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  • The Cursed Prince

    The Cursed Prince



    This book is about baby-making. [COMPLETED on chapter 715] The crown prince was cursed on the day he was born, that he will never be happy. What's worse, no woman could touch him without dying. Thus, finding a wife to produce an heir became the royal family's greatest challenge since the prince is the only son. Until one day.. a servant girl who tried to kill him didn't end up dying after they touched. Emmelyn was a princess from one of their colonies who vowed to avenge her family's death by killing the crown prince. And that's how she ended up in his castle. Seeing that she was the only woman he could have a sexual relationship with, without killing her, the prince made an agreement to let her go and free her kingdom from his oppression if she produced for him three heirs. Emmelyn said yes, but every day that they were together, she made plans to kill him and get her revenge. Can Emmelyn get what she wanted, or would she be entangled deeper with the enemy who was deemed as the devil incarnate himself by his enemies? EXCERPT: "You will be the mother of my children," said the man in a commanding tone. His shameless words rendered Emmelyn speechless and shocked, more so, than the kiss he landed on her lips earlier. "I need three children from you." "Eh ... wait.. what? Hold on a minute," Emmelyn, who was moved from her shock, hurriedly rubbed her lips roughly as if trying to remove the devil's marks from them. "I don't want to be your wife! I don't want to marry you, you devil!!" The man frowned and squinted his eyes menacingly. "Who said anything about marriage?" THE NEXT DAY "Let's go," said the prince. "Let's go where?" Emmelyn asked, not understanding. "Let's go make babies." *** CHECK OUT MY OTHER BOOKS with all doting husbands: - The King's Wife Is The Alpha's Mate - ONGOING - The Cursed King - COMPLETED - Finding Stardust - COMPLETED - The Alchemists - COMPLETED - The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love - COMPLETED - Till Death Do Us Part - COMPLETED I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. This book is VERY FUNNY, and VERY LEWD. Only for ADULTS and open-minded people. BUY ME COFFEE? Watch the book trailer on TikTok/Instagram: @missrealitybites Discord server:

  • Desired Curse

    Desired Curse



    {Warning; Mature Content!}"Do you even know what it's like to desire someone?""Maybe, I desired you.""I'm a cursed being!!""A curse can always be broken Shanxia but until then, you're my desired curse"Shanxia happens to wake up from a deep coma with no recollection of her past, who she was, what she was and how she ended up in a coma.She's kept under the care of a very powerful immortal in Mount Xuandu who will guide and teach her the right ways of gaining full power.Things start to heat up when Shanxia begins to develop feelings for her master unaware of the fact his feelings for her boiled like wildfire.There is one thing she finds suspicious, she wasn't allowed to remember her past and everytime she asked her master, he gives her the same strange reply."If you want to live, then stop trying to recall your past memories".............{A little Excerpt}"What are you doing?" I asked wondering if I was being mistaken for someone else but his gaze remained warm and burned onto mine.He traced his beautiful slender fingers along the corner of my lips and I felt them part on their own will, he smirked."Giving you the distraction you seek.".........The cover isn't mine so all credits on the cover goes to the rightful owner Please do bear with me if you find some grammatical errors as English is not my first language This story is based mostly on romance and less of mystery. what ever genre you might come across in this story are nothing but plot devices. I hope my story has what you're looking for T∆TUpdated daily

  • Curse the Mainframe!

    Curse the Mainframe!



    F*ck the Mainframe!Approximately one minute and twenty-nine seconds ago, System No.00290596 receives a series of bad reviews, racking up a total of one thousand and fourteen bad reviews. Unfortunately for him, this leads to the Mainframe's punishment.Sent down to a random planet, Incantix, System No.00290596 has to assist the Main Character to complete his punishment.To learn how to become the perfect gentle character, that is (unfortunately) the goal.The System is not grumpy. Not at all.-Now in a human body rather than his System one, Alec goes through trials and tribulations of life.Societype? Magitype? What's that?Eh, a Main Character. Erm, another Main Character?! Why were there so many?!P.S. System prone to swearing. Why were there so many idiots surrounding him?Base rate: 7 chapters/week ; 1 chapter a day uploaded at 23:00 server time.Come chat with me: does not belong to me. Edited by the lovely ShinSungmi. :)

