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    Follow the wildly dramatic steamy slow-burn series of the seven siblings of the billion-dollar empire, Ashford Sports. You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy this sexy drama filled CEO romance. The Ashford brothers and sisters will risk it all for family when they embark on their individual missions for love. Series Collection

  • jock crush

    jock crush

    Teen ROMANCE R18

  • Beautiful jock

    Beautiful jock

  • Jock with your ex

    Jock with your ex

  • Completion



    USA TODAY Bestselling Author Holly S Roberts likes to gloss over her exciting past as a homicide detective and make you think she sits at a computer all day writing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You’ll find Holly in the mountains on a long hike or at the gym pounding barbells with the boys. She’s a health coach and nutritionist as well as being vegan and proving muscles come from hard work and plant-based foods. When the weather’s too cold for outdoor play, she sneaks into her dark cave and writes until her fingers ache. She’s also followed around by a hundred-pound Rottweiler with anxiety issues and constant need for affection. Each finished chapter gets a dog lick when Holly stays on course. There’s nothing sexier than a hot jock any day of the week even if you don’t like sports. Think sizzling dirty sweat and hard muscle that melts ice instantly. These jocks are ready to meet their match and score for life. Come along for the ride. Find a nice cool spot and bring plenty of cold water.

  • The Jock and His Mysterious Pianist

    The Jock and His Mysterious Pianist

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 COMEDY BL

    Who would like to Unmask the Mystery Pianist? The Host asks the roaring crowd. Out of many people that he would pick, Why him?. Why it has to be Gregory Pain? the guy that I love and despise at the same time.My heart began to race and my hand trembles as I count the steps he took to my direction.Are you, ready Mystery Pianist to be unmasked? the host inquires despite the hesitation I nod, Are you too ready Mr.Pain he joyfully said yes."Ok Ladies and Gentlemen Mr.Pain will remove Mystery Pianist mask"In THREE....TWO.......ONEas he lift my mask and unmasked me on the roaring crowd.

  • The Jock's Blackmail

    The Jock's Blackmail


    Unknown Number: Well you gotta give me something! Hell, anything! You can't just dangle this in front of me for the rest of my life! Me: I wasn't planning on it... Unknown Number: Blackmail is a crime, you know! Me: I'M NOT BLACKMAILING YOU! Unknown Number: WHERE'S YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE! YOU GET AN OPPORTUNITY LIKE THIS AND YOU SEIZE IT!! JEEZE!! AND HERE I WAS HOPING YOU'D DO SOMETHING!! Me: want me to...blackmail you??

  • My lovelies between a Nerd and Jock

    My lovelies between a Nerd and Jock

  • Hot Jocks

    Hot Jocks

    Eight hot, sexy stories about gay athletes finding love and lust on the playing field in one sizzling box set! Contains the stories:<br /><br /><strong>Faceoff</strong>: Minor league hockey player Christian Magdziuk transferred to a new team, leaving his teammate and lover Ronnie behind. Now it's the first game of a new season, and he's facing off against his former teammates in the season opener. But does something still smolder between Christian and Ronnie after all this time?<br /><br /><strong>Play On</strong>: This is Cordero’s rookie year with the intramural soccer team, but he catches Sean’s eye the first day of practice. Sean wastes no time letting this fly brother know just how sprung he is. The feeling’s mutual and there’s no denying the spark between them. Unfortunately, Sean is easily distracted by Cordero on the field. Can he get his mind back on the game before he's thrown off the team?<br /><br /><strong>Served!</strong>: The night before Wildwood’s annual Beach Volleyball Tournament, Colby meets Van at a bar. The instant attraction is mutual. The next day when Colby runs into Van at the tournament, a quick look at the schedule shows the day could end with the two facing off through the volleyball net. To up the ante, Van proposes a little wager. Whoever loses gets whatever he wants from the winner.<br /><br /><strong>Tee'd Off</strong>: Greg has loved golf since he was a kid. When he was twelve, he met Trevor Johns, who he caddied for throughout high school. Ten years later, Greg works at the Hermitage Country Club where he runs into Trey Johns, son of his former employer. Trey is quick to inform Greg he’s smitten with the caddy, but Greg has reservations. Greg almost blows a chance to hook up with Trey. Will he get another?<br /><br /><strong>Batter Up</strong>: Rob Ritchie sneaks into the ballpark to watch practice and ends up going out with short stop, Mike Hennessey. It isn't until they face off on the baseball field that Mike realizes he slept with the enemy. Can Rob talk his way back into Mike's bed after the game?<br /><br /><strong>Victory Lap</strong>: After a hard look at his life, Josh Helton ditches his abusive boyfriend and takes up running. On a morning jog he meets Chad, a sexy bicyclist who's everything Josh has always wanted in a guy. But Josh isn't confident in himself any more ... so it's up to Chad to make the first move.<br /><br /><strong>Getting Wet</strong>: Rory Holt is the best swimmer on the team at State U. and he knows it. If he hopes to win Olympic gold one day, he can’t let anything distract him. But new teammate Chase Cohen is determined to catch Rory’s eye. Rory can’t deny the attraction he feels towards Chase, but when it costs him his spot on the leaderboard, he’s pissed. Is Chase after Rory’s position on the team, or Rory himself?<br /><br /><strong>Out of Bounds</strong>: Jo plays basketball on his college team. At an off-campus party before the season begins, he hooks up with a guy named Kevin. Things heat up between them, leading to a night of hot sex. But the next day Jo learns Kevin has been hired as his team’s new assistant coach. Is their budding relationship over before it even begins? Or will Kevin go out of bounds to be with Jo?

