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  • Vampire diet

    Vampire diet

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18 SUPERPOWERS VAMPIRE DEVIL - Did a new so I could join the Spirity competition, if you want the updates go there, if the link won't work then just look on my profile or search - Vampire Diet

  • Vampire Diet

    Vampire Diet



    "Bit by bit, I feel like I'm losing you. . . !""You often look at life through your own hardships, how you'd feel to be wronged. Less so do we really care for someone else's feelings, it's just us, you, me, this voice in my head- We're what matters, surely? Since never does anyone care for us, we two always stick together, so why should we bother doing what they won't us? Right- RIGHT"? (Pathetic)In reality, you shouldn't try to seek out anything, for most things will come naturally-But so will death, pain and suffering?So why not enjoy yourself, before darkness catches you?

  • The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

    The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack



    She choked to death after drinking a mouthful of cold water. Was there anything more unlucky than this? Of course, there was! When she reopened her eyes, she found herself transmigrated into a three-hundred-pound fatty. Not only was she fat and round, but she also had a palm-sized black spot on her body. She looked down at the layers of swimming floats on her body and swore to exercise and lose weight. She had just lifted her leg when she collapsed to the ground. This time, she was prepared to go on a diet and lose weight. When she heard the earth-shattering rumbles from her stomach, she held herself back. She had not eaten for three days, but she realized that she had only lost one tael. She instantly broke down. Sensing that something was wrong, she checked and realized that she had been poisoned. As a descendant of a family that practiced traditional Chinese medicine, this was a small matter. With acupuncture techniques in her hands, why would she be afraid of a little poison? Before she could succeed in losing weight, the scumbag canceled their engagement and her stepsister came to provoke her. 'It's fine. Staying calm is more important. What? Does he dare to call me an ugly pig, a fat woman, a fatty? This is intolerable!' With her acupuncture skills, she was able to detoxify the poison and become beautiful. Using her competence, she managed to face-slap everyone and lose weight while torturing scum. After accidentally rescuing a chronically ill uncle, he turned out to be her scumbag ex-fiance's uncle. She smiled maliciously and said, "Uncle, you should give yourself to me in return for rescuing your life!" When she saw the scumbag again, she said warmly, "My good nephew, call me Auntie." Persona: Song Jiaren: Vengeful for the smallest grievance, naughty, and cheeky. Yan Cheng: Two-faced, strong, patient, and cunning.

  • Fitness and health(Islamic diet)

    Fitness and health(Islamic diet)

    Is all about how to loss weight using sunnah method.

  • I guess I'm on a diet then

    I guess I'm on a diet then

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 COMEDY

    Unravel how Adam Jung, the campus 'black hole' compare food and women. With big appetite on sex, how will his life be when he finally found the one? Is he willing to settle or not? Read 'I guess I'm on a diet then' for a good laugh and a warm hearty feeling.

  • Self Made Nutritive Diet For a Healthy Success

    Self Made Nutritive Diet For a Healthy Success

    What all goes with success ?Well! All you need is a healthy and nutritive diet ,sounds funny know . Let's your proteins and carbohydrates be the soul feeding smoothies.Encounter with me the astonishing journey to the open windows and closed doors to the very inner fond success.....!!!!

  • Without a while ago but ma Kal nhi ao ge ab workout and diet coke and

    Without a while ago but ma Kal nhi ao ge ab workout and diet coke and

  • A New Start : Quick Transmigration

    A New Start : Quick Transmigration



    Have you ever been in love? What is more painful: watching your loved one in love with someone else, which will kill your soul every second OR watching that person dying in front of you…. ….To be honest both hurt very badly.Reva stayed in prison for many years and still she didn't get her answers. She lost everything …. Now she just has the worst reputation in society, broken heart and soul, and on top of that memories that she wants to forget; even with that, she decided to live her life, but fate doesn't agree with that, it takes her life too.Reva doesn't have anything to complain about, she was falling in the deep but as the saying goes "when you reach the bottom there are no more falls, only going above" and she got the chance of living once again, but for that, she needs to do the task. And she is more than ready for that.This time she will try to stop all those bad things and also live a happy life.For her love is not a pure feeling, it is possessiveness, lust and so much more and now she doesn't want any of these...But who can control love ?????After all, you get what you ask for......"Sleep now, don't make trouble," Aarav said while kissing her forehead."Give me a kiss here too," Reva said while pointing towards her check."Okay," Aarav agreed helplessly."And this too" Reva requested while pointing towards another cheek."Okay enough now sleep" Aarav replied. And quickly go outside.How can he have such an adorable person in his life who loves him so much.Anyway, it doesn't matter he will love her always and always just the way she does in their every lifetime.WRITER'S THOUGHTS: I am really happy that you give this story a chance, have a great day No rape or major misunderstanding, most often the fl of the story is in flashback mode, the arcs are not decided before, but the story is more is a slice of life, than fast wear. Also, I try to write this story like a bunch of different transmigration stoires so that if you wanted to read any arc you can start from any arc. it just you will not know her back story as it is described in the first arc. Also as a lover of fashion, skin care, and diet, you might found some passages informative instead of entertaining which you can skip if you like. I just hope you will like story. [WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS HAS SOME NEGATIVITY, SUCH AS SUICIDAL TENDENCY, AND ALSO SOME MILD R18 CONTENT] The cover photo don't belong to me, it is taken from pintrest, and credit goes to the original cretor. Arc 1 chap 1 to chap 47, is an introductory arc with the memories of previous life and the current one.Arc 2: chap 48 to Chap 98Arc 3 : Chap 99 to Chap 136Arc 4 : Chap 137 to Chap 167 Arc 5 : Original world ENTRY FOR WEB NOVEL SPIRITY AWARDS SPRING 2021

  • Fat or Slim?

    Fat or Slim?


    Alina memiliki tubuh yang gempal dan juga besar. Dia memiliki hobi yaitu makan. Setiap detik dia akan mengunyah apa saja. Asalkan mulutnya terus merasakan makanan. Alina kerap dipandang rendah oleh teman-temannya di sekolah. Dengan alasan tubuhnya yang gemuk, memiliki banyak lemak dan tidak secantik mereka. Para gadis-gadis yang populer di kalangan laki-laki. Alina sadar, dia tidak boleh terus-terusan berada dalam kondisi seperti ini. Dia akan kurus dan mulai diet. Namun, semuanya membutuhkan pengorbanan. Alina mulai diet dengan mengurangi separuh dari jatah makan dan juga cemilannya. Termasuk minum Boba kesukaannya sekali dalam seminggu. Bila sebelumnya dia menikmati Bona sehari sekali. Tapi tidak dengan sekarang.Alina membuat prospek pada dirinya sendiri. Dia akan berevolusi dengan kehidupan lebih sehat, berolahraga, makan makanan sehat dan tidak boleh berlebihan. Setiap harinya fokus untuk mengurangi lemak membandel di tubuhnya.Sampai pada suatu hari, laki-laki yang dahulunya dicintainya, kini datang dan memujinya. Usaha yang dilakukan oleh Alina membuah hasil. Dia sekarang dipuji oleh orang-orang yang dulunya mem-bully Alina.

  • Forge of Shadows

    Forge of Shadows



    Issac Zaid, a psychiatrist that has risen in popularity over the fact that, whoever enters his clinic, comes out feeling like 'all the negativity of their life was sucked away'. No one knows anything about this man, not even his closest friend, Soren Usoro, who has been trying to find out more about his friend by exchanging numbers with his one night stands but they always disappear the day after they were with him. It did not help that Issac is sometimes covered in bruises and injuries that looked too severe for him to have survived them or the fact that, under his eyepatch, is nothing but an almost empty socket and something glistening in the darkness.What could he be hiding? And why is he not dead from his sugar consumption yet? Five whole cakes a day is not a healthy diet! "Issac! Put that abomination down!""Sorry, did you want some honey-dipped, chocolate-coated strawberry cheesecake with sprinkles, cherries and coconut shavings, Soren? You can have a bite. I am not sharing the whipped cream topping though." "I DON'T WANT IT!!!"