  • This Curse Is Just Awesome

    This Curse Is Just Awesome


    After transmigrating, Chen Yu found himself in a highly militarized world. But the “will of the world” had concluded that he was an intruder and put a curse on him. [Effect of the Curse: State reversal] [Cultivation in progress: Internal strength -1, -2, -1, -21……] [Physical training in progress: Obesity +1; Weakness +1; Strength -1; Endurance -1……] Chen Yu grumbled, “This is really too much! I am not going to practice anymore!” [Lazing in progress: Internal strength +1, +2, +2, +1……] [Burning the midnight oil in progress: Health +1; Immunity +1; Lung function +1; Exhaustion -1……] [Indulgence in progress: Health +4; Energy +3; Strength +3; Internal strength +20; Lifespan +2; Time as a sage -5……] This curse… is really marvelous!

  • The Alpha's Curse

    The Alpha's Curse

    On the night of the annual Sacrifice, Waverly, the daughter of the Alpha of the Lycan pack, offers herself as a candidate when her younger sister is chosen to be the next woman sacrificed to the Crimson Wolf. Upon meeting the Crimson Wolf, Waverly discovers that he is under a dangerous curse that threatens to kill him and whoever dares to stay by his side if he doesn’t find his mate by the next Lunar Eclipse. Full of mystery, lies and betrayal, The Alpha’s Curse chronicles the story of Waverly as she uncovers the secrets behind the curse that plagues the Crimson Shadow pack and establishes a deep connection with the Crimson Wolf that could ultimately destroy her future and place her life at an incredible risk. ** Sawyer’s gaze remained on her, almost studying her. Within this proximity and such a confined space, she could smell the musky scent of his cologne emitting from his unbuttoned collar. His necklaces dangled to the middle of his chest, highlighting the bits of muscle she could see underneath. Sawyer’s eyes trailed to her cheeks and then finally, her lips. His body inched closer to her and with each step he took, the fine freckles that crossed the bridge of his nose became more prominent. Waverly’s body quivered as she closed her eyes and felt the heat of his breath get warmer and warmer… Then it was gone. Waverly opened her eyes to see Sawyer standing near the shelving unit, staring at the ground. His face contorted. “Is everything okay?” she asked, calmly. Sawyer stood still and kept to himself. “Sawyer?” “Leave.” The Alpha's Curse is created by Kianna Walpole, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • The Deity's curse

    The Deity's curse



    (ABO, Fantasy BL) At the apex of his rule, Kaito dies cursing his once best friend. He believed that Noah was the reason for his wife and child's death. Only after his death did he know the truth - he was never betrayed and had jumped to conclusions too early.Now born centuries later, the Alpha king, the very founder of the Seni family finds himself in a circle of regret and redemption as he come to know that Noah has been delt with a fate worse then death as a guardian deity.The new life should give them a new start. Keito vowed to be better this time around and leave the past behind. But both the fate and his wolf do not want him to and he had to face it one way or another.'If he won't man up and realsie just whom he loved then I'll do it myself for both if us" Ryu the wolf My twitter: me on Ko-Fi:[ #Gold Winner WPC 189]

  • Cursed By The Moonlight

    Cursed By The Moonlight



    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT!] A hundred years ago, Zion fell in love with a woman who wasn't a werewolf nor a human. She was considered an abomination by the Gods of Heaven and Demons of Hell, a product of a forbidden love. The Gods took her away from him, but before her life ended, she promised that she will come back and Zion promised to search for her. Set in the year 2035, where Terrans, formerly called humans, and other mythical creatures coexist. Amaris died at the hospital due to a tragic accident. But after an hour of being dead, she opened her eyes like nothing happened. She couldn't remember a single thing, not even her name. For five years, she tried to live a normal life with a woman who introduced herself as her aunt and a cousin who was an avid fan of werewolves and vampires. She accidentally met Zion who was considered the most powerful alpha, respected by Terrans and feared by both werewolves and vampires. He was an alpha without a luna, cursed by the Moon Goddess for a thousand years. They felt a sudden connection, something that they have never felt before. An Alpha who never stopped searching for his long lost love and a Terran who keeps on forgetting the feeling of love. Are they fated to have each other? Or are they cursed to meet each other? ***************************** Images on the book cover not mine. Credit to the rightful owner. Contact me at Instagram: authorsky_maiden Facebook: Sky Maiden FB Link:

