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  • The midnight musician

    The midnight musician



    Trapped in a cultivation world amidst immortal wannabes and spiritual beasts, all because of one stupid book that Liu Fu Jie didn’t even want. Liu Fu Jie, a.k.a., The Great Mo, is a world-famous pro-gamer who has achieved all his dreams. All he wants now is a particular gear he had fallen in love with. The crimson gear that he thought he would finally be able to get after winning the super-sky event but instead of giving him the gear he wanted, the gaming company sent him a book...? A stupid book about a man called Bai Ling...? What the hell is wrong with this game?!What the hell is wrong with this book?!And...Why the hell am I hanging down from a tree?!Cultivation || Adventure || Potty-mouth MC || Character development || Suspense || Mystery || Story-focused || Bromance || Politics || Not a pure hero || Story by: Cherlyswan Cover art by: Cherlyswan

  • The Musician

    The Musician


    Leon Kim is an average guy that love his music, he was a musician that always listen to music and compose, but before he finish his music, he died because of a disease of overworking, He find himself in a realm that's different that he anticipated, the God of another world is about to give him a blessing, and he asked something that truly anticipated ,"Give me the power of Youtube"

  • Rebirth of the Musician

    Rebirth of the Musician

    Li Ying had lived his life for music, lived his life to hear those notes that would radiate his emotions to the world, however his terminal illness had prevented him from continuing. Putting all his effort into his final performance, Li Ying left the world contentedly, only to find himself in a cultivation world right after. ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Join my discord channel: Release rate currently undetermined

  • Musician of illusions

    Musician of illusions



    A blind boy born into a cultivation world talented in music and illusions. He has a firm heart, a will to grow stronger, and a world to explore. Follow Jiang Mang on his journey to reach the peak and ascend to the immortal world.This is my first story and my native language isn't English. There will be language errors and if you find them just post a comment.When you like the story give it a power stone and give suggestions when you have them.

  • Death Musician

    Death Musician


    A tower stands at the center of the world and by descending into it you can gain anything you want and then ascend the tower to godhood. Several gods have already come into being due to the tower. All beings are born with a bloodline that gets stronger the lower you go. The god of death welcomes his great-grandson into this world of chaos.

  • A musician's death

    A musician's death

    As the world seemingly became difficult a musician died before entering another world as a ghost

  • A Musician's Cultivation

    A Musician's Cultivation

    Richard was reincarnated in the world of Xuishu where cultivation exist. With his talent for music and the birth of Music System within him. How will he progress and survive his daily life? Follow Richard and unravel the mystery of Music Cultivation.

  • The blind musician

    The blind musician


    You weren't who I thought you were, maybe you were, but I was just blind. Now I'm back, I'm not going to take revenge. I'm just going to protect the people I lost. I'm ashamed of who I was, so innocent and foolish, my eyes just had you and nothing else. My sight was the price, and it was worth it.Inspired by 'The blind concubine' and 'My second chance at love' so thanks for all authirs who have writen it. Its one of my favourites

  • The fool and the musician

    The fool and the musician


    The fool and the musician There once was a boy and a girl living Happy regular live. They both fall In love but, this is not your regular loveStory with a happy ending.

  • Elemental Musician

    Elemental Musician

  • Musician Life

    Musician Life

  • The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

    The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant


    Father: "Qianqian, he may be a quadriplegic but as long as you agree to marry him, our company will be saved!" Mother: "Plus, your younger sister would be able to get the best treatment for her heart condition." Fiance: "If you did it, you would be able to help me get more resources while keeping yourself pure and clean!" Everyone around sympathise with Jing Qian's misery. She was a young girl and now her future was ruined as she would be married to a quadriplegic. Not only did she have to write songs for her younger sister to shape her sister as a genius musician, but she was also forced to get resources for her fiance who was an actor. Even after doing all these, she was still betrayed by the two of them as a bright, green light glowed from the top of her head. *OH! When Jing Qian opened her eyes again after the rebirth, she realized that she was now this sad, little girl. As she was a frightening villain in her previous life, she decided to have some fun with her new life now. She became a celebrity, a genius doctor, an entrepreneur that owns a winery and a cosmeceuticals company...... she was having so much fun! Her life was glowing so brightly that it blinded the pair of dogs that betrayed her. However..... after getting rid of the 'green-tea fiance of hers, she was now stuck with a 'white lotus husband who was always around her, pretending to be sick. "I've already treated you and completed my task here. What else do you want?! Let go! I want a divorce!" "Dear, I still feel uncomfortable here." When she looked at the man who wasn't even being sincere while pretending to be a sick person, hang onto her like a huge pendant, Jing Qian burst out in anger; "Zhan Lichuan! Did you throw away your image as a cold, arrogant man?!"

  • Transformation into an electronic musician

    Transformation into an electronic musician


    A professional music critic falls asleep and is transmigrated into a female body. In a world where one genre of music is neglected, one person changes it all.

  • The  Famous  Musician  In  carribean

    The Famous Musician In carribean

  • Musician Life I

    Musician Life I

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Ashida Yui, gadis asal Muroran, memilih tinggal di kota besar untuk mewujudkan impiannya menjadi musisi dunia.

  • The Reincarnation of the Genuis Musician

    The Reincarnation of the Genuis Musician

    Nalaman ko ang lahat nung namatay na ako. Akala ko hindi ko makakamit ang pangarap ko. Buti na lang at nabigayan ako nang bagong pag-asa. Nabuhay akong muli bilang si Althea isang magaling at sikat na magpipintura. *Pfft*Hahahahhaha*Tawang tawa si Eric sa painting na ginawa ni Althea. Hindi alam ni Althea kung maiinsulto ba siya o magagalit sa tawa ni Ericcson. Wala naman kasi siyang talento sa sining, kaya hindi maganda ang kinalabasan. *Akala ni Althea na mahuhulog siya sa hagdan kaya, hindi niya insahan ang paghatak ni Eric sa kanya at sa baywang niya pa ito nakakapit inilapit din siya sa dibdib nito. *tugtugtugtug*Parang tambol ang puso ni Althea sa subrang lakas na tibok nito. Para siyang aatakihan sa lakas. Kaya tinulak niya si Eric na nakakapit sa kanyang baywang.

  • Story of a lame musician

    Story of a lame musician

  • The Musician and The Actor (BL)

    The Musician and The Actor (BL)

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 BL

    Ohm is a member of a boy and in Thailand who has a secret relationship with Jin- an actor in television BL dramas. Neither are out and neither are allowed to express their love with each other. But the pressures of fandom become too much to handle.

  • The immortal singer and musician.

    The immortal singer and musician.


    I've been turned to stone? I will break free!I've lost my voice? I will get it back!I am more than hundreds of years old? well, that doesn't matter...I am weak? I will get stronger! No matter what I will rise!!_____________________by the way, I don't own the picture of the novel, but I really think it's beautiful^^ This is also my second novel so I hope you will stick with it, and maybe read my first one, named: The moonlight princess.As this is only my second time writing a novel I hope you will see past my mistakes^^ And i am not going to post every week like the moonlight princess because that one I my first priority~Bye,^^

  • The Masked Musician-Naruto Fanfiction

    The Masked Musician-Naruto Fanfiction