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  • Profane Prince of Domination

    Profane Prince of Domination



    Government intelligence agencies realized that Konrad, the world’s number one wife robber, was endowed with a supreme weapon allowing him to turn the purest of maidens into hungry beasts: The Golden Rod! Eager to obtain that marvelous weapon for their own nefarious purposes, powerful politicians send their teams after him, hoping to capture and analyze the rod. Konrad was chased from one corner of the world to another and ultimately cornered. But in a fit of fury, he chose to destroy what they worked so hard to obtain! “Screw your ten thousand ancestors! Only I can wield the golden rod! Since you want it so badly, then fetch its remains!” He howled as he aimed a gun at the golden rod. But suddenly, the sky darkened, and purple lightning struck him from above. “Fool! This is a national treasure! Who gave you the right to harm it?” The Happiness God roared in indignation while sending Konrad into reincarnation. “This time put the treasure to better use. Complete all the quests, and I might even let you enjoy the sweet fruits of paradise!” “God, I won’t disappoint you!” Happiness God even gave him a tailor-made system. But there was one problem, he was reborn in the body of a half-incubus eunuch caned to death for offending the emperor’s favorite consort! *YIKES* Empresses, imperial consorts, princesses, daughters of powerful families. Within the confines of the Holy Flame City, no beauty is safe from Konrad’s demonic clutches. “Finally, a body matching my demonism.” “To all the beauties of this world, I announce that your conquest now begins!” Tags: Harem, System, R-18, Mature, Reincarnation, Anti-Hero, Shameless Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Immoral Protagonist, Dual Cultivation, Demons, Politics, Comedy, Face-smacking. Author's note: You can expect a lot of smut, comedy, and face-smacking. If any of this bothers you, this is not for you. I do not own the cover. I'm evil. (Check out my latest work: Reverend Ecstasy)

  • the child of profanity

    the child of profanity

  • One Profanity,One Kiss

    One Profanity,One Kiss

  • Reverend Ecstasy

    Reverend Ecstasy



    “Abbot Xinzi, by decree of the Celestial Grandmaster, hunt down the protagonists, snatch their women and destroy their destiny!” In a world where demons walk among men and mystical beasts run amok, Xinzi, outer disciple of the White Immortal sect, must compete against his peerless senior brother to become the Sword Fairy’s dual cultivation partner. Failure isn’t an option. But when the truth of his mysterious past resurfaces, and his identity clashes with the succeeding protagonists, will our monk hold on to the last embers of his humanity or sink...into utter depravity? Follow Xinzi as he subdues the succeeding protagonists, corrupts their beauties, and bestows green hats on the path to attain Sainthood and establish a Paradise of Faith in Debauchery. (Note: By the author of Profane Prince)

  • Justice of the profane

    Justice of the profane

  • Profane Palace Sect

    Profane Palace Sect



    Profane Palace SectA heavenly paradise to women yet a forbidden bane land to men.A floating island screaming pleasures and delights day and night.A land of maidens and non maidens where order, laws, rules, boundaries, shackles matter not.Profane Palace Sect, the most sacred yet profane temple where the Lord of million beauties reigns over...Note: Cover isn't mine, all credit to the original creator. If you are the creator, let me know in case you want to me to remove it.Reader requirements: Strictly 18+A man of culture certificate ( ;-) )Further requirements will be added in future

  • Profane Palase Sect

    Profane Palase Sect


    Profane Palace SectA heavenly paradise for women, yet a forbidden bane land for men.A floating island filled with pleasure moans and debauched screams.A womanly nation where order, laws, rules, boundaries, shackles don't matter.Profane Palace Sect, the most sacred yet profane garden where the Lord of million beauties lives at...Note: Cover isn't mine, all credit to the original creator.Reader requirements: Strictly 18+A man of culture certificate ( ;-) )Further requirements will be added in future