  • The Football King

    The Football King



    NOTE: I'm going to be very honest, the first few chapters after chapter 3 are very poor therefore, to enhance the reading experience, I advise you to read after the section unless you want background detail of Julian albeit with serious levels of cringe. Ever since he was a kid, Julian always aspired to be a footballer. He tried everything from training intensely to going on strict diets. He was accepted into an academy, one of the best academies, his favorite team, Manchester United. However, he was axed from the team. Why? He had no football skill. The only reason he even became an academy player was because of his vigorous training but sadly, that still wasn't enough. One day, as he lay on his death bed, the only thought which passed his mind was: "I will be the best footballer there ever was!" Instagram: or just kingw0lfy. Twitter: or just w0lfie8 PS: Cover Art not mine. Also, might no be able to post as much because of school. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

  • The Youngest Demon Slayer

    The Youngest Demon Slayer


    Kenjiro's father started training him for an unknown reason. One day, after coming home from the forest after training to find his parents dead. His only mission in life was to become a demon slayer and avenge his parents.

  • Human nutrition and balance intake of food diet

    Human nutrition and balance intake of food diet

    healthy diet helps to protect against malnutrition in all its forms, as well as noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

  • Spell Bound

    Spell Bound


    Born with a frail body, but an exceptional talent for magic, Erina dreams of adventuring through the world.Collapsing due to exhaustion? Who cares? I'm still alive!Enemies? Didn't I tell you I have magic?Cake? Sweets? Ah, you know, good point that's a problem... they taste good okay?! What am I supposed to do to resist...-------"Isn't that... your 5th slice of cake Erina...""Yeah! The cake this place makes tastes so good!!""Goddammit... You make every women jealous Erina with the amount of sugar you consume...""I don't eat that much Yuiko...""it's like a third of your diet stop trying to play innocent.""Fineeee...."-------"Warning": I try to give you diabetes a lot... so be warned?This is a pretty fluffy book! It's a book that you can come back to and read to just destress and get some diabetes from, so don't expect too much... heart palpitations due to plot stress and stuff...Also I'm a still a not a super awesome amazing writer, so expect some parts that might be unrealistic/plot holes(there are a lot lemme tell you), but please bear with me! We can make it to diabetes land together!Also posted on ScribbleHub~ (under Esyix instead because i'm bad at spelling)Cover Made with Charat Choco~!This is a rewrite of my first book... uhh... hmm... Disclaimer: My release schedule is sh- I mean, it's not so great because of school and life...Join my discord!!

  • The Royal Waltz

    The Royal Waltz

    As the only child of a Marquis' house, I have been pampered a bit too much. So much that I am insulted on my first meeting with the first prince of the country.....I look at the girl in the mirror that faces me. Shiny blue eyes, pearly white teeth and soft golden curls that adorn my..... chubby....face.'That's it! I've decided. I, Aster Saravelle, am going to diet!'"Miss, you keep staring at the mirror. Is something wrong? If you're not feeling well, would you like some cake?""Cassandra! I am going to diet starting today!""But I brought you Osmanthus cake, Miss.""...""..."" I shall diet from tomorrow! Bring me the cake!"'And the prince that ridiculed me... just you wait! I will plan revenge..... starting tomorrow!'///// The book cover is not my own work. The cover is taken from the internet./////

  • Endless Road of Sin [Villain, Non-human MC]

    Endless Road of Sin [Villain, Non-human MC]


    After killing himself and his children in a car accident while intoxicated, Thomas Gold could not come to proper understanding of his mistake nor grief, as he found himself being birthed by an Archdemon woman. With a new life but a broken mind, Thomas Gold, now named Ebenezer Axelsson seeks to distance himself from his sins, even if it means blaming them on others, but seeing the demons' Cannibalistic and Man-eating diet, believing he has gone to hell, despair only awaits. This is a psychological-action-drama isekai where graphic scenes will be depicted, if you have a hard time reading such scenes, I advise you do not read the story.

