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  • LOSS


    There's no compulsion to make someone believe you're their forever just to make them your 'someone' for sometime.

  • Loss



    "Where am I?" should be a question that anyone could answer however Cody couldn't seem to figure it out. The only thing he remembers is his name and a feeling that he shouldn't be here...---------------------------------------------------------------------------This is my first book I have no clue what I'm doing =D

  • Infinite Loss

    Infinite Loss


    A world where the gods jealousy has started a war that even after ending will go on inside the old ones.

  • loss Angel

    loss Angel


  • Memory loss

    Memory loss

    We create memories and when the days end,memories are the only thing we hold...but what if the memories get erased and the eyes look blank!

  • Her Loss

    Her Loss

  • Love Loss

    Love Loss

  • loss of serendipity

    loss of serendipity

    There is always a reason of every moment happening in your life. Either it's a blessing or God's lesson for you.

  • A Curse of Loss

    A Curse of Loss


    Long ago, Kim Jun-oh's ancestor was cursed to lose the thing he loved most once he turned 50. The curse has been passed down for generations, and Jun-oh has lost all hope.At the same time, Lim So-eun is determined to avenge her ancestor. Yes, it's true that the people she hates are cursed already, but they have done something she cannot forgive...Jun-oh and So-eun are soon enterwined when they first meet at school as enemies. But is it bad... That they are drawn to each other?

  • Virginity Loss

    Virginity Loss

  • Loss and Lost

    Loss and Lost

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE TRAGEDY

    Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love.Her love for him is so fascinating that she is willing to sacrifice her own life just for him.But he can't accept the fact that he loses her and that despair, pain and agony leads to a selfish decision that completely changes his life.The love story that you are about to read is not your typical fairytale-like story that starts with a smile and ends with " And they live, happily ever after " This story shows that love can result to a tragic loss if you can't accept the fact that you already lost.

  • Loss of love

    Loss of love

    A college student love story with two girls

  • Hearing Loss

    Hearing Loss

    Suara adalah anugerah terindah bagi sebagian orang.

  • Life loss

    Life loss

    It was Saturday evening around half pass eight when I enter in a big Tarven which is called Ennyobeni ' it's located in East London . I didn't notice anything because it was night ' So when I got there I found group of boys drinking beers and also dancing so I chilled with them no problem .When time goes on around 00:00 ' I felt sleepy so I decided to go outside for fresh air because inside it was warm and too much dust ' So within few minutes when I get back inside I find All those boys were busy dancing felt over the floor . I was so surprised and started to call emergency first Aid.Suddenly the person who was busy with music says ' there is no one who is still alive among those people felt over the floor ' so I didn't take it seriously until I see pharamedics arrives.Early in the morning i was shocked when I see one of the boys's parent crying over his son and this makes me to stop drinking beers at tarvens and I told myself that I will never and ever again .

  • Love and Loss

    Love and Loss


    Vallon Corez, just a normal twenty-three year old woman, trying to accomplish her dreams: to become a fashion designer. After working in America for six years, Vallon decides to return back to her childhood home, Paris, France to restart her life there, and to visit her family, friends, and her long distance boyfriend, Jasper. Vallon is hired to work at her dream job, the famous fashion company, "Johansen & Co. Fashion", and without a doubt, Vallon accepts the job... only not to be what she expects, a fashion designer, but to fill in the open slot as the boss's personal assistant. The boss however, is who Vallon least expects... her high school, hot ex-crush, used-to-be best friend, Owen Johansen. Who was also the one reason she left for America in the first place.________________[⭐️] Updates every other day![⭐️] Look at my profile bio for more![⭐️] I’m new, help by voting and commenting!

  • Loss of Hope

    Loss of Hope

  • Nothing to loss

    Nothing to loss

  • loss of taste

    loss of taste

    Romansa Kontemporer ACTION

  • Weight loss program

    Weight loss program

    It's a book on how to lose weight naturally.It's all about the new weight loss system.I really hope that you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals one day, by following this book.It's more of a weight loss education book.Let's see who will follow us, who will leave and who will join along the way.With daily or weekly updates.

  • Get before it Loss

    Get before it Loss

    And love is the only cage in the worldThe only fault of this is to be worldlyThe only lock on this cage seems to be the tradition...Don't know will you like my novel or not, but i still write it, hope you will support me without taking notice of my grammar mistake...