  • Mr.Jock and his Mysterious Pianist

    Mr.Jock and his Mysterious Pianist

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION R18 COMEDY BL

    Who would like to Unmask the Mystery Pianist? The Host asks the roaring crowd. Out of many people that he would pick, Why him?. Why it has to be Gregory Pain? the guy that I love and despise at the same time.My heart began to race and my hand trembles as I count the steps he took to my direction.

  • Pregnant For My Bully

    Pregnant For My Bully

    Ever since her parents died, nerdy Amelia Forbes has always been bullied by the school's bad boy and jock, Jason. Ruthless and drop dead gorgeous, Jason makes her school years a living hell. Meaner than the devil himself, he is always sure to ruin Mel's day.One day, they are paired up for a school project and in the process of working on the project at home, Jason forces himself on her. Ashamed, Mel feels disgusted with her inability to stand up for herself and soon, she finds out she is pregnant with her bully's baby.Scared out of her wits, poor Mel is helpless. No one is willing to come to her aid except Adrian, Jason's best friend. And as Jason sees Mel with Adrian, he begins to get jealous and soon, he finds himself falling for Mel.But will Mel ever forgive him? Will she ever forget the wrongs he had done to her?

  • Within It's Walls - The Gangleader Wants Me

    Within It's Walls - The Gangleader Wants Me

    Two completely different humans are brought together by a frightening yet complicated chemistry.The only immediate thing Aden always wanted was to leave his oppressive step family behind and make it through life's tedious challenges. it's always been his goal, not getting involved in a nonexistent relationship with the school jocks or falling for them in fact.But kidnapped by an alleged top notch secret gang leader was not an option either but he somehow comes to terms with the frightening events in his life. He finds out that his happiness lies here in the arms of a man he never even dreamt in his whole life to fall for.He falls for Anders a.k.a Ruthless gang leader.Who's the richest yet wanted criminal in the state.The tides are rough but can Aden be able to tame his cold love?Or will his life choices affect his future happiness??

  • EXP Generator

    EXP Generator



    EXP Generator, simply add to your library as a quick and easy way to get experience through rating, comments, replies, daily chapter readings. New chapter will be posted Daily.thank you

  • Hitting It Big

    Hitting It Big

    Six years ago, Billy Grant had a night he never forgot losing his virginity to the jock of his dreams, Mitch Crestfield. But Billy fled afterward, not wanting to hear Mitch’s regrets.<br><br>Now Mitch has hit it big, winning the lottery, and Billy finds himself invited to Mitch’s celebration. When Mitch suggests another night of passion, Billy can’t seem to resist. But Mitch has something more than one night in mind.

  • My bully (bxb)

    My bully (bxb)

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE BL

    The new guy at school starts getting bullied by the jock of the class, after he decides to defend himself things take a surprising turn. For good...and for bad.

