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  • Be My Strength

    Be My Strength

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    ///Note from Author : How often have you made a negative opinion about someone based on first impression? I hope that when you get to the end of this story, it might change how you think. ///Excerpt : With a frown, she said, "I don't think it would be comfortable to sleep on the couch.""I thought you have a bed here?" asked DX."I do but it's a single bed." With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he smirked, "We can share." Pretending to be affronted, Kai Xin scoffed, "President Du! Behave yourself! Did I say that you can share MY bed?" /////Synopsis :She was a brash, kind and brave child, but most importantly, she was always full of confidence. No matter what happened to her, she always faced her conflicts head-on.However, an incident in high school changed her life.The course of Kara Zhen Kai Xin's life had drastically changed because she placed her trust in the wrong person.Consumed with despair, rage, and fear, she became suicidal. However, she forced herself to live on with only one thought in her mind: Revenge. Along the way, she encountered people who would be her friends, comrades, mentors...and even lovers. With their guidance, she advanced one step closer towards her goal. President Du XiAn of the Du Corporation had chanced upon her while he was escaping the woman who was forced upon him by his mother.With a single glance, Kara Zhen Kai Xin was forever etched in his mind. Unable to forget about her, he spent the next few years searching for her all across the world. Yet ultimately, fate played a prank on him. It turned out that all along, she was based in the same city as him. When she rejected his advances, he proposed a contractual relationship; To become her sugar daddy.Desiring to hold her in his arms in any way he could, Du XiAn was willing to do anything, even if it meant that he could only have her body.Over the years, his desire led him to the point of no return. No longer a simple infatuation, he found himself to be hopelessly in love with her. With his help, would Kai Xin be able to exact her revenge or would she lose what she holds dear in her quest for vengeance? ///(Imperial Series)Book 1 - Be My Strength - COMPLETED Book 2 - The President's Man - HIATUS(Fantasy)The Demon King's Cowardly Vessel - ONGOING///Discord: you would like to financially support the production of BMS, please consider buying me a coffee here:

  • Strength of Will

    Strength of Will

    Greyson, a young orphan, get adopted by a mysterious man and becomes one of his 12 disciples. He experiences hardship after hardship, before unlocked a grand power; the power of Laws!Love, hate, loss, adversity. Join Greyson in his journey to save the universe!

  • Behind the strength beyond the strength

    Behind the strength beyond the strength

  • Unenviable Strength

    Unenviable Strength


    Ares grew up as an orphan never knowing his parents. After he turned 18 he left the orphanage and got a cheap apartment room to live in. As 2 years passed Ares lost what little purpose he had in his life and became suicidal. After one of his many failed attempts, he went on a nature walk, one of his only hobbies, he got hit by a meteorite which took his consciousness away. Little did he know, after he wakes up a new purpose and a new world was waiting for him.TW: Suicide attempts, depression, gore

  • Ultimate Strength

    Ultimate Strength

    A foreign body discovers mana

  • Supports strength

    Supports strength

    Martial Arts SYSTEM

    billy young is a miserable man who has seen the worst of humanity but with God's challenge to humankind he becomes a true testament to the good hidden deep within human kind

  • Borrowed Strength

    Borrowed Strength


  • King of Strength

    King of Strength

    Amzi was a boy on earth that had a chain of accidents throughout his life. But when his life ended on earth it began in a different world. Watch as Amzi and his brother fights their way to the top*Updates may not be stable*Not my cover art

  • The hidden strength

    The hidden strength

  • The strength within

    The strength within

  • To Have Strength

    To Have Strength

  • Strength of Voice

    Strength of Voice


    In a world of endless possibility what will you choose to be? For Kaine it was to be the strongest, but such strength was given at the cost of his voice. Now mute and unbeatable, Kaine wanders around aimlessly hoping for someone to come save him from his own poor decisions.

  • Strength of Heart

    Strength of Heart

  • Strength and Longevity

    Strength and Longevity

    Ini adalah Ruang Dimensi. Sebuah angkasa yang tak terukur, penuh dengan Black Hole. Berada di pusat adalah Black Hole terbesar yang merupakan portal dimensi menuju inti dunia. Ada 6 tingkat Black Hole yang beredar disekeliling Black Hole pusat. Mereka sama dan cukup acak sehingga sulit dibedakan. Seseorang harus berdiri dalam radius 1 km dari Black Hole untuk merasakan energi yang terpancar. Tingkat Black Hole mewakili tingkat dunia didalamnya. Semakin tinggi tingkat dunia, semakin kaya energi yang dikandungnya. Dan Bumi yang kita tinggali termasuk dunia ditingkat terendah.

  • Strength and Bonds

    Strength and Bonds

  • Grasping For Strength

    Grasping For Strength

  • Strength And Resilience

    Strength And Resilience


  • the world of strength

    the world of strength

  • The Strength of Love

    The Strength of Love


    Cara:"Cara, can you please tell us where you came from? Or, at least, who you think is after you?""I only know him as 'Sir.'"I glanced up to see Jess and Beck exchanging a look. "'Sir?'" they said in unison."Yes," I hesitated before continuing. "My mother married him when I was twelve years old and then," I had to stop. I couldn't say it. The words caught in my throat making it feel as though I was burning and freezing at the same time."Hey, it's okay," Beck slowly reached for my hand. I looked down at it expecting to feel afraid, but his warm touch was comforting. "Take your time."I raised my gaze to his face and his eyes caught mine. It felt as though I was drawing strength from him. Without breaking eye contact I said "He killed her and kept me for himself. He's the father of my baby."Beck: I didn't like killing. With each life I had taken, a little piece of my soul chipped away. I had only killed twice, and, to be honest, they both really did deserve to die, but did killing them really make me any better? I was a murderer."Are you okay?" The voice startled me.I kept my eyes steady on the horizon, as I contemplated how to answer. "I'd say I'm fine, but I know you see right through me. So there's no point in lying."Jess was silent."Shit, Jess, what are we doing?" I turned to look at her. "We could die today, and we're making that girl promises to protect her and her baby?" I looked deep into her eyes searching for answers to questions I didn't know how to ask. "And killing," I turned away again and grabbed the rail of the boat so tightly that my knuckles blanched. "Are you really ready to kill for her?""You've killed for me before, and I'm grateful."I felt the light pressure of her hand on my arm. "I'm not asking you to kill for me again, or for her. But when she told us about that man," she paused for a moment and leaned her hip against the rail next to my hand. "That 'Sir,'" she grimaced. "That could have been me, but you stopped it. I could be the one with some monster's baby, and frankly, I don't think I would feel the same way about it as Cara does."I looked up and saw tears in her eyes. "Jess," I released my grip on the rail and reached for her, but she put up her hand to stop me."Look, I know you did what you did because you love me, and we've only just met this girl." She sniffled and wiped the tears from her eyes with the palms of her hands. "But she clearly didn't have a Beck to protect her when she needed it. It would be wrong for us to turn our backs on her now."She looked up at me with stubborn conviction. "If it comes down to it, I'll gladly kill the bastard."