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  • Forbidden


    Michael is thirty-nine and gay. Like his little niece, Kim, who has a learning disability, he is considered a non-citizen under the draconian Normalcy Laws. Kim’s parents quietly arrange to flee to New Zealand, where the Normalcy Laws haven’t been implemented.<br><br>As Michael has a good job and has been careful to hide his homosexuality, he doesn’t consider going with them. Instead, he remains behind and goes about his business as normal until one morning when he is confronted by two Black Guards.<br><br>Hooded, Michael is taken to what he assumes is the Department of Law. Once people are taken there, they never see the light of day again. Elimination is the only punishment in the New World Order. There he is interrogated by The Man, a handsome officer of the Black Guards.<br><br>In a desperately hopeless situation, is there any hope of surviving elimination? No one ever has in the past, but Michael discovers something about The Man that hints at his situation not being as bleak as it appears. Can he dare to hope there is a way out? Or is he so delusional that his fantasies of freedom have clouded his judgment?<br><br>Under the oppressive Normalcy Laws, nothing is certain.

  • Forbidden Heat R18

    Forbidden Heat R18

    [MATURE CONTENT R18] "I'll fuck you so hard that you'll forget all about him"Natalia has been desiring her stepfather for the longest time after her mother passed away. Suddenly, her stepfather becomes engaged to another woman while his younger brother found out about Natalia's secret... Trying to keep her affair with her step cousin a secret from her passionate bodyguard."I no longer want to be forgotten. I'll give you so much pleasure that you'll forget all about my brother." - Edward"We've always been together so I never told you this...I love you" - Zak"I'll do whatever it takes to make you mine. Please wait just a little longer" - Lucien"I'll always protect you...even from your own self" - Reiner**This story does NOT contain incest. All male love interests are NOT blood-related to the female protagonist**Note: I own commercial rights of the book cover as commissioned from the artist. While you support my work, I also support the work of artists. Thank you very much! My other works: Conquering the Emperor ; Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion Follow my Facebook page: Realfantasies AuthorThank you!

  • Loving the Forbidden Prince

    Loving the Forbidden Prince



    [COMPLETED] Can a royal Romeo and Juliet find their happy ending? Ayleth, Princess of Zenithra, is secretly trained in hand-to-hand combat, and collects swear words she doesn't know how to use. During the Festival of Peace, in which every royal son on the continent will be at the castle for a month, she is instructed by her parents to find a husband. Yet, Ayleth has never even been kissed—until the very first ball, when she meets the man in the Lion mask. Etan is a seasoned warrior, and the Prince of Summitras. He attends the Festival hoping to find a powerful wife who will help him conquer the dark sorcery of their bloodsworn enemies, the Kingdom of Zenithra. But at the very first ball, he discovers the masked woman who captures his heart is the Heir to the evil empire. Ayleth and Etan face an impossible battle. Will their love survive? Or will their parents' dark dealings keep them apart forever? [Mature content. No sexual violence.] ****** “You…” She stepped back. Then back again, her mouth dropped open. “You… You cannot be…” “I am,” Etan said, and his hair raked back as he pushed his mask off his handsome face. So handsome her heart raced. His hair was ebony black, his skin a warm brown that threatened to fade in in the winter months. He stared at her with glittering green eyes, over high cheekbones and a noble nose, his jaw tight and shadowed this late in the day. His chin was high over the pillar of his neck that she’d just touched with its hard lines and steel strength, so different to her own. And his chest... She gasped and covered her eyes. She’d humiliated herself revealing her stupid, childish curiosity. “No, Ayleth. This changes nothing.” “How can you say that? It changes everything!” She was horrified to realize she was crying. “Ayleth, please.” His voice cracked on the plea and she stared at him, shoving her mask up and off, despite how it would pull her hair out of the beautiful twist the maid had managed for her. His eyes locked on hers and she couldn’t think. She couldn’t breathe. She had met her One. And he was the son of her bloodsworn enemy. She stared at him as he stepped forward again, offering both hands, palm up. “Touch me,” he whispered. “Hold my hands. This is real, Ayleth. I don’t know how it happened, but this is real. Please don’t deny it.” She couldn’t resist. She raised a trembling hand to his cheek, letting her palm catch on the scruff of his jaw. He blew out a breath and put his hand over hers, and that jolt that happened whenever they touched shivered through her again. “Please, Ayleth.” “I cannot deny it,” she whispered. [Cover specially commissioned and illustrated image by Same Van Rijn. See more of their amazing art on Instagram: @same.vanrijn]

  • Forbidden LOVE.

    Forbidden LOVE.

