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  • The Rise Of A Tribal Deadbeat

    The Rise Of A Tribal Deadbeat



    Zok was the youngest son of the Chieftain of the Zukira tribe. But that was all he had going for him. To everyone else, he was known as the tribal deadbeat. Unlike his father and elder brother, he had no talents whatsoever and spent most of his days sleeping and eating. In a tribe full of great warriors, his existence was frowned upon. No one wanted to associate themselves with him. Until one day a mysterious cave appeared in the Zukira territory. The sudden appearance of such a cave wasn't a surprise as it was a common occurrence. These caves often had weird markings on them according to which the tribesmen classified them into different difficulties. This particular cave, however, was peculiar because it didn't have any markings on it. Thus the tribesmen decided to send in Zok along with a couple of others to go and investigate the cave. Zok was reluctant to do so but was forced by his family and under their pressure, he had to go in. The trio went inside the cave which turned out to be empty. There were no monsters inside, which was peculiar. The only thing inside was a pond filled with acid. Zok went to check the pond out but a moment later, he was pushed inside it. No one knew that the ones accompanying Zok were the ones who would try to kill him. However, instead of dying inside the pool of acid, Zok obtained a newfound power. A power that would forever change his destiny. Follow him on his journey for revenge, in the epic story: The Rise of a Tribal Deadbeat. *** Cover by: Joelin Tan

  • Tribalism the enemy of man.

    Tribalism the enemy of man.

  • The Tribal Disaster

    The Tribal Disaster

    Follow a pack of wolves that go through pain, loss, and drama. We follow Nightlight, once Beta of The Wild Pack as he and his mate Pandora start a new life far away. After they have their sons, Kiba and Akela. As two months pass, young female wolf pup named Blue shows up. Later on, we follow her and Akela's generation. Our heiress in their litter, Winter...meets a young dire pup named Dagger. But their friendship doesn't last. A few months later, they meet again, fall in love...but a war is about to break. How will our pack handle all this suffering? Find out for yourself!

  • Tribal Cultivation

    Tribal Cultivation


    A 16-year-old loser reincarnated into a cultivation world I know it sounds cliche but he doesn't get reborn as some young master or prince instead he is reborn in an isolated tribe located in a small chain of islands that have never even heard of cultivation.The tribespeople lived alone and isolated from the rest of mankind so they evolved to survive in a dangerous environment full of poisonous animals and man-eating monsters.They aren't too different from humans still the same race but they are more like a subrace of humans.Watch as our protagonist will try not to get killed by monsters or eaten by his fellow cannibalistic tribesmen while trying to adapt to the strange and deadly new world.

  • Tribal King.

    Tribal King.


    Leon is reborn in the body of an exiled prince, accompanied by a set of unhappy guards sent from their homes to protect the wastrel prince. Finding themselves lost in the Seven deity forest, a wide expanse, vaster than any kingdom and Empire, teeming with beasts and demons of unimaginable power and bloodlust. Leon resolves himself to devour this forest and build his own power, utilizing the greatest and mystical powers known to man and God. Fear and religion beckon him, and his throne of skulls awaits.

  • Tribal Magics

    Tribal Magics


    an intelligent Demi-Goblin named Nivander gets swept up with his friend Bug into an adventure of magic and danger WAY outside of their comfort zone.

  • curl tribal

    curl tribal


  • empereur tribal

    empereur tribal

    I will seek the truth about our creation and even if the gods block my way I will pursue the freedom of my people

  • Tribal Apocalypse

    Tribal Apocalypse


  • Tribal Warfare

    Tribal Warfare


    The Kain family and the Mori family, perfect and the two strongest Tribes in existence, but behind the glorious marriage of the two most powerful people from both Tribes lies a dangerous secret, the Mori family member took to her grave. Orian, Yuki and Miku are sisters, one dead and the other two on the run. Yuki will stop at nothing to keep her younger sister Miku from their father, while on living in their grandma's old house that is in Yuki's name, they hoped to blend in. But the small town they ran to has a few tricks up its sleeves. Yuki's off to the high school with new friends but she knows that the battle she and Miku left behind in Seoul would soon reach them again in the U.S "Miku?" "Yes Onnee-chan?" a sickening sound came from behind them. "Run away!!-"

  • Reincarnation into Tribal Society

    Reincarnation into Tribal Society


  • Tribal wars - Unleashing of the wolf

    Tribal wars - Unleashing of the wolf

    Am I to be on the run forever, is my life really that unhinged, do I have to keep jumping hoops so as to survive. I want to be home with my family and enjoy life, I can't keep running forever....I can't take it anymore

  • The Rising Hope: The Tribal Disaster

    The Rising Hope: The Tribal Disaster

    Our Journey continues with Star as the Alpha. All seems peaceful, but a new enemy will be a force to be reckoned with

  • The Darkening Shadows: The Tribal Disaster

    The Darkening Shadows: The Tribal Disaster

    With Dagger and Winter as the new Alpha's, their only pup Star shows great potential of being a leader. The pack is at peace, nothing could go wrong right? That is, until a new pack shows up with a mad leader that'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. How will the pack cope with this new enemy?

