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  • Brother Conflict

    Brother Conflict

    Nora is a normal 16-year-old. She is a gifted artist and nerd and her goal in life is to become a Graphic Novelist and date the most handsome boy in class Eren. She writes all her wishes and desires in her little diary. One day her mother gets engaged to a wealthy man and Nora and her mother moves in with his family. The man had two sons her soon to be step-brothers. The Youngest son Alex is a carefree cute boy and is always filled with joy but has a two-faced personality. The eldest son, Felix, is a quiet, cold person who doesn't believe Nora exists. What happens when these boys end up falling for there soon to be a sister.

  • Conflict vampires

    Conflict vampires

  • The Conflict

    The Conflict

  • lovers conflict

    lovers conflict

  • Conflict of Interest

    Conflict of Interest

    On a whim, Alex signs up to volunteer with an outreach program at a local youth shelter. When Father Nate calls him and asks him to work with Jamie as a big brother, Alex envisions a little kid he'll pal around with. What he doesn't expect is Jamie Owens, an 18 year old boy with a bad attitude who's only two years younger than Alex himself.<br><br>Jamie's hot. Very hot, and nervy, and precocious, and damn sexy, to boot. Even if he is eighteen, Alex feels guilty lusting after the kid. Alex sees himself as a mentor to Jamie, someone to look up to, someone to prove being a gay man doesn't mean casual sex in crowded clubs. He tries to keep his distance, both physically and emotionally, but Alex is sending some very mixed signals, and Jamie is getting pretty frustrated. As their friendship grows, Jamie becomes a part of Alex's life in a way neither expects.

  • A Love Conflict

    A Love Conflict


    He failed in his first love but now that he is reincarnated will he finally succeed in getting his final love?Let's watch him as trouble came after he reincarnated when it didn't happen in his past life.Who is the future waifu?

  • The twins conflict

    The twins conflict

    Sina Shion at Sheena ay kambal na kapatid. Walang mali at ang lahat ay maayos hanggang sa nangyari ang isang kaganapan. Minahal nila ang isa't isa. Hindi bilang kambal ngunit bilang kalaguyo.Ngayon, paano nila malalampasan ang lahat ng mga pakikibakang naghihintay sa kanila? Pagkatapos ng lahat ... ang kanilang pagmamahal sa bawat isa ay hindi maaaring tanggapin ng mundo, ngunit silang dalawa lamang. Ngayon, alam mo ba talaga kung ano ang LOVE? Alamin sa pamamagitan ng pagbabasa ng kanilang kumplikadong kuwento.

  • Conflict in men

    Conflict in men

  • Sol Conflict

    Sol Conflict


    The diplomatic relations between People's Republic of Mars and Atlantic-Pacific Federation have soured. The cold war between two major factions is getting hotter as both parties race for rapid mobilization of their space navies. At the calm before the storm, Lieutenant Kagan is called back to service aboard his old warship Lodos, under command of his close friend; Rear Admiral Tachibana. The time runs out, and the declaration of war is imminent. Will they be able to end this terrifying war before it crushes everything they once held dear? Is there right and wrong at the time of war? How do they know they are on the right side? NOTE: This is a hard-science Sci-Fi book that follows the laws of physics to the letter, and is likely to include many scientific terms. But don't worry, I included sources for their definitions, so you will understand the novel.

  • brothers conflict

    brothers conflict

  • Mythicals Conflict

    Mythicals Conflict

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE HAREM

  • Inner Conflict

    Inner Conflict


  • Family Conflict

    Family Conflict

  • Apex Of Conflict

    Apex Of Conflict

    Competitive Sports ACTION

    Why? A question a young teenager always finds himself asking, why do I keep feeling pain? Why do I keep falling? Why does it feel like I’m drowning? Questions a boy named Reju Uriam always finds himself asking Reju a timid, shy, skinny and weak boy that on a daily finds himself crying in pain on the floor due to his bullies taking advantage of him This is the rise of a boy who learnt kickboxing to save himself and now he’s using kickboxing to find himself

  • The Final Conflict

    The Final Conflict


    After a tragic accident leads to Denmark being annexed by the War of Humanity breaks out across Scandinavia. The decade-long battle corrupts the people's souls, making them nothing but living dead. Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark must find the key to the "Door of Darkness" to close it before the ultimate corruption of the human soul. Denmark was always heaven on Earth. The civilians loved Hamlet as their own family. But he is now mistaken as dead in society. A dark conspiracist dethroned him.Fortinbras, the Prince of Norway wants to fulfill his Satanic lust by opening the door of darkness by offering the soul of Hamlet to the dark force. He wants to create a "Master and Slave relationship" between the King and the civilians. Hamlet could do nothing like the words ringing in his ears again and again, "You are fragile, helpless, who cannot save his family? How will you take care of your Kingdom?" It is impossible to remove corruption rooted in the soul. If Hamlet fails, then his soul will turn into a dark force. He must put his life to bait overcome his guilt to find the door before opening.

  • Conflict of Ages

    Conflict of Ages

  • Re: Brothers Conflict

    Re: Brothers Conflict

    Teen ROMANCE

    “Because you’re our sister...”“But what if I’m no longer the Astrid you once knew?”

  • Conflict with Love and Truth

    Conflict with Love and Truth

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Lu Ming can see things. Strange things. After three seconds, a person's face can transform into a mythical creature and within five seconds, she knows their deepest truths. This secret ability has caused nothing but trouble so Lu Ming keeps quiet, only expressing her strange sight through paintings. One fateful night, Lu Ming meets Li Jun, a famous actor and playboy, who is unlike anything she has encountered before. Unfortunately for Lu Ming, this man only wants to ruin her heart.

  • Malia's conflict

    Malia's conflict


    Malia knew she was different but not the different she hoped. She was drawn to darkness and shunned the light. After a night out turned bloody, she finally felt alive in a place she probably shouldn't." Tell me you don't feel that," he said while clenching his jaw." Maybe I do, Maybe I don't, " she said walking away with an elegant badass walk." Maila!"

  • Brothers Conflict - About Us

    Brothers Conflict - About Us

    Warning 21+Percintaan yang seharusnya tidak di perbolehkan, rasa cinta kini timbul dan menghantui mereka yang terlibat. Heavenia Verleon / Ivy, harus bisa mengendalikan tiga iblis yang merebut mahkota miliknya dengan cara di perkosa."Kalian akan tunduk padaku setelah kalian mengambil mahkota ku yang berharga!" -Ivy-"Kesalahan terbesarku tidak mengetahui jati dirinya, dengan akhirnya aku tunduk di bawah kuasa adik kecil kami tercinta." -Zerfist Verleon-"Sialnya terasa hambar menyentuh wanita lain setelah aku memerkosa adikku sendiri." -Grimvon Verleon-"Aku tidak peduli dengan statusnya yang menjadi adikku, yang terpenting aku mencintainya dan kami harus bersama!" -Spade Verleon-"Kau harus menerima ini semua, Ivy." -Rosaline Verleon-"Maafkan atas permintaanku dan ibumu, Ivy." -Alexander Verleon-Takdir apa yang akan mereka jalani? Kehidupan yang penuh dengan sex bebas kini harus berhenti ketika ketiga Pangeran memerkosa adik mereka sendiri. Akankah mereka saling mengalah? Atau mereka saling membunuh untuk mendapatkan tubuh Ivy?