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    Already consumed by sorrow, a grieving Emily Mendozas navigates the real world outside of a broken home, and a safe haven. In the process of rebuilding her life, she encounters someone who changes her outlook on love, life, and so much more. Before she knows it, she is in the middle of a blossoming romance, tragedies, and a life that she will surely remember. *some language and mildly explicit content*



    Mann Singh was invited to do an inauguration of Ayush Vedi new gym where both met each other. Ayush fell in love with Mann at first sight. After a few meetings in the gym and shooting set, they both have confessed they love each other. They even understand that their relationship is completely genuine, and they can't live without each other. The media and their family became aware of it. " What will happen next?"°°°°Acceptance is a story inspired by a web series called "Romil and Jugal".

  • Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce

    Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce



    Shen Yan insisted on marrying this Fu Hang even at the risk of being abandoned by her family and relatives. She thought that after three years, she would be able to melt the ice in his heart. However, when this man detained her and forced her to kneel in front of his family to confess to mistakes she never committed, Shen Yan realized that this man's heart was made of ice. When she fell into the water alongside her elder sister-in-law, Lin Xing, Fu Hang jumped down at the first moment and saved Lin Xing. He carried Lin Xing to the hospital while Shen Yan, who did not know how to swim, could only wait for the guard to save her. The child in Lin Xing's stomach could not survive the ordeal and she had a miscarriage. Fu Hang brought Shen Yan to his family without any explanation and asked her to kneel and admit her mistake. His eyes under his sharp brows were piercingly ruthless as if he stabbed a knife into Shen Yan's heart. "After Big Brother passed away, he only left a child behind. You shouldn't have killed this child!" "I didn't do it. She jumped down herself!" "What are you waiting for? Kneel and admit your mistake!" Three years into her marriage, Shen Yan was convinced that even a dog was more valuable than her in the Fu family, what more Lin Xing who Fu Hang really loved. Right before one of her kneecaps was about to land on the ground, Fu Hang still thought that Shen Yan would admit to her mistake. Little did he expect Shen Yan to slowly straighten up and said, "Fu Hang, let's divorce. I'll just pretend that I fed the past three years to the dogs. Nobody is worth wasting my youth on after this!" Therefore, Shen Yan decided to return home and accept her inheritance that was worth hundreds of billions. A glorious life awaited!

  • The Acceptance

    The Acceptance

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE MYSTERY

    She was turning twenty one and had not shifted as yet, and was considered ugly and fat. However, her upside in things were that she was very intelligent and observant. Many believed she was a mute, including her pack members.However, things started to look on the upside as she was one of the few in her college to get a scholarship to attend the main university in another city. She was coming to the end of her degree and needed to pass the final courses, but the future queen selection started the just on the last day of the lecturers and to Angel's dismay she was also among those marked. The mark didn't agree at first but then something happened and it started to agree, Angel had no choice to be a part of the selection competitions and training as well as try to continue studying as she was also seeking her own independence, but there was also a requirement in the scholarship package she had to fulfil which could affect her selection and independence and maybe her studies.On the other hand he was engaged and didn't know about it, but that changed as he had to participate in the selection process. He didn't expect that the first girl he saw was the fattest and ugliest girl he ever saw but he still accepted her for who she was. Since he had done the things required to become the next king he really didn't want to participate anymore but then the people around the girl requested more of him and as such he had to work harder. At first everything was going good for them but then things started to become more complicated.

  • Hugs of Acceptance

    Hugs of Acceptance

    Sunshine parents died early when she was just 7 years old. At that time, she felt that there's no reason to continue her life in this world. Blessed enough, her grandmother stay with her side until she finally recovered on the painful tragedy she experienced. Her grandmother never gave up on her, until she grew up in a very cheerful, kind and loving woman. One day, her envious classmate revealed a secret. But it is her greatest secret that she doesn't want anyone to know. Because she thought that when the time it is expose everyone will turn their back on her.

  • Acceptance of Death

    Acceptance of Death

    Horror&Thriller DARK URBAN

    A family is shopping at a store when disaster strikes.

  • The Call of Acceptance

    The Call of Acceptance

  • Acceptance - Sequel

    Acceptance - Sequel


    Sequel to Famiglia su Tutto (Family Over Everything)Alessandra Mazzanti, 18, was promised to wed Vincenzo Bianchi, 25, while she was still forming in her mother's womb.Alessandra was born into a Mafia family with 6 older brothers. Only, she never knew they existed until she was 13 years old.She was kidnapped by her own mother, at the tender age of 2 years old. Her mother was against the arranged marriage, and wanted her daughter to be safe away from the Mafia.Alessandra's mother was murdered when she was 13, which is when she found out about her brothers, and that her father passed away only 3 years before they found her.Her strict brothers wanted to carry on with the arranged marriage, and informed her about it when she was 14.Of course, she was outraged, but she was given no option, so she grew to accept the arrangement.Now, she's about to take this massive step for the sake of her family's alliance with the Bianchi family Mafia.She's about to marry the Capo dei Capi, Vincenzo Bianchi, and become the young Mafia Queen she was born to be.Will she be able to break through his cold demeanor, and his stone heart. Or will he force her to run away, and try to find a happy life?

  • So Be It - Acceptance.

    So Be It - Acceptance.

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE

    We cohabited after 3 months of dating.The first night after we moved to our apartment I asked him "When will you marry me?""When will you buy me a ring?" He answered"I am serious.""Me too. I love you""I know."Then we both laughed.Too sudden? Not for us. We both want it. We are happy and excited. We can't wait to face the real world. Young lovers, they say.Playing house, they say.Let them be.

