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  • Trucker and Pup

    Trucker and Pup

    For months, office worker Kevin Lawrence has carried a torch for Joey Goldman, head driver at the haulage company where they both work. One rainy night, Kevin slips and falls on a patch of motor oil and Joey is there to catch him.<br><br>Despite being damaged both emotionally and physically from previous relationships, Kevin is helplessly drawn to the dominant trucker. Joey’s muscles and rugged good looks means he never has trouble finding men to take to bed. But no man has managed to get under his skin ... until Kevin.<br><br>Life for Joey soon becomes complicated. He isn’t out to his family, but feels an increasing need to be Kevin’s Sir -- to love, protect and guide his submissive lover.<br><br>Can Joey and Kevin make the journey together, or will outside forces and internal fears cause them to travel in opposite directions?

  • Our Pup

    Our Pup


    [Mature Content Warning]Our pup is an action, fantasy. gay-romance that has to do with a boy named Haru. Note this is R18 so expect a lot of mature content."He wanted to live as it was his mother's wish though was this really a life worth living?"(This story takes place in a modern world though, some parts may seem more primal than others as it is different for each place)——[snippet]——He approached him as his footsteps resonated in the dead silence inside the throne room thinking about the man that had taken him to be sold in the first place. Stepping closer he'd look up to see his new supposed "master" only to be met with a handsome man with piercing blue eyes, black horns which matched his hair, and a well-kept beard.Mustering all the strength inside him Haru whispered, diverting his eyes, answering exactly what the man wanted to hear right now, though Haru didn't want to say. "Hello my king, how may I serve you?" the scent of the man from before having a clear rage over him.A vicious smirk played on the man's face as he lifted him up by his collar, while Haru tip-toed barely able to find the ground, trying to match his towering height. "I don't like it when someone touches what is mine," he leaned closer, his tall stature hovering over him just inches from his face and his infuriated breath crawling on his soft skin, "and you better know that your entirety belongs to only me!"----*DISCLAIMER*MATURE CONTENT:Graphic ViolenceStrong LanguageReligious Talk Scuh As CultsSmutAbuse*warning slow start*--If you are enjoying the story, please vote with a power stone, leave comments, and a review!--The cover character is not mine I simply found it on a random page and edited it along with the background to make a cover.

  • Pup Academy

    Pup Academy

  • a silent pup

    a silent pup

  • The Lion Pup BL

    The Lion Pup BL

  • the lost wolf pup

    the lost wolf pup

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

  • Reincarnated as a Wolf Pup

    Reincarnated as a Wolf Pup


    I hope you enjoy this novel . This is a special present to my readers as Christmas present.As promised I wrote a system novel about a girl named Qin Tong killed by her family and lover but by killing her , disasters was brought to the world .Her identity was enough to bring them to their knees .Reincarnated watch out a wolf in sheep's clothing is coming .Cover is not mine thanks goes to artist .

  • The Beast's Virgin Claim

    The Beast's Virgin Claim


    WARNING: {R18+ ROMANCE}{Explicit sexual content}~~~"I only want you, Theia. Always have always will and this shall never change. How could I ever want another when I possess the one I solely exist for?""Phobos," I call his name fondly a need to hug him and breathe in his calming scent surfaces."I do not wish to treat you like you are made of glass because you aren't. Your body was made for me and it can handle everything I choose to give it. And this I will prove it to you." "When?" I ask breathlessly as he ultimately turns around to meet my curious eyes. Golden rings outline his irises his beast announcing his presence and they stand as one before me. A wicked smile paints his face with a flash of canine displayed to me. A promise he gives that I will be ruthlessly devoured."When I fuck you senseless." ~~~After years of excruciating loneliness, Phobos approached me. A frightening beast, my soulmate who emerged from within the bounds of a ruthless thundering storm. The male I yearned for. He caught me off guard and I was under the spell he cast through his ocean eyes. A spell I couldn't defeat and that very moment I knew I was in trouble. The second our eyes met I knew he would bring me endless heartache.We were childhood friends, him and I. Phobos the gentle and playful juvenile I grew up with and looked up to as a pup vanished and was replaced by a cold-hearted barbarian, he terrified me as he killed many with a blink of his eyes. No regret, no concern his beast often in control surging forward consuming his senses. They were equals.How can I connect with a beast like him? How could I make him call me his? How can I love my childhood friend who has become a merciless monster?~~~#TBVC is a childhood friends to lovers dark romance erotic series with an age gap of 9 years between the protagonists. It will be a rollercoaster ride of emotions but will also have tons of delicious spice to heat you up. I truly hope you enjoy it my little wolves!

