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  • Finding Forgiveness

    Finding Forgiveness

    If you thought I was just going to just look into his watery blue eyes and simply forgive and forget, you can think again. If only it could have been that easy. After my own mate murdered my brother, things were say the very least. But what I didn't know was that this was just the first distant warning of the violent storm ahead. One that would throw everything into perspective, one that would give me memories I will never forget and one that would begin with a fateful car journey to Mexico and the hope of finding forgiveness.

  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation

    Forgiveness and Reconciliation

    Jonas Knight is the President of Chestan. He's campaigning for a second term, but his life is in danger. He needs someone capable of protecting him, someone who is better trained than all of the presidential guards. He certainly doesn't imagine that someone to be Carson Brooks, his ex-boyfriend. He definitely doesn't expect to still have feelings for Carson.<br><br>Carson is newly retired from the army and the ghost team, which is a special group that is made up of the best members of the military. He's the best candidate to protect the president. He's uncertain about his reception, though. After all, he dumped Jonas eighteen years ago because he was more worried about advancing his career in the military. He doesn't think it's a good idea for him to appear in front of Jonas now. However, he still cares for Jonas. He also discovers he has lingering feelings for Jonas after all these years.<br><br>Can the two men work through their differences and find a way to get back together?

  • Power of Forgiveness

    Power of Forgiveness

  • Unforgivable Forgiveness

    Unforgivable Forgiveness


  • Forget and Forgiveness

    Forget and Forgiveness

  • A forbidden forgiveness

    A forbidden forgiveness


  • The Path of Forgiveness

    The Path of Forgiveness


    After making a terrible mistake and paying the price for it The Fallen becomes a mortal. Now living a mortal life The Fallen must learn and adapt. When he Finds a boy in his barn The Fallen takes him in. Before long the boy fills his belly and runs off, leaving The Fallen curious and confused. After a time The Fallen adopts a new name, Miles. What is with the strange young man in the woods? Will the boy who comes and goes as he pleases ever settle down? Will the boy ever talk to Miles? Will Miles give in to an Ex-ally or will he learn to move on and learn to forgive himself?

  • The Curse of Forgiveness

    The Curse of Forgiveness

    From a time that man furthest remembers, humanity was given a gift. And this gift gave birth to a country. Blank. Thousands of years later and Kaiya decides to attend the first flame ceremony, but not everything goes perfectly as planned...

  • This Is Not A Tale Of Forgiveness

    This Is Not A Tale Of Forgiveness


    Since the dissolution of the Union Of Rossa, in 1991, United Kingdom of Amerikee regained its power over the world. Defeating the rival nation, UKA became the most dominant and tyrannical nation among the whole world ina ll the aspects be it economical, political, social or geographical.For the past thirty years, UKA has been following oligarchy form of government where wealthy and intellectual are ruling and heavily influencing the nation. A story about five most powerful kingdoms fighting for their greed to be on the top, consisting of revenge, brewing murders, plottwists, assassinations, romance, greed for power and more to look out for.Alexanna Melanie Spence, a 20 year old girl grand daughter of the Spence, daughter of ...After having gone through so much, she has returned to find the truth of her past, her family, her forgotten first love and to get everything that is hers back. A revenge story with a love twist.

  • Forgiveness Forgetful Kindness

    Forgiveness Forgetful Kindness

  • Faith, love forgiveness

    Faith, love forgiveness

  • Angry, Hurt and Forgiveness

    Angry, Hurt and Forgiveness

  • The Spirit That Needs Forgiveness

    The Spirit That Needs Forgiveness

    The story of my life. The beginning of cleansing my spirit.

  • Forgiveness Isn't Hard

    Forgiveness Isn't Hard

    The last person Kai was hoping to see was his first love who also was his heartbreak. Moving to a new town, wanting to start over, follow his passions and grow as a person, Kai was ready to face his new start and beginning but his past was not ready to let him go and he was not ready to let it go too. Will he be able to ignore his past and focus on him? Or will he let his past hold him back? Find out in this novel.

  • "Forgiveness is nobler than revenge"

    "Forgiveness is nobler than revenge"

  • The queen of war of forgiveness.

    The queen of war of forgiveness.

    Historical Romance COMEDY MAGIC

    about a girl who was controlled by God's hands she was a doll. She realized what God did to the humans of loosing lives for years and being controlling human turning them into dolls. It took 3 years with being controlled by God's hand. why did he create the earth if he wanted humans gone cause of the evil hate in his heart he hand turned angels evil and than my plan started in action needing the help of Satan to block my mind to get my help of allies. I started getting an army slowly but I met angels that's helped me as I met them see told me that's she had plans I first met this girl when she wanted to make a soul deal. that's when it all started for this crazy story. but theirs more to tell you in this book if you Don't think it's interesting check inside at what just 1 person did to change the world.

  • The Silent Princess: A quest for forgiveness

    The Silent Princess: A quest for forgiveness

  • The Abandoned Husband Dominates

    The Abandoned Husband Dominates



    After three years of being married to an unfaithful wife, the multi-billionaire is chased out of his home! After the divorce... His unfaithful ex-wife comes begging for forgiveness while she says, “I was wrong, please give me another chance!” Meanwhile, his former mother-in-law pleads, “Please be my son-in-law, I’ll do your laundry, prepare your meals, and serve you well!” "It’s too late to regret..."

  • After Rebirth, The Scum All Cry For Forgiveness

    After Rebirth, The Scum All Cry For Forgiveness

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION REBIRTH

    NOT MY NOVEL. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE AUTHOR.(Just wanted a goodish English translation of it also didn't get paid or asked to do this so I will take it down if asked by the author/web novel staff.)Zhong Youyou went into a book. With a good mind in real life, she became well-known in this book and soon became a schoolmaster. At the same time, her reborn parents, brother, and fiancee began to regret, regretting that they did not treat Zhong Youyou well in the previous life, and must make compensation in this life…But will she allow them?

  • Young Master Huo's Private Treasure: Hubby, Please Forgive Me

    Young Master Huo's Private Treasure: Hubby, Please Forgive Me


    One day, on a certain bed, Li Miaoke was covering her body, now littered with love bites, and complaining with tears in her eyes, “Divorce! I want a divorce!” The satiated man raised an eyebrow. “Reason?” Li Miaoke said, “You’re too old! You’re older than me by seven years!” “Too old?” The man’s voice was dangerously low as he said, “Come, my dear, let’s hear you say that again.” Li Miaoke blushed. “I-I just want a divorce. You’re old and you have poor health!” Huo Quan sneered. “Old? Poor health? Since you have such a profound misunderstanding of me, I’ll just have to prove it to you with my body.” Realizing that something was off, Li Miaoke dragged her aching body away in an attempt to escape. Yet, the man’s belt bounded her wrists the next instant, and Huo Quan urged gently, “This time, I won’t let you go no matter how you beg.” The bed shook again and Li Miaoke teared up from being bullied. Her legs now felt like lead and she couldn’t lift them up anymore. “Hubby, Hubby, I was wrong. I won’t mention a divorce anymore.” “Too late.” With his interest piqued, the man smiled dangerously. Feeling no pity for her, he forcibly turned her over so that she was on her knees, and he could enter deeper from behind. After that… Li Miaoke, who had been tortured in and out of consciousness, became extra sensitive to the word ‘divorce’. It was also this day that she learned that if this man was to unleash his full potential in bed, she couldn’t take it at all! Thus, Huo Quan would occasionally tease her. “My dear, do you feel like getting a divorce today?” Li Miaoke’s back straightened. “Divorce? What divorce? I’m never going to divorce, ever!”

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