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  • Regret..



    It is when you lose someone that you know how much you cared about that person. In my case, I did everything I could to get rid of that person even if it meant paying a high price. Regret is the only thing I have left after what I did. Is it possible to forgive ourselves when we are reminded of our bad decisions, when we are hated by the person we love most in the world?

  • Regret?


  • regret




    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE ANGST

    Penyesalan selalu datang terlambat bukan?

  • _Regret_


    Ryan used to bully his classmates in particular Elliot. But when his parents died he started living with his aunt, after that he changed. Know that he is grown up he went to his home town to finish university but there he find Elliot friend who is being friendly. But when he finds out what that friend wants he schoked

  • two side of a coin
~and how they discover each other ~

    two side of a coin ~and how they discover each other ~

  • Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

    Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World



    [Decisive! Invincible! No Mercy!] When a thunderbolt ripped through the night sky, the blood moon appeared, and the world changed forever. Animals evolved, vegetation grew wildly, and intelligence was awakened. In just one night, the world was plunged into bloody chaos. The helpless humans were unable to resist the onslaught of the evolved animals and the sweeping plants with awakened intelligence, making countless humans their prey. However, those with divine runes engraved on their bodies were shocked to find that their runes had also been revived, which gave them incredibly powerful strength. Three years after the world changed, Gu Changqing transmigrated back to the eve of the cataclysm. In his previous life, he did not like to engrave anything on his body, but now that he had come back to this chaotic world, the first thing he did to survive and rise up was to invite the world's top divine rune master to engrave the ten evil demons in the world: Rahu, Kirin, White Tiger, Black Dragon, Grim Reaper, Asura, Hades, Skeleton, Great Sage, and Nezha! He knew that engraving divine runes after the cataclysm would not awaken their power and make them powerful.

  • Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

    Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

    Contemporary Romance CEO


    Gu Qingcheng had a fiery temper and was well-known for being a spoiled brat in Jiangcheng. She even had a good boyfriend who pampered her beyond reason. The only person who constantly went against her was her boyfriend's uncle, Huo Sicheng. The two were known for being each other's arch enemy. However, during Gu Qingcheng's engagement party, she publicly called off her wedding and announced that she would marry the crippled Huo Sicheng instead. All the guests were shocked by the announcement. Just as everyone thought the couple would secretly argue all the time and guessed which of them would die first, the truth was... "Honey, I came home late because the traffic was awful. Open the door and let me in." Gu Qingcheng looked pitiful when she knocked on the bedroom door. "Sleep in the living room," Huo Sicheng said coldly. "Honey, someone bullied me today." The next day, the person who bullied Gu Qingcheng disappeared into thin air. "Honey, they all said I'm fierce." Huo Sicheng glanced at Gu Qingcheng. "That's nonsense. You're not fierce at all," he said softly. Ever since then, Huo Sicheng became Gu Qingcheng's accomplice in all the bad deeds she carried out. Neither of them felt exhausted when they worked together. Only Gu Qingcheng knew that a scumbag sowed a misunderstanding between her and Huo Sicheng before she reincarnated. After reincarnating, she decided to torture and humiliate all scumbags while giving Huo Sicheng all her love.

  • My Ex-husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce

    My Ex-husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce



    Bai Ran had been married to Chen Chen for three years—three years in a secret marriage, only to have him hand her a divorce agreement. He asked her to sign it because he wanted to give his ultimate unattainable lover, Hu Wan, a beautiful ending. Chen Chen said, "Go and see Hu Wan tomorrow. If she asks you, tell her that you already have a boyfriend." Bai Ran said, "Okay." Chen Chen said, "You have to do everything it takes to convince her and make her happy." Bai Ran answered, "Okay." Staring at Bai Ranran's calm face, Chen Chen felt an inexplicable sense of frustration and uneasiness. Seeing the lack of hesitation on Bai Ran's face as she signed the divorce agreement, Chen Chen regretted it. To Bai Ran, ever since she signed the divorce agreement, Chen Chen's name had been erased from her memory. Even though she had loved him for more than ten years, once she gave up, she would never look back.