  • A Cripple's Journey to World Domination

    A Cripple's Journey to World Domination



    Wu Fa was China's most brilliant weapons designer before he was assassinated at the age of 35. He was on the verge of completing a nanotech suit of armor before dying to the KGB. He wakes up only to find himself in the body of someone else. He has arrived in the fantasy world of Arkologia, where dragons, elves, and wizards dominate the land. John Wessex, his new identity, was the crippled youngest son of Duke Wessex of Rubidia. He is a talentless waste with no magic capabilities. Worse yet, the diet of Rubidia consists of no rice, seafood, noodles, or hot sauce! The adventure of a waste begins.

  • Gadis Bangsawan Penjahat ingin melangsingkan Suaminya

    Gadis Bangsawan Penjahat ingin melangsingkan Suaminya


    Putri Pangeran yang kalah dalam pencalonan untuk menjadi tunangan Pangeran Kedua, Camilla. Pangeran memilih putri Baron sebagai tunangannya, dan dunia memberkati cinta keduanya sebagai takdir. Di sisi lain, Camilla yang pada akhirnya disesuaikan dan diangkat sebagai penjahat cinta, sebagai hukuman dia dibuat untuk menikahi pria yang sangat gemuk dan jelek yang disebut Katak Rawa』 dari penampilannya, seorang penguasa jarak jauh. daerah bernama Alois.Sebagai mainan manusia katak yang jelek, gadis penjahat yang mulia berjalan di sepanjang jalan hari-hari terakhirnya yang menyedihkan――seolah-olah aku akan membiarkan itu terjadi! Aku tidak akan menikah begitu saja seperti ini. Saya pasti akan membuatnya diet dan memolesnya menjadi pria yang baik dan menunjukkan kepada mereka yang baik――!/Kisah romantis antara seorang gadis yang tidak putus asa dan seorang pria intelektual yang berbeda dari penampilannya, diet dan makanan mereka, berguling di telapak tangan tetapi membiarkan diri mereka berguling.#sangat sedikit novel terjemahan bahasa Indonesia di webnovel#jadi saya yang menerjemahkannya#hey yang bisa donasi boleh, 1000Rp juga gak apa apa ok ... buat beli kopi ... lewat DANA YA...Kode QR... ADA Di photo profil ku....

  • The villainess and her sweet loving husband

    The villainess and her sweet loving husband

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY VILLAIN

    A Count’s Daughter who lost in the running to become the Second Prince’s fianceé, Camilla. The Prince chose a Baron’s daughter as his fianceé, and the world blessed the two’s love as fated. On the other hand, Camilla who was tailored and elevated as the love’s villain in the end, as punishment she was made to marry a fat but cute man――called people made rumor『Toad of the Swamp』from his appearance, a lord of a remote region named Alois.As an ugly toad-man’s plaything, the noble villainess girl walks along the road of her wretched last days――as if I’ll let that happen! I won’t just get married meekly like this. I’ll definitely make him diet and polish him into a good man and show them good――!A romance story between a girl who isn’t discouraged and an intellectual man who is different from his appearance, a diet and their meals, coaxing the other yet sometimes being played themselves.

  • STAY HEALTHY AND EAT HEALTHY         by     Ruchika


    In today's life style we all want to stay healthy and to stay fit and this both will happen if you will eat a healthy diet which is rich in vitamins , minerals , proteins,etc. So, why to wait for tomorrow let's begin from today so that our tomorrow will be healthy and fit.