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  • Gory


    A beast out of the wild, a mistake causes ....horror

  • Gory Road

    Gory Road

  • My Gory lover

    My Gory lover

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

    ~+18~ Toshita was a girl who was different from the rest... but not in a way you’d expect. Ever since she was little there was something off about her.Now she’s 23 and out in the world. Since she was little she dreamed of finding the perfect man for her. A man who feels comfortable dominating her and sliding a knife across her bare skin during sex and saying “your mine and no one else’s.” This story features a Gory love tale of two blood loving lovers and will make you pant like a dog. Enjoy the tale. It sure is a bloody good one ;)

  • One Gory Monday.

    One Gory Monday.


    A typical day had suddenly been on the peak of darkness after a said pandemic emerged.A virus had caused a great devastation to the world we are living in.This said virus was discovered from a new mosquito specie.The end had came, but the question is. Are you ready to face your own end?Will you survive or just be one of them?The only thing you need to know is defend yourself from this flesh eating monsters and to protect your love ones from being one of them.No more rules to follow.No more laws to obey."We shall not kill."But will you still follow that in this kind of situation?"We shall not steal."But how will you get your needs in this situation?"We shall kill to be alive.""We shall steal to survive."That is the two things you must follow.Date of creation: July 16, 2020 (Thursday)Date of completion: Still On-Going

  • Prognostic Sleuth = Gory Princess

    Prognostic Sleuth = Gory Princess


    the tale of a girl who is the future empress of the underworld, who planned to get her revenge on her mother, who loved him, who was a loving daughter to her father, who lost her father, who is a top-notch detective as well as writer, who is blessed and loved by God but suddenly got summoned to another world. a place where her sister treats her like an eyesore and the crown prince as well as the people as nothing but a monster. nothing to do but kill, survive tactics, solve, and process. she plans to return to her original world and get back what's belongs to her. she is hung up on her past and will make her scum of a mother and sister suffer while meeting her long lost things. she who thrives to kill those who dared to hurt her and those close to her shall die by her hands. there is no need to hesitate. this is a cruel world. I die or you die!! _-----------------------------------------------------------------------will she return? will she have a happy ending? will she get her revenge? will she become the empress of the underworld? or will she stay in another world? will she have a bad ending? will she die without getting her revenge? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ishu wishes that you all love, gift, and spoil her!! add me to your library and gift me. this will be she's motivation to share her stories. Pretty please!!P.S. Ishu loves you all " tee..hee"------------------------------------------------------------------------the cover doesn't belong to me. credits to the artist.





    Tianlong Yun had it all! He was a Crown Prince Dragon. The youngest to reach Godhood. Thousands of beauties in his harem. A perfect life to live. But all of this changed one night. Everything he had was lost in one night. His brother and his new lifelong mate betrayed him. They crippled him and his cultivation and made the world believe he cultivated dark arts. Chased by the whole Immortal World, there was only one person who still believed in him, and stayed by his side. His fateful death companion. But, when he thought that everything was gone, and that he would be in the line to eat Aunt Mengs soup, something incredible happened. He woke up in a new world, a new planet, a new civilization. He woke up in Earth??? Alert!!! This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This book contains a lot of R-18 content, and also bloody and gory scenes. So proceed at your own risk. Thank you! If you decide to give it a try