  • The Last Profaned Knight

    The Last Profaned Knight

  • Dysfunctional - An Assassin's Guide to Reincarnating in Another World

    Dysfunctional - An Assassin's Guide to Reincarnating in Another World



    Following a brutal and tortured death, a former assassin, known only by his codename Kuro, is given the opportunity to reincarnate in another world, a world with magic and monsters. Armed with an unrivaled healing factor and an inhumane pain threshold, Kuro opts to go for a reckless direct approach in this world instead of a stealthy and cautious one, and as a result, slowly gains attention bit by bit.Having previously been a loner in his old life, he interacts and befriends people for the first time in his existence, however, his blunt nature also sees him making just as many enemies, both big and small. By combining his old assassin skills with the magic powers of this world, along with his high resistance to pain and rapid regeneration, he doesn't take long to establish himself as a formidable force in this world. Initially, Kuro only faces minor threats, like weaker monsters and bandits. But before too long, the threats slowly but surely become more and more severe...from Zombies to a bloodthirsty empire to Vampires and Demons, and even divine beings...however, as the enemies he faces grow stronger, so does Kuro, gaining rare powers that have never or rarely ever been seen in this world...Genre - Fantasy Sub-Genres - Isekai, Action, Magic, Dark Fantasy, Romance, Comedy Age-Rating - Pg-13 Warning: Mild Profanity, Mild Sexual Content, ViolenceFor updates and discussions, join my Discord server: character designs and other posts, visit my Instagram page: @aimdaqs

  • The Rising of the Anomaly

    The Rising of the Anomaly



    Following planetary devastatation in the aftermath of WWIII, humanity is driven to the brink of extinction as the world is turned into a nuclear wasteland. In order to prevent humanity from being wiped out, a large enclosed dome called the Sanctuary was built during WWIII, saving a small fraction of the world's population. Overtime, the radiation results in the proliferation of powerful, vicious creatures known as Mutants. Humanity remained sheltered in the Sanctuary, with no way of defending themselves against these creatures, until... A few decades later, the worldwide radiation results in an evolution in all newly born humans, known as Paragons. Specifically, they are born with a special energy known as X-Factor Energy, or XFE for short, allowing them to potentially harness and manifest this energy into weapon-like forms, giving humanity a way to defend themselves against the rapidly multiplying Mutants. However, only about five percent of Paragons could successfully manifest their XFE, known as Prodigies. Non-Prodigies are sometimes derogatorily referred to as Duds. However, of the ninety-five percent of Paragons that fail to become Prodigies, there is a miniscule chance of them developing an ability different to those of the Prodigies. The rare few who achieve this are known as Anomalies. Kilzachs is a Paragon who, following a series of unfortunate incidents before getting disowned by his father for not turning out to be a Prodigy, finds himself hitting rock bottom through no fault of his own. Furious and outraged, he finds a glimmer of hope when he realizes that he is an Anomaly, and decides to keep it a secret. Armed with the ability to manipulate time and space, he sets out to prove all those who put him down wrong, by becoming an X-Warrior while maintaining that he's just a Dud with no abilities. Along the way, he does not hesitate to grab any opportunities for revenge...Genre - Sci-Fi Sub-Genres - Psychological, Action, Superpowers, Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Harem Age-Rating - Pg-13 Warning: Mild Profanity, Mild Sexual Content, ViolenceFor updates and discussions, join my Discord server: character designs and other posts, visit my Instagram page: @aimdaqs

  • Once Human, Now a Parasite

    Once Human, Now a Parasite



    Arthur, once a successful and rich businessman, was given a second chance in another world. He was tortured for months by men his wife hired and, now... he was offered a new beginning but it wasn't what he wished for. He was met with the unexpected when he found himself to be a minuscule entity known as a Parasite.PS: MC is a hypocrite. PS2: This story contains profanity and gore so read at your risk.

  • My Fair Lady

    My Fair Lady


    She is a Lady, but she spews profanities like they were made for her. She is what you would call....A F*cking Lady.....••••••....Zylith Sanders was a mundane teenager until one-day she was sucked into a wash basin and somehow ridiculously ended up in a feudal world without her beloved games and movies. To make matters worse, she was sold off by slave traders to the horrid Noble house of Ronales as a petty maid.But that was not the end of her worries, Dear Zylith, the feminist had a long struggle ahead of her when she meets the mighty King of this feudal kingdom and becomes his pretend consort.With a king that likes to poke deadly humor at her, and a bamby girl who wanted nothing to do with the ancients. How will the poor teenage feminist cope with only her sarcastic mouth to rely on!Just dive in and read on to find out Zylith Sander's romantic plight.

