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  • Witty heart

    Witty heart

  • my witty girlfriend

    my witty girlfriend

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    Bhaskar is not your ordinary loner romcom protagonist he is more like a person who is side character in this stories. He is not too good to be the lead of shoujo and he is also not too bad to play the loner role.He is just person who plays the role of average person like most of us.His life changes when he meets this beautiful,composed,smart.and popular girl Anuja but is she actually like this or does she have a another personality which no one knows.This is the story of how this 2 fake people fall in love with each other and also abt their witty,shitty humour

  • Witty Name about the Force

    Witty Name about the Force


    Axel was once human, yet that was of his past life. Axel became a Zabrak after his bastard of a sister betrayed him leaving him behind for the endless void known as space to devour him. Axel will be known in his new life, he will become Dark Lord Axel and yet Grandmaster Axel of the Galatic Republic. What will he choose what challenges will he face towards his freshly paved path

  • Feral Confessions - Adrianna And The Alpha

    Feral Confessions - Adrianna And The Alpha



    (Warning: Mature Content After Chapter 70) Is this one of your typical teen fantasy romance novels? Well if you think that then you better read further! Her family disliked her. Her tendency to turn feral scared her grandfather. But that was exactly what Dmitri was looking for! Her tendency to turn feral, could it be any good? Entering into a forced union with him was something she would never do. She had built a castle around her heart, not letting anyone approach it. Witty, sharp, intelligent and fun-loving, Adrianna did not trust anyone. What happens in werewolf romance books, when an alpha who is calm, in control, merciless, extremely handsome and someone all werewolves feared, comes into the picture? Unfortunately, Dmitri doesn’t have many options open. The fights, the secret glances from across the room and the heated blushes. It is difficult to accept him. --- She was conflicted between herself and her wolf. Her wolf dragged her to him while she thought that Dmitri was wrong. If he was so wrong, why was she attracted to him? As she was struggling with her emotions, she heard a menacing growl and a threat. "Back off," he warned Pryce.  Adrianna looked at his face. He looked so dangerous , but she found it natural when her hand went up to his face to cup his cheek. She brushed her fingers across his cheek as though to calm him. Dmitri leaned his face onto her hand and closed his eyes. The two of them looked like two perfectly fitted puzzle pieces.  What was she doing, comforting the man who wanted to snatch away her freedom for a lifetime? Her thoughts stopped as her heart took over when she saw him leaning his face ontoin her hands. For Dmitri, this was the first time she had shown her affection for him and he was savoring every second. He squeezed her tighter just to check that she was really there, body and soul. She felt right in his arms and he wanted the world around them to melt forever.  Shifter romance books Discord - https://discord.gg/n9fN6rH https://www.instagram.com/mishakr12/ https://www.facebook.com/MishakWrites-111759630206886/ THIS IS A SERIES: Feral Confessions Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Prince (Ongoing) Ileus (Upcoming) Other novels by me: Two Contracts - My Lover is a CEO Sugar and Spice: The CEO's Feisty Wife

  • [BL] Capturing my Demon King Costar

    [BL] Capturing my Demon King Costar



    [BL - Mature Content] Yao Shen is a struggling actor, virtually anonymous to the public. That is, until the opportunity to star in an anticipated new cultivation drama comes along, and it finally seems like Yao Shen's fate is turning. The only problem? He'll be playing the love interest of 'movie Emperor' Xin Hulei -- the big star responsible for all his difficulties in breaking into the entertainment industry. Things only get worse when a 'Demonic Capture System' is activated after Yao Shen's first audition with Xin Hulei. Worse becomes worrying when Yao Shen realizes the events depicted in the drama might not be so fictional after all, and that maybe there's more to it than the System is telling him... --- Yao Shen: "What do you mean Xin Hulei is one of the Demon Kings? And it's my job to send him back to the demonic realm? I'm just a D-list celebrity, how am I qualified for this?" System: "There are rewards." Yao Shen: "..." Yao Shen: "Tell me more" --- hardworking, down on his luck, determined and witty MC with a short fuse x cold beauty, calculating and sly, blackbellied Demon ML, hellbent on revenge.