  • My Nerd Is a Lil' Bunny

    My Nerd Is a Lil' Bunny


    Jamie is not your average high school nerd, he's the cutest nerd there is. He is also someone who has always loved his childhood best friend Dennis, but Dennis is oblivious to Jamie's affection. One day Jamie bumps into Damian, the school jock that every girl fawns over and there is an instant spark between them. To Damian, Jamie is like a little bunny, and to Jamie, he is a lion. What happens when the lion catches the bunny? Let's find out ;-)

  • Trapped Nerves

    Trapped Nerves

    Two men trapped in an elevator are about to discover they have more in common than the inconvenience of lost time.<br><br>Dr. Mason Grant recognizes Parker Collins, whom he had loved during their senior year in high school, but Parker does not immediately recognize Mason. Maybe it’s the passage of time that has dulled his memory ... or maybe it’s the wheelchair in which Mason is confined.<br><br>As the two wait to be rescued, Mason recalls their six month love affair -- its uncertain beginning, its athletic highs both on and off the field, its romantic peacefulness spent at the Grant’s remote lake cabin, as well as its painful lows and horrific conclusion.<br><br>The teenage Mason realized there were two sides to his lover -- the confident Parker, an athletic hero popular with both teammates and female students, and the private Parker, who is unsure, sexually submissive, and needs to be cuddled and petted. All Mason wanted then was for Parker to love him, and not diminish what they shared by giving in to the social pressures that demanded he play out the role of football jock and studly lady killer.<br><br>Now that they’re grown men, what happens when Parker sees past Mason’s wheelchair and realizes who’s trapped in the elevator with him?

  • Quick Transmigration: Sleeping With The Male Lead

    Quick Transmigration: Sleeping With The Male Lead



    Lee, a lower level employee at her company is called into her superior, Boss Lim's office one day to find out she was promoted. She was reassigned from working behand the desk to being a transmigrator who hopping through worlds and completed missions using her body! She was an old virgin, so of course she denied his request.Lee: "No, I'm fine behind the desk."Boss Lim: "Ah, Xiao Lee you were always funny. This isn't an offer, but an order."Lee: "B-But boss I'm old. I don't have a nice face or a body, ah."Boss Lim: "I believe in you, besides, if you try quitting, I'll make it so you can't find work, even if you go back that wasteland you called Earth."Lee:"?!"And so, she's promoted to the position of a transmigrator, one who's duty to fulfill quests and gather the 'essence' from the Male Leads within worlds. She has to f*ck and collect c*m while guiding the son of fate in each world.Lee: ...A while later--World One with a puppy-like popular actor: Jie-Jie, you can never leave me. If you try to, I'll lock you up and f*ck you for hours.World Two, being pressed down by triplets: Three is a crowd, but four is a party.World Three, with an all-American chubby chaser college Jock: You know you totally feel nice...and squishy...World Four with a scum, beastly king: Let's try for another child.World Five with a beautiful noble young master: Stable Girl, open your legs wider.Lee after being pressed down for the tenth time: (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻(cover image is not mine)

  • Nevermore, Dude

    Nevermore, Dude

    Jamie joins his parents and sister for one last family vacation before his summers are his own. But he's unhappy he has to share a room with Chris, a football playing jock. Jamie has been bullied by jocks his entire life. Chris is everything Jamie isn't and doesn't want to be.<br><br>Chris is immediately attracted to his roommate Jamie. But Jamie proves to be elusive and non-communicative.<br><br>When an incident with their sisters breaks the ice, Jamie and Chris discover they have both stereotyped the other. To their surprises, they have much more in common than they first thought.<br><br>When the vacation comes to an end and they have to go back to their separate universities, will they be able to manage a long-distance relationship?

  • Babysitting the Bad Boy

    Babysitting the Bad Boy

    Fantasy Romance BADBOY

    Adeline Gates was a ordinary 17 year old senior who was just trying to get through senior year. Saving her money from babysitting so she could go to college. Her life changes when she meets the bad boy of her school Xander Rutter. They come two different sides of the world. He's arrogant, a smartass, a jock, and overly handsome She's shy, smart, a bookworm, or in Xander's case a nerd What happens when she has to babysit the bad boy? Why does he need babysitting? Find out in Babysitting the Bad boy