  • I Didn't Choose the Gangsta System, the Gangsta System Chose Me

    I Didn't Choose the Gangsta System, the Gangsta System Chose Me



    Joren "Horen" Vierei has an intimidating appearance. In compensation, he has developed a kind heart: helping people in need, gentle to his surroundings, and always wore a kind smile. Everything was normal until, one random day, a voice entered his head.[Congratulations, you are qualified to receive the Thug System. Do you want to accept? Yes is the only answer.]"Huh? What the-"[Initiating transition. Joren Vierei is now a Level 1 Underling.]Follow Joren as he got abducted by a secret society after determining that he is an [Abnormal], bringing him into a fantasy school full of magicians and mythical creatures.Encounter bizarre situations and figure how Joren will get out of the unwanted life he was forced to have.* This novel includes heavy profanities, dirty jokes, and reduces your chances of going to heaven.

  • Dilemma: The Chip System

    Dilemma: The Chip System



    "Curiosity killed the cat." The sinister man raised the edges of his lips into a grin before injecting the girl's neck ruthlessly, leaving her unconscious. [Disclaimer: Rated 18 solely for the blood and gore scenes. Extreme torture and abuse scenes included, however, a warning shall be given at the start of such chapters and I will be briefly explaining everything for those who skipped the chapters with such content. Read at your own discretion.] **** Nancy Morgan was an average college girl who was bored of her little-to-none thrilling life and wanted something new. But what she got for that was not necessarily what she asked for. She got into a life threatening accident. Roth Rogers, her family friend, inserted a chip inside her brain to save her. However, it attracted evil people to go after her. To protect her from the upcoming dangers, Roth appointed his adopted son, Samuel Rogers as her body-guard. However, more than the people who were trying to abduct her for the cutting-edge technology, Nancy's curiosity rang for her body-guard's mysterious life. Little did she know, her curiosity unlocked many secrets and troubles.... Like Immortality and artificial diseases. Trapped in a dilemma of science and immortality, Nancy must find more about her body-guard, and his connection with all of the mess. **** [Excerpt] "Shit! F*ck this!" Nancy cursed the spider-web that flung across her face while looking around the old church. "If I were you, I would have avoided profanity on sacred grounds." Samuel suggested politely. "No matter what religion, we must respect sacred grounds." "Mhm, F*ck you too!" **** Join my ded discord server: Cover Artist: **** Special Thanks to my mother for devising a name. I had been working on this since 2 years but I couldn't get a name. My mom asked me the plot and I told her that it's complicated; That's when she said 'Dilemma' If you like complicated things, this is for you! Thank you for giving this a shot.