  • It's Time To Make Peace With Regrets

    It's Time To Make Peace With Regrets


    In her previous life, destiny made fun of her own life by getting her kicked out of school for stealing another's project and her siblings died unexpectedly. She had found solace in a close friend on whom she could rely, but what she received from him was a terrible betrayal. Why did she have to go through so much pain? Why couldn't she live a peaceful life? If she had fought for herself if she had not trusted people blindly if she had been there for her siblings when they needed her the most. Her life would be different. All she had left was regret. At last, she decided on an escape route DEATH But death wasn't ready to embrace her. She opens her eyes again. Return to the age of eighteen. The age when her life's tragedies begin. ...................... Su Anya had made a promise to herself in this life not to let fate control her life. She would not live a tragic life. It's time for her to make peace with her regrets

  • Second Marriage, Ex Regrets So Much

    Second Marriage, Ex Regrets So Much

    An accident made Snow Cecy the most hated person of her husband. She was imprisoned and gave birth to a child in prison. After she was released from prison, it was her husband's crazy revenge and betrayal that met her and her children. Snow Cecy thought that one day she could wait for the truth to come out, but she only waited for a paper of incurable medical treatment. On the day of diagnosis, Vicdor Blake held his sweetheart and said to her, "you'd better die now. Don't hinder me from marrying Leyi!" At this moment, Snow Cecy finally understood what it means to die like ashes. In the fire, Snow Cecy held her child and had nothing to miss in this world. And when all the truth is revealed,Vicdor is almost tortured into a madman by remorse holding the ashes of the two people. Three years later, a person suffering from a terminal illness has become a famous doctor that is hard to find. However, the president has tortured himself to the death. Snow Cecy nestled in another man's arms and looked at Vicdor coldly. Even if you die now, it has nothing to do with me.

  • Testament of My Regrets

    Testament of My Regrets


    [Mature/R18 content in future]He made mistakes, even more so than what a normal person would. But he had never claimed to be a normal person, had he?The paint on his hands, the smile on his lips, a veil of deception for others to see. His smile concealing his true self.The brush in his hand glided on the white canvas, painting a figure of the man he loved. A smile made its way to him—The brush fell, so did he.Awoke the artist in a time foreign to him with nothing but a tale to tell and an armful of unfinished regrets to hear of....The fire took it all away, except for the paintings for they remained intact, unable to be moved away from their grave.Maybe it was the painter's love that protected them or maybe it was the curse that lay behind them.Or perhaps, it was the testament of his resentment and the painter's regrets-- Seme/Top!MC, Reverse transmigration, Artist!MC, Musician ML, European Setting in the past life--No Schedule: Pray for me....Twitter: @GuoshiofXieLianInstagram: image doesn't belong to me © owner

  • Liam Drelavine : No Regrets!

    Liam Drelavine : No Regrets!



    Liam Drelavine lived her life to the fullest. She went to high school with flying colors.She graduated college as a summa cum laude.She was hired at the biggest company in the country.She worked and was promoted as the CEO. She got beauty, brain, wealth, and fame.What else could she wish for in her life? She was happy and contented.She did her best until she died of old age. She knew well she used her life without any regrets. That's why she was shocked when the guardian of the dead lead her to the gates of regrets! I should be in the gate of reincarnation! Why here?! "You cannot reincarnate with so many regrets in your heart. You need to find and fulfill it in these countless worlds. Until you find it, you will not be reincarnated." So like that, she was thrown into the mini-worlds to find out what she regretted to fulfill it. ************A certain fellow Daoist: You d*mn woman! Don't let me catch you or else! Liam: Or else what? Are you going to use my nemesis against me? Translation for the new readers: Nemesis = Aphrodisiac Our MC had been victimized by her nemesis a couple of times, resulting from a particular Daoist's virginity at risk. Angry Fellow Daoist: You dare mentioned that to my face! Liam: It's not like you didn't enjoy it. Adios! She ran the gate to enter the next world. ****** This is my original story, and English is not my first language. So pardon me for any grammatical errors. Everything in this book is from my own brain world. So, if you don't want to think crazy like me, don't plagiarize! Trust me, you don't want to copy my brain that always loading. XD And yeah, I have my first book, check out To Love You Again--ongoing.

  • There Is No Regret Medicine For Love

    There Is No Regret Medicine For Love

    His little sister had been promiscuous, running away from marriage due to having a child. He wanted her to marry him for him.The younger sister could not bear children, so he asked her to give his child to the younger sister.Everyone in A City knew that Fu Yuchen loved Luo Yuxin.For Luo Yuxin, Fu Yuchen mercilessly kicked her away. After signing the divorce agreement, he immediately turned around and married Luo Yuxin …Three years later, she had already lost all hope in this relationship. When she returned to her former glory and stood by another outstanding man's side, what was Fu Yuchen's anger about?"Luo Shu Mo, you're mine for the rest of your life, don't even think about escaping from me!" Fu Yuchen pressed the red-faced Luo Shu Mo against the wall as he smiled charmingly."Well..."

  • One More Time: Rebirth

    One More Time: Rebirth



    A hero defeating the demon lord dies after his victory. Seeing as his time has come to an end, he felt great regret for all the things he couldn't do. As death takes him he closes his eyes and opens them, as a baby in a brand new world. Reincarnated with his past life's memories he will do his best to live a life with no regrets.