  • The Devil's Sweetheart

    The Devil's Sweetheart

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY


    °°Completed°°°°Alarm bell:Mature content. Slow ignition book. Burlesque comedy, sitcom, full-on entertainment°° °°A small caution: FL is a narcissist.°° "It's always been you and for the rest of my life, it will be you. Till my last breath, I will guard you with my life for eternity. My promise." A near-death experience made her fall into pits of despair. Her story should have ended by then, but did it? No! She raised against the odds. Five years, stardom followed Leena Hayes, she grew up to a renowned model, an entrepreneur, capsized her own company from scratch. She has achieved eminence in five years. Wang Devin, his name itself would turn the world into a frenzy, a rare mystique. A model turned business tycoon, his wealth knew no abundance, his power knew no boundaries. Handsome, sharp-tongued, he has been named as WholePackage in the modeling industry for his dapper style and charming looks. His razor-sharp tongue tied with the encounter of dazzling Leena and fell for her topsy-turvy. But he soon found it's not easy to tranquilize her heart, for she is a man-hater. Will he able to ignite the sparks in her heart? Will she reciprocate his love? .... Leena Hayes: Wacky, snazzy, sharp-witted, self-centered narcissist. Wang Devin: Spicy, sharp-tongued, helot to his sweetheart. She was the sugar. He was the spice. Their paths unexpectedly collided. Just after, everything felt nice. And they set off as tyrannizing mates. Come and experience the barrel of laughs with their amazing witty sallies. .... Their Love "I fell in love with your soul even before I touched your skin. If this is not true love_" "You touched my soul long before what your hands feel like. If this is not true love, then I don't know what else I could name our relationship." She completed it for him. ... Their Passion "I love how your breath pauses when I put my __" She blushed and hit his shoulder even before he could proceed further. Despite she loved his dirty side, she would never admit it to this shameless man. "Where did you throw your gentleman image Mr.Adonis." Pulling him by his shirt, she nibbled his jaw. "Trust me, sweetheart, I am still a gentleman with the real dirty mind, only for you." His raspy seductive whispers were enough to make her think of all the filthy things he would do to her. ... °°This is my original novel°° °°A sweet vis á vis story.°° °°Cover pic is edited according to my interest. All credits to the original owner°° °°Join the discord @: https://discord.gg/p4AWrb9°°My other books: When Clary Meets Leandre.IG : ansly_ylsna

  • She's Sweet, Witty, Adorable but Naughty

    She's Sweet, Witty, Adorable but Naughty


    She was a teenage girl at the age of seventeen. She grew up living with her mother. She never asked about her father nor did she care about having a father figure in her life.Until one day, the story changed. A certain rich man was disturbing her."What do you want from me?" "Your mother and her daughter""Nonsense!". Her oval face was twisted in fury. This man dares to have thoughts concerning her and her sweetheart."Hua'er, please tell our daughter to stop bullying me", the man whined."Kira, stop bullying your dad", her mother told her.Damnit! What happened to calling her baby?!This senseless biological father of hers dares to steal her mother's attention from her.Hmph! Dream on! I shall win this battle!

  • The Genius' First Love

    The Genius' First Love

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY MYSTERY


    Warning: Amazingly, absurdly and deliriously funny chaps ahead. Read and laugh at your own risk.--------------------------------------"You are one of my many dreams, and the only dream I wish I should have chased desperately" Darryl Lemmuel was an aspiring engineer. There was only one word to describe him—exceptional.He was the only male heir of the Lagdameo clan and the future of L Empire. Apart from that, he was rumored to be financially independent at the age of eight, tricked the present president of L empire—his father— into agreeing with his terms and left home at the age of sixteen to live on his own. He broke all the socialite’s rule to have a good taste of adventure! Xhemin Lae Dugmoch was a struggling botanist.Enrolled in an A-list school, she knew nothing but books, experiments and strawberries. As the granddaughter of a retired famous doctor, Xhemin was very keen in keeping her profile low as per her granddad's wishes. Nobody in the elite community knew that she existed and that her grandfather’s corporation— Feather HealthCare had an heir.One witty heir and one crazy strawberry girl; their predicament started when their life got tangled up against each other in a conference.HE suddenly became her target prey.And SHE was a little trouble not worthy of his attention.The trouble he soon learned to want— so desperately and dearly wanted.-----------------------After a long hiatus, daily updates resumes today (Feb 24, 2019 EST)Chapter release: 14 Chapters a week Regular Updates will be release at 4AM and 4PM EST. Bonus Chapters will be marked as bonusNote: The author publishes raw chapters daily. Editors are still backtracking the unedited parts.Cover picture is from www.pinterest.ph

