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  • So Perfectly Inlove

    So Perfectly Inlove


    "How dare you, brat!" my Mom almost slapped me and I was preparing myself that I almost closed my eyes when someone held her hand. We turned to the man at the same time and my head almost swelled when I saw Calvin.He looked furious as hell! His forehead were wrinkled and his brows met. His jaw were clenched repeatedly and his dark aura will make everyone fear him. His sharp and dangerous eyes were angry and furious. "Try to lay your hands on her, and you'll surely regret it for the rest of your life." he shrilled. Anger was visible in his eyes that made me gulped in fear. I stepped back but he caught my waist, pulling me closer to him that made my eyes widened."And who the hell are you?!" Mommy turned to him angrily. While I just stared at him in pure shock and wonder at the same time.How did he got here?Calvin let go of her hands blustery and turned to me. I gasped as he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him more that I could almost feel the heat of his body because of anger. I could see the eyes of everyone there widened and Mommy's anger earlier has been replaced by shock."I'm Calvin Mendocino," He introduced powerfully. His forehead was raised and even though he was in enemy's territory, he showed no fear.He glanced at me. And for a moment, his expression softened. Worry and Concern crossed in his eyes, but darkened again when he turned to my family.He held his head up high, then he answered fiercely. "Your daughter's Husband."His words were the last thing I heard before everything went black.***Ever since they were kids, Allyssa and Calvin already treated each other as an enemy, and greatest competition in everything. Allyssa thought Calvin brought misfortunes and mess in her life. But her perspective seems to change when Calvin saved her from a situation that might ruin her life after years of being separated.Will the destiny succeed in entangling their lives and form a chemistry that will result a so perfect love between them?

  • Dangerously Inlove

    Dangerously Inlove

  • accidentaly inlove

    accidentaly inlove

  • Unlucky InLove

    Unlucky InLove


    Kaede V. Frost The Heroine! People says she is very lucky because she is wealthy and intelligent. People admire Kaede for what she have, But she only wants to play games all day and have fun. Kaede has everything except for one thing. She was indeed lucky in everything but not in love.

  • Sponsor inlove

    Sponsor inlove

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE

    21 year old Adalia Green's life is at the peak of its height; She's going to the University of her dreams, has amazing friends and family and to top it all off she graduates in a year. Suddenly calamity strikes and her family's business goes bankrupt, in desperate attempt to keep Adalia in school her parents make a rash decision that's bound to change Adalia's life forever. Wealthy, 30 year old Ian Tomphson who has been friends with the greens family for over a decade doesn't hesitate to offer a helping hand when the greens family come asking for his help, he agrees to pay for Adalia's schooling but under one condition; that when Adalia graduates she will become his wife. Every single fibre within Adalia knows it's wrong and she refuses to go through with it but what good is it when hands have been shook, contracts have been signed and her education is at stake?

  • Im inlove

    Im inlove

  • Annoyingly Inlove

    Annoyingly Inlove

  • The Empress is Dead

    The Empress is Dead



    Lin Xulian is a bubbly and talented girl. Having a martial arts master as a father and a doctor as her mother, she had both talents and excellent at that.He, the first prince of Gonglu country and heir to the throne, Feng Jun Yi was constantly chased by assassins whenever they had a chance. Saved by Xulian when he was almost at death's door, he promised her the position of the empress. Being naïve and pure, she thought he was inlove with her. But after five years, they never consumate their marriage. Her husband is cold, emotionless and workaholic. She lived in luxury but without love. The empress position is just a payment. It broke her. But a news spread in the entire empire. The empress is dead! Burned alive in her bedchamber! “What is this empty feeling? It hurt so much.” A tear slid down from the eye of the emperor “No! Lian'er!!”In the mountain in Gonglu country border, a woman mutter to herself “Finally, my freedom”

  • Sick and inlove

    Sick and inlove

    Teen ROMANCE



    This novel entails the love story of Flora,the daughter of a wealthy and influential man and David,a mentally unstable man in his 30s who is still struggling to make ends...

  • Inlove with a beast

    Inlove with a beast




  • Berandal SMA inlove

    Berandal SMA inlove


    Blurb :Di kehidupan nyata, Brenda dan Gina memiliki nasib kontras. Brenda Barbara terkenal dengan sikap angkuh dan sombong sebagai Ratu sadis sesekolah, sedangkan Gina Stefani hanya siswi berkacamata yang kumuh, jerawatan, penyuka novel romantis.Karena sebuah tabrakan maut, mereka terpaksa merenggang nyawa bersama. Membuat Brenda dan Gina mendadak bertransmigrasi ke dunia novel. Dengan memerankan dua tokoh berbeda."Selama ini aku gak pernah bahagia, Ka. Prestasiku gak pernah diapresiasi, aku juga gak ada temen. Menurut kamu apa yang bisa aku banggain dari hidup aku yang kayak gini?"Reynand Dirgantara, laki-laki yang menyimpan banyak luka di dalam dirinya. Selalu mendapat peringkat 1 besar, ternyata tidak membuat orang tua Reynand puas. Serta tidak ada satupun siswa-siswi SMA Tunas Bangsa yang mau berteman dengannya. Alasannya, karena Ayah Reynand merupakan seorang koruptor.Gina Stefani Alexander, gadis cantik yang berpenampilan kumuh dan berkacamata yang mau berteman dengan Reynand. Tanpa sengaja, keduanya saling jatuh cinta. Dengan semua masalah yang ada, apakah semesta merestui mereka untuk bersatu?Brenda yang dikenal sebagai Ratu sadis, menjadi Choco Valentine. Si tokoh figuran yang lemah dan miskin. Sedangkan Gina dengan bantuan Reynand yang semasa hidupnya sering di-bully, menjadi Cherry Camellia. Si tokoh utama yang sombong dan membully siswa lain dalam novel favoritnya

  • Cursed & Inlove

    Cursed & Inlove


    Meeting the love of your life, have a lifechanging event, follow Kimberly's story to see what happened!

  • Afraid To Fall Inlove

    Afraid To Fall Inlove


    Cassandra was a beautiful girl right from her high school days, but with that beauty came something that every other beautiful girl didn't have, a curse that made her to lose all her boyfriends to her ugly friends. Afraid of getting her heart broken again she makes a resolution to avoid boys and relationships forever,but when she gets a job it seems her resolution might be too hard to keep to.

  • accidenally inlove

    accidenally inlove

  • secretly inlove

    secretly inlove

  • Inlove With Mr CEO

    Inlove With Mr CEO

  • Stupidly  Inlove with you

    Stupidly Inlove with you

    Mexline Senfrin a hard working girl who just want to give her family a good life, she will do anything for her family, she's a nerd, a quiet person, shy person, and don't give a damn to whats happening in the world.Haxfin Graven a Hollywood actress that don't give a damn to all girls begging him to be him to be his girlfriend, he is rich, straight to the point, really hates annoying girls, don't believe in love, broken harted, and he is very rude.What if destiny meets them and plays with them?What will happen?Will they end up together or they will end up with another person?A/N:I'm sorry if there is wrong grammars and a wrong spelling I am not actually good at English but i will try my best.If there's a wrong grammars and wrong spellings feel free to correct me.

  • Secretly Inlove With You

    Secretly Inlove With You