  • May Death Do Us Part

    May Death Do Us Part


    [WARNING : MATURE CONTENT PG18] This is a book by a love junkie, for love junkies. It revolves around a beautiful redhead with piercing blue eyes who finds herself torn between the man she thought she lost and the man she now has. But this is not just an ordinary love triangle, it’s one that involves creatures of old, the nosferatu, the Lycans, the elves and the dwarves. It involves a bloody struggle for liberation, a hard decision between duty to their people, and duties to their hearts, there will be pain, deceit, lust and love, you will experience a roller coaster of emotions as you follow the beautiful redhead’s journey from a simple life to one of life changing decisions. With the burden of being cursed with immortality through rebirth, a beautiful redhead spends her life trying to find how to break the curse so she can finally end her lonely existence, all the while shying away from emotional connections of any sort with others in hopes of protecting her heart from the pain of loss. Until she comes across a sweet, kind and lovable man who she can’t help but fall in love with, but alas, he loses his life and the redhead has to forge on ahead without him, baring the pain, even in her next life, of losing the only man she ever allowed herself to love. She continues her lonely existence until she comes across a man who bares the same rebirth curse of immortality as her, a man who convinces her to open up her heart to love one more time. But what happens when her first love comes back into the picture? What happens when she realizes her curse to due to the fact that she is not even human? Journey with me through the exhilarating tale of romance with a twist. P.S : • There are explicit sexual scenes in this book • There is some form of reverse harem but love will prevail in the end. • There is death and blood • The book is set up in a medieval age • sexual language and profanity is also included *********************************************** “I’m sick and tired of this miserable existence, I just want to end it all. I just want want to die, and to stay dead.” Elric inched closer to Melissa and tilted her chin up. “But if you die, who will I spend the rest of eternity with?” Melissa swatted his hand away and got off the bed, the chamber was cold and dark after the fire had died out. She felt the chilling breeze from the window strike her bare skin, sending a wave of shivers down her spine. It was highly likely that she would catch a cold if she kept this up, but she didn’t care, disease didn’t scare her anymore. “You’re just going to have to make due without me your majesty,” She responded. Prince Elric got up and walked over to the beautiful red head. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling the warmth from her body heat up his bare skin. “Isn’t such a life worthwhile when you live it with the person you love?” The man asked “Love is pointless if it has no end.” Melissa responded coldly. “Even wedding vows end with ‘till death do us part.’” ___________ Disclaimer: the artwork on the book cover is not mine.. just made a few changes so if need be the owner can contact me

  • Moon Theory (BL)

    Moon Theory (BL)


    [ABO]In the peaks of midwinter lies an unconscious young man with snowlike hair and startling, duotone eyes. His features blend so much with the tundra he just may disappear. Strangely captivating, but such an appearance is no doubt unhuman.Then enter Combat Unit One and a man who, despite his irritating personality, is unfortunately a little bit eye-catching.“If I had to assign a relationship…” the man says with a low curve of his lips, “it would be prisoner and captor?”“Colonel Yang,” he replies sharply, “you are cracked in the head.”---Year 2066 – a population of eight billion was wiped down to the marginals. Particle radiation hit a rotating satellite, then a spaceship, then… mass mutation, mass extinction.Theoretically, when the geodynamo fails, those left behind will become some sort of extraterrestrial. Humanity’s always had a stubborn streak, however, so the intelligent will thrive and the combatants will fight.But, alternatively, while most have sacrificed for this planet, a young man decides, fuck it all.---Explicit Content Warning (R18+): profanity, heavy gore, violence, sexual content, drugs and alcohol, boys’ love, ABO.Cross-posted on CG: for advance chapters: for art and other things: our site for curated OG BL novels: our author and reader's discord:

  • Part-Time Star, Full-Time Dad

    Part-Time Star, Full-Time Dad



    [Warning: HAREM- R-18, Profanity and Emoji's]A reincarnated man becomes Father after waking from his supposed death.After two years of being the rare stay at home dad, his wife leaves him and their daughter for her material goals. With no money, he desperately tries to find a way to feed and clothe his daughter."I'll just be a streamer"*Ding*_____________________________________________________Hello, this is my second original novel. I have written up to 5 novels three of which were droppedTo be fair two of them were the same novel that had a slight difference. The first novel I wrote had way too many problems to count.The girl on the cover was not done by me nor do I own it either. I found it through google images and edited. If you are the owner please tell me if you'd like it taken down or be credited. The cover will change over time as I either learn digital art or pay some talented artist.

  • Simmer


    Half-demon witch Callie Durant wasn't evil. After six years in Hell, all she wanted was to get revenge on her father for sending her there. Getting to him was harder than she anticipated. The only way she could get close was for the Head Warlock's son, Nicholas Castillo to fall in love with her. She had to break him up with his clingy girlfriend while hiding her true nature from everyone around her. Escaping Hell didn't come without great cost and the Lords of Hell were trying to drag her back for her crime. She had to make a choice between the two sides of herself. She could have the promise of power or be with the first boy to ever love her. The roads out of Hell were paved with bad intentions. 16+ for abuse, moderate violence, and moderate profanity. Simmer is created by Seph Meadowes, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • My Time System

