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  • Unscientific Beast Taming

    Unscientific Beast Taming


    Shi Yu woke up one day in a world built on the foundation of Beast Taming, where powerful monsters roam and great societies formed around the Beast Tamers who tame them. After concluding that he'd been reincarnated because he was good looking, he put his skills as a mythology expert to use, aiming to become a professional Beast Tamer so he wouldn't be poor again in this life. Thankfully, he had been reborn with a trump card in this life, a Skill Index that broke certain rules of the Beast Taming world. Starting from zero by secretly copying and teaching skills to domestic and wild beasts alike, Shi Yu stepped on the path of Beast Tamers as he raised a bunch of logic-defying and unreasonably strong beast pets... Key Words: Beasts, Beast Pets, Pets, Summoning

  • Taming Master

    Taming Master

    Magical Realism VIDEOGAME


    The world’s largest scale virtual reality game, ‘Kailan’.A well-known gamer in the virtual reality game community, Ian.He reset his lv 93 character to obtain a hidden class… but the class he chose was the most useless class in Kailan, the summoner? On top of that, a call from his professor leads to a mental breakdown! To avoid academic probation, he must level up to the same level as his reset character in two months!

  • Taming A Billionaire

    Taming A Billionaire



    [Completed] "When am I getting a new mom? "Maya choked and sputtered on her drink getting herself into a coughing fit while I was quite startled but showed no other reaction other than that. I was expecting it anyway Maya got herself after some moments "You! " She bellowed "That's no way to tal-"  I dismissed Maya with a wave of my hand fixing my attention on my dear daughter  ."Why? " I asked exuding an authoritative aura with an arrogant smile tugging at a corner of my lips Isabelle smiled back at me, a fierce determination to win this battle evident on her face "I need a motherly figure ""And? ""Girls just want their mom sometimes ""And? ""Need someone to talk boys stuff with""You can always discuss it with me" I blurted out without even realizing it and the reply I got was an awkward cough from Maya and a death stare from my daughter. "Well, we can always compromise on that " I tried minimizing the damage done. Why does it all go south when it comes to boy's stuff?Isabelle stood up abruptly and banged her hand hard against the table almost knocking some dishes over in the process "Just admit it!What makes you think you can be able to handle me in my rebellious teenage years? "I  wanted to reply when I heard Maya murmur beneath her breath "As if you aren't rebellious enough now? "I smirked,she was definitely the perfect match for Isabella and I had the perfect plan in mind. "So let's say I agree, who do you want for a mother? "I said throwing the ball in her court and hoping she'll make the right choice "Tina? or.....? "Isabelle stared at me skeptically, obviously wondering if I was sincere or playing around. So I focused my intense and get down to business gaze on her and in a few moment, her lips twitch upward in a smirk , as if we were communicating telepathically, she said"I want her" Isabelle announced pointing at an absent minded female entertaining herself with a grilled chicken and quite oblivious to what  was going on. I smiled, Isabelle was surely my blood "Fine by me "I agreed  knowing just how much Isabelle values promises " I have to keep my own part of the deal then "I excused myself before turning to discover the horror on Maya's face but that didn't stop me, instead I added more fuel to the fire"let's get married"~~~~Maya was never special especially not like her sister Kim who seem to have everything.Nik Spencer a world known professional player, a chronic heartbreaker and the only man immune to love. But fate seems to play a lot of twists as they both cross paths and she ends up being his daughter's Nanny. Will she end up as one of the many women on his bed ? Is Niklaus really immune to love?Well, read to find out.Second book in its installation-"Taken By The Mafia Lord," You can check out my other works:THE SHE-DEVIL AND HER ALPHASWhen Death Does Us Apart Get Him Off Me Fate I Isekaid Into A Vampire World Cover picture doesn't belong to me, all credits goes to the creator

  • Taming the Queen of Beasts

    Taming the Queen of Beasts



    [COMPLETED] Elreth is a Princess in the world of Anima—where humans can shift into the form of their animal ancestors. As the Lion King's daughter, Elreth breaks a thousand-year tradition when she challenges her father for dominance—and wins. But as the first known dominant Alpha Female, she faces a lonely, and dangerous Rule. Aaryn, Elreth’s best friend, has always secretly loved her beauty, and her strength. But as a member of the wolf-tribe, and unable to shape-shift, he is not viewed as the right Mate for Anima's first Dominant Queen. When events force Aaryn to admit his feelings, for the first time, Elreth's eyes are opened to Aaryn not just as a friend, but as a male--and her True Mate. But Aaryn also has secrets. Secrets spanning decades, that open Elreth's eyes to the threats against her people, and threaten to tear down the royal family, and the Anima as a whole. Can love really conquer all? Can Elreth convince a prejudiced people to accept Aaryn as her mate before these secrets threaten not just her rule, but her life? [Mature Content: No sexual violence] ***** Then, as Aaryn stared at Elreth, his scent changed. Which only confused her more, until something flashed behind his eyes. Something she’d only ever seen in her father’s face when he was staring at her mother. Desperation. Joy. Hunger. But that was crazy. Why would—? And suddenly, like a cub tumbling down a grassy hill to land on its feet, everything fell into place. Everything. Her mouth dropped open. She blinked. And blinked again. And for the first time in a very long time, she looked at him. Not at her confidante. Not at her closest ally. Not at the friend who’d been present for every major milestone in her life. She looked at Aaryn. The male. The wolf. She stared at his silver-white hair, that scattered over his ice-blue eyes, fixed on her, and created a barrier between them. She looked at the strength in his jaw, shadowed because of the late hour. She let her gaze drift down the cords of his neck, and his broad shoulders and the wide, smooth expanse of his chest that rose and fell rapidly. And she let herself remember the ladders of muscle that painted his torso—hidden by the white shirt he wore. She swallowed. She’d seen every inch of him at some point. Well, almost. Her mouth went dry. (Cover Art used by paid copyright permission. Illustrated by Aenaluck--see more gorgeous art and support them on DeviantArt and www.patreon.com/aenaluck)

  • Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

    Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?



    Chu Feng was transmigrated to a world of tamers, where everyone would gain their unique tamer talent at the age of 16. With the tamer talent, one could create a tamer space and form a contract with a beast. Chu Feng was shocked when he learned that he had gained the SSS-rank tamer talent. “Hah! My tamer talent is C-rank strengthening class! Behold! The Spirit Multiplier!” “I have the B-rank talent, Flame Fusion! It’ll be a piece of cake for me to tame a flame beast!” “I can enhance my beast’s battle will…” Chu Feng couldn’t help but get lost in thought when he heard his classmates boasting about their talents. The talent that he had received was the SSS-rank Infinite Growth. As long as he had enough resources, he could rank his beast up to an undefeatable stage. When he finally summoned his beasts, the others couldn’t help but drop their jaws. The first was a 1.8m tall Desolated Bear that could smash a hill with a wave of its arm… The second was a Phantom Butterfly that could destroy another dimension with a wave of its wings… “Is he still a tamer?” the rest scolded.

  • Spirit Taming

    Spirit Taming


    Have a problem where you die too young? Well, Clark had that issue, and lucky for him he was blessed. Clark was reborn right in to a fantasy world of his dreams. Loving parents, amazing future, spectacular partner. Well, that would be until it all went downhill. The joy Clark wanted to share with his loved ones was robbed from him. the system he had waited for was finally here and he could have given them the best possible lives. But not any longer. The Mourne Family would pay. The tamed beast he had now. The rage he felt. Both would be his strength to rise up and overthrow the corruption he saw. it might be a long path, but one he would take to the top.Come watch Clark take his revenge and give justice to many. With his system, his partner, and a few unexpected twists Clark will find his path. Don't forget to drop those power stones, leave comments, and eventually drop those golden tickets! This is my entry for Spirity and I can't wait to share it with you!

  • Taming The Casanova

    Taming The Casanova


    Sahil is a very handsome man and is a certified Casanova who loves to flirt with every girl around. Girls are falling for him evey now and then. While he doesn't do love. All he wants is pure flirting and one night stands with no stings attached.Sahil is hiding something, he did, to get out of a situation. His father put him in that situation along with Manyata.Manyata Singh Rathore is a beautiful, sensible and independent girl. She hates him with everything in her she doesn't even look at him. She wants to teach him a lesson. Sahil is confused about her behaviour, as no girl has ever been able to resist his charm. Let's find out if the certified Casanova would be tamed or not....

  • Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

    Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

    Eastern Fantasy SYSTEM EVOLUTION


    # develop Grass and trees could become fairies and even snow and frost had spirits! After suddenly dying from pulling all-nighters, Jiang He discovered that he had arrived in a miraculous world of beast taming. He could form contracts and tame beasts. By uncovering hidden evolution pathways, he discovered unique skills for his monsters and explored this unknown world! He became a legendary beast tamer and champion of the World Beast Taming Championship. As the Master of Light and Shadow and the Ruler of the Snow Domain, he was asked how he had obtained his achievements. He answered, “I merely relied on making my beasts happy.”

  • Taming The Las Vegas Playboy (18+)

    Taming The Las Vegas Playboy (18+)

    Romance ROMANCE R18 MAFIA


    If you are looking for the whole world, it isn't here. But if you are looking for 3Ls (Love, Lust, and Laughter), this one is full of it.It is a fun rom-com with hot love scenes. If you read the comments, the most thing you will see is the "Laughing emojis" and the word, Hot Hot Hot!Romance erotic novel, full of fun, a romantic comedy with some actions by Elya. The heroine's the smart leading lady and not the soft sopping victim. The story is focusing on fun, romance, humour, and happiness. The leading man is a handsome powerful arrogant businessman (mafia), the super-rich with egos as high as Everest!Stefan Mackenzie, the 32-year-old handsome Tycoon from Las Vegas. He is famous for his killing looks, the face of dark handsome playboy with money. Wirata Ratanawan, 22-year-old Thai girl. Then everything in his life has changed forever without his willingness. He tried so hard to avoid his fate but it seemed the heaven above's not on his side anymore!Warning: As I put it in the "Romance-erotic" story, so when it comes to the love scenes the camera won't pan to the flower vase or the bed head. It will be hot and in detail to fulfil the readers' imagination as this novel has its main purpose for entertaining.

  • Taming My Vampire Servant

    Taming My Vampire Servant



    [COMPLETED]“Master, don’t let anyone serve you… except me.”Ivory Sprucemint summoned Sigmund, a stubborn and possessive Servant! Her wish is to win the Servant Competition in the academy, and become a Royal Knight, but to achieve these, she needs to make him obey her orders!But Sigmund calls Ivory by her name, he keeps on sucking her blood on any part of her body, and he does whatever he wants! How will Ivory tame her Vampire Servant and achieve her dreams?------A love story between a Submissive Master and Domineering Servant!WARNING: Mature/R-18 scenes included and lots of biting and bloodsucking scenes! To name a few: on the neck, on the foot, on the chest- Ooof! :))Don't let the first few chapters fool you! XD------PREVIEW:“Ivory... I asked, what the hell are you thinking of.”Ivory was surprised to hear him say her name for the first time, and it made her heart beat like war drums. His deep voice sounded so sexy. She wanted to avoid his gaze because of embarrassment, but because of the way he firmly held the back of her head, she couldn’t look away.“I said it’s nothing, why are you-” Ivory was interrupted when she saw his eyes glow once again. Sigmund’s eyes glow whenever he’s serious. “Fine! Fine! I’ll tell you what’s on my mind!” “Good girl. So what is it about?”“It’s… you! I was thinking about you!” Ivory exclaimed. Her reply made her Servant calm down, so he finally let go of her head and sat up straight. She added while blushing, “I was thinking about… where you would… bite…”Pleased that he was the one occupying his Master’s mind, Sigmund smirked, “Where do you want me to bite you?”“Uhm… I… Uhh…” She stuttered, still avoiding his gaze. “In my… p… pfinger!”Sigmund chuckled as he took his Master’s hand, “As you wish, dimwit.” He licked her pointing finger, then lightly bit her with his fangs. His bite was not that deep; it was just enough to let the blood ooze. Sigmund’s tongue gently licked her bleeding finger before grazing his lips on her fingertip. He then noticed his Master staring at him which caused her to blush even more, making her pull away her hand from his. Ivory, whose heart was already beating crazy, quickly turned around, laid on the bed, and faced the wall. She was about to cover herself with the blanket, but Sigmund slid next to her and tucked themselves under the cover.“Go to your bed, Sigmund,” Ivory murmured before shutting her eyes. “You might get cold, so I’m staying next to you, weakling,” Sigmund murmured as well and almost rested his forehead on her nape.Ivory felt his breath on her skin. She thought of sleeping on the other bed, so she slowly tried to get up, but Sigmund placed his arm around her waist the moment he felt his Master moving away from him.“You’re not going anywhere.”------[A Webnovel Spirity Awards Spring 2021 Entry]Theme: Vampires and Werewolves------Story, Main Body: AinaWangEditor: iridescentdreamProofreaders: portholes_29, moonwitch89Book Cover (commissioned): @omichiart on IG------Official Instagram: @ainawang.officialOfficial Discord: https://discord.gg/HYkU3RrPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/ainawang

  • The Taming

    The Taming


    We were immortals. The Forever Knights.I was a shapeshifter. Collared with a special pendant to be summoned by our alpha.She tried to steal it. But the last thing she expected was for me to turn the tables as soon as we were out of view of my party guests.But she was a thief, a liar, and an imposter. The only thing I wanted to steal from her was what remained of her dignity.And perhaps teach her that I'm not a simple man to steal from. With me there's always a consequence.And she'll pay this one with me between her pretty thighs.We'll see who's the thief then, Little Valkyrie...

  • Taming The Wild Prince

    Taming The Wild Prince



    [Excerpt]- “Please, Kai. Don’t go,” Aylin pleaded, grabbing Kaiser's wrist firmly; tears were rolling down from her golden eyes. But, her pleading was empty and meaningless for Kaiser who swore not to trust her ever again. His gaze was cold and dismissive as he turned to face Aylin. Then pulling his hand away from her grip, he asked furiously, “Lin, stop acting as if you care. When you don't!" Biting her lower lip, Aylin mumbled helplessly, “So you will leave me without even listening to the whole truth? Why don’t you kill me instead of torturing me like this?” Kaiser answered coldly, taking a step closer, “Because, I want you to suffer…” As Aylin looked up, she found his handsome face closer than she realised and her heart ached in sharp pain. She wanted to explain a lot of things but before she could say anything, his warm lips captured hers. It was a hungry, forceful and brutal kiss with no sweetness and loving gestures. His scent engulfed her as his demanding lips were devouring the softness of her lips. His tongue twined with her, intense, forcing her to think about him only, burning through her. She closed her teary eyes. She had never tasted such a breathless kiss. She reached to push him away, but she found herself wrapping her arms around his neck instead. Aylin gasped as their lips parted and their eyes met again. Kaiser’s blood-red eyes were still cold and furious even after the heat of the kiss. Aylin mumbled in a breathy tone while trying to find the answer, “Kai, W-why are you-” “It’s your Punishment, Lin. For playing with my heart. You must suffer more than me..." -----------Aylin Angelo- An illegitimate princess of Arcelia got engaged to the enemy Prince against her will as a token of the peace treaty though her heart was still aching for a stranger whom she met 4 years ago when she was just 12 years. But, who knew she had the most destructive secret which was going to be the reason for the deadliest fight ever and would destroy the peace for eternity! Kaiser Hale- The Third Prince of Fintan was infamous as an untamed and brutal beast and he could kill anyone while smiling. Even his frozen heart melted, seeing Aylin's warm smile for the first time. But who knew that she was going to be betrothed to his elder brother, Crown Prince! Their fates entangled together though their love was forbidden. But, Forbidden Fruit always tastes the sweetest.--------First Book of Forbidden Romance Series.(The content is mature and a slow-burning romance which can teleport you into a new universe of Magic and Love.I bet you are going to love it.)

  • Taming the Alpha Female

    Taming the Alpha Female


    In her late-twenties, Delilah had everything she dreamed of. She is the boss. Paving her own path to success. But in that run, she lost the desire to be loved. Her heart was broken, by the one man she was supposed to love. Now when love comes knocking on the door, she shuts it and shuts it hard. But what if this time, the guy is just head-strong like her. Even if she falls in love again, exs' are always lurking in the shadow to pounce on every opportunity given. Damon was looted by his ex-wife. A gold-digger in disguise. When he started everything from scratch, he found himself in love with one of the most bad-ass females. But only strong man can stand her. Will Damon be able to tame his Alpha female, to become his girlfriend or will he be crushed just like her ex. What if Delilah finds out he hid the biggest secret from her? About his identity.Will their love be strong enough to sail through all the problems? the story has smut scenes, platonic love, and a lot of adoration.Read and find out how they end up.

  • Taming The Villainesses

    Taming The Villainesses


    I got sucked into a novel full of villains and must tame them in order to survive!.....T/N: Hello, this is not an original novel, this is a translation. If you want to support me, the translator, you can read this at Foxaholic 18. You can find it by typing "Taming The Villainesses Foxaholic 18" on the google search bar.

  • Taming The Villainess

    Taming The Villainess


    The villains are back together and the flames have never been stronger. _ He was the plague she should have stayed away from, but she fell for his charm. When their wrong decisions caught up to them, he left. And just when she thought she had moved on, he is back—in her workplace and in her life, with no intention of ever leaving. His presence makes her think of things that should never cross her mind, but that is nothing compared to him trapping her against the wall. She looked up go him in frustration. "Dr. Aubert, get a hold of yourself. What do you think you're doing?" He held her chin up, forcing her to meet his gaze as he traced her lips with his thumb. "Picking up where we left off." .... Carlos didn't think he would ever let a woman hold any kind of power over him until he met her—the feisty, sexy Villainess who made his heart race with just a smile. And when he had to choose between her and himself, he made the wrong choice. He is back, stronger than ever, ready to protect the one person he cares about and win her love.

  • Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant

    Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant

    Contemporary Romance CEO ARRANGEDMARRIAGE


    A SEQUEL of CONTRACTUALLY MARRIED *Arrianna Angela/Rian and Alexander Jonathan/Alex *Sophia Ysabelle/Sophia/Belle and Daniel/Dani ~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~ Sophia Ysabelle, 26 years old, accepted the life-changing deal of marrying the famous billionaire, Daniel Kelley, not for his money but for his name. They have different reasons for marrying each other. Daniel needs a woman to pretend as his wife to get the biggest investment for their company, that will lead them to the top-grossing company in the whole state of California. While Sophia needs someone 'powerful' on her back while still seeking justice for what happened to her in the past. But there is a big problem between the two of them, they couldn't stand alone in one place facing each other. Daniel is a cold and arrogant billionaire with a smile as precious as a diamond, and who already put her under his judgement from the very first time they met. And Sophia is a stubborn yet resilient woman who never backs down from anyone's judgement, not even from her future husband's rudeness. But in the end, will she tell him her real reason for marrying him? When he finds out the truth, will he continue to judge her? Will he be able to protect her from her dark past or he will just remain cold and arrogant husband towards her? "Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand, but you don't" *Rian* ~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~°~~~~~~~

  • Taming Beasts to Survive: I Can See the Prompts

    Taming Beasts to Survive: I Can See the Prompts


    Seven billion humans living on the Earth time-traveled together after they had woken up one morning. They all heard a synthesized female voice. [1. Welcome to the World of Beast Taming. You have become a Beast Tamer. You need to tame beasts, collect resources, and build your own home to live and develop in this world.] [2. You will get a cottage and a beast egg as your initial resources. To ensure the safety of your property and yourself, don’t go too far away from your house in the first three days, during which you will be protected as newbies.] [3. Taming wild beasts is mainly achieved by the mix of your blood. After being tamed and recognizing you as its owner, your beast will be your friend and helper. If you abuse it, its loyalty will decrease and you might get betrayed and attacked.] [4. As you mature, you will meet many Beast Tamers just like you. You can make friends and ally with each other. But you should also watch out for others because humans are unpredictable.] [5. There are many unknown things to be explored in this big world. But please bear in mind that you only live once.] At this moment, Macky found he could see hidden prompts. He could see the strengths, weaknesses, habits and characters, and evolutionary routes of all beasts. [Small Firefox: currently LV3, with the potential to achieve the S level. Sweets lover. Its hidden evolutionary route, Three-Tailed Spiritual Fox, will be unlocked when evolution stones of water, fire, and wind are collected.] [Bronze Treasure Box: one hundred portions of drinking water, one hundred portions of beast food.] [Silver Treasure Box: a bottle of evolution liquid medicine, a book on pet techniques.] [Gold Treasure Box: an architectural drawing of the training room for beasts.] While others were struggling for clothes and food with their initial pet beasts, Macky was building the playground for his 100th pet beast.

