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  • Hades


    History ACTION MYTH

    Its about hades but kinda different from the mythology actually super different from the mythologyauthor:each chapter will start having at least 300 words.

  • The Wife of Hades

    The Wife of Hades

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY BEAUTY


    An Luxia opened her eyes. It took a few seconds for her vision to focus on the man’s face a few inches above her. She sucked in a breath of cold air when their eyes met. They stared at each other for several long seconds before An Luxia’s lips curled up into a small smile. “What’s your name?” She asked sweetly. The man furrowed his eyebrows in thought for a few seconds before he replied coldly, “Mo Han.” “Mo Han. . .” An Luxia repeated, “Age? Height? Occupation?” Mo Han licked his lips and tilted his head slightly, leaning down a little more so the distance between them decreased, “27, 192 cm. . . businessman.” There were a few seconds of silence before An Luxia pushed her head back further into the pillow and grinned, “Are you going to do something to me?” Mo Han raised one eyebrow amusedly and blinked a few times, “. . . That is the plan.” The next second, An Luxia had her arms wrapped around his neck, and with a quick press, Mo Han’s body was pulled down and their lips sealed together. The temperature in the room rose as the two bodies on the bed entangled together. --- An Luxia did not have any plans on marrying soon. However, Mo Han’s appearance disrupted her original plan but also saved her from an unwanted marriage. Unknowingly, An Luxia got herself entangled in a relationship with the King of the Underworld, the leader of the biggest and scariest underworld complex. She thought it was her own luck to be able to find herself a handsome, young, rich, and powerful man. However, little did she know that their fate had been sealed 19 years ago. Their marriage was nothing more than her fulfilling the promise she had made to him 19 years ago. 19 years ago may be the beginning, but this is a beginning with no end. Eternity is never-ending. . . --- Note ~ No rape and no major misunderstandings Update: 1 to 2 chapters daily This is an original story by me and not a translation. The picture in the cover is not mine. Credits to the owner :) Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/FVwPydp Follow me on Instagram: helemon_author

  • Bride Of Hades

    Bride Of Hades



    COMPLETEDDimitri Santoris is the heir of one of the oldest and strongest mafia clans in the country. He was described as a very cold-hearted, cruel, and manipulative person. The only thing that makes him happy is torturing evil people for their wrongdoings, having their pitiful lives in his mercy, but one can say that he is doing the world a favor by getting rid of these unsightly characters. Nobody could move his unfeeling heart until an unexpected encounter with Aurora. His attraction was just as strong as a moth, getting attracted to a flame. Aurora is a beautiful, intelligent, and practical person. Being betrayed by her best friend had been a blessing and a curse. When they cross paths again, will the flame be as strong as when they met, or will the pain of her past stop her from finding happiness? Will the king of the underworld, Hades, have his bride? And as the truth of their origins come out will their relationship be threatened or will they be strong enough to survive? Can true love conquer anything? Aiden Cooper, the friendliest and most approachable Aristocratic heir, is handsome, smart, kind, and humorous. His gentle behavior and charming nature make him very favorable among women. But he has his eyes set on the coldest of women, Ice Queen Sophia. Sophia Collins lost her parents at a very young age, was mistreated by her relatives, and betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust, her fiancé. Life had never been easy for her, but she strived to get to the top, and now she is the CEO of the popular Bellezza cosmetics. She is a workaholic and had focused on her career but getting closer to this woman with unparalleled beauty was harder than breaking into a bank. Meeting Aiden Cooper gave her the most disconcerting feeling since she’s sworn off love. Declaring his undying devotion, following her like a lovesick fool made her feel things she had buried deep within her icy exterior. Will Aiden’s antics thaw this Ice Queen’s heart? Will knowing his true identity stop her from falling in love, or will she embrace his darker side? Aristocratic series: Book 1 - Bound To Him [completed] Book 2 - Bride Of Hades [completed] Book 3 - Bewitched His Soul [on going] Each book can be read as stand alone. Note- Follow me on Instagram @ starysky96 Amazing Editor - Ollie C Customized cover by Weilan

  • Hades system

    Hades system

    Magical Realism ACTION COMEDY SYSTEM

    hope you like it

  • Hades Helper

    Hades Helper


    Hades instincts tells him to save the life of a strangely dressed mortal. He does, but with a cost now this man will change Hades’s life in a way the fates would never foresee and it will change the mythical world forever.

  • Hades Queen

    Hades Queen


    An English Version of Hades Queen.

  • Like Hades

    Like Hades

    Mona:Anyone who dies without falling in love never lived.

  • Wife For Hades

    Wife For Hades


    When the three famous celestial brothers—Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon—have their divine attributes ripped away, there is almost nothing left with them as they become mere humans. Not until their mortal mother, Rheis, adopts them. Their lives abruptly change from having no omnipotent powers or worshippers to becoming heirs to billions upon billions of properties..And while on a family trip in Italy, the brothers receive an invitation to an exclusive elite party called the Lupercalian Twist, which takes place every fifteen years on the fifteenth of February. The main highlight of the event involves the men being randomly paired with a woman they have never met before. Each bachelor is being demanded to win the woman's heart before the event ends, otherwise, they risk losing all of their possessions to the institution.As the event requires Hades the need for a wife, no one appears to be eligible for him except for a woman he met by chance before–Stephenie. But how far Hades can go risking everything he has to win Stephenie's heart when her ex-fiancé unexpectedly reappears to steal his wife?