  • Acceptance - The Conscious Awakening

    Acceptance - The Conscious Awakening

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    Sometimes, it all narrows down to acceptance. Acceptance of your choices, and their repercussions. To heal, acceptance is important. Emotional scars hold the capacity to suffocate one to death. The invisible emotional scars... leave you desperate for help but quite rarely, they find a voice to actually step up and ask for the same. Excerpt: “Out of everything, Ayden – out of everything – this was the most hurtful thing that you could do to me. You set up a guy to woo me to see if I’ll betray you for him or not? You… you made him act that ultra-rich way, didn’t you? You think so low of me, Ayden? So low? Three years. We have been together for three freaking years and yet?” Irene’s eyes began welling up with tears but she held them back with great difficulty. “I am sorry. I know I have been a jerk in doing what I did. I accept it. I was insecure. You are,” his palm caressed her cheek, “so beautiful. You always were and I… an ugly overweight creature.” His gaze dropped to the ground. “I thought -” “We are over.” Discord server link - Cover Credit - @YaoYueyi

  • Almorest: Acceptance

    Almorest: Acceptance


    It's been several hundred years since the Nisyhs War. All the kingdoms are at peace with each other. Ever kingdom except for Onallera. It is all going to change with one small move.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lucifer is the half-breed prince of Onallera. That means he isn't respected by any of his people. So when he has the chance to save all of Almorest he takes it. But it will come at a cost. That means betraying his people and warning the kingdom of Zounad of a possible war. Will these people believe him or is his journey just the beginning of many mistakes?

  • Gaining Acceptance (Deleted)

    Gaining Acceptance (Deleted)

    Forced into a situation not of his choosing, can Zichri keep the peace between his peoples while following the Supi's guidance?

  • Acceptance: Althea Valldin

    Acceptance: Althea Valldin

    Teen FAMILY

    Years has come, and the accident night born a beautiful strong little lady and handsome boy. When Thea first saw them in her arms, she thought to herself. Can she accept them? They are a mistake and they resemble of him. How can she accept an angel when it's just an accident? Not until......She met HIM the guy that years ago, the father of her kids. Could he accept Thea again and accept her kids? But what if he regret he love her and bore a child? What if he deny her child? What if all of my sacrifices is not worth? What if they finaly met? Will that what if fade away?

  • Acceptance Of Being Different

    Acceptance Of Being Different

  • Our Journey To Acceptance

    Our Journey To Acceptance


    Four chosen cats must find each other during a seemingly helpless war as the Jaggedstag's hunger for power grows. When the first snowfalls and the storms encourage the flooding of the streams, how will one she-cat lead two different clans into a battle?When the Birch and Elm meet will they recognize the things they must do? Will starclan guide their living clanmates to victory will they leave them behind in the dust and rumble that the war leaves behind?How will the cats who show love and compassion face off to those who cravemore than such rarities; How bout a greed for such power that extends its claw further than any before; reaching to all four corners of the lake and clawing inword to keep Starclans gates sealed shut fro those who oppose him

  • Reality's Acceptance

    Reality's Acceptance

    Fantasy REVENGE

    Published this by mistake, nothing to read here. Sorry about that.

  • Dismay and Acceptance (A sip of beer)

    Dismay and Acceptance (A sip of beer)

    Perhaps it were a simple misstep that led to this unfortunate encounter resulting in this completely unnecessary situation life decided to give him on a silver plater. Or maybe it was that misfortune found it's most favorite person in the entire planet and decided to bless him with the worst life had to offer.Blood in his hands and realizations occur to him. Things that a young self would cry and scream over and yell at the world for all his bad luck while he just sits there contemplating what to do next. Stuck inside his head since there wasn't much to do in such a small cell.Monologues describing illusion from reality and vica versa with a hint of dry humor if you squint.Admittedly, Dream was the worst but he could get used to this._______________________________________________The 9 months with Dream in prison. In which Tommy develops a friend-enemy type of relationship with the masked man. Or:How a kind, expressive and most importantly loyal Tommy turned into a cruel, seemingly emotionless and worst of all, backstabbing Henry. Let's pray the worst is yet to come.

  • The Lingering Scent of Acceptance

    The Lingering Scent of Acceptance

    Sci-fi Romance SLICEOFLIFE

    A humanoid feline species was an experimental subject of some organisation although due to certain reasons she's now allowed to stay and mingle with the society which is full of humans. Due to the difference in lineage and appearance she confronts a lot of people whispering around her back. The March month was about to end and so she finally mustered up her courage to work in a shop and become a working societal member. In the shop she met with a man in his 20s who was apparently the owner of the bakery shop. They'd a conversation and she found out many things about the man and has gotten to know herself more. How was her short time she spent with the man and what were her feelings about it?

  • Accepting Fate

    Accepting Fate


    Kora leads a pretty boring life in her opinion. She's fine with that. Witches and shape shifters, even immortal warriors are all better off in TV and books. However when a rather ordinary looking diary comes into her thrift shop, Kora has no idea how badly her world is about to change. By accident she summons a demi god that is bound by the rules of his book. Curse to serve the one that summons him and do as they tell him. Orion is a slave to his masters wishes, but the only silver lining is that for every five commands, he gets to command one from his master. Orion has never had a master like Kora before. The fact she treats Orion like an actual living creature turns his head. For once he can not wait to reach his turn to give a command of his master. Orion has every intention of enjoying Kora. After all, how can you deny yourself one that actually makes you feel alive?