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE


    Adult Romance Sejak Suri menghilang senyum dan tawa seolah lenyap dari rumah keluarga Clarke. Christian yang merasa bertanggung jawab atas menghilangnya sang adik berubah menjadi sosok yang mengerikan, segala cara dan upaya Christian lakukan untuk menemukan sang adik. Dalam pencariannya, secara tidak sengaja Christian bertemu dengan seorang gadis yang berhasil mengembalikan tawa kepadanya. Saat perasaannya semakin dalam pada gadis itu, Christian harus dihadapkan dengan kenyataan menyakitkan yang membuatnya harus memilih melanjutkan kisahnya atau menyudahinya. Elena Wilson, gadis biasa yang punya mimpi sederhana tenyata memiliki banyak rahasia. Rahasia apakah itu? Apakah dia adalah orang yang menyimpan akses untuk menemukan Suri ?

  • The Forbidden Alpha

    The Forbidden Alpha

    Adea isn’t interested in dating or finding her Goddess-chosen mate. She’s determined to ignore the nightmares that plague her sleep, keep her job at Half Moon pack, and live a peaceful life. When her best friend, Mavy begs her to go with her to Desert Moon to find her mate, she can’t say no.What does Adea do when she’s the one to find her mate at the Crescent Moon Ball? Will she be able to figure out what her nightmares are trying to warn her about? When she pieces it all together can she change her fate?

  • Forbidden Love: Angel's Seduction

    Forbidden Love: Angel's Seduction



    "Be mine and I'll be yours. I will be your angel and you will be my heaven." *** A forbidden love between an angel and a human! A breach of contract, an unattainable romance, but an unassailable attraction.  *** Selene died because of betrayal… She was reborn to have a second chance… And so, she had sworn to make everything right with two goals in mind: 1. getting her fiancee's love and, 2. live happily ever after. However, a hot gorgeous shameless narcissistic heavenly being ruined her plan! The angel who was supposed to help her get her man, suddenly started seducing her with his exceptional masculine charm. How can Selene resist the temptation if an angel's seduction is enough to lose her mind? *** [ Excerpts ] "Gabriel… please…" His hand started caressing Selene's cheek, even tracing her lips using his fingers as he asked her, "Please what, Selene? Tell me, what do you want me to do?" "Touch you like this?" he whispered with his sensual voice. Selene's heart raced even faster when he started caressing her skin with his warm hand. Her body stiffened further the moment his soft lips touched the sensitive part of her neck. "Or kiss you like this?" He cooed in her ear, before kissing her earlobe. Selene could only clutch her hands on his shirt as she closed her eyes. 'Gosh! Is he trying to seduce me or what? Why is he doing this?' "Gabriel," She called him again. But her voice didn't sound like she was mad or against this. He didn't stop his advances. His hand was now tracing her waist and her side. It stopped at the side of her breast. Selene gulped hard once again and almost forgot to breathe when he started nibbling, and sucking on her skin. His sensual action caused Selene to let out another suppressed moan. "Gab… please… stop," Selene's words were the opposite of her action. Her grip on his shirt tightened and she unconsciously pulled him closer to her body, instead of pushing him away. He let out a husky laugh and said, "Selene, I think you are telling me... Please don't stop?" *** { Warning: This Book Features Mature Content [R-18] } Author's Other Books: The Devilish Assassin meets the Angelic Detective (Completed) The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter (Ongoing) Disclaimer: Cover is not mine. Credit to the real artist.

  • Loving The Forbidden

    Loving The Forbidden



    "Would you love him, if he took away all that which reminded you of the living?" "I don't know." "You should because when the devil loves you, he keeps you caged from seeing the possibilities of being without him. Even if it means killing all those that you care about," she murmured into my ear. I was sure that she could hear my heart drumming loudly in my heart and the growing smirk on her face proved me right. The sound of the door being opened abruptly was heard and we both turned to find him come in. Talk about the devil and he will appear. What happens when the life you dreamt of suddenly shattered in front of you and the only thing you had to save your life and the ones you loved was to seal your fate to the unknown? Aria, known as the young light siren dancer, who always seemed to draw people in easily with her moves and acting but never seemed to keep her pain away finds herself striking a deal with the devil twins. Now having to learn how to bite her tongue and become queen of the underworld, knowing that hell won't welcome her with open arms as she's now stepped on many people's toes for marrying the devil king.

  • Forbidden Desires

    Forbidden Desires


    Let's play a game he said.And I agreed.He called it possession and the possession was me.Maybe just this one night I'll let Mr. Arizona possess me.I might call him sky when we are all together but secretly when he touches me, touches the heat of my skin and the lust that drips along my legs I call him Mr. Arizona again.It's a vile game we play where he lights a fire on my skin and I call him Mr. Arizona, watching the fire burn within his eyes when I moan it again and again. It's lust. That's what Mr. Arizona means.Just that single word and in different names as we play different games but tonight he calls it possession.Not another game of lust. He invited me to be won. To be possessed by him.

