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  • Downtown Love (18+)

    Downtown Love (18+)

    Contemporary Romance R18

    "I might be a nice guy but don't tease me baby girl or you'll see a whole new side of me." His hand was still gripped on my neck as he grazed his lips against my lips. He slowly caressed me making swirls on my inner thigh going higher and higher up. He didn't stop until he met my underwear. He positions my head so I was looking directly into his eyes then he softly massaged the outside of my panties. I jolted causing an arch in my back and for my eyes to roll back. "Oh, baby girl your reaction is so precious. Now tell me who is needy." ******************** This book is a series of SHORT stories. Each chapter is different, different characters, and different scenarios this story includes polyamorous relationships (throuples), LGBTQIA+ community, people with different skin types like albino, freckles, or vitiligo, the plus-size community, people of the deaf community, and more. 18+ short stories If you don't enjoy possessiveness, rough/soft sex, sex toys, any kind of bondage, punishment or anything of the sort this story isn't for you please don't comment weird or rude comments if you don't like it * I'll always put a description of the scenario before starting the story so there is a little bit of insight into the story*.

  • Hallway Heartstrings

    Hallway Heartstrings

    An LGBTQIA+ love story between two young adults who fall for each other through shared secrets and spent time

  • Feelings on paper

    Feelings on paper

    This is just a book where I write what I I'm feeling so you don't have to read it if you don't want to. The reason why I'm sharing my feelings is because I'm hoping that the people who do read this can reallat to it and feel like they're not the only people who feel that way and hopefully feel less lonely.The reason why I put this in the LGBTQIA+ gonra is because I'm trans and bisexual so some of it is going to be LGBTQIA+ related.Whornings: machine of death, mental health, depression, anxiety, desforary, and growing up with bad parenting.

  • Why Did it Have to be Me?

    Why Did it Have to be Me?

    Kiiroi Yume lived at home with his mom. It wasn't exactly a perfect life but they were happy. Yume had been getting bad dreams for a while, and one day, his dream comes to reality. (LGBTQIA+ FRIENDLY)

  • Being My Bully’s Hostage

    Being My Bully’s Hostage

    MILD TRIGGER WARNING CONTAINS MENTIONS AND THOUGHTS OF DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.--------------------------She'd be there even when I'm suffering. But will she really be there when I need her the most?I've always felt alone. I've always been bullied for one thing: Being apart of the LGBTQIA+ community. I never knew that being happy would lead to this.@LaryBryson presents "Being My Bully’s Hostage", a story about a boy who suffers from depression and gains help from one special individual who saves his life.

  • Necrosis:A Journey Within the Mind

    Necrosis:A Journey Within the Mind


    Do you believe in life after death? Places where the unimaginable are as real as you and me? A world where the dark corners of your mind twist and destroy your sanity? Follow the journey of James, someone who must fight to understand the world he has been thrust into. The weird, the horrific, and the worst fate of all wait for James as he unlocks the mystery of his death, and life in a strange land. Read on, and enjoy a peak into the unknown world of "Necrosis: A Journey Within the Mind." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LGBTQIA+ characters included, contains dark themes of mental instability, abuse, suicide etc.

  • Somber Hearts

    Somber Hearts


    A Villain Story---------------------------------------------------------------------Someone once said, "You either die a hero. Or live to see yourself become a Villain."I had become such a Villain. Maybe I had always been destined to be a one I fact. No reincarnation needed, just my tragic life as the supposed Villain. I am Adam, I am Hood. Enjoy my agony and tragic story.---------------------------------------------------------------------!WARNING!-Cursing-Medium amount NSFW (Not Safe For Work/ In own room suggested read)-Mild suggestive visuals-Bad Grammar-LGBTQIA+ content

  • My Favorite Person

    My Favorite Person


    After stopping for two years Adeline decided to finish her high school year. She choose a far school away from her town to escape her past. Adeline thought she could spend her time here peacefully since no one knows her but the study partner she was assigned with is also her neighbor! What the point of choosing this school in the first place then? ------- A/N: To anyone reading this, the story has some LGBTQIA+ relationships in it and if you're not here to read something like that, you can drop this. But if you're okay with it, you are very welcome! Thank you for your understanding! ^_^

  • LOVE+PAIN+HATE+ (Gay Romance)

    LOVE+PAIN+HATE+ (Gay Romance)


    From the darkest and most exciting desires to the most distressing and suffocating fear.It's Christmas, and Keilyan refused to go in the car with his parents to his aunt's house, preferring to take the bus. It seems nothing too much, he always took the bus at night, but this time the bus is empty, and after the turnstile, there is the guy that Keilyan shudders when they are in the same place. He doesn't know the man's name, but when his eyes meet, something intense makes him lose his sanity for a subtle dark moment.Keilyan's life begins to fall apart after a Christmas date with a man stranger named Alexis. Your loving, family and professional relationship deteriorate as the days go on. And with that, Keilyan begins to realize that everything around him takes him the Alexis, just Alexis.– Original story;– Gender and subgenres: Gay loving romance, Dark Romance, Obscure Fiction, New Adult, Eroticism, Domestic Fiction and LGBTQIA+ Literature;— It may contain triggers.

  • Homesick (Bl Fantasy Romance)

    Homesick (Bl Fantasy Romance)


    Ive posted this on Wattpad on the account Oddly-W1cked. Don't copy, dont use. Some chapters may be out here before its placed on Wattpad.Ever been homesick before? Well, im sick of home. I was so sick of it. I run away that day. I shouldn't have done that. All I want is for these memories to go away. I started running. I was running till the feeling that my lungs where bleeding. Untill I bumped into a tall, pale boy in an allyway.Nathaneal is a small werewolf. He has been mentally abused by the people he cared about. That was mostly his pack. Each time they replaced him for some vampire. And so he run away. But of course you can't be free if you walk into somone as pale as him...This is a story about love between two boys so you can leave if you dont like LGBTQIA stuff or if your uncomfortable with the topic. This will be my main focus right now. Ill try to make a chapter every 2 weeks. You may spam me if you want a chapter.Rating's and Comment are very much appreciated!! No smut! It may be a bit smutty though. (As in kissing and cuddling)Ill warn you for sure if theres something like a sensitive topic in the chapter. Just ask me.Thanks for my beta reader, Cecil with helping me with this story!(Update on that there dead, but Ill keep them in for a reminder)

  • What It's Like To Be Loved

    What It's Like To Be Loved


    Based on the author's life, What It's Like To Be Loved is a story about the struggles about living as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Ashley (Ash) Stevens, a senior in high school, just moved from her beloved home in Atlanta, Georgia, to Sacramento, California determined to stop lying about her sexuality and mental health state.  While struggling to make friends at church and school, she meets Lizzy Williams and finds herself falling again. But high school romance is never without its flaws, and Ash has a lot to learn about herself... TRIGGER WARNING: This work mentions mood and anxiety disorders, homophobia and transphobia, self-harm, and nonconsensual kissing and touching.

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