  • A Fool Painter But Eventually Becomes a Witty Professor

    A Fool Painter But Eventually Becomes a Witty Professor


    Alex Thomarsi, a fool painter with heterochromia traits. Always get laughed and sometimes is bullied. Until one day, he accidentally stumbled and hit his head on a LEVEL Stone and immediately a system was installed in him.He begins to create more painting that have its peerless beauty. And is called by the palace. And, he's totally will not be used by them. So, what happens when he regains a title, a Professor?Flashback.Past. More funny acts from the MC. And, remembering the girl with brown haired and blue eyes that's always close his eyes and still thinking of her whereabouts.Present. More challenges on politics and some funny acts from many royal family.

  • The self-proclaimed king of seduction and his witty boss

    The self-proclaimed king of seduction and his witty boss

    Aijima Soue, a self-proclaimed king of seduction who works multiple jobs to support his sick siblings, is on a hidden relationship with the Tojou corporation's only heir, Tojou Murasaki. They are hiding their relationship because of the typical cliche... You guessed it! Murasaki's parents already engaged her with someone else. Can their relationship survive from the ever growing problems that they face? Or will they crumble, just like the leaves on the first day of winter?(PS: Btw the picture is from Scandalous! Go check it out here: https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/scandalous)

  • Edward In Love

    Edward In Love


    ‘Could he learn to love me? Without fear? Without hesitation? To love me with my flaws, as they are many and to wake up every morning and choose me.’ Edward Coleman never questioned himself. Never questioned the successful billionaire he had become or the womanizer he was so famously known for. Yet after his heart is broken by a woman, he realized he could never truly have. He reaches an all time low and thought he would never be able to move on. Or so he thought. Soon he meets Vasili Chernyshevsky; a Russian man with a sharp mouth and witty comments. Their friendship is unconventional and chaotic, but for both it seemed to save them from despair. So what happens when Edward starts questioning himself in more ways than one? When his new best friend seems to derail his life in more ways than he had suspected.

  • Power Up, Artist Yang!

    Power Up, Artist Yang!



    At 24 years old, Yang Yujia is an unemployed art major, living off heavy debt and instant noodles. During a high-school reunion, Yujia gets drunk, does stupid things, and when she wakes up again, Yujia is no longer in the correct world, time-period, or body. Unfortunately, as a transmigrator, Yujia does not seem to have much luck either— instead of transmigrating with a set of stunning martial arts skills, knowledge that would aid her in troubling situations, or a position of royalty that would make her life much easier, Yujia is the fourth (illegitimate) daughter of a small merchant. And what skills does she have to help her survive this world? A pretty face, witty mouth, and useless artistic talent? Good enough. ... UPDATES: 4x per week WORDS PER CHAPTER: 700-2.5k Let's chat on discord! https://discord.gg/UrqESYT Donate to my Ko-Fi here! https://ko-fi.com/yaoyueyi Find more PUAY on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/yuecubed/ A big thank you to my editor-- @Daoist04825311

  • The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince

    The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince


    The Crown Prince and Allynna have been destined to only be capable of loving one another since Allynna was born. But it was also their destiny that Allynna was kidnapped a few days after being born. Luckily, Allynna lives. She was raised by an ordinary couple on a small island far away from the capital to be a witty, brave, and beautiful girl. Then one faithful day, after a long and full of determination search… Now a grown-up but very cold, emotionless, loveless, Crown Prince Eleon found the only woman he could be capable of loving. Since then, their romance story began. But, many unexpected events shake their journey to love. In that journey, they find their true nemesis. _____ "Miss Allynna, I can help you to find your real parents." Allynna was surprised to hear that. How could he know she has a real family? Before her parents died, she learned that she was adopted and not their biological daughter. After her parents died, she wanted to know why her birth parents dumped her on the far end of the Bellsor Empire, Sarlun Island. This will become her priority now. To find out about her past. "Do you, Miss Allynna, want to know your real parent?" The mysterious man's cold and emotionless voice snapped Allynna from her thoughts. She nodded, agreeing with him. "But, I have two conditions." He said coldly. Allynna silently took a deep sigh. Her witty mind knows it! There is such thing as a free lunch in this world. After a few seconds of silence, she bravely asks him… "Conditions? I need to know what they are first before I can say anything. So, what are the conditions?" The man stood up from the sofa gracefully. His long black coat hung down to his knees as he stood majestically towards the large window pane. His eyes looked at the scenery out of the window. Allynna's gaze followed the man's movement. In her entire life on this island, she has never seen a man as handsome and perfect as this mysterious man. She felt a bit strange when she noticed him, and at the same time, she felt a tremor in her heart. "First, you need to move to the Capital." "Second. I want you to willingly marry me." He said without looking at her. "W-H-A-T??" She shouted in her mind in shock. "Is this man crazy? Asking her to marry on the first time they met?" Her eyes widened in disbelief at what she had just heard. ____ Author Novel: 1. DAMN! I FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM (Completed) 2. The Bride Of Immortal Crown Prince 3. Rebirth: Dancing In My Destiny _____ Instagram account: authorpurplelight Discord server: https://discord.gg/PxyCf4Dj _____ *Cover commission by Jieundesign_ _____

  • Coerced Wedlock

    Coerced Wedlock


    Mehul is a handsome, decent, nice young man, he is forced to marry the daughter of his father's friend as they were betrothed to each other. Who gets betrothed in this century? ...... He marry her with a promise to himself that she would regret that she married him.Megha is very beautiful, smart, witty, talented and feisty.They start their marriage with hating eachother and gradually fall in love.....Let's enjoy their journey with them...

  • Hate You, Love You.

    Hate You, Love You.



    Adelaide Montessori Prep, school for the children of the rich and upper-class members of the social ladder. So what is Melody Jones doing in a school like that? One word: Scholarship. ......................... Meet Melody: Melody is not a damsel in distress. She's witty, sassy, and badass, but one person just seems to irk her every time: Jason Blunt. Meet Jason: Son of a famous model and hot shot lawyer, Jason is living the high life: luxury vacations, private jets and designer everything. He seems to have it all but he just can't seem to stand one person: Melody Jones. But they both have secrets, and once they get woven into each other's web, it will change their perceptions about each other forever. Like they always say: There's always a fine line between love and hate. NOTE: Unless stated otherwise, this book would be told from the female lead's (Melody) perspective.

  • Feigned to Real

    Feigned to Real


    Maurvi is a very pretty, smart, bubbly and innocent girl. She is a kind of friend, anyone would wish to have. She wants to save her friend from getting too involved with a guy who is not too good for her. But she needs help in order to help her friend......Gautam is a tall, dark, handsome, doctor. He is smart, funny and witty. He needs to take help from someone to get out of an awkward situation with his friend. He comes out with a perfect solution...... Join their journey and find out how they fall for each other for real.....️️

  • The Date Swap

    The Date Swap

    Life for Nori Chen has always been safe. Her job, her life, even her takeout orders. But one blind date night changes everything when she steps into the wrong car and into CEO Bradford Holmes' existence. When Brad discovers that he has unwittingly made the biggest mistake of his whole career, they decide to team up to set things straight. Disaster follows this awkward duo at every turn as they try to unswap their dates. Hate at first sight is an understatement for these two, but when Nori finds herself in desperate need of help, against all odds Brad steps up. In this witty contemporary romance where two polar opposites have to play for the same team, all things will come to light, even the things that would rather stay hidden. Secrets and mishaps will test them both, but will they be strong enough to overcome their mistrust of each other? Can Nori let go of her past so she can have a future? The Date Swap is created by Viktoria Pockette, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Cattenach Ranch

    Cattenach Ranch

    Kelly Moran is a bestselling author of enchanting ever-afters. She gets her ideas from everyone and everything around her and there's always a book playing out in her head. No one who knows her bats an eyelash when she talks to herself. Kelly is a RITA® Finalist, RONE Award-Winner, Catherine Award-Winner, Readers Choice Finalist, Holt Medallion Finalist, and landed on the "Must Read" & "10 Best Reads" lists at USA TODAY's Lifestyle blog. She is a proud Romance Writers of America® member, where she was an Award of Excellence Finalist. Her books have foreign translation rights in Germany, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. Kelly's interests include: sappy movies, MLB, NFL, driving others insane, and sleeping when she can. She is a closet coffee junkie and chocoholic, but don't tell anyone. She's originally from Wisconsin, but she resides in South Carolina with her three sons, her two dogs, and a cat. She loves hearing from her readers. www.AuthorKellyMoran.com Nearly the last remaining member of Olivia Cattenach's family has just died overseas and left her overcome by grief. But when a soldier shows up at her ranch with a final message from her brother, she finds new purpose. Nathan Roldan is as formidable as they come. Bulging muscles and inked to boot, he looks like every bit the bad boy he claims to be. Except, under his shuttered gaze and behind his walls lies a gentle giant. Determined to carry out her brother's wishes, she chips away at Nate's layers and discovers more pain than any person should ever have to endure. And a passion she never dreamed was possible. He's not the hero she thinks he is... Nate's mistake got a fellow comrade killed, and a deathbed promise to take care of the guy's sister lands him in Wyoming with the hope of redemption. But he wasn't expecting...her. Beautiful, witty, and sweet, Olivia is everything he doesn't deserve. Born a nothing, he'll die a nothing. Though guilt is a living thing, temptation is too hard to resist. Somehow, she's unleashing his restraint and unearthing feelings he buried long ago. He wants her. More, he's worried he needs her. She's trying to save him, but when she learns the truth, he'll lose the only happiness he's ever known. "An emotionally raw story with beautiful prose. A compelling read." ~Katie Ashley, New York Times & USA Today Bestseller

  • Morna goddess of death

    Morna goddess of death

    This novel is being edited……She died tragically by her family's hand and even after death she faced another dilemma in form of Lord of death himself....Just a single touch I was claimed as his wife to be...I wanted a peaceful death but what I got was tribulations... betrayal...politics....and lots of steamy romance...it was after life full of twist but if I spent it in the arms of Overlord....that's a nirvana my friendOverlordHer Touch was my first taste of pleasure....her revenge was my revenge and her retribution mine.....I declared her my Queen of underworld and she became my Queen of hearts....I love her wicked, devious mind...her witty remarks...she became my everything and just for her I will make my reign the most powerful rule ever seen. If destruction they seek apocalypse will be brought... Let them come for my wife they will find Devil himselfArt work rights goes to original creator

  • Groupie


    Groupie: a person, especially a young woman, who regularly follows a celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them. See example Tiffany Wendel: Whore. Slut. Cleat Chaser. I’m used to the names so they don’t bother me. So what if I like to have dirty sex? My body is no one’s business but mine. Why is Rowen Flanigan making me re-think how I live my life? He’s only a rookie. rookie: a member of an athletic team in his first full season in that sport. See example Rowen Flanigan: Player. Son of a legend. Rookie. Sure, I’d heard the stories of the groupies. I’ve just been more sheltered than my teammates. I didn’t expect her to be smart. Witty. Kind. She brings me to my knees in every way. So how did I end up falling for a groupie? And how is this going to work when everyone at my job has had a piece of the one thing I haven’t? Contains explicit content and is recommended for readers ages 18+. Groupie is created by M.E. Carter, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.