  • Forbidden Romance: At Death's Door

    Forbidden Romance: At Death's Door


    Being at the right place at the wrong time! That was the exact situation Ozge found herself in when she witnessed a gory accident. Excerpt "I know you" "Huh?" "You can keep hiding but I will find you, I will break through your defenses and make you mine again" "Lunatic!" Ozge muttered and turned, walking away. Her lips curved into a subtle smile. Ozge is a final year medical student working part time to make ends meet while still juggling school. With her final medical exams closing in, Ozge has to pay the reminder of her school fees before she could be allowed to write her final exams or risk deferring her course which she had done once already. When Ozge is offered a job by the powerful Almendez family, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. ..... On the first day of his accident, before he went into coma, he saw the face of a girl and held her hand while being transported to the surgery room. From then, onwards, he felt like he could hear her always close by his side. Ozge went to stay in the Ferit household after accepting the job. She took care of Ferit Almendez while going to her school but on the day that Ferit finally woke up, the first person he saw wasn’t Ozge but his family friend who told him that she was the one by his side through it all. Now, Ferit thinks the person who stayed with him has always being his family friend, Demit Suwait. Five years later, Ozge and Ferit meet again at the same ER where Ozge was now an Emergency room doctor while Ferit was to become the director of the hospital, taking after his grandfather. But, how long can lies stay and how long will the truth remain hidden?

  • Forbidden Temptation

    Forbidden Temptation

    A game of spin the bottle wasn’t supposed to change my life. I wanted to get out of our small town, and the only way to do that was to get good grades. I didn't want to get distracted by anyone or anything, but I couldn't seem to ignore Liam. He was sexy, moody, and about to become my stepbrother. Exactly the kind of trouble I should have avoided. But I let my hair down for a party in the woods; a couple of girls and guys playing spin the bottle and truth or dare. Silly games shouldn't change your life but sometimes fate steps in. It's nearly graduation and I'm closing my eyes, thinking that I can't deal with having one surprise today, let alone two. Forbidden Temptation is created by Ted Evans, an eGlobal Creative Signed Author.

  • The forbidden fruit

    The forbidden fruit



    ''The only thing more lethal than a gun, is a woman.''-------------------------------[Warning: this novel features Mature content, meaning: sex scenes]This is a story about a kidnapping, a knight with a Maserati instead of a horse, a girl who tries to find her best friend but stumbles on her journey, and falls in love. It's a story about a man, who's in desperate need to find his sister, and in desperate need to punish the man who took her away from him. It's a tragedy, a lovestory and everything in between. Cause sometimes love is the thing that saves us. It can be our rescue, when we seem to be entering darker times, and it can be used as a light, to guide us through the night. But just as love can be our savior, it can also be our enemy, and the thing who, in the end, kills us. Promises were made, not to fall in love. Could they break that promise, even if it would cost them their lives?

  • The Forbidden Love

    The Forbidden Love


    Once it was said, The fire and Water can never be one. So to make them wrong, in the land of beautiful flowers, took birth the beautiful princess, pure in heart, the white skin, beautiful black hair, eyes feels like a lotus, lips of roses seems very fragile and sweet, yet she holds the magical powers of Water that nobody knew, and there took the birth of the devil, who said to be the heartless creature alive, with dangerous fire powers. Being born in a noble family the princess's powers were suppressed, until the day she ran away when she came to know the man she had loved her whole life, lied, and cheated her for the kingdom. In the wilderness, there she met, the devil himself, not knowing about the creature's true self, she took shelter under him. But as it was once said, Fire and Water are not meant for together, soon arrive the chaos, which burns the several kingdoms under his fire and her raging strong water powers. how will they unite to prove them wrong? read more to get to know you better.

  • Forbidden system

    Forbidden system


    This is a story of James, who died and reincarnated into a different world with his past life's memories. When he was 15 his father died in car accident. and left his mother and sisters alone but he took care of the situation quickly. He was not ordinary person he was the only heir of Davies family. which is the 5th rank wealthiest family in the world. and because of that he have to go through many trials and lessons that is why he is more mature than his peers. He also have big sister who is older than him who also help him and his two father's sister. his mom take care of the house. this story has is about How James got the forbidden system and what he did afterwards. ..................This story contain INCEST , Yuri and Taboo relationships so please read with caution. The MC don't mind seeing his lovers making out too so please be cautious. and the MC is straight so only girls will be his lovers. No NTR but there are netori.....sorry for bad English and the cover is not mine so if you own the cover and want me to remove it then please message I will remove your cover.

  • Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points

    Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points



    Ye Ming transmigrated to a world of swords and magic, here there are giant dragons, elves, orcs, magical beasts, the undead… Ye Ming realized that he was a student who obtained the last place at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was about to be expelled. “Ding, Supreme Skills System, loading……” “Ding, unknown reason, system bug has occurred……” “Fixing bug……” “Bug fixed, skill points remaining: max!” …… Looking at the skill panel that had appeared before his eyes, Ye Ming tried to click on the “+” icon behind the “Fireball” magic. “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 6.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 7.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 8.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 9.”...... “Congratulations on your self-taught mastery, you have understood the “Laws of Blasting Fire’, your Fireball has evolved to become Forbidden Spell: Dark Sun Blast!” Looking at the enormous fireball that was as deep and dark as a black hole floating before him, Ye Ming smiled and started going crazy on his skill points…… The next day, Ye Ming dragged his exhausted body to the wizardry academy library. He knew that he had to learn new skills now. Because~ the skills that he’d learned before all became forbidden spells! He tried to light a fire for a barbeque and almost blasted away the entire academy!

  • The 99th Divorce

    The 99th Divorce



    In her previous lifetime, they had married for five years. He meant everything to her, but she was thrown away like an old shoe. After her rebirth, she gave him a divorce contract preemptively— “Divorce after one year, the terms of the contract are as follows: husband and wife shall not share a room or bed. Intimacy forbidden?” he raised his eyebrow. Who knew that after she got drunk one day, leaning on the headboard, he rested his deep-set eyes on her. "You broke the contract, Mrs, Li."

  • Forbidden?



    Laura, a young woman struggling from an abusive childhood, is trying to start her adult life when she discoverers that she’s not completely human. Follow the story of her life and struggle in discovering herself, battling mental ailments, finding her soulmate, and discovering many unknown secrets of the world.****[!WARNING! - this Webnovel contains content that is graphic. Some scenes here in might be discomforting, sexual in nature, borderline pornographic, and triggering. Only read this Webnovel if you are 18 years or older and you can handle yourself as an adult and not whine and cry because you are not comfortable with it’s content. If you find yourself uncomfortable while reading this Webnovel stop reading it and find another one that better suits your taste.]****This Webnovel is somewhat similar to my experience in real life, but I added a more whimsical spin on my reality. Mental illness is serious. Suicide is not the only way out. Everything gets better with time and hard work. Always remember that there is always someone out there that cares, it may not feel like it at times, but someone out there cares. I care.~Thanks for reading ❤️ Lauren Slovik

  • Forbidden!



    Amelia, a human, who just lost her parents, decides to venture the world, in tribute to her family. She chooses to go hiking through Killarney Provincial Park first, unaware of the dangers that lurk within the forest. During her hike, she strays from the path and is captured by werewolf guards, who were patrolling the area. They take her back to the pack house and imprison her, fearing she may be a threat to their kind. Damon, who is the newly appointed Alpha to the Golden Moon pack, is informed of the situation and orders she be executed, in order to protect his people. Damon pays her a visit, only to discover that she is his mate. He calls off the execution and continues to keep her hostage, not sure of what to do with her, as mating with a human is forbidden.



    Claire finally lands her dream job as manager at Hilltop Manor Resort and it is the perfect opportunity to rebuild her confidence after a bitter divorce. But the job comes with tough competition, owned by the Bradshaw family, and things only get worse when she starts to fall in love with the Bradshaw’s Billionaire son, Richard. Will Richard and Claire be able to face every hardship that comes their way? Or will belonging to different worlds and competing against each other prove to be something too hard to ignore? Forbidden Lovers is created by R.A. Redding, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author. *** "Before having dinner with Richard, he was the epitome of an arrogant billionaire playboy jerk. If I maintained that perception, it was easy to plot against him. Now that we have entered into each other's world, I care about him and am having a hard time thinking about hurting him or his business. What if taking me to dinner was all a part of his master plan to take me down?"

  • Forbidden...{Forbidden Series # 1}

    Forbidden...{Forbidden Series # 1}


    She just mean to destroy him...not to love him...He just mean to have her...not to desire her...They aren't named together in one destiny...yet fate brings them together not once but twice... Before she had a purpose against him and now he has a war to win... A second chance has been presented to them...She has nothing to do with him now but he has everything to do with her...To what extend will he go to achieve his forbidden desires of heart...?To what extend can she deny her forbidden love for him?****************************************************************Come and join the lives of two hearts whose love are marked as impermissible.Where love knows no limits...hearts will go beyond the world to get what it want...

  • Forbidden Love

    Forbidden Love


    Sarah Roberts is an ordinary high school girl, at least she believes she is. Nine years ago a boy had set her heart fluttering and when she finally meets him, a strange turn of events warns her that her one true love is forbidden. This is a story about an ordinary girl in search of her lost magic in order to save herself and her kingdom from the hands of an evil sorcerer, because she is the fated princess of a royal family. But, can she find her magic? Has she completely become human? Will her forbidden love be her greatest obstacle? What does fate have in store for her?