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    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE

    Seorang pemuda tinggi dengan kulit nya yang bersih mengakui dirinya bahwa ia akan selalu menjadi pengangum rahasia seorang gadis seumur hidupnya. Gadis itu tak lain ialah .... ...... Sharon Felicia Namun disaat gadis itu menyadari keberadaan pemuda yang menjadi pengagum dirinya, pemuda itu tak tampak sedikit pun dari hadapan gadis itu. Lalu kemana perginya pemuda yang mengaku akan menjadi pengangum rahasia nya seumur hidup nya ? Akan kah kedua nya bersatu ?

  • Not Secret Admirer

    Not Secret Admirer

    Gardapati Restama (27 th) mengagumi seorang Dianita Mahendra (26 th) selama tiga tahun lamanya, tak berani mendekat karena latar belakang yang berbeda. Bukan mengenai kasta, tapi mengenai masa lalu keduanya yang seperti bumi dan langit. Tapi bagi Dianita, hanya Gardapati lah yang pantas menjadi suaminya, meski masa lalu dari Gardapati sangat menyakiti hatinya. Lalu apa yang terjadi jika ternyata bukan hanya perbedaan latar belakang yang keduanya temui? Terlebih dua anak pertama yang menjadi pasangan? Akankah mereka bisa menekan kerasnya hati mereka atau justru lebih mengalah dan berpisah? Cover edited by Canva Free Image source by pexels Instagram : onlyoneelse

  • Unknown Admirer

    Unknown Admirer

    Napagdesisyunan ni Lianna na tumira na sa mansion na ipinamana sa kanya ng kanyang butihing Lola matapos nitong pumanaw. Inakala nya na magiging maayos na ang pagtira nya doon ngunit tila nagulo ang tahimik nyang pamumuhay nang dahil sa letter na nakita niyang iniluwa sa pintuan ng ipinagbabawal na kwarto ng mansion. Nakapagtataka rin dahil 2020 na at hindi na uso ang pagsusulat ng liham pero patuloy pa rin ang ang natatanggap nya. Di naman nya maitatanggi na unti unti na syang nahuhulog sa nagpapadala niyon. Ngunit magawa pa kaya nyang mahalin kung ang nasa likod ng malalalim at mabubulaklak na liham na iyon ay hindi isang pangkaraniwang nilalang?At ano kaya ang koneksyon niya sa sinasabi nitong siya daw si Valena?




    She's different. Not the typical teenage girl next door with raging hormones. She doesn’t succumb to peer pressure. She has dreams and aspirations which she always works towards achieving.One of them is to become Successful. And the second is her Quest for true Love.“Love is like a friendship caught on fire-”----Bruce Lee.Love is Sacrifice.Love is giving without expecting in return.Love is magical....and it hurts!"I love you" she silently confessed."Oh," he replied. Her first.She loved him but he had eyes for someone else. In doing so, he crushed the little hope and faith she had in that word; “LOVE”.That love gradually developed into hate. In life, you don't always get what you want.On this bright day, as she goes through the pictures her mom asked her to take and send via WhatsApp- the ones where she dolled up in her favorite mauve abaya leaving her hair open, the cell phone fell from her hands.She had taken the pictures close to her window- away from the sitting room, and peering into her initially smiling face is a pair of eyes staring blatantly at her through the window.It is HIS eyes! Those dark eyes...They are covered with a mask. As always.She knows she is being watched. She can feel the shiver run down her spine.Life couldn't be less fair for sweet, kind, and innocent Zahra Muhammad who has been trying to make ends meet for herself and her little family.However, She unexpectedly finds herself entangled with three men she met on different occasions. She is to each of them, a love interest and they all profess undying love to her...Fate is a master planner. It always has so much in store for everyone. Master plans for all.Zahra is in knee-deep trouble because, in this entanglement, she also finds herself intertwined with a total Sociopath. Who will be her knight in shining armor among the trio? Will she be rescued?? Can she?Will his love triumph???Delve into the sizzling rollercoaster of Zahra's life to find out more. QUEEN FATUSHAll Rights Reserved.

  • the Secret Admirer

    the Secret Admirer

  • 'Secret Admirer'

    'Secret Admirer'


    It's a story about a mysterious girl who always express her feelings by writing a letter to a boy who's clueless about her true identity.

  • Secret admirer

    Secret admirer

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE COMEDY

    "Percuma juga aku mengatakan kalau aku mencintaimu, jika saja kamu tidak pernah menganggap ku sebagai seorang lelaki."Menjadi Screet Admirer bukanlah hal yang mudah untuk di lakukan oleh setiap orang. Banyak alasan kenapa seseorang lebih memilih menjadi Screet Admirer dan memendam perasaannya sendiri tanpa harus mengungkapkannya. Sama halnya dengan Ausin. Laki-laki berkeperawakan tinggi dan jangkung ini sangat menyukai seorang gadis yang selalu saja mengganggu hidupnya. Setiap hari, Ausin harus menguras emosi karena tingkah jahil dari Anggun. Anggun sendiri masa bodo saat tingkah jahilnya mengganggu hidup Ausin. Mereka terbiasa bersama. Kemana-mana selalu berdua. Tidak ada yang bisa memisahkan mereka. Kecuali kematian dan cinta.



