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  • The Night Shall End/Alternate title[Nox]

    The Night Shall End/Alternate title[Nox]


    A new world and a bitter man.[Slowburn][no harem]

  • Wooing my Bodyguard Wife

    Wooing my Bodyguard Wife



    “Fuck the rich!” Xue Ning declared. "I'm rich - fuck me - not anyone else!” As the second son of a billionaire, Sun Jingwei is undoubtedly rich, handsome and a playboy - but now he's been ensnared by his bodyguard who hates rich people with a passion! How can he insert himself into her 'fuck the rich' motto? What happens when they end up married in the eyes of the public? Here is the slowburn love story between a billionaire’s handsome playboy son and his new straight-laced, sarcastic bodyguard wife that looks like a cute kitten! EXCERPT: “Oh good, you received my delivery!” was his excited reply. “Did you accidentally mix my outfits with the ones meant for your girlfriend?” Xue Ning asks flatly. “Of course not! I don’t have a girlfriend! All these are handpicked for you!” Jingwei exclaims. “You handpicked underwear for me?!” She squawks, face red. “We’re not that close!” “How can you say that? You’re practically my saviour! I owe you a life debt!” Jingwei argues. “Sexy underwear is the least you deserve!” “You’re giving your saviour underwear?” She asks incredulously in return. “Do you not find anything weird with this?” = This is an original work - do not steal! Cover is edited from Pinterest! =

  • My Mage System (BL)

    My Mage System (BL)



    He had been the best assassin of all time in his world and when he was finally killed, a goddess took the opportunity to send his soul into the body of a boy in another world who was weak for now but who was destined to become the most powerful mage of this world. This young boy was called Kevin and he decided to take his identity as he had kept his memories. The only thing he had in common with him was that they were both orphans, but Kevin had a weak mind and a weak body, in short, everything he hated the most. After successfully entering the Sun Sect as a mage, he managed to open the book Kevin had inherited from his parents and which he had been unable to open. What was his surprise when he realized that this book had turned into a System that allowed him to level up like in the virtual reality games he used to play in his home world. With the help of this System he will fufill his wish, he will become the most powerful humans of this world, not even shapeshifters or demons will be able to do anything to him. ………… Kevin turned his head towards him and seeing that he was still naked he said, looking away again : "Get dressed first, then we'll talk." Axel found some clothes that looked loose and put them on right away, he also took a pair of daggers whose blades were just a little shorter than his forearms, and he then approached Kevin and hugged him from behind. Kevin let him doing whatever he wanted, even though one of his daggers was now very close to his throat, Axel said to him close to his ear : "I want to trust you Kevin, so give me a good reason to." Kevin then asked him : "What do you want to know ?" Axel sighed, threatening Kevin with his own daggers won't do him any good, and he risked breaking the bond they were just making. He then took a decision and planted the two daggers in the ground in front of them, he ran his hands under Kevin's sweater and circled his waist with them, pressing him more against him. Kevin hadn't expected this turn of event and he felt his heartbeat quicken. Axel's hands were warm and he could feel his huge erection against him, one thing was sure, it was that he didn't let him indifferent. …………. WARNING this is not a slowburn romance and it's a R18 BL novel with lots spicy scenes so if you like reading 100 chapters before the mc and ml kiss for the first time just skip this story it's definitely not for you Otherwise, follow the adventures of our two heroes, if you love worlds filled with mysterious creatures, magic, fights, a System that allows you to level up quickly, and a unique and powerful love story then this story is for you.Cover made by my friend and author JustL89, the author of Wolf you up ! (BL) it's a unique werewolf story theme using a system that you will love, I can guarantee it ! ……………. Daily update Enjoy your reading time and don’t forget to vote, to comment, and to review :)  

  • A Life I'm Living to Forget You

    A Life I'm Living to Forget You

    Read up for the slowburn and drama. Plot is thickening, will you be awaiting?

  • Transcending 10,000 Daos [BL]

    Transcending 10,000 Daos [BL]



    It’s hard to say whether they were the best of friends because they ignored the truth or because they didn't know the truth. What is fact is that everything fell apart after a round of king’s game left them with no choice but to acknowledge the truth. An intimate friendship became a bitter avoidance and years later, an incident caused Yu Nianzhen and Jiang Yue to transmigrate to a fantasy land that had no place for the weak. The ex-best friends can either cooperate or lose the battle for supremacy. However, what happens when they no longer have an excuse to deny the feelings hidden in the depths of their hearts? This novel isn't a slowburn by any definition of the term, romance will start within the first fifty chapters. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE COVER IMAGE AND I WLL IMMEDIATELY TAKE IT DOWN UPON REQUEST.

  • Billionaire's Secret Daughter

    Billionaire's Secret Daughter


    She is a billionaire's daughter in search of true love, despite all the heartbreaks she has been through...He is a tycoon's son looking for true love...*********She believed he is the one God is using to test her in her quest for love since she decided to give love another chance...He believed she is the one true love he has been looking for since destiny keeps bringing them together!Will Esmeralda and Edward be able to survive the tough journey of finding true love? Follow their love story to see what happens. Like it? Add it to your libraryyour reviews and comments will be highly appreciated.PLS: the cover pic is not mine, taken from Pinterest. but edited by me. credit goes to the rightful owner.

  • The Lycan's Sin

    The Lycan's Sin


    [MATURE CONTENT] “Are you mating with someone?” Stunned, she took a step back, widening the space between them. “ Excuse me?” “Ah…” A sigh left his lips. “ Perhaps, I need to rephrase my question. Are you f*cking someone?” She sucked in a quick breath, not knowing what to say. Anger reared itself in her head, mixing with unexpected desire. Sadly, desire was winning. He lifted an eyebrow, and in the next instant, he was already standing in front of her body. Her instincts kicked in. She took a couple steps back until her back hit the wall. The smell of chocolates and almonds rolled between them. Entranced, she thought she smelled the sweetness of the wine but it disappeared as quickly as it came. “I don’t think that is any of your business, Mr. Graydon.” she made a sound of annoyance. “Is it not?” His breath fractured, his eyes darkened with desire. “No.” Her lips quivered at her obvious denial. She mustered all the courage she could, hoping he wouldn’t smell her arousal. She knew it was for naught. His fingers lightly brushed her cheeks, then they trailed down her neck, lingering on her collarbone, the contact sent shivers down her spine. It awakened the primal need she had been wanting to hide since they met. She wanted him. No. She needed him, inside her. Her face flushed at the thought of him taking her, preferably right against these walls. “You want me,” he stated. ““As much as I want you.” Shocked by her own raw and potent yearning, she turned her head away. “I don’t…” “Shhh…” he silenced her with a finger. Then he inched closer, so close his long lashes brushed against her cheek. Her heart pounded like a drum against her chest, fast and hot in anticipation. “Now tell me little one… do I need to get rid of someone before I make you beg me to let you come?” ...... Is love worth the chaos it brings? ..... Tags: #lycans #witch #strongfemalelead #strongmalelead #norape #smut #mates #slowburn .... Check out Complete Synopsis and Snippets inside! ..... Written by: B.Mitchylle Email: Insta: @b.mitchylle EDITED by: S.T. Ahikx Insta: @S.T. Ahikx Cover is NOT mine.

  • Astra Chronicles

    Astra Chronicles

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    In a dying world, Skyler and other prodigies set out on Academia Astra's special mission only to discover a plethora of secrets that were thought to exist solely in a fantasy.Not the fairytale kind.But darker and twisted fantasies.#mystery #romance #slowburn #endoftheworld #dystopian #fantasy #scifiCopyright © All rights reserved 2019 Kuuki Minawo.

  • Progenitor of War and martial arts.

    Progenitor of War and martial arts.


    Died as a specialist, awoke as a martial artist with a martial art system, battling his way to become the historical being he's always wanted to be. A being above death and the rule of law. He will be unrivaled and leave a life free of fear thanks to the Martial arts specialist system._______________SlowburnRegularDarkCold MCMultiverseHistoryMartial art________________

  • The Duke's Marchen

    The Duke's Marchen


    "What do you see when you see me?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her. For a few seconds, she bathed in his warmth. "Do you want me to be honest?" He nodded. "I see a man who changed my world. He chuckled at that. "Not honest enough." She lifted her head. Her beautiful gray eyes stared at his brown ones. "I see the Villain." She gulped and added, "I see someone that would burn the world... just to keep me safe." "Again..." he smiled. "Again?" "I wouldn't hesitate to burn the world again just to keep you safe." .... She loved him like a brother. He loved her more than he loved his life. In his dying breath, the woman that he loved finally cried... for him. At last, he thought before closing his eyes. She was finally looking at him. How ironic. .... "I lost you once. I can't lose you again. " - Duke Li Qiang This is the Story of Li Qiang and his redemption. .... This novel was originally the SIDE STORY of THE CEO's WOMAN. However, you can still read this as a stand-alone as this is the story of the Villain after he died and reincarnated into another world. #reincarnation #slowburn #faceslapping #norapeorabuse #strongcouple #secondchance #Villain #fantasy #royals #R18

  • Ten Thousand Years: Loving You Through Time and Rebirth

    Ten Thousand Years: Loving You Through Time and Rebirth



    [HIATUS] "I would crawl through Hell to find my way back to you. Thousands lifetimes, thousands reincarnations. I would do the same thing again and again. For beloved." *** As the Princess of Beast Mainland, Ouyang Xueqing spent her whole life being sheltered and pampered. Being an impulsive thirteen-years-old little girl she was, when human male Mo Yujian caught her attention, the only thing she could do was to sneak out and disguised herself as a male to get close to him. Through a string of events, she succeeded in becoming his one and only disciple. Everything started only with a favor repayment. But when Ouyang Xueqing found herself grow fonder and fonder of Mo Yujian, what should she do? Go back or stay by his side? When the secret of demonic bloodline in her ancestral was exposed, would Mo Yujian still choose to stand by her side even if it meant to go against the whole human race? It was a forbidden love from the start. A human and a beast, the good and the evil. They knew that it was a taboo...yet they couldn't stop. Even if everything ended in tragedy, all they ever wanted was a chance to love each other again. Just like what had happened a long, long time ago... However this time, would the Gods finally give them a chance to be happy? Additional tags: Romance, dragon, gender bender, fluffy, forbidden love, action, adventure, powerful love interest, love triangle, tragedy, important side character(s), mildly gore, survival, war, slowburn, mature, past play an important part Volume 1 - The Beginning Volume 2 - Blossoming Love Volume 3 - The Awakening Volume 4 - Blood, Love and War Volume 5 - To be continued > Disclaimer: cover from Pinterest Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord server: Discord: delanasiwarka#1490

  • Please don't let me fall

    Please don't let me fall

    Alexander Vanderwalt at 26 has established his own law firm, a young man full of himself, rich, very smart, and has the looks every woman will fall for. A relationship is not his thing. Work, and playing around seems to be his routine, why not when you are young and free...Then he met a not so young and careless woman that will make his easy as ABC life stumble and question his every decision and insight about relationship and commitment.This is not a cliché romance story.SlowburnWarning:Very detailed mature scene! I've warned you!!!Love, Aeoam22

  • King's Choice ( ON HOLD + MOVED + MAJOR REWRITING )

    King's Choice ( ON HOLD + MOVED + MAJOR REWRITING )


    ***SlowBurn***Being a king is not easy . There are many choices in front of you so what will king of werewolves will do when he given choice between a mate and offspring he doesn’t know exist till now ?This is work of fictional. No relation with any kind of person, place or events or books. **************************************************************Will Edit or Rewrite it completely after it done, because at first i will only put rough idea so i didn't forget the story line because the great me have memory span of a gold fish unfortunately ! (。•́︿•̀。)***************************************************************All right reserved to Author.

  • Orion's Abdication

    Orion's Abdication


    When young king Hiro of Naylo is presented with a mischievous stranger, their lives become entangled in ways far more impactful than he ever bargained for: Besides a war to win and a crown to uphold, he really has no use for someone such as this insolent genasi. And far less use does he have for love. This is an original writing project for the PCs from the DnD campaign I play in, set in a Royalty au and focused on two PCs, Hiro of Naylo, an elven bard and Discord, a genasi monk. Its mostly a slowburn romance which ended up far, far longer than expected.

  • Newer version on my profile

    Newer version on my profile



    #R18 #STRONGFEMALELEAD #SLOWBURNTransmigrating into my favourite action novel where a handsome mafia boss has to face with his daily life of making deals and fighting duals, I just couldn't understand how I ended up tangling myself into his love life when all I wanted to do was save his life. --------------------------------------------------------------------Hello, everyone! This is my own original novel, not a translation and my second novel on this site. If you want to check out my other one, Indenture, the link is below.The image used in the cover is not mine. Credit to the owner.

  • Please don't let me fall

    Please don't let me fall

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE FRIENDSTOLOVERS

    Alexander Vanderwalt at 26 has established his own law firm, young man full of him self, rich, very smart and has the looks every woman will fall for. Relationship is not his thing work and playing around seems to be his routine, why not when you are young and free..Then he met a not so young and careless woman that will make his easy as ABC life stumble and question his every decision and insight about relationship and commitment.This is not as cliché romance story...SlowburnWarning:Very detailed mature scene! I've warned you!!!Love, Aeoam22

  • The Ancient Series : King's Choice

    The Ancient Series : King's Choice

    ***SlowBurn***The Ancient Series Book 1 Mitchell Dominique Pierce is Royal king of The Ancient Earth. At 24 he still hasn't met his mate yet which is unusual for a Royal king. He himself isn't much eager to meet his mate which causing quite an uproar in his kingdom. Being a king is not easy as there many choices in front of them so what will Royal King Dominique do when Choice's made by his Ancestors started to affect his world? And a choice given to him to choose between his mate and offspring he doesn't know exist ?********************************************************************************************************************************All right reserved to Author.Cover Credit : Google********************************************************************************************************************************

  • #youlikeit - BLACKBIRD Series book 1

    #youlikeit - BLACKBIRD Series book 1

    A unique city. A unique police team led by a unique woman. And an uptight fed set on a collision course. Declan Brockner is a sullen FBI agent. Once an outstanding profiler, now fallen from grace and office, his past is a heavy yoke that refuses to let go. But things won't stay the same after he arrives in Boston for a seminar and comes across Reg Gillian, the rogue star of Boston PD, and her elite team. A slowburn romantic drama set as a procedural, the Blackbird Series brings together the police work, the team dynamic and the personal life of the main characters into a fast-paced, multilevel-plotted narrative that will keep you reading nonstop.

  • Cursed To Be A Red Rose

    Cursed To Be A Red Rose


    Princess Ievna was the princess in the kingdom of Shovalon. Shovalon was a small kingdom, and it was conquered by the kingdom of the witches, Wemor. Her parents were killed in front of her eyes, and she was cursed to be a red rose by the strongest witch, Sharass. Fourteen years passed, and Princess Ievna was living as a red rose in the last fourteen years. The witches locked the red rose Ievna in the tower prison, and she would only be able to return to her human form in Spring when roses would bloom. And even in Spring, she could only exist in her human form during the day when the sun reigned over the sky. At night, she would turn into a red rose again. Princess Ievna was living in the dark prison for fourteen years until finally, the prince of Breviel, Reigen, managed to snatch Shovalon from the witches' grip. One night, the arrogant prince accidentally opened the tower prison and saw a beautiful red rose in the prison. Later he learned that the red rose was the princess of Shovalon. What would happen to the princess of Shovalon and the prince of Breviel? Would the prince of Breviel be able to save the princess from the curse? Maybe that wouldn't be easy because all the prince wanted to do to the princess was touch her. Unfortunately, the princess was no longer a human. He would need to pay with his blood if he wanted to touch the princess' body. --- "What a beautiful princess of Shovalon. I have saved you from Sharass, and to repay my kindness, let me touch you and make you mine." "Every rose has its thorn. If you touch this red rose, your fingers will bleed." --- WARNING! SLOWBURN ROMANCE! --- Original cover by jjia_en on Instagram ^.^

  • 6 Times a Day

    6 Times a Day

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 HAREM


    6 Times a Day (6TaD) is a story centers around a male high school student named Alan Plummer, who starts off as an awkward young man. Unbeknownst to him, his mother's best friend and neighbor lusts after him and concocts a phony medical diagnosis that requires him to have six orgasms a day, in order to seduce him. Things don't go quite as she plans and a chain of events and circumstances results in an increasing number of gorgeous women finding themselves 'helping' him with his "medical treatments." **Not my Own Novel, but found on SPACER X Website which is down nowadays.. thus i am re-editing and re-posting this novel which i have greatly enjoyed..If the Original Author wants to take down this publication, pls pm me at** Otherwise Have Fun Reading this Novel you Bit$$es. Since i am editing this you expect a good update speed.. Image is from Deviant Art. ------------ TAGS: HAREM, INCEST, TEACHER, NURSE, SEDUCTION, NTR (somecases but consensual by female),SlowBurn Note: Here the NTR tag is Alan SEDUCING Female Lead & other rare cases, which you can definitely skip. ------------ Edit: Small amount of netorare has been mentioned by the readers, which the team is looking into, we haven't crossed that threshold,IF THERE IS NETORARE, THEN Read at your own risk, as it mostly woman seducing her son[ Acording to the readers, and i am not pushing myself to read ahead as it time consuming and not worth it] . If you are not into this categories, THIS IS A FREE NOVEL I AM PUBLISHING DURING MY FREE TIME, NOBODY IS FUCKIN FORCING YOU TO READ THIS NOVEL, SO STOP FUCKING GIVING 1 STAR REVIEWS WHEN I HAVE CLEARLY MENTIONED THE TAGS AND STORYLINE YOU FUCKIN IDIOTS.. P.S Thanks for all the Loyal Readers who have followed this novel from the beginning........Much Love...!! **/////////////////////////////** Please consider Donating however much you can to support me to keep this novel going. Every Little Donation counts. ----------------------------- [for those who ko-fi is not working pls try the above two.] Please also Support my other Novel which is a Fan-Fic. Harry Potter and the Gift of Kali **/////////////////////////////**