  • The Legend of Hades

    The Legend of Hades



    REWRITING AND EDITING SOME CHAPTERS MIGHT LOOK CHOPPY AND UNORGANISED "To pay off a gambling debt, my father'sold' me to Alpha Hades."Vincent growls, "I'm going to count to three," and then stops. The rest of it is up to him. Without my presence, he will find me... and I will regret it.I'm familiar with the game, and the only way it can end is with shattered bones. Mis wolves will take over and make me pay if I don't show up. Even if I do as he commands, his wolf will still seize control and I will be the one to pay the price.'One!' He snarls, his tone stern.I dig my nails into my palm till they bleed as a tear slowly slides down my cheek. Even as I write this, my bottom lip trembles with the weight of more tears. I want Logan to understand how much he's causing me pain.Vincent counts to two as he gestures for me to come over to where he is. I can feel his excitement building. He craves the number 'three,' and he's hoping for it.

  • Snake of hades

    Snake of hades

    This is the story of a snake. The story of a snake plundering its talents in the era of aura recovery and achieving the status of Hades.

  • Great Apostle of Hades

    Great Apostle of Hades


  • the daughter of hades

    the daughter of hades

  • The Heart of Hades

    The Heart of Hades

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events are purely coincidental.This story is copyrightedAny distribution made without consent of the owner will be legally dealt with.Lila Heart: She is a young woman of twenty three, only ever knew her father after her mother left her on his doorstep with a note. Lilia does not know she is descended from the gods and her father wants to keep it that way, until an unexpected incident with her ex fiancé changes everything. This is her story of finding herself, connecting with the mother who left her and getting a second chance at love with the God of the Underworld. Hades: He has been around for centuries; no mortal woman has ever captured his heart for the long haul. That is until he meet Lilia Heart, this young woman is going through so many changes to her world and he wants to be with her every step of the way. He never believed in love at first sight until Lilia showed him the error of his ways.

  • The Tower Of Hades

    The Tower Of Hades


    Kim Jung, an average boy who was always bullied in school for being weak and was never respected at home too. He ran away from his house and wanted to die but unexpectedly ran into the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and when asked who she was, she simply asked if he wanted a better life or not. Will Kim Jung's life going to change forever or will it be another hell for him...

  • Hades in Percy Jackson

    Hades in Percy Jackson


    This is for fun you can comment an I will try my best to see what you think. You can also download amino http://aminoapps.com/c/Hadesthegodofunderworld to connect me /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// What happens when a human soul becomes an Greek god in Percy Jackson? With the world starting in the way of the greek myths what will be different in the new world he will goes to. With a great god to a amuse so it stays sleeping what will he do with the life that was given.

  • hades sama

    hades sama

  • Reincarnated As Hades

    Reincarnated As Hades


    Lewis Allen, a normal teenager who loves Greek mythology, theorizing about everything this world has to offer, and gaming. One day he was suddenly transported to Ancient Greece, where ancient Greek gods exist, not only is he transported to Ancient Greece, but he is also transported as Hades, ruler of the underworld!

  • Guild Wars

    Guild Wars



    Draco had risen to the top of the world through his exploits in the legendary FIVR game, Boundless. After years of intense conflicts between his guild, Hellscape, and the guild of his former infidel lover, Darkrow, things came to a head when Draco conquered all. Now, nothing stood in his way of total conquest within the highly acclaimed second world of mankind, as he intended to fortify his new empire. Unfortunately, a timely assassination sent him back into the wheel of time for reincarnation, but not even the Gods gave him peace of death. Thrust into the past, Draco realized he'd been given a second chance at life to start from scratch, with all the knowledge of over fifteen years of almost absolute power in Boundless.Now, his path to glory will be far shorter and filled with more bloodshed than Hades could handle.--------------------------Discord: https://discord.gg/RBSdRcDKo-fi: https://ko-fi.com/kotario--------------------------WARNING: If you're the type to be triggered easily, please do not read.

  • Hades Peace

    Hades Peace


    This is the story of Theseus In a time of war and struggle. Where he is lost and of no hope. And his destiny bites at him. Watch him grow, learn, love, fight and more. This is the story of Hades Peace

  • Hades Titans

    Hades Titans


    Prologue I gripped the scissors tightly in my hand. I bent my knees to my chest and placed my other hand over my mouth. I begged for it to be over and for him to leave. I sat in my pitch-black closet, tears streaming down my cheeks. This was the single scariest thing I had ever experienced. Nothing will ever compare. He walked into my room, his boots leaving dirty mud prints with every step. I watched him from the gap in between the closet door. Cries erupted from the room next door and he rushed to silence them. It was my older brother Maximilian. I watched the man kill my mother and father; we were the only ones left. The man was a titan. I could tell by the way he was dressed. Max taught me to never interfere or get involved with them. The titan wore a black mask over his mouth and a leather coat. His sword was placed across his back. Blood drops followed his every step. I placed my hands over my ears as screams and sirens began to fill my head, before felt somebody lift me into their arms. “Don’t worry Daisy, I won’t hurt you.” He whispered through his mask. I laid in his arms, shaking, too afraid to say a word. I had no escape. He carried me into his home and laid me down in a small, children’s bed. The duvet was covered in cartoons, like he had been watching me, planning to bring me there all along. He turned off the light and closed the door behind him. I sat still with tears in my eyes. I didn’t have the guts to open the door or try and run away from him. I laid my head down on the pillow and closed my eyes. This was it; this was the end. After several hours’ chaos took over the room behind my door. Yelling, fighting, and screaming, somebody was coming to save me. I just knew it. A large man with black mist surrounding him like a god of death walked through my door. He hardly looked like a person, covered in mist, and shadowed by darkness. He lifted me into his large arms and carried me out of the titan’s house. He didn’t say a word and handed me to a man named Dorian Lockwood.