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  • Contagious Smile

    Contagious Smile

    Anvitha, sweet chirpy, bubbly girl with naughtiness always surrounding her. Her smile is enough to light up the whole universe.She is lovable and down to earth.Her goodness was curse in her life. It attract and pull everyone to her and it happen the same with Sagar, who is cold as frozen water and egoistic, self-centered, love his money more than anything in the world but below his parents. Sagar is an apple of eye, he is charming. Girls swoon over him and aunties adore him and uncles praise him. He is an eye candy but failed to catch particular eye and that is Anvitha. Her lack of acknowledgement stirred something in Sagar. He drag her in to his sophisticated world by marrying her. He expected things, untold. She is naive when it comes to Marital Relationship. He let her to adapt to his 'ELITE SOCIETY' alone.Their difference in social status and class did not help in bonding their relationship . Due to their lack of trust and companionship it was easy for people to criticize her but she handled politely. They took Her politeness granted, they bullied her, used her like savage and killed her. Sagar thought he could save her from his money but he was proved wrong. Not money always require in life. When everyone thought Anvitha's chapter is over she made her entry. This time with not as a naive Anvitha but a Powerful Anvitha with the same enchanting smile . She is not what everyone thought her to be. She has her own identity in the world two to be precise. Once Anvitha realised her death has nothing to do with Sagar they together start to build up relationship with TRUST, LOVE and RESPECT.

  • The Grin is Contagious

    The Grin is Contagious

    TGIC(The Grin Is Contagious) is a short story based on a little event that happened with Vaani Prasad (the author). A mere five minute read, TGIC tries to convey the fact that sometimes the littlest of things can have a lasting effect on a person.

  • Smile is contagious

    Smile is contagious

    A story of girl have a lot of trouble in life but she never let her smile to go away. She always smile. When she cry, she just look as seh is smiling with tears. Get what she want, when her wish have Dead .

  • Parasyte: Yuki, Fleur S.

    Parasyte: Yuki, Fleur S.



    "I've never once thought that zombies would be deadly; Yet here I am deadlier"Yuki Fleur is a first-year college student, studying fine arts and design, in the country of New Zealand. Little did she expect that, by the time she had woken up, the world had turned into ruins from a certain virus-parasitic epidemic. Contagious, deadly, rabid, these characteristics are thoroughly described by none other than Wattson Claire and Turner Andrew, one of the few scientists who played a big part on the experiment produced as bio-weapons for the modern-global war, from a secret organisation called ‘S.P.E.C.T.R.E.’ Bitten by a zombie, right across her hind, she was exiled from her group due to her alarming risk for turning into one of them. Despite her ruptured flesh, she manages to swiftly avoid multiple obstacles, defying death itself, and fortunately survives, and saved from the hands of Grey Turner, the son of Andrew Turner, inside an abandoned house. She then becomes immune from the parasitic fungi/virus inside her cells and overturned her twisted rabid state due to her abnormal cells. Will Fleur and Grey be able to produce a complex vaccine out from her DNA, or fail from the mutated monsters lurking in the shadows?***Parasyte: Yuki, Fleur S., and Parasyte: Turner, Grey B. are interconnected stories. In this novel, you'll experience the adventure of the little girl who's ridiculously lucky enough to survive the onslaught of the undead. She's more on the funny side than Grey, the main protagonist in his world. Let's unravel the mysteries of the world infested with undead monsters. We'll learn how to love, laugh, smile, cry, which also has a lot of Yuri (GirlxGirl) fantasies-*cough*Please enjoy reading the novel~-Original Artwork by Cr4sh4rTFacebook link page: PHOTOGRAPH BY @SNOWPHIRA

  • Beyond Earth

    Beyond Earth



    "Fear is a feeling, but it tends to run deeper than that. It's like a virus. Resilient and highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of it can grow to destroy you." °°°°°° It's the year 2280. Airborne particles were invented with the intent to eradicate diseases but instead they become radioactive, toxic and severely deadly to anyone who breathes in even a tiny amount. The world becomes a dystopia and is uninhabitable. With time running out for humans on earth, Hiro Tachibana is one of the scientists that has to find out if a new planet is fit for habitation. But when people start turning up dead on the spaceship and there are more questions than answers, Hiro realizes that he may not be able to trust anyone. Not even himself. DISCLAIMER: The picture in the book cover does not belong to me.AN: This book is undergoing a MAJOR rewrite. The previous chapters are not available for now so don't start reading it. I'll post an announcement when I'm done editing. Thank you!

  • Awakening!



    I had always seen myself a certain way, as good and loving daughter and a girl who enjoyed reading and laying on the grass in my clearing staring up at the sky. A simple and good person. But this world is cruel to simple, good people. ----In the year 1674 I was sentence to death. The people I grew up with, laughed and cried with, the people I shared precious memories with abandoned me, scorned me, called me horrible things and laughed as I died. But the thing about death is... It's not always permeant!But theirs would be. Their deaths would be a long bloody nightmare!----Scarlet Grey was betrayed and abandoned by those she thought would always stand by her.So when the opportunity for vengeance is presented to her by a devilishly handsome stranger, she takes it and with it she became the eternal companion of an insane ancient vampire... Evan Evers. And sometimes... Insanity's contagious.

  • Fly me to the moon

    Fly me to the moon


    DISCLAIMER:This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.From the ravages of of extreme poverty, typhoons, and losing hope.Out of life's hardship a dream germinated...How a mother's sacrifices and selfless love pave a way to his children and other's affected by her contagious love and care for others.How families merged and united to find her, when she lost her memories about them when Alzheimer's attack and she even can't know her own name.The memories of the past was lost but her heart and love was there to identify her as the person they once love and loved them.How the action, the life and death situation and the developing romance gives the thrill of the life of the Tira and Yamadachi families.

  • Just Another BadBoy Story

    Just Another BadBoy Story


    He was just another typical Badboy. But with a little twist.... _________ Kyle Anderson may seem like your typical cliche 'Badboy' You know, the flawless beauty, fit muscular body, charming and seductive personality with a hint of rebellious behaviour, captivating green eyes that lure in, contagious smile, good taste in branded clothing and vehicles, mysterious secrets and of course, the deep sexy voice that gives you the wild Jurassic park feeling inside your stomach. But, he was more than what his badboy facade gave out. More than what anyone would of thought... He was a mysterious figure that no one could figure out yet his seduction skills were irresistible. He was after all, just another badboy. Or so they thought...

  • Angels of death

    Angels of death

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY

    Fang Yulin escapes from Suna's home for the mental kidnapping well known Psychologist: Kana Hoshi as hostage. Trapped in his clutches and in exchange for her life, Kana bends to his will. But when she finds herself doing things that don't seem 'normal', she begins to wonder if Fang's insanity was something contagious.

  • RPG Maniac Resides in Cultivational World

    RPG Maniac Resides in Cultivational World


    Wang Lei is an MMORPG maniac, he always playing in the tournament and competing to the nationals, but he also a big fan in cultivation and martial arts. So he always practicing silly kung fu moves that he watches in the internet as an daily exercise, When he about to do his daily exercise there's someone knocking at the front door, when he about to check the front door using the eye socket, there's no one at the front door so he open the door and there's some random packaged at his door, he is high alert, because it can be some contagious thing or suspicious things, so he grab his gloves, mask and hazmat suite that he buy on EBAY, then he livestream at the internet, as a proof when he died, when he about to check the box, there's some ping at his computer, there's some email that related to the box, there's some warning but he ignored it because of curiousness, when he open it, everything goes black.

  • A hissy fit

    A hissy fit

    A hissy fit thrown by an adult. Is anger contagious? Read on then. A very very short story written by mainly anger. Will the writer be embarassed by it later and regretting it? Yes. But is she going ahead anyways? Also yes.