  • Rise of the Dark Alpha

    Rise of the Dark Alpha



    [Winner of the Silver Prize - Werewolf Competition 2022] Zev prowled towards her, all shining, brutal beauty, his chin low and those incredible, piercing eyes fixed on her. He didn’t stop until they were toe-to-toe and he blocked her view of every other male in the circle. His eyes dipped to her mouth as he leaned in, his whisper playing on her skin. “You. Are. Mine.” His deep voice twanged in her belly as the howls of the wolf pack rose from behind him to echo across the mountains of Thana, while the other Chimera protested his claim. Fighting the urge to stroke his broad, bare chest with her shaking hands, Sasha forced herself to tilt her head and raise an eyebrow. “So bold for a pup who just found his fangs.” The other males roared with laughter. Ignoring their taunts, Zev’s eyes sparked and he leaned even closer, the scruff on his jaw tickling her cheek as he smiled. “So bold for a human who already knows the pleasure of gasping my name.” She shivered when his teeth grazed her ear. ***** Just days after Sasha gave herself to her childhood love, he disappeared. Five years later, on a dark city street, Zev came back—with danger on his tail. Zev is Chimera: Half-human, half-wolf. Made in a secure research lab, his existence is a secret. But when the powerful men who created him try to kill the only woman who ever made his heart sing, Zev snaps their leash and steals her away to the brutal, hidden world of the Chimera clans. Torn between the magnetic draw of her first love and the painful betrayal of his disappearance, Sasha tries to keep Zev at arms-length. But when they reach this mysterious world, Zev discovers that in his absence the humans took control and stole almost all the females. The Chimera are dying—and Zev isn’t Alpha anymore. Now, Zev must fight his own people to win the right to mate his only love. Can he prove to her that his long-ago promise to protect her heart, as well as her body, was true? Or will the humans cross worlds to hunt the wolf and tear the lovers apart forever? [Mature content, no sexual assault] NOTE: This book is a standalone story and NOT part of the Anima/King of Beasts series (but fans should keep an eye out for Easter Eggs!) Cover Image by Aenaluck and used by permission with paid copyright. See more gorgeous art and support the artist at www.patreon.com/aenaluck

  • CEO's Runaway Mate and Her Cubs

    CEO's Runaway Mate and Her Cubs



    It's hard to win when your competition is small, cute, and calls your (future) wife their mommy. Lara spent six years doing odd jobs to sustain her five-year-old kids. She fled from her birth town after noticing some of her children's weird habits. They growl when they fight, and their teeth can cut the skin like it's nothing. They prefer meat when it's cooked raw. They howl at the moon when they don't want to sleep. However, they're her children. She's been on the run ever since to protect them. She knows nothing about the stranger she met that day and whom she spent the night with. Even the details are blurry in her mind, except for that weird, compelling attraction that brought them together. When she scores an interview at the most prestigious company in Norwich City, she thinks her life will turn for the better. Until she meets him again. Nathaniel Woods, Alpha Nate, is the CEO of LY Corp. A fated night of six years ago, he found his true mate. Unfortunately, that woman fled after their passionate night, leaving no traces for him to follow. A twist of fate makes them meet again, and he's settled on not letting her escape. But this time, she's not alone. There are two pups with her, growling and fighting, firmly set on not letting him get to their mommy. WARNINGS: Possessive male lead and even more possessive little buns. Slight misunderstandings, not too annoying (hopefully). The male lead is doting, but life is difficult with two jealous pups preventing him from wooing his (future) wife. The story follows other characters along with the leads. Smut content (signaled at the beginning with a warning). Werewolves are a little different from usual, so please bear with my version of the trope ;) If you can't stand too much cuteness, do not open this book. If you're allergic to dog fur, stay further away. Characters here are wolves, but some of them grow ears and tail when they're excited (or claws when they feel threatened). This book is dedicated to all the parents single-handedly raising their cubs *** Cover made by Vatarison.Art *** Join discord: bit.ly/xiaohai

  • I Reincarnated as a Fox Pup?!?