  • Taming the Hybrid

    Taming the Hybrid


    Meet Zarya, a young maid working for the most prominent wolf family in the empire where demi-humans and shifters could co-exist with humans, Atreschivel Empire. Timid and paranoid, she always kept a low profile among others. However, her past suddenly came barging into her peaceful life. With her secrets locked inside her heart, will Zarya be able to survive when both her life and love was at stake? ___ As the young master of the renowned Wolf family, Ius Romanoff has it all - wealth, power, honour, and fame. He is the celebrated innovator of the current generation. Whatever he wanted was served to him on a golden plate. And yet, even with all that, he couldn't quite get why a simple maid was able to plague his mind as she unconsciously melted his cold heart. **~~**~~ Disclaimer: The picture used in the cover is not mine. All credits will be given to the creator of the art.

  • My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife

    My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife



    "Villains are made by people, they weren't born evil." ... Ever wondered how things would turn out if the story was focused on a villain instead of the protagonist of the story? All villains are doomed to a bleak ending no matter what kind of story it is. This is the story of a REAL villain who already has a BAD ENDING prepared for her until someone decided to stray her away from the wrong path... She was not someone who ended up being misunderstood by others. Nope, not this one. The villain I am about to introduce to you all is a scheming, gold-digging demoness. Shi Enxi had it rough. At a young age, she experienced things that a child didn't deserve. She lost her parents and her relatives took advantage of it. Her life changed after she was adopted by her half-sister. From then on, she decided that she was not going to allow others to bully her ever again. She never had a good life so why should she allow others to have one? Yes, that's the hideous thought that made her the villain in someone's story. She grew up to be cunning, ruthless, and merciless. She destroyed so many lives, including the life of the person she loved the most. Lu Mello saw how Shi Enxi's life unfolded with his own eyes. But who would've thought that he, a spectator from the sidelines would play a major role in changing our villainess? Unlike Shi Enxi, he grew up in a loving family. Although, he never wanted to take over the family business. How would these two play destiny's game? Rivalry? Infatuation? What should be the outcome of the game? Them as enemies, or as lovers?  Of course, as lovers. . . . "Darling, when will you die? If you die then all of these riches will be mine!" "..." Uh... Die? Lu Mello looked at her, a bit startled with what she suddenly said. When will his wife stop having such impure thoughts and for once just behave? "I don't have to die just for you to have everything of mine. You are my wife, all of these belongs to you."  Shi Enxi was pleased with what he said. She turned to him and leaned, giving him a soft kiss on his lips. "I will trust those words, okay?" He chuckled, amused. "I didn't know that my wife is actually a little gold digger." "Who wouldn't love gold?" She refuted back. "I'm even willing to marry an old man if he's this rich! But luckily, you're the one I married. My husband is handsome and rich!" He pouted, "I suddenly feel hurt. You're only after the riches I have, not the love I have for you." She placed her hand on his cheek, "I don't need you to shower me with your love, just shower me with all of this wealth then I am all yours!" "..." This part of his wife was not cute at all! Nope, not cute at all! Shi Enxi closed her eyes and let out a soft yawn. "I am free tomorrow..." She whispered sleepily. "Darling... There's this limited edition bag... that will be coming out tomorrow." Another yawn was heard from her. "... I really want to have one." Soon after, her breathing became even. Lu Mello couldn't believe that she even dared to ask for something before going to sleep! She didn't even say goodnight to him! What kind of wife was she?! ---- Author: BerriApplepi IG: @berriapplepi Discord: https://discord.gg/z56kkGG Donate: paypal.me/berriapplepie Modern Fairytale series: The Devil's Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty) Ten Years Late: The Bullied Husband (Little Red Riding Hood) The Devil who devoured Snow White (Snow White) Beast Under Her Dress: Princess, Don't Run! (Beauty and the Beast) My Evil Cinderella: Taming a Villainous Wife(Cinderella) Cover not mine credits to the artist

  • Taming the Casanova

    Taming the Casanova

    Sahil is a very handsome man and is a certified Casanova who loves to flirt with every girl around. Girls are falling for him evey now and then. While he doesn't do love. All he wants is pure flirting and one night stands with no stings attached. Sahil is hiding something, he did, to get out of a situation. His father put him in that situation along with Manyata. Manyata Singh Rathore is a beautiful, sensible and independent girl. She hates him with everything in her she doesn't even look at him. She wants to teach him a lesson. Sahil is confused about her behaviour, as no girl has ever been able to resist his charm. Let's find out if the certified Casanova would be tamed or not....