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  • I Lied To Become Village Chief

    I Lied To Become Village Chief



    In my previous life, I was imprisoned for breaking the rules but those are the rules that confined me from taking my revenge. When I was inside the prison, I got a chance to go back in time, reincarnate during my birth with nothing but memories and an orb. The family that I loved, the people that I missed were all alive. And, this time, I could change the future. But, in the past, an old geezer told me that changing the future will bring catastrophe in my life. And, alone, I can never face it. So, I decided. This time I won't be alone. This time I won't grow alone. This time I will make my villager strong, so strong that whatever the catastrophe might be, we can face it head-on. But then, I realized something is wrong here. Just because I want to develop my village doesn't mean others will give me a chance to do so. There are evil and greedy people in this world who has their eyes on us. But, even so, it isn't enough to make me give up. I will develop my village even if I have to lie to the entire world or my own village, or my parents. I will ascend and become a Village Chief with a lie. I will protect my village with a lie. I will develop my village with a lie. But how long can a lie truly last? People say, kingdom needs to be built on trust but I am building it on lies. If liar is whom I need to become, then I shall gladly lie the entire world. This is a tale of a liar since I Lied to Become Village Chief. :::::::::::::::: If you like the story, please vote golden tickets and send me some super gifts. For each super gift, I will drop a bonus chapter. Thank you for reading!

  • Evolving Village

    Evolving Village


    Angels and demons have always fought each other, dragging humans into their struggles. To survive this peril, humans have united under the angels, fighting the demons.Positioned in the South, the Dhorkar empire deals with the demonic creatures, one of the demons' pawns.Alain is the leader of Nirl, a village near the border with the demonic creatures.Orphaned and having lost his family to the demonic creatures, he wants to protect his village. But reality continues to show him times and times again that willpower alone is not enough against a powerful force.Weak, full of remorse and responsibility, he inherits a system.

  • Leading a goblin village in the starting village.

    Leading a goblin village in the starting village.


    Finally, in 2033, the first Virtual Reality game is ready to be released. Our 18 year old Mc decided to give the game a chance at his brother's request. But what our Mc didn't expect was that in the middle of the game he would activate a Hidden Quest.Hi guys, I haven't written in a while, I really wouldn't start this book mainly after seeing that there are only 9 days left to finish the contest, but ideas and more ideals were forming in my head and I couldn't take itI am not very confident in my game system, it is a simple system with many defects that I hope to fix as I write. And I'm using a translator, so if you see a lot of errors, sorry UwU.

  • Village Doctor

    Village Doctor



  • Mystery Village

    Mystery Village

    Fantasy COMEDY

    Santiago is the department head of an architectural firm. Maria is a timid new intern who never complains, so she is perceived by her colleagues as an innocent girl. When Santiago goes to the location that his prospective client strongly desires to turn into a mall, he is surprised to find out from an old lady that the property is owned by seven grim reapers. Moreover, only someone with the purest heart can pass through during the full moon. With Maria’s angelic personality, Santiago decides to test whether he’s crazy, or if Maria can miraculously enter the mysterious property.

  • The Leisure Life Of The Village Doctor

    The Leisure Life Of The Village Doctor


    "Because of a mine that collapsed by accident, the Qingshan Village that used to be known for its coal had become an infamous village filled with widows. Yang Guang was a doctor at the Qingshan Village. His brother passed away in the accident as well, leaving his gorgeous wife and a baby daughter Yaya for Yang Guang to take care of. "Yang Guang, I think something's wrong with my body recently," the sister-in-law said. "My breasts are swelling, but I can't produce milk. Yaya keeps crying because she doesn't have milk to drink. I can't take any medicine now either. Is there anything that you can do?" "There is a solution, but I'm afraid you will think that I'm a ..." "Don't worry. I won't think bad of you. Just cure me. I can't let Yaya starve." "Alright. Why don't you lie down here? All you need is a massage." ..."

  • ~Fox village~

    ~Fox village~

  • WoodCreek Village

    WoodCreek Village

    WoodCreek Village. A once up and rising community that gained the attention of numerous Lords and Kings. What the natives were able to accomplish in some short years drew crowds by the sea. A town on the edge of a deepening forest prospered better than some kingdoms far away. So why did it suddenly disappear? Prequel to The Woodcreek Village.



