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  • THE POWER IN YOU: An unknown feeling

    THE POWER IN YOU: An unknown feeling


    The CEO of a huge company, Tae Shin, had a tragic past. However, he lived a normal life until the day he realised that he had superpowers. He doesn't know what truth lies behind them. Neither does he know who is conspiring against him. The only thing he has to rely on is a person who is always with him. She lived a normal life as well but by hiding the superpower she holds since her. childhood. Both of them keep on facing dangers and there are many powerful people who wish to kill them. But how did they get these powers? Who is this villian and what is he planning? What lies in their future? Let's find answers to our questions and unravel the mystery that lies beneath their so called 'Normal life'. Read the novel to deepen into the world of superpowers and to find out the truth. #maleleading #womanpower #superpowers #action #romantic #pastlife #suspense #strongvillian #simplelanguage

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