  • The Witch's Curse

    The Witch's Curse


    He pressed his tongue against her. He worked over her silky, sensitive skin, and as she got closer to climaxing he heard her breath increase and her pelvis rocked rhythmically. “There was something else I wanted to try,” Fiona muttered, looking up at Cade’s eyes. “Are you up for it?” “I’ll do anything you want,” he told her, planting a kiss on her lips. — Cade Knight came to the Big Apple for one reason: To find a cure for the dark moon curse that afflicted his family for generations. But, when he arrives, he crosses paths with an irresistible bar owner, Fiona, whose pack is responsible for placing the curse on Cade's family. Despite his father’s warning to fall in love, Cade succumbs to this bewitching woman, even knowing it could kill him. Can Cade’s curse be broken or will their love end in tragedy? — “I trust you, Fiona,” Cade confessed. Fiona replied solemnly, “Maybe you shouldn't." The Witch’s Curse is written by Robin Willis, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • The Cursed King

    The Cursed King



    He has been waiting for fifteen centuries to meet his wife again. (COMPLETED) Meet Loriel Ashborn, former king of Summeria, 15-century old immortal, a doting husband, certified simp, a wife's slave. In the land where the human race lived side by side with other races like the elves, witches, and those immortal beings often calling themselves gods, lived a powerful king, Loriel Ashborn. One fatal mistake caused him to lose the woman he loved as she was sent to the future by the evil Time Master before he died. The only way to see her again is for him to take the curse of immortality, and so he did. Now, after 15 centuries, Loriel finally found her again. But she didn't remember him? Well, who cares! This time, the shameless husband would never let her go ever again. To make her remember their life together, he even faked a terminal illness with his 'dying wish' was to experience how it was like to be married. And when he *cough cough* 'miraculously' made a full recovery, he said, "Wifey, you saved my life! Now, I owe you forever. I will repay with my body." *** AUTHOR'S NOTE: In their previous life, the king felt that he was not a good husband to his wife, so this time around, he would make up to her and be the best husband she could ever hope for. You will witness a total simp, a devoted doting husband who would pamper his wife to no end and give the whole world to her. I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. This story will have a lot of snusnu/lemon/smut and it's not advised to read if you are prudish or underage. Also, there will be magic. A lot of magic because the male lead is a 'god' and the female lead is a 'witch'.

  • Reclaiming the Demon's Curse

    Reclaiming the Demon's Curse



    Cyril's mind is in a mess. Everyone thought that he was dead. However, the truth is that he survived the catastrophe and wanted to return home as quickly as possible. But just a few days after the news of his death, he already found his lover together with another man! Finally, he realized that the catastrophe he met wasn't an accident, his death was plotted by them to get rid of him! He couldn't take the pain of being betrayed by the woman he loved. He found himself searching on the internet for a way to die. He wanted it to be painless if possible. However, as he was searching, he heard a demon's voice behind him. "I can help you..." The cold voice coming from the depths of hell sends a shiver up his spine. On that night, Cyril made a deal with the Demon. And later on... he will call it the Demon's Curse. *** [ WPC #202 Silver Prize Winner ] *This story is about Cyril who made a deal with an interesting Demon... a demon with a unique method of taking his prey's life. *The pacing is slow at the start but once the MC had a full grasp of the things he can do, the pacing will get better. (: *I do not own the cover art. just found it on google. if it's yours and wants me to remove it, let me know! Discord: xlntz#6223 *** 2 chaps/day starting on dec 1 [ PS: The book wouldn't be a super long series so the premium was a bit early. ]

  • Draconic Vampire : Curse of the Blood

    Draconic Vampire : Curse of the Blood



    Blood is eternal. Blood rules them all. When the cogs of reality depend on your imagination, you reign supreme over life and death, light and darkness. This is what awaited sixteen-year-old Drew Bryer, who got transmigrated to a new world after he encountered a strange butterfly on his vacation to a national park. He found out that he was a descendant of a vampire family, but due to his disability to evolve he has been cast away by his family. But he discovered that the strange mark that sent him to this world fixed his physique and allowed him to evolve. Walking the path of blood to reach the pinnacle of all creation, A world where strong preys on the weak, Blood warriors who could topple mountains, Blood Espers who could create anything, he was introduced to a world of infinite wonder, possibility, and time. Can he find the secret to his transmigration and return to his world?.Or turns into a heartless monster who devours this world. Disclaimer: The cover is not mine and temporary. All credit goes to the original creator.