  • secret admirer boss

    secret admirer boss


    Mayang adalah gadis kutu buku dan cupu suatu hari dia ketahuan mencintai teman sekelasnya yang famous karena ketampanannya yang tiada Tara.. tapi dia DITOLAK! Hingga ketika dia lulus dari sebuah universitas dan melamar pekerjaan sebagai sekretaris CEO, dia bertemu lagi dengan laki-laki yang menolaknya itu.. Tapi sang CEO tak lagi mengenalnya, karena gadis kutu buku nan cupu telah berubah menjadi perempuan cantik bak model internasional. kira-kira Mayang akan berjuang untuk dapat cinta sang CEO lagi atau akan membalas dendam karena penolakannya dahulu??? Cusss guys....

  • The Secret Admirer

    The Secret Admirer


    A story about Ema, a young teen girl who lives a wonderful life with her father and friends until she recieves a visit from a secret admirer. Ema has a wonderful relation with her single dad until she finds out the tragic truth behind his past through the admirer. Is it really what she's been told? What happens when she finds out she isn't alone?how will she find the truth about her fathers past.i hope you read this,it is my first story.story in progress... :)

  • Annoying Admirer

    Annoying Admirer

  • Stalker - admirer

    Stalker - admirer

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION

  • Be The Secret Admirer

    Be The Secret Admirer


    'Everyone has their secret admirer, that's what I think about it...Ahh!!They could do whatever they want to do so that's not my business though!'While she's thinking about that, Shi Yan goes to the canteen with her head down after heard the 'gossip girls' shrieking and looking at someone with loud sounds then talked around her.Until...'Bamm...!'"Ahhh...What the heck!!"Unfortunately, Shi Yan bumps into someone and falls on the floor. She hears the mad man's voice yell and curses in front of her, with the lower and sweet sounds she talks."Uhh...It hurts!"Then, she looked at her leg and thought about it'It looks like my ankle was sprained just now, though I can treat it myself maybe..'While she was talking and thinking to herself, there were some other cool sounds in the air and she looked at it.**********Wanna know what'll happen next? And who's that? Follow Shi Yan adventure love story and how could she become the secret admirer?This story is about a high school teenage girl, Shi Yan who's cold and nerdy person turned into a beautiful and cheerful girl, who could have a secret admirer. And her secret admirer was the one who had saved her. It's Li Shuxian or Fang Xuedao? What has happened in the past? And what'll be happening in the future?Full of love, friendship, conflict in the family, some mysterious and a lot of crazy jokes with a sense of humor are waiting for you! Start your reading now! ✔Note: This story is fiction.

  • Secret Admirer (BakufemTodo)

    Secret Admirer (BakufemTodo)

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

  • My (Admirer) in Disguise

    My (Admirer) in Disguise

    Teen R18

    Elisse started to venture everything when she found out that she have a mysterious admirer. She don't know if the word admirer is the thing to use because she feel unsafe. She felt that something is going on and she can't still figure it out. She feel guilty even if she's not doing something bad.

  • The Seniorita's Admirer

    The Seniorita's Admirer

    After a one night stand with her professor, Emelia Valdez became pregnant with no man to shoulder on. Apparently, the professor who had her impregnated disappeared out of nothingness and had never been seen again. Meanwhile, an unknown number continued to bother her after two months passing. With whoever owns the number and how he shows kindness and comfort, Emelia couldn't help but wonder. Just as she was also ready to move on with her new life together with her new professor Mrs. Crawford, those three men that had ruined her suddenly came back into her life. James, Zoren and Oddie; three reasons why her heart broke into millions of pieces. If those three men comes back into her life, will she learn to open herself again and love? Let's find out who's our señorita's secret admirer.

  • Secret admirer(Drarry)

    Secret admirer(Drarry)



    Pernahkah kamu mengalami hal yang sama dengan diriku? Memiliki seorang pengagum rahasia.Dia yang selalu memantau gerak-gerik dan segala aktifitasmu kapanpun di manapun kamu berada.Setiap saat mengirimkan-mu berbagai macam kata cinta dan hadiah. Berulang kali mengatakan rindu namun kamu tak tahu siapa dia.Atau mungkin kamu sendiri pelakunya? Diam-diam menguntit seseorang yang kamu sukai tapi tidak berani mengatakannya. Aku Sean Adams, pria lajang 31 tahun yang bekerja sebagai seorang fire fighters atau pemadam kebakaran di pusat kota, mengalami hal itu. Entah siapa wanita gila itu. Dia berkata padaku satu hal, dia akan datang dan membuka diri saat pesta pernikahanku tiba.Apa dia akan mengacaukannya?What the....

  • secret admirer 3

    secret admirer 3

  • Love Deep Admirer

    Love Deep Admirer

    "Hanya bisa menatap dan mengagumi dari kejauhan, cinta dalam diam yang tak tahu kapan berujung temu, yang pasti Allah selalu mempunyai rencana indahnya untuk kita, bertemu dengan pasangan kita kelak. Selalulah berdo'a pada Allah agar Allah mendatangkan seseorang yang baik untuk kita, yang dapat mendampingi kita menuju jannah-Nya."Hanya kisah seorang gadis yang dan pria yang mengagumi dalam diam, apakah cinta mereka akan seperti Ali bin Abi Thalib dan Siti Fatimah Az-Zahra ?.Simak ceritanya di 'Love Deep Admirer'