    I Reincarnated as a Fox Pup?!?


    A white light fills the void, a vast ocean reflecting the sky. I stand looking at a window... a system. I don't remember my name but I've been told I am reincarnating into another world.

  • Voyage With The Pirate King

    Voyage With The Pirate King



    Ji Yao, the future Pirate King rescued a pitiful boy from the goodness of his heart only to find out that pitiable looking lad was far from the word pitiful. Calling him a wolf pup in sheep's clothing wouldn't be an exaggeration. Like they say watch what you pick up and bring home with you. As they journeyed across the continent slaying creatures and half breeds that stood in their way all the wolf pup could think of was:'My husband is cute,'Or'When can we will nightfall come so we can cuddle,'Or 'Husband smells so good. I want to bite him.'Ji Yao who had woken up with a bite mark, "......"Let's Voyage together and witness a relationship designed by fate blossom into a power couple born from powerful Nocru clans.----‐-----------------------------------------------200 golden tickets or 1000 power stones = 2 extra chapters per week. With a lot more support I will be motivated to write. Thank you so much.

  • PUP, Parallel Universe Police and the Discovery of God

    PUP, Parallel Universe Police and the Discovery of God

    My name is Anthony Lavery. I've recently written a science fiction novel, that I believe will bring humanity together. The story is about a man that discovers we live in a parallel universe. And that each thought and feeling you have has domino effect on the other parallel universe's. He also discovers these universe's are governed by numerous Deities and a human organisation by the name of PUP, Parallel Universe Police. The character must learn to adapt and evolve or be held responsible for wiping humanity out through sheer ignorance. The book takes on the multiple issues that create divides or wars within multiple countries. It shows how to combat these issues and remove them for the benefit of our survival.

  • Warrior wolves my boring pup-hood

    Warrior wolves my boring pup-hood

  • Mated To A Special Omega

    Mated To A Special Omega



    Werewolf book :{BL} Completed Levi Whitlock is a male Omega, But he has a heart of an alpha and is even stronger. Levi despises one thing which is Alphas . Levi is not like any other male omega who usually stay inside their houses waiting for their mates. Levi is an adventurous person who likes to explore new places such as mountains , caves, and forests . He is not scared of anything . Levi also hates the fact that he is just a weak omega who can get pregnant . And the most important thing is that Levi is able to not submit to anyone , even to his own father Henry Whitlock !! What if one day Levi finds out that his fated mate is Lucas Dawson , who is also a True blood alpha . Will Levi submit to his fated mate ? Will he even accept him as his mate ? Will he forget his hatred towards alphas ? Will he accept the idea of getting pregnant ? _____________________ " What is a beautiful omega like you doing here in the woods alone ? " -The alpha in a rut - " Levi Whitlock your messenger to hell" -Levi Whitlock to the alpha in a rut - ****** "If you just gave up and started looking for your mate, you would have studied what you wanted while your mate was going to run the companies. But you are so stubborn and cold and don't even try to accept your rank, you have to realize that you are just an OMEGA. You were born to obey your Alphas and submit to them." - Henry Whitlock- "Levi Whitlock does not submit to anyone! Understand it as you wish Mr. Alpha! I listen to you SOMETIMES just because you are the Alpha who put his sperm inside MY father's womb." -Levi Whitlock - ****** " You're my alpha and I am your Omega and I am on your bed and ready to give you my virginity and I'm telling you to put your pups inside of me !" -Levi Whitlock to Lucas Dawson _____________________ {{word count : 60,000 - 65,000}} BOYXBOY Mpreg Book cover by me