  • Invisible Curse

    Invisible Curse


    Andriya Adams was like a normal teenage high school girl or so it seemed to outsiders. She carried a huge hatred inside herself. It was for herself. On the other hand Auroar Stephen, a boy who lived his life in regret because of his wrong decision or to be more precise his wrong wish. His small mistake had caused him to suffer for the rest of eternity. He could make up for his mistake and live a normal life like he did once and for that all he had to do was prevent another soul from making his same mistake. The story is about Andriya and Auroar and how their fates were intertwined together.



    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE COMEDY ANGST


    Ada yang mengatakan jika takdir terjadi dengan sendirinya berkat semesta yang mengatur keseimbangan dunia. Beberapa orang bersyukur namun tak sedikit yang menuntut kekecewaan. Pernahkah terpikirkan jika takdir yang dilalui adalah hasil dari sebuah dadu yang terlempar? permainan dari dewa yang bahkan tak begitu penting dapat merubah hidup seseorang. Apakah itu suatu yang buruk atau memang begitulah takdir ? Wajah yang rupawan demgan postur tubuh tinggi atletis. Tentu saja membuat para gadis mengidam-idamkan kan Eugene Ahn. Bayangkan ketika kau berada di puncak kejayaan, mendapatkan pujian dari seluruh gadis. Tiba-tiba semuanya terbalik secepat balikan tangan. Eugene tertabrak saat ia berlari dari kejaran para gadis yang memujanya. Dan sosok gadis mungil tiba-tiba datang dan mengajukan pilihan konyol padanya. "kau akan di hidupkan kembali asalkan.. jadi wanita atau jadi anjing ?" Eugene Ahn yang takdir nya dipermainkan memilih berubah jadi wanita dari pada menjadi anjing. "AAAAA DIMANA BURUNGKUUU ?!" Eugene pemuda normal yang harus hidup dalam wujud seorang gadis merasa tersiksa di hari pertamanya. Ditambah pertemuannya dengan seorang gadis bernama Michelle yang kebetulan tak menyukai laki-laki. Apakah semuanya berjalan lancar bagi Eugene ? sanggup kah ia menjalani hidupnya sebagai seorang gadis ? bagaimana jika kejadian ini membuat Eugene merasakan cinta pertamanya ? PADA MICHELLE ?!!

  • The Soul Curse

    The Soul Curse



    Two souls share one body. Two life that should be a soulmate but fate make them become enemy. The real owner of the body is Xie Qifeng (Xavier) but he was involved in an accident when he was on the way to go to his friend's house to play a game virtual that is WAY (Who Are You). When he wakes up from fainted he forget how he is dead and only knows that he is already dead and his soul was being absorbed by the WAY and forced to be a soul player. To avoid his soul being gone forever he must survive in the WAY's virtual reality game.*******Xie Qifeng: I love you. But I know you hate me Bai Huanying Zhuzhou: To be free I need to kill you. Xavier: No matter who you are, I will love you at first sight Phantom Curse: I have to kill you even I love you.#bl #UnlimitedFlow

  • The Curse

    The Curse

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION BTS

    A determined Princess who must break a curse and save her Kingdom. With the help of seven strange boys with unique abilities, will she be able to save herself and everyone she loves? Or will the darkness consume her before it's too late? Copyright ©️ 2020 by Nicky R. ( Meow_Nicky ) BTS Fanfiction [I do not own BTS in any way. Credit goes to the owners of every picture I use in my story.]