  • The Darkest Weapon

    The Darkest Weapon

    Like a contagious virus, pretty and athletic girls in their teens start disappearing around the globe one after another. The mastermind behind these abductions is Madame M, who plans to train these girls into professional killers.



    "......" [male voice]"....e up" [male voice]"Wake up, girl. I know you are confused but listen first and think later. You are already dead and your God summon your soul to become my helper. Now your soul is combined with my cheat system." [male voice]"Your new name is Yang Guan Xi. The core of my cheat system, The Husband and Wives system. I'm sorry for your limited freedom, but when I'll strong enough, I will recreate your body, whether your past or new appearance." [male voice]" You will reincarnate together with me to your past world. Let's survive together." [male voice](I see. He is become my master and controlling me, I hope he is a gentleman not an arrogant and hideous man.) [Yang Guan Xi](Later, I found out, he is just focus on surviving for him, his wives, his friends,his family and those who plead help for survival. Not a hypocrite who saving everyone for justice or something like that.) [Yang Guan Xi](I quite like my master, just at first quite disappoint with his bad habit. He often self talking but swearing to unknown, and later, I found out that bad habit contagious to his wives and including me.) [Yang Guan Xi] ---000---"D*mn You Author, why did my cover cockroach and lady cockroach. Are you saying I'm lady cockroach and my master cockroach" [Yang Guan Xi]-----------------Greeting reader, this novel is my first time writing, and I'm still not used with writing, I hope later I can fast release. And I apologize if there are some miss type since English is not my primary language.And if you like my novel, you can see my notice in my patreon, and support me in my you

  • He's the Runaway Princess. ON HIATUS

    He's the Runaway Princess. ON HIATUS

    What would happen if our oh-so-handsome Casanova CEO meets our oh-so HANDSOME innocent Assistant? _ _ _ _ _ "Woah. I never know your sickness is contagious Keith" "what" "look at your assistant, he's a natural just like you hahaha" I'm not Casanova sir, I'm just a girl. _ _ _ _ _ look at the man beside him, I'm a man, I'm a man, I'm a man, look at the man whos smiling like an angel I'm a man, I'm a man, I'm a man look at the pair of flirting couple I'm a man, I'm a man, I'm a man, I'm a fu*king man "fuck, hands off at my fucking man" "Ummm, sir who's your man?" _ _ _ Xiera Eden Tan, the eldest daughter of the Tan Family. Eldest sister of ML. Known far and wide for being aloof, cold and domineering ice queen but she has a secret buried deep in her heart that even her closest family didn't know of."Oh, my gash. I saw a uke,kyaaaahh" or so she thought"Oh, my gash.. the uke is working at my brother's place,kyaaahhhh. This is the legendary Boss-Assistant Theme Yaoi kyaaaaahhh" hence her 100%matchmaking yaoi skills was destroyed._ _warning.lots of curses and grammatical errors ahead

  • The girl and the nerd

    The girl and the nerd

    Synthia Gold, a responsible and friendly, 10th grader. She may have been mediocre at appearance and academics , but her positive personality was really contagious. No one really hated her, only because there's nothing to hate. She's usually seen with friends or participating in clubs lighted by her burning passion for music and performing arts. Tyler Wood, a new and nerdy, 10th grader. He is very much an introvert, considering being new and not being the one to initiate conversations. No one knows anything about him. He's usually seen burying his face on that little notebook of his, writing, drawing, studying, or just staring at it. Despite being complete opposites in personality. A spark of curiosity led them to bond. But a secret buried in the past was hindering them from moving on. Read to know further the truth. Will they move on from the chains of regret from their past or will they fail and get buried with it?*SORRY CHAPTERS COULD BE SLOW*