  • Alpha's Fated Mate

    Alpha's Fated Mate

    The Moon Goddess granted every adult werewolf a chance to select a mate in their lifetime. Once the selection was completed, werewolves would be extremely loyal to their mates, even to the extent of giving their lives. However, the werewolf girl, Leona, who has mind-reading ability, could only distance herself from everyone. Ever since her mother was murdered when she was young, she was seen as a bad omen by werewolves in the pack. As such, she did not dare to hope for a mate. Leona was tormented, ridiculed, mocked, and beaten by the women around her every day. Besides, she was seen as a whore by men around her. Even the boy she had a crush on fantasized about having sex with her. He pinned her under him and tormented her. He ravished her in every way possible. The appearance of the handsome and powerful werewolf, Briar, completely changed her dull and hopeless life. It turned out that Leona was his fated mate! He fell madly in love with her and cherished her with all his might. Briar transformed into his wolf form to get into fights time after time to protect Leona from harm. Leona soon realized that the man protecting her would disappear every time after a fight. As she was worried about him, Leona followed Briar and discovered that he had transformed into a fluffy little wolf pup. It turned out that Briar would turn into a wolf pup every time he overexerted himself. For his safety, he could only lay low while recovering. “My dear Briar, you look so cute. Come here! I want a cuddle!” Looking at the cute pup, who was completely different from the usually tall and mighty Briar, Leona couldn’t help but cuddle and pet him. “Owooo~” Briar covered his face with his fluffy paws. It was too embarrassing to let his mate see him like this. But wait, why did Briar feel like he was recovering faster than usual? Could it be that Leona was helping him recover faster? He leaned his fluffy head against Leona’s chest, and sure enough, he was recovering at a rapid pace— Leona was his source of power, and they were a match made in heaven! With Briar’s help, Leona cleared her name as the cursed one. Leona's unique ability was discovered just as they thought they could live happily ever after. Her ability as a “power generator” could help werewolves replenish themselves at any moment. She quickly drew the attention and greed of countless werewolves. Both of them faced a tough battle ahead of them.

  • Werewolf Academy: The Alpha & Luna

    Werewolf Academy: The Alpha & Luna

    Hailey Woods gets marked by a wolf on her sixteenth birthday. Now a wolf-pup, she's forced to enter the Academia of the Moon, where people like her train to become full-functioning werewolves and manage their powers. Once she arrives at the Academy, she learns she's an outcast—even among her kind. It turns out the Moon Huntress, Diana, has special plans for her, and there's another girl that can't handle that Hailey's getting all the attention. Not to mention, why does she become all tingly when the gorgeous Elijah Ledger, the future alpha, is around?

  • Negai-God Shrine

    Negai-God Shrine


    Emery is fifth-teen years old and has just moved to japan with his dad from London. They’re living at Emerys uncle Thomas’s house and one day Emery hears a voice and he fallows it when he reaches to where the voice is coming from he reaches a sturdy door. Not being able to open the door he leaves and when he gets back to the main part if the house there are two kids sitting at the table waiting for him when they see him they say “Help our mom is hurt” “fallow us” before Emery can understand what they mean they take of outside and into the mountain and he fallows when he reaches a shrine he steps in and when he does a girl who looks like a priestess comes up to him and shouts “Get out of here.” He then runs suddenly startled by the loud shout but when he goes down the mountain he just ends up back at the gate he then gives up and heads into the shrine where the girl comes up to him again he explains that he cannot leave and when the girls sees that he can’t she lets him stay at the shrine until they find a way for him to leave No begins a mystery/ comedy and harem about a god who grants the wishes of his people!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So this is my first book i’ma try to write. For more information on me go to my profile. Oh and please let me know if you like it so far. I’m not the best at writing so notify me of any mistakes that i might have made also i know the paragraphs are a badly divided so if you could give me any tips I’d love it.I post a chapter every Saturday no exact time but it’ll definitely be on Saturday so see ya then and thanks for picking up this book Thanks everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Lps Gangleader's Girlfriend...
Book 1

    Lps Gangleader's Girlfriend... Book 1

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