  • Love  story of Tribal Girl

    Love story of Tribal Girl

  • Mason Corpse and the Trials of Grim

    Mason Corpse and the Trials of Grim

    Once a cheerful teen, Mason Corpse's world collapsed before him after discovering his abilities to control nature. When tragedy strikes at his family reunion, Mason was sent to Monstrosity Haven, an asylum for superpowered individuals learning how to tame their abilities - or so he thought. Uncovering a web of secrets about the asylum and its Warden, Grim, Mason enlists the help of secret agents, tribal strangers, and even his fellow inmates to escape captivity and overcome the variety of obstacles and enemies Grim has forged. Follow the journey of a unique hero as he uses his abilities to grow plants, forge weapons made from nature, and tame all wildlife during his encounters with mazes, swamp creatures, and otherworldly demons. Will Mason regain his freedom, or will Grim's plan bring an end to all humanity? Content warning for some strong language and fantasy violence (16+). Mason Corpse and the Trials of Grim is created by Alonzo, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Lost my family In a tribal war but found by love in a Forest

    Lost my family In a tribal war but found by love in a Forest

  • The Tribal Indian of the Sioux clan falls in love with my daughter sue

    The Tribal Indian of the Sioux clan falls in love with my daughter sue


  • Nurturing Humanity

    Nurturing Humanity


    In the tribal farming era, the world was vast and unknown. Upon continuous exploration, the people of ancient times were appalled to discover that in this world, where the sky was round and the earth was square, all sorts of miracles had befallen them. There were even figures like an ultra-big ten-thousand-foot giant, as well as huge intelligent beasts that had mysteriously appeared, trampling upon the mountains and rivers, and shattering the earth. Hundreds of years later, in such a dangerous environment, people fought against the huge beasts and finally established the glorious Sumerian civilization. On this day, a wise giant suddenly made a complete descension on earth, trampling on all the mountains and rivers, and wiping out the entire nation. The world crumbled, and city-states collapsed; had the gods descended to condemn the people? "I’m sorry, you're all just ants living in the orchard of my yard and you are just scrambling all over the place. If I were to accidentally pass you by, I might just accidentally trample you all to death. That’s it for you.” So first, I’ll set up a sandbox in my own yard, a base area for plotting farmland. Then, I will shepherd the human race and various worlds in my sandbox.

  • FUTURE KINGDOM : The Perfect Useless

    FUTURE KINGDOM : The Perfect Useless


    “Dad, please don’t leave me, Daddy!”Since she was 7 years old, Greisy Hawysia was thrown into the Exile Area by Her parents. The effort and hard work she had done was never recognized by all the teachers and the people around her.Her fiance refused their marriage and prefered to love another woman. She was also very hated by the Residents of the Exile Area for taking their rations food while she was a noble who were considered stupid and never leaved their place.Until one day the Crown Prince came to see her and announced an order that was surprised. "Be useless?" That was his order"Why should I be useless while I have mastered more than 4 tribal skills?” At first the Crown Prince thought that Greisy was so useless as rumor spreaded. But he was surprised upon knowing the fact that Greisy was very smart and wise."Then just pretend to be" And also At first, Greisy was very hesitant to accept the order, until one day she saw her mother so loved other women and that woman was also a woman who liked by her fiancé.Greisy desperately wanted to be recognized. That woman really wanted her parents looked at her. If being best and smart couldn’t make her parents seeing her, then well, She would be useless and would cause trouble or even chaos in the Royal Territory so that everyone looked at her although she would be hated.She didn’t care. She only wanted to be seen. "Ahhh, I'm afraid, she will torture me. Didn't you guys hear that she insulted me, 'Useless'? Even though I never insult her even a bit," shouted her started to make a trouble.And she would continue to do that again and again at the orders of the Crown Prince. And the Crown Prince would love Greisy very much even if it just pretended.Then Greisy would become 'A Perfect Useless' for the Crown Prince who had strong ambitions to rule the Kingdom from behind the scene and made his cousin being the King of Puppets."Grei, I love you," 'I know you're lying, Cyrill. Because it's impossible for me getting love from anyhuman,’ murmured Greisy who actually really wanted to be loved in her deep heart.