  • Night hunter in gory city

    Night hunter in gory city

  • The Last Warlock

    The Last Warlock



    "Revenge, he promised me... So, I took the Oath... and The Tower of Chaos, I was allowed to enter. That's how my journey began, from a nobody to what they call me now.... The Mage Slayer, The Devourer of Worlds... The Last Warlock." ---- Warning: This book has explicit content in several ways Regular updates at 13:00 GMT -3 Read to chapter 40 to have a better idea about the book --- Below is a more in depth description of the novel with a bit of spoilers (please avoid and go read) --- The story has a lot of action, blood, gory, and battles. It's a mix of sci-fi with magic, runes and cultivation and there are a lot of lore from other cultures, like the Nord/Viking culture. It has runes, wizards shamans, mutations, genes, high technology, guns, spells, and abilities. The novel has a different approach to system, that is very subtle, and the MC has a rare bloodline and evolves using it, but that comes with its own drawbacks so MC has to deal with those shortcomings in several ways. There is no cheat code here. The novel has a lot of small and subtle references in every single chapter. Some say its a mix of cultivation and star wars, while others think its a high technology + eastern fantasy. The true is I mixed a lot in this book. The MC do not get reincarnated but instead he is sent to a tower where he 'levelup' and evolves from weak to strong. The story itself is very dark for some and has a sadic humor and a lot of 'what the heck is going on?' moments. The MC is not the devil incarnate but its not good either, he seeks revenge and has a lot of ambitions. Btw: people said the batlle scenes and war scenes are awesome. Well, the thing I can say is that it has a lot of action indeed. [cover not owned by me, unknown artist]

  • Sect Leader's Rise to the top!

    Sect Leader's Rise to the top!



    Follow our protagonist Kai as he travels the mysterious world of cultivation. With the help of his unique cultivation system, will he be able to establish the most powerful sect that this world has ever seen?. We'll have to wait and see! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Disclaimer: Contains descriptive gory content, reader discretion is advised. ==Official Discord== https://discord.gg/sxhPy4ve ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

  • Gori teri aankhe khe

    Gori teri aankhe khe

  • Bloody gory miss and alluring death sire...

    Bloody gory miss and alluring death sire...

    So this book is both horror and romance very creepy at the beginning you have been warned!!! ;)

  • Forbidden Romance: At Death's Door

    Forbidden Romance: At Death's Door


    Being at the right place at the wrong time! That was the exact situation Ozge found herself in when she witnessed a gory accident. Excerpt "I know you" "Huh?" "You can keep hiding but I will find you, I will break through your defenses and make you mine again" "Lunatic!" Ozge muttered and turned, walking away. Her lips curved into a subtle smile. Ozge is a final year medical student working part time to make ends meet while still juggling school. With her final medical exams closing in, Ozge has to pay the reminder of her school fees before she could be allowed to write her final exams or risk deferring her course which she had done once already. When Ozge is offered a job by the powerful Almendez family, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. ..... On the first day of his accident, before he went into coma, he saw the face of a girl and held her hand while being transported to the surgery room. From then, onwards, he felt like he could hear her always close by his side. Ozge went to stay in the Ferit household after accepting the job. She took care of Ferit Almendez while going to her school but on the day that Ferit finally woke up, the first person he saw wasn’t Ozge but his family friend who told him that she was the one by his side through it all. Now, Ferit thinks the person who stayed with him has always being his family friend, Demit Suwait. Five years later, Ozge and Ferit meet again at the same ER where Ozge was now an Emergency room doctor while Ferit was to become the director of the hospital, taking after his grandfather. But, how long can lies stay and how long will the truth remain hidden?

  • The Era of Tower Defense: I Have Super Enhancement

    The Era of Tower Defense: I Have Super Enhancement

    Fantasy SYSTEM


    The Blood Moon descended and the magical world was invaded by dark and evil beasts - Werewolves, Evil Spirits, Vampires, Hellhounds, Nine-Headed Serpents… More than half of humanity perished; the rest could only hide within a few major cities in order to survive. In order to defend against the beasts which attacked frenziedly, humans began to build various tough walls and defense towers with different functions under the guidance of the “Architects”. After paying a huge price, the humans and the dark creatures entered into a stalemate. The walls and the towers had become gory monster meat grinders. In order to weaken the monsters, every human, once they came of age, would be teleported to various parts of the world to collect materials and set up bases. The humans’ bases of operation also gradually expanded. Right after he was reincarnated into this world, Thomas was teleported to the wilderness. He was not even an Architect yet. Just when he was about to be overwhelmed by the monsters, he acquired the Super Enhancement System! By collecting the cores of different monsters, Thomas could activate various cheat codes in the system. [Fire Tower has been upgraded to Serial Explosions Tower. It might is comparable to a Tomahawk Missile.] [Beginner-level Shooter Tower has been upgraded to Elf Shooter Tower. The shower of arrows will turn any monster into a pile of minced meat instantly.] [Earth Wall has been upgraded to Magical Diamond Wall. It can reflect any form of magic.] While others were still scavenging for resources and struggling to survive, Thomas kept building all sorts of tall towers and thick walls. Monsters were killed by him one after another. Henceforth, humans saw a ray of hope for the first time. Thomas would surely use his system to lead the humans in annihilating the beasts and seizing back their homes!

  • Reincarnation: Hot Stuff In The Bigshot Circle

    Reincarnation: Hot Stuff In The Bigshot Circle



    When Third Master Qin first met Ling Mo, she fell victim to her younger sister's scheme. Getting her face splashed with acid, she died a tragic death with a disfigured face. He helped her button up her clothes and gave her a proper burial, upholding her last bit of dignity. … After Ling Mo's gory reborn, her b*tch of a stepmother and younger stepsister was at it again. She facelsapped scums and b*tch until they cowered. He protected her domineeringly and pampered her, spoiling her little by little. *** After being forced to be a top celebrity in showbiz, her anti-fans scolded her angrily, "Bimbo! The queen of empty cans! Give us back our Brother Best Actor!" He broke into the anti-fans' camp and destroyed their nest. *** After her multiple identities were out of the bag, the entire world erupted in fire. People who wanted to marry her were in the hundreds of millions, and everyone rushed over to propose marriage. He was jealous. "How deep is the pond water where the cherry blossoms grow..." She coaxed, "It will never compare to Third Master's feelings for me." *** After the wedding, she went on an exclusive interview with domestic entertainment reporters. "The first time I met him," she said, "he'd button my shirt for me." Everyone was confused. "What about now?" She answered, "Now he only knows how to take them off."

  • The Longest Suicide Note

    The Longest Suicide Note


    TWmentions of suicide, self harm, heartbreak, parental issues, bullying, toxicity, and sexual harassment. If any of these triggers you in any shape or form I do not recommend reading the content within is very sensitive.

  • Starting in a fantasy world as a horse lord.

    Starting in a fantasy world as a horse lord.


    A history fanatic is killed but a god reincarnates him as a Khan, and he gets 5 wishes. Warning this novel will contain gory,rape,sex,muder etc.

  • just a unlucky player

    just a unlucky player

    Bujang 24 tahun yang tak melakukan apapun sepanjang hidupnya selain keperluan seperti makan, tidur semenjak orang tuanya tiada. namun, keyakinannya untuk sukses di dunia game yang ia tekuni benar-benar membuatnya tampak.......bodoh.

  • The Haze

    The Haze

    Horror&Thriller ACTION COMEDY SCARY

    Don't get ur hopes up. Updates are slow asf, I prolly won't finish this, and it prolly won't get views.anywaysDakota Smith made the mistake of going into a forest he was always told to never enter,It always had fog surrounding it creating a darkened look to it. And what lurked inside of the creepy forest who the fuck knows read along and find tf out lol.

  • Bloods the Sacrifice

    Bloods the Sacrifice


    "Why is he bleeding?" Kade asked looking over at Cole. "Because he's an idiot," replied Zeva. "I didn't know idiocy caused people to just start spontaneously bleed from their nose," Kade smirked. "I think its a new phenomenon."

  • Twisted Ogre

    Twisted Ogre

    In a world of magic ruled not by the strongest fist but brought to the balance by like-minded individuals, a 'sophisticated' ogre rises the ranks and brings chaos with his unending selfishness!"What's so twisted about my desires?"Note: The novel contains gruesome details and may even have stuff like r***, gory deaths, and all. Read at your own consideration.