    [MXM/BL] Unplanned


    (MXM) When your life is so fucked up and abysmal, you ask yourself, 'how did I get here?' or 'how do I get out?' Two poorly trained Fairy-assassins are assigned to the Faine Family, where they encounter triangles of forbidden love for the most ruthless vampires in the world. Snippet- He flung Jordan over on the couch, his knee in-between the legs of the other as the fangs under his lips went unnoticed. Jordan made a mistake, never lower his guard when he's around a target, especially a dangerous one. But he did; he wanted to fuck and forget about Zack for a while-however, that didn't go exactly as planned. Even forgetting to interrogate. "Slow down...!" He saw the red stain in Mason's eyes as if the life had been sucked from his body. In a moment of pure and absolute instinct, his hands stretched, fidgetting for the pistol that was taped under the booth. "Slowly!" Jordan's urgent voice repeated before screaming: "No!" when he felt a sharp, life-reaping sting at the side of his neck. In an instant, he brought the pistol to the other's head, "Get off me... Or die, you fucking monster!" Warning: 18+ Part [1/4] almost completed Main couples: Jordan x Mason and Lium x Jason Side couples: Luke x Salus, etc. ~ I'm not a professional writer, and I'm introverted. So the dialogues, scenes, and developments might not be well written or expressed. This book is unfinished, I just wanted to share it so you all could witness the story even if unfinished. Lol. But I also wanted to post it to see if anyone would enjoy it so please comment your opinion on the book.

  • Billionaire's Offer (MxM)

    Billionaire's Offer (MxM)

    Kith was the goddamn perfect best friend for Theron. Unexpectedly, he was fell in love with him.That was the secret Kith had long kept. Don't date a friend. Dating a friend wasn't Theron Prime concern. The Billionaire's son, Kith, feels he's a great loser. He moved out from Theron's world and disappeared. When Kith returns. A huge offer was offered to Theron. "Kidnap me for Billion pesos." The Billionaire's offer. Kith the weak storybook turns into a seductive Bisexual. Kith wanted Theron to be his fake boyfriend for Three months. Kith objective is to make Theron fall in love with him. But how could he able to make Theron his old friend to fall in love with him if Theron himself never be able to reciprocate his love? How can Kith make Theron Amherst's heart beat for him when Amherst rule is 'Don't date a friend'? The result of their three months being fake boyfriends is something Kith wants to know. He loves me, He loves me not.

  • The Siphon Witch MXM

    The Siphon Witch MXM


  • The Blood Chronicle || MXM

    The Blood Chronicle || MXM


    Luke McCoy is a loving and caring seventeen years old boy who everyone wanted to be friends with, well almost. He lives with his parents and two siblings in shadow creek. He loves helping people and had the most compassionate of hearts, something that has been both a blessing and a curse to him. He and his best friends, Jake and Amanda attended shadow high, creepy right? but it is what it is. The town was mysterious and it only started leaving up to it's name when two brothers arrive in town. The Brooks Brothers. One Luke falls in love with and the other he fall in hate with. The mysterious brothers show up in town and strange things started happening. Everything about them was dark but Luke still find himself drawn to them despite all warnings from his friends. Enter the witches, werewolves and vampires. Cliché right? but then again it is what it is. New threats arise, family secrets and past events are brought up. Scary bedtime stories becomes reality. Things lurking in the shadows comes out to play. Will Luke be able to come to terms with the new things he found out about? Will he be able to explain his attraction and repulsion he felt to the brothers? No one knows but one thing is for sure, he is in the centre of it all. What can he do when he has to sacrifice a lot for the sake of his loved ones. In the end he is offered the choice of living or dieing to live. What choice would he make?

  • His Unordinary Stalker [MxM]

    His Unordinary Stalker [MxM]


    Ever since he was in sixth grade, Michael Jon Montemayor always felt like someone was watching him.One night, someone left a necklace in his room, and things became even weirder when his pet dog, Cacao, turned out to a shape-shifter vampire stalker that has fallen deeply in love with him.How about one day, he feels that slowly... He is falling in love with him. Are they think will be the same, or he will note to himself that he is straight.

  • my love is you(mxm)

    my love is you(mxm)

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18

  • Not So Straight Love (MxM)

    Not So Straight Love (MxM)