    My Time System



    This novel is under massive editing. Ishigami Jeran is a single 19-year-old freshman college student, A self Proclaimed Genius about everything except being kind. He lives with his twin brother in the Philippines because of their family problem while his whole family lives in Kyoto, Japan.His premonition came true from his dream. He died in a bus accident, But for some odd reason he woke up lying on a shrine.In that place, A woman suddenly appeared and identified herself as Chronohades, The gatekeeper and the God of Time. To clear up Ishigami's head, That was full of questions. She told him that he was truly dead and that he is now standing in front of the gate through the Spirit Realm. In certain circumstances, Chronohades proposed a deal. Get reincarnated again, pass the trial and fight The Brixis Empire, that once terrorized that world, Or rest your soul in the Spirit Realm. Ishigami answered while trembling due to the unpreparedness of his soul to devote himself to fighting. Therefore Chronohades bestowed upon a power called the "Time System."In the late game, he called himself the God of Time. ___Ishigami: "My life ended in the tragic car accident and I was reincarnated as a savior of my crush but after that, I got sent into another world named Ozeathra, where the world is full of unfairness and where I will experience the real betrayal, despair, and sorrow.___Other Tags: R18, Tragedy, Betrayal, Weak to Strong, Gods, Demons, OP Main Character, Harem, War, Ruthless-Cold MC, Medieval Era, Conspiracy, Explicit Violence, Political, Rebellion, Revenge, Rivalries, Terrorism, Matured Themes, Dark Fantasy, Person in a Strange World, Summoned into Another World, Profanity, Manipulation, Kingdom, Ideals, Female Characters Supremacy___DISCLAIMER: Every chapter of my work is all RAW and Unedited because it was hard to meet the deadline. I will edit this in Fall 2021 and release the completed edited version of the novel in Winter 2022.___STAFFS Moderator: Fujiwara_AoiContent & Platform Editor: Roy!Story Reviewer: KCSakkimiBook Cover Artist: turtleboiii

  • Rupegia




    "You may now kiss the bride."But no kiss ever came.I'm ripped from my wedding and thrown into a medieval fantasy world with game-like elements. It may seem like a game, but that doesn't matter to me, because this is my reality. The pain, the hunger, the cold, the fear, it's all real to me.Alone, without knowing why I'm here, in a world where I know nothing and nobody, I decide to buy a Blood Slave to have someone I can trust. She brings me comfort and so much more. She helps me raise my head high again and bravely move forward. Together, we'll grow stronger. Together, we're unbreakable. But she won't be the only one by my side. We need more than just each other, for I know that my purpose in this world can't be accomplished with only her help.Monsters and dungeons plague the land, forcing civilization to protect themselves from the hordes with tall walls and fierce determination. Killing monsters is a daily need, but they aren't the only enemy here. I have a powerful "Gift" that allows me to change my "skill points" at will, but if others were to know about it, there would be many that would try to use me by any means possible.Step by step, moment by moment, day by day, we keep moving forward, always aiming to improve our strength. One day, we'll meet our Fate, and we'll be ready for it. Swords held high, shields tightly strapped to our arms, wings spread apart, spells at the tip of our tongues, minds focused like blades, and our hearts hardened like steel. We'll take on whatever comes our way!---------------------------------------------*Additional Tags*: Psychological, Romance, Magic, Male Lead, Portal Fantasy/Isekai/Transmigration, Polygamy, Slaves*Content Warning*: gore, profanity, sexual content (male/female, female/female, and human/non-human (*not for the faint of heart*)), traumatizing content*What to expect*: Slow story focused on the day-to-day life of a transmigrated man rather than on the plot.The plot exists but it *very slowly* becomes relevant.Also, *slow* character progress. It's a long journey, so don't expect a hero to grow in just a few chapters.Detailed environments and extensive world-building.Realistic and tactical combat instead of flashy.Protagonist with a cheat but far from overpowered.Lots of descriptive sex scenes, it is treated as just another part of life instead of merely fan-service.A harem where the members actually enjoy living with each other.Occasional weird wording and grammar, English isn't my first language. New chapters Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8PM US East.This story is also on Royal Road (*most sexual content censored*), Scribble Hub, Novel Updates, Hentai Foundry, MoonQuill, Archive of Our Own, and Literotica. 

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