  • The Legend of the Four Adventurers

    The Legend of the Four Adventurers


    On the 2nd, month 2, year 2222, there was an incident in which about 10% of the world's population fell into a mass coma. Not knowing what caused the incident to occur, many thought it was due to a contagious virus, some said that it was caused by air pollution, and some said that this was due to divine punishment. Until now it is still a mystery.////////////////////////////////////////////////"Where am I!" Iqbal said."Welcome to the world of levantein," said Tina"It's magic!" said Iqbal with his body covered in black aura."The world is in a state of danger, because the fallen god ordered all of his troops to destroy us races who are under the protection of the 11 gods and goddesses," said the priest."Come on, we will go on a journey to defeat the God of Destruction!" Iqbal explained."OK!" "Of course" "Got it, Boss" replied Lee Hen-Wo, Balad, and Dion.

  • Old man And the village

    Old man And the village

    An old man lived in the village. He was one of the most unfortunate people in the world. The whole village was tired of him; he was always gloomy, he constantly complained and was always in a bad mood.The longer he lived, the more bile he was becoming and the more poisonous were his words. People avoided him, because his misfortune became contagious. It was even unnatural and insulting to be happy next to him.He created the feeling of unhappiness in others.But one day, when he turned eighty years old, an incredible thing happened. Instantly everyone started hearing the rumour:An Old Man is happy today, he doesn’t complain about anything, smiles, and even his face is freshened up.”The whole village gathered together. The old man was asked:Villager: What happened to you?“Nothing special. Eighty years I’ve been chasing happiness, and it was useless. And then I decided to live without happiness and just enjoy life. That’s why I’m happy now.” – An Old ManMoral of the story:Don’t chase happiness. Enjoy your life.

  • Love Revenge Game

    Love Revenge Game


    A lot of unforeseen things happen when it comes to fate. So it depends on the palms of the people what their destiny will be. Therefore, are you willing to risk everything? "I will choose love over revenge," he said. Zyckiel Raze is a wealthy man who runs a vastly and contagious company. Mankind called him "Fiery Short-tempered Heartthrob Prince" because of his nifty countenance, but his behavior and attitude were absolutely varied. But in an accident, a maiden came and her heart, mind, and soul were disturbed again.She was the demoiselle who exchanged him for another man. So, when their paths crossed again, they will enter a gory game which is called "LOVE REVENGE GAME".Will they give up or bring the game on?Who will go home sorrowful?What if destiny toys them?Will they fall for each other again?

  • The Outbreak: 2076

    The Outbreak: 2076

    Stormie and her friends are struggling to survive a harsh winter in the woods and trying to avoid other groups and Shufflers. A virus, known as Corona or COVID-19 in the past has returned, only deadlier and more contagious than before. Over half of the world's population has been wiped out by this virus, just as the government had wished for. Only, they didn't make a vaccine for this new-and-improved version of the virus. Basically it's where a sickness (COVID) breaks out (by order of the Government to reduce population) and over half the world's population died. People are still dying because of it and there's no way to stop it. Once you get it, you're as good as dead. Well, for awhile... (Also I came up with this cuz why not? Also the year in this book is 2076, over 50 years after the first COVID outbreak.) The virus has mutated and has been genetically altered to fit the specific needs for population control. (Also all of this is obviously fake. Hopefully I won't get attacked by other people for making this lmao.) Hope you enjoy it!!




    A lot of unforeseen things happen when it comes to fate. So it depends on the palms of the people what their destiny will be. Therefore, are you willing to risk everything? "I will choose love over revenge," he said. Zyckiel Raze is a wealthy man who runs a vastly and contagious company. Mankind called him "Fiery Short-tempered Heartthrob Prince" because of his nifty countenance, but his behavior and attitude were absolutely varied. But in an accident, a maiden came and her heart, mind, and soul were disturbed again.She was the demoiselle who exchanged him for another man. So, when their paths crossed again, they will enter a gory game which is called "LOVE REVENGE GAME".Will they give up or bring the game on?Who will go home sorrowful?What if destiny toys them?Will they fall for each other again?