    Nolan Hector is a college going student, struggling with his sexuality. He is afraid of coming out in public. He is afraid of confessing it to his family. But then there's Raphael Pierson. He works as an architect. One of the most successful young architects in the town. Raphael is young, handsome, mysterious guy. He is alluring to a point, Nolan can't keep his eyes to himself when it comes to Raphael. But Raphael has a secret. A secret that's not even hidden. He plays a game. He lures people into him, makes them fall for him and breaks their heart, the very moment they fall in love. But Nolan is ready to risk it all. Will he ever get Raphael to love him or will be be also a victim like the rest of them? ^^^ "Do you need a ride?" I heard an unfamiliar voice behind me. It was deep. Rough. I felt my feet ceasing on the road. But I have heard this voice before. But where exactly, I don't remember. I turned around and my eyes widened when they fell on Raphael Pierson. He was there, on his bike. He was dressed in an olive color, button up shirt and dark pants. The dark shades on his eyes told me he hadn't yet started his bike. He was still standing on the road. One thing, Raphael Pierson believed was, no matter whose story it is, he is always the main lead. He behaved like one. Like he owns the nation. But he doesn't. "No, I'm fine." I said slowly, looking away from his face. It is hard to look in the eyes of the person you like. And it's even more harder when you have been caught staring at them. I was still embarrassed. "You look in hurry. I can drop you to your college." I didn't ask him how he knew I was going to my college. After all, we were neighbors. Though we never shared a conversation with each other, we knew what we both were doing in life. Other than screwing it, of course. "You're a stranger." I tried pathetically to not accept the ride from him. It would be difficult for me once I accept this. I would only make the game for him more easier. I would only allow him to break me more easily. "Well, I wasn't a stranger when you were staring at me last night like there's no tomorrow." He said it so casually, with straight face. I couldn't look into his eyes, for he had his shades. But he sounded so impassive, so emotionless. Unlike his soft voice. "I..... I was going to shut my windows. I wasn't staring at you. It was a coincidence." Liar. I, at least tried and his lips curled up in a small smile. I don't know why it seemed mocking to me. Like he knew I was lying. Even I did. But there was no point in making me more embarrassed than I already was. "Yeah, you were closing your window for half an hour. Next time, you decide to lie to me, cook something better." He said to me, taking a step forward and my eyes widened as I took one back. "I'm not lying." I said in my steely voice and he scoffed. "Again lying."

  • Defying Fate for you (MXM)

    Defying Fate for you (MXM)


    BoysLove Novel Zain Wittezn who is well aware of holding the heart of the gorgeous, powerful and possessive Prince , Edous Kin Derron, knows better than to let him inside his heart and to ruin both of their lives. They were never meant to be together and he will do anything it takes to keep things that way even when Edous did his best to keep Zain close to him. For the sake of both their hearts. A story about how Zain tried his best to deny the pull of the universe to the love of his life for the sake of protecting both their lives.

  • The Stranger In My Bed   (MxM)

    The Stranger In My Bed (MxM)


    NOTICE:This is a gay Novel and it includes gay sexual content if you don't like to read this kinds of stories please avoid reading it.*****It all started when He felt something next to him, it was touching his body but when he opened his eyes everything he felt was gone but the touch he felt still lingers.--------Lucas is a twenty two year old living in a small flat and works at a local restaurant which they don't pay him well.Jasper He is a Werewolf who was born differently from any other werewolf and he has been looking for his mate ever since he turned eighteen but now he is 26 and he still has the hope of finding her but what happen when he finds his mate and find out actually it's a him not a her and to top it all off he is a human .

  • [BL] The Diabolic Cultivator Thief

    [BL] The Diabolic Cultivator Thief


    After living a 'carefree life' and dying a tragic death, Advik thought that everything ended for good. But life is full of surprises and heaven likes to play with everyone. Hence, when he was ready to meet Yama in the netherworld, he opened his eyes in a place called Lost Soul's Realm and met three gods who told him that he died two thousand years ago. As if that was not enough to shock him when he was told that he is just a wandering soul and the only memories he has left are about or related to His Highness Shwet.Advik: "What the hell did I even do in my past life to deserve this?"Heaven: "You destroyed the entire empire of the person you loved the most and killed him."Advik: QAQ ... Trigger warning: Description of Gore, Gruesome Scene, Blood, Violence, Self-Harm, Harresment, Sexual Harassment, Manipulation, and other dark issues/theme. ... [This is a BL/Boy's Love/MxM story. Updates on Wed&Sun]... The artwork/s is/are not mine. I do not have any copyright/s over it....Read my other novel only on Webnovel:-- Wings To Fly (BL)

  • The Wolf Who Cried Witch

    The Wolf Who Cried Witch


    WARNING: THIS STORY HAS POSSESSIVE/YANDERE MALE LEADS"Blood? Origin? The Moon Goddess can't stop me. Whoever speaks badly about you shall have their limbs cut off. Whoever tries to harm you shall be destroyed. Whoever dares to desire you, aside from me, shall be killed by me. Only I should matter to you. So just keep me under your spell forever, won't you?"It is hate between two origins, and love that goes beyond what fate dictates.This is a story about alphas falling in love with a person regarded as an evil creature for many centuries. Their journeys are rough, full of betrayal and longing. Still, they take their strength fueled by their blood and their love that wouldn't back down.But this kind of attachment ― where exactly is it headed?That destination seems too far away... Too unclear, strange, and frightening... But if that means I can see you again, nothing will be able to stop me. Not even my own kind.For you, I'm ready to paint the entire world with blood...In a world full of creatures that continue to dictate people's value through origin and blood, can love still find the light it wants to perceive?A wolf who cried witch. What kind of destination will they reach?************************************************Other Reminders: √ This story has 3 Main Couples (different stories - all connected and followed the same world and timeline; First is bxg, Second is mxm, Third is ##)√ No reverse harem but there are multiple potential love interests.√ Strictly for 18+ only; this book has explicit violence and sexual content.Part 1 - The Moon Valley Kingdom; Gavin's Story (Finished)Part 2 - Land of Aegis; Gin's Story (Ongoing)Part 3 - ##Update: 1-2 chapters dailyAny kind of support is much appreciated!

  • Clouded Tension.

    Clouded Tension.


    The warmth of skin, the residue of wet florals, and wet entrances gliding against skin scorched in heat. I welcome you to a series of small intimate scenes of all of my OCs and their lovers; I hope you'll enjoy them. Warning: FxF, MxM pairings, and sexual content.