  • Rebirth Of The Heiress

    Rebirth Of The Heiress


    Regret.Penelope was full of regret. Her previous life was nothing but a joke and it ended with her being abandoned by everyone she loved and holds dear, and getting killed. When she is given a chance to rewrite her story, reborn before the misfortunes take place, she must make sure she stops being the sheltered daughter of her parents and devoted wife to her husband. Now she must live for herself. She has to be strong and fierce, and get revenge on those who wronged her.

  • I Regret Flirting with the Jerk's Uncle

    I Regret Flirting with the Jerk's Uncle

    Contemporary Romance REVENGE


    Her jerk of an ex-boyfriend dumped Xing Shu, and he even said pretentiously, "Li's uncle is J Group's CEO, Jiang Wenrui. Being with her will spare me twenty years of hard work." "..." Xing Shu was speechless. Twenty years? Screw that! She'd kept her identity a secret for so many years. Her father was a rich man, and she had an influential grandfather. Was she not better than Jiang Wenrui's niece? Wasn't he only J Group's CEO, Jiang Wenrui? She'd had it! She wanted the jerk to address her respectfully as his aunt in the future! A year later, Xing Shu and her fiance, Jiang Wenrui, held a high-profile engagement party. Her ex-boyfriend and romantic rival could not get into the party because they didn't get an invitation. Xing Shu smiled charmingly at them. "Call me Aunty, and you won't need an invitation." Li, her romantic rival, was white in the face. Not long after that, a man in a security uniform ran over. Li spoke affectionately to him. "Uncle, didn't you say we could get in without an invitation?" "Hang on. Isn't your uncle Jiang Wenrui?" Xing Shu asked. Jiang Wenrui's face turned gloomy. "I don't have such an ugly niece." After the engagement party was over, Xing Shu published a post under an anonymous name online. "I made the mistake of recognizing the wrong person and marrying into a rich family because of it. Is it too late to change my mind? I'll be waiting for your response. It's urgent." Jiang Wenrui personally replied to the post. "In your dreams!"

  • Life Without Regret

    Life Without Regret


    MC is an orphan but somehow he manage to enter best academy of Human Domain namely LIFE. There are class test that decide class ranks and something strange happened in the regular unchanging class rank chart. MC will be solving this mystery as he become stronger. He is weak now and get bullied but sooner or later he will show that he is not the one who should be messed with. It have clear rank system and ranking up is harder and difference between ranks is also higher, Difference b/w ranks is similar to versatile mage level system, just like how they have difference between level and tier, in my story it is replaced by alphabet and signs. There are elemental arts and sword arts with well defined difference in their grade not just in words with well defined proficiency difference like Arts will have common process yet different spell or attacks. I have explain things with my best of ability. Story is also great but since MC is so weak now. He is focusing on becoming strong instead of main story. It is your typical yet interesting ‘weak to strong’ story. There are also beautiful women...I repeat beautiful ‘women’. There are also beautiful girls but I know most of you will seek women. NOTE:- The cover is not mine. I do not own the image. If the owner wishes for it to be removed, please send me a message and I will oblige promptly.

  • Regrets for fantasy

    Regrets for fantasy


    “Have you ever been short on storytelling scenarios? I create my own.” Aurora is a well-known author on Earth but she lives on another planet. Her latest work in progress is about a depressed girl who thought of ending her life more than once but couldn’t, due to unknown reasons. Her secret ingredient to writing best-selling stories was to experience the feelings for herself. “Everyone needs material on a story and it must be perfectly made.” In fact, the depressed girl called Sierra is no other than Aurora herself. She possessed her body and took her identity, without forgetting of course, the sealing of her memory. The country she chose was a closed-off country where vampires were the rulers. The system was simple, with the existence of ten ranks and human had to take exams to level-up a rank and have more privileges. It was just a way to keep them busy. Every day was the same for her as Sierra. Going to school, struggling with negative thoughts, living in a home with permanent arguments… She was living a scenario she created for herself and explored the path ahead of it. However, someone approached her one day. Sparkling black hair, obsidian looking eyes, a fair face that made him the attention of his class, he was a boy studying in the same school as her and was attracted to the hair of this stranger. Amongst all the people living inside the country of Revampirina, she was the only one he has ever seen with ginger hair. She didn’t care at first, but because of his involvement in her life, things turned for the better and then to the worse. Since meeting him, her whole life turned upside down. Her mother left, her father died and her high school life ended. She was involved in the upper class of Revampirina, discovering that the reason why humans never made it past the fifth rank was that they weren’t vampires. “Who thought that the boy I met and fell in love with was a vampire and someone high-ranked on top of that? They say a person always gets attracted to his match and I was attracted to a boy acting like the high schooler he is while he was a terrifying vampire whose reputation wasn’t something worth ignoring.”