  • The curse

    The curse

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE VAMPIRE

    "What are you willing to sacrifice?" I asked him with a weak voice. He stared at me intensely with so much emotions which I didn't dare to interpret. "Everything."Just this one word was enough to cause a painful ripple in my heart."I see."Slowly, I moved my hands to caress his cheeks and felt him leaning into my palms. This small reaction made me want to hold him forever and never let go. Even if I had to. Watching him, I smiled sadly. "Even me?" ----It all began with a curseWhich brought them together And made them strongerBut also weakerFor every strength has it's weaknessAnd every weakness could be exploitedBy enemies and nemesisBut also by the lovers themselves

  • The Cursed Seal

    The Cursed Seal



    WARNING: Fast-Paced Novel. OP MC. 18+ rating. Humanity survived the Demonic War and barely won the battle with the help of the Six Strongest Heroes. But the Heroes who sacrificed everything were betrayed by their own ally, the Heavenly Palace and the King of Humanity. Betrayed and backstabbed by his closest friend, Lucas shattered the cursed seal with his remaining power before he took his last breath. Thousands of years passed, and Lucas opened his eyes in the New Era of Heroes. He was reborn into a body of a newborn child. A new journey began for Lucas. Follow our reincarnated Hero along with his five comrades in this action-filled tragic journey in search of the truth and free his realm from The Cursed Seal. Sometimes truth is better left buried...

  • The Sun and The Curse

    The Sun and The Curse


    Awas!! Ntar ketagihan.Area 21++!!! Sinopsis.   Siapa yang menyangka kalau progeria mengubah nasib seseorang? Memiliki penyakit langka memang sangat menakutkan. Huang Zhi Yang harus mengalaminya selama bertahun-tahun dengan kutukan iblis. Namun, keajaiban membuka dunia pararel menuju kejayaan dinasti Tang (730 masehi). Mengubah dirinya menjadi Tabib cantik dan hebat. Bertemu dan mencintai seorang pria bangsawan Li Zhao Yang. Sayangnya, Li Zhao Yang harus menikahi wanita pilihan ayahnya. Sementara takdir menuntut yin dan yang untuk menyatukan mereka. Mampukah Huang Zhi Yang dan Li Zhao Yang bersatu kembali? Lalu, bagaimana dengan misteri kutukan penyakitnya di masa depan? Cover by : @JieundesignNOTE !!!Sangat meminta perhatian dari pembaca semua. Saya hanya penulis yang remahan, semoga ceritanya tidak remahan ya. Tiada kata harap maupun angan. Semua sama. *Mohon bantuan dari pembaca semua supaya bisa menambahkan buku ke rak jika sudah melihat cerita ini!*Bisa tinggalkan review agar jadi kenangan indah. *Berharap kalian bisa membantu saya untuk menemukan kesalahan atau typo di setiap bab cerita karena manusia tak lepas dari kekhilafan. *Semoga kalian betah sama cerita ini.*Jika jatuh cinta kepada cerita ini, nggak ada salahnya beri dukungan lewat batu kuasa serta hadiahnya. *Saya nggak berharap banyak, cuma bisa menebar karya saya agar bisa menjadi penghibur dan penambah ilmu pembaca semua. *Saya selalu berharap agar bisa selamanya menulis di sini. Kenyamanan pembaca dan penulis selalu diharapkan.Terima kasih jika kalian telah perhatian kepada cerita ini. Semoga sehat selalu dan berlimpah atas rezekinya! Aamiin.Temukan saya di IG : @ochy_redrose

  • the curse

    the curse

  • The Princess Of Curse And The Curse Breaker~

    The Princess Of Curse And The Curse Breaker~

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Prolouge~Felonia Gargoil, the majestic Princess of the Great Kingdom Of Pheonoria.She was kept away from the real outer world since she was in her mother's womb. After she came out of the only safest place; her mother's womb, she was enchanted by a curse which was given by a Great Saintess of Mt.Eagle Eye centuries ago.The curse has been passed onto generations and generations of the Gargoil family to reach its true 'Possessor', which was the 999th generation of this family. Unfortunately, Princess Felonia is born as the 999th generation of the Great Gargoil royalty and on the same day which was the start of this curse chain.Queen Heather Hurmoil, Felonia's mother had fallen bedridden a month after giving birth to her which was seen by the people that the princess' curse was the reason for Her Highness' death.King Hercular Gargoil, her father sent her to a far far away place from Pheonoria to keep the curse away from his people and that was also considered a good decision to save Princess's life. The place she was sent to was once ruled by late King Vincent Gargoil, one of Gargoil's ancestors and the 50th generation ruler of the family. With all the citizens praying and the heavens blessing, she was sent there with only 4 maids and 10 soldiers.Time knows what lays ahead of them. Heaven and Hell have already planned out her future. There's a lot for her to go through.

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