    Magical Realism ADVENTURE COMEDY

    A professional killer turns into a babysitter. Kill was forced to take care of his friend's daughter after the police arrested him.Author Note, This story has just 10 chapters

  • Mystery village

    Mystery village

  • village system

    village system


    he lived as an office worker slaving away every day while gaming at night, life was but a task to him his only enjoyment was games. one day he sat on his computer when an electrical storm hit sending surge strait to his heart and that was it dead

  • Village life

    Village life

  • Phoenix Village

    Phoenix Village

  • Village tour

    Village tour

    Who want to tour in village

  • The Village Woodsman

    The Village Woodsman

    A shrewd billionaire on earth, betrayed and killed.Reborn with intact memories in a different world...his past memories don't help much. Can he survive? Arthur, who is now known as Sansan is just a normal child. A cultivator who is not different from anyone, he just has one thing that makes him different, that is his will, a will to change his world.Aaaah! I will stop writing introductions because I want to have a wider scope to expand. I want anything and everything to happen because it excites us.Support me in my endeavour and I'll try to give my best.As an acknowledgement, I should like to thank my first Fan, Gideon for his love and support. I'll always remember you, my good friend.************I'm adding this so you guys could look back at the cultivation levels and understand the ranks. I'll be focusing more on story than rank so please do consider it.I. BODY PREPARATION PHASE1. Beginner (3-5)2. Progressive learner (4-6)3. Competent learner (7-12)4. Proficient Practioner (13-18) Prodigy(Juniors)5. Skilled Practioner (19-25) Prodigy(Seniors)6. Initiation Realm (25-40)Parents(Instructors)7. Alleviation Realm 50 above (Elders & Chief)#. Pseudo Tribulation RealmII. BODY RECONSTRUCTION PHASE:(Heavenly tribulation Starts)1. Tribulation Realm(Forming lower dantian)2. Connate Realm(Forming middle dantian)3. Earthly Immortal(Forming upper dantian)4. Heavenly Immortal/False Gods5. True GodsIII. RANKS AFTER ASCENSION INTO ANOTHER WORLD1. Nascent Immortals (True Gods)2. Immortal Kings3. Immortal Emperors4. Cardinal Emperors4. Sovereign Immortal (True immortal)5. Overlords6. Celestial Warlords7. The Most Supreme IV. SUBCLASS/ STAGES1. Early3. Advanced 3. Intermediate 4. Expert5. Pinnacle

  • The Dragon Village

    The Dragon Village

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY MAGIC DRAGON

    ~~She's not of royal blood but she'll bring unity between the villages of Elysia. She'll be claimed as the silver haired ruler and qeeun of dragons. She'll lead her kingdom to peace in the shattered moonlight.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"You don't seem to understand are the only one left to take the throne". He said as we walked down the hallway. I groaned in frustration and rubbed my head, "Just because I am the last royal does not mean I need to take the throne, I never signed up for this type of responsibility." "THE THRONE CAN'T BE VACANT ANY LONGER PRINCESS, YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING", he scream from where he was standing. I heaved a tired sigh as I placed the paper down on the desk. "Gather all the people of Elysia aswell as the available messangers for a meeting" I said as I stood up and walked towards the door. Just as I reached him he asked "what about the council?" I reached for the door and looked at him from the corner of my eye "as the last royal, the council has no say in this". Without waiting for his reply I walked out. Stepping out on the stage I took a breath in for preparation. I smiled at all the people below me "Good day to everyone here and I do apologize for the sudden meeting but this delicate matter can no longer be ignored, yes it is true that I am the last royal but due to unforseen events I am unable to be your queen but as the last royal I have the right to give the throne to someone I trust-" I was cut of with murmurs of dissatisfaction. I rolled my eyes at the scene" what you did is wrong... You should've consulted us first!" came a angry voice, one of the council men. " I had the right to do that and I still do""you did good" he said as he stepped out of the shadows. I smiled at the sound of his voice"I just hope I made the right choice"

  • The Dumpling Village

    The Dumpling Village

    Sacred Dumplings and Wontons?! Idiotic pirates?! Weird dumpling god? Some dude who worships wontons? Some village that worships dumplings? A god is gonna die cuz of a dumpling that was stolen? Read this comedy/adventure story to know more ^_^