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  • Nerd with Guilt

    Nerd with Guilt

  • The People Of Guilt

    The People Of Guilt


    Left orphaned in her young adult years, Zorana Hardy is left defenseless against the harsh realities of being an adult. That is until she meets Hanabae Miyamura. Hannabae owns a salon and has dreams of becoming famous for her cosmetic transformations. Hannabae, who prefers to be called Hana, is optimistic, fearless, and driven, all qualities Zorana finds challenging to obtain. With nowhere to go, Zorana moves in with her boyfriend, Austin, who's kickstarting his career as a rap artist.When things go south with Zorana and Austin's relationship, Hana is the one to pull her out and rescue her. Hana opens her hand out to Zorana, and they eventually become roommates forming an inseparable bond.Zorana begins to meet the people in Hana's life one by one and creates relationships with them. Calvin Hamilton, Hana's boyfriend. Seol Yong, Hana's friend since middle school. Seol Sara, Yong's older sister. And veronica Hamilton, Calvin's twin, and Hana's ex-best friend. The closer that she gets to those around Hana, the more Veronica begins revealing deep-rooted secrets among the group. As their friendship deepens, the two attempt to support each other through thick and thin, their deeply intertwined lives becoming one. Hannabae's bright and optimistic personality gets shadowed by lies and manipulation.Drama and romance in a coming-of-age story about two girls learning what it's like growing up. They learn how to maintain relationships but also to keep a cautious eye on those around them.

  • Guilt and Innocence

    Guilt and Innocence

    They call police Captain Justice Becker a hero, but he feels like anything but. Unable to control or erase certain memories, he finds himself trapped in the past and alone.<br><br>Ames Preston, a new cop at the precinct, feels an immediate attraction to Becker, and just as quickly, becomes a thorn in his side. When young Archie Wilkes comes running into the cop shop claiming someone tried to push him in front of a garbage truck, Justice isn’t convinced it really happened, until a suspicious death occurs on the same day.<br><br>As Justice, Ames, and Archie work together to figure out what’s happening in their quiet, little town, Justice can’t get the idea of a love triangle out of his mind. In the end, it seems only two men are destined for one another.




  • Guilt Trap

    Guilt Trap

  • Misunderstanding & Guilt

    Misunderstanding & Guilt

    The eldest daughter of the Moore family was kicked out of the house by her nasty stepmother! However, this story isn't about the eldest daughter. This story is about Evanna Moore, the youngest daughter of the aristocratic Moore family. In the eyes of Maxine Moore, if ever her life was adapted into a book, Evanna would be the evil antagonist. Evanna is the daughter of that bitchy stepmother stereotype that everybody would love to die. In those circumstances too, Evanna is usually the illegitimate daughter of the protagonist's rich dad and his mistress that he married soon after the protagonist's mother was killed.It was regret and guilt that caused Evanna to push her stepsister as far away as possible from the danger that she calls herself. Dive in this story to see a unique side of a supposed villain that we were never shown. P.S- Not all antagonists are nice. Hate on them if you want. This is just a 'what of we can see the villain's side of the story' kind of writing.




    I was all set to leave in my skinny ripped jeans and sage green hoodie, to get high and to forget all of my haunting memories from past . Memories of bitter cries and words that can't be taken back. Arlo will be right down to stop me from going to the bar but, what does he know about my pain and toxic thoughts. I ignored him talk as usual, and opened the black stained oak door. To my surprise, she is standing in front of me, her blue eyes locked with mine, her fair skin, blonde hair, still so pretty and gorgeous. I can feel my pounding heart, time seems paralyzed and the air cold. don't know if it's her presence or the cold breeze. She stands before looking at me, it feels like just yesterday that she had left.

  • The Invincibles, standing guilt

    The Invincibles, standing guilt


    The world has many supernatural things maybes vampire and werewolves do exist, If they are all are hiding but the government is on rush to have their powers ,powers which are beyond reality ,.................This is a brief story about 7 group of teenagers who have supernatural powers. The starting start from the past ,and starts with two boys ,later there will be chapters.........Hoping to be liked by everyone.

  • The Guilt of Chrysanthemum

    The Guilt of Chrysanthemum

    Fantasy Romance ACTION PRINCESS

    It is always the male child who inherits the throne. Chrysanthemum, the younger sibling of the king in the palace, grew up thinking that females could also lead the people. Chrysanthemum thought that if Anahaw dies, she can find a way to inherit the throne and be the queen of their kingdom to be able to tell and voice out to the other kingdoms that females can also be a leader. But during her brother's sudden illness, she cannot help but feel guilty thinking about her idea, especially planning his brother's death with her own hands.

  • The Death of Guilt.

    The Death of Guilt.


    I became a woman who is very sensitive to the feelings and suffering of others. I want to understand many things, but hateful people always appear everywhere like insects. Many people say that wherever we are, and no matter how good we are, bad people will always be there. I'm fighting for the life I want to have, the long journey and the problems that always come up always make me want to stop in the middle of the road. Until finally I got to a point and the biggest trial in my life and I had to turn into a very strong superhuman. But it turns out that the problem is getting more and more frequent when I go through various other problems, until I think that I am a stupid human who plunges my life into a valley of mistakes.

  • Guilt Of A Demon

    Guilt Of A Demon


    Ace Davis spent his life facing poverty,injustice and bullying. Abandoned at a young age leaving him to fend for himself created a little demon inside of him. On top of that the bullying and poverty grew his resentment against the world, although he managed to hold back the demon in him for the past 17 years, will he be able to suppress his demon for the remaining school year? Will he meet more people like him?

  • Mistake without a guilt

    Mistake without a guilt

  • [BL] An Angel's Guilt

    [BL] An Angel's Guilt


    Y'know being an Angel isn't all it's made out to be! You have to actually guide a mortal to do "good" things!What part of guiding your mortal into publicly hanging their bullies isn't a form of community service? Jeez, you humans and your morals.

  • I don't feel guilt

    I don't feel guilt

    A girl who started out killing animals for enjoyment but slowly started to kill humans for fun.

  • The Tears of a Prince

    The Tears of a Prince



    Kai had left everything behind. His past and his hurtful memories. He wished to forget it all, the blood, the hunger, the pain and the responsibilities. He didn't want his legacy, he didn't want his bloody crown after he lost everything, his everything. That's why he ran and ran, trying to hide from his own guilt, from the fact that he was a monster.Many years later they find him. Friends and foes all part of a greater mystery and somehow he is involved. Soon an adventure begins filled with blood, tears and old memories that feel like they have come back to haunt him. As the man with the tattoo on his neck returns the one he used to call his destiny, his dead heart starts to beat again. "They are after me. They will try to kill you too""I don't care what happens to me, as long as I get to save you"

  • guilt | iwaizumi x oikawa angst

    guilt | iwaizumi x oikawa angst

    Magical Realism ANIME

    He kneeled in front of his gravestone and muttered, "I'm so fucking sorry."

  • honest guilt, wife don't doubt me

    honest guilt, wife don't doubt me

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY FAMILY

    Ecerpt:He looks so handsome she felt like he's seducing her up to the last bite. Why didn't the company use him when they advertise?When she thought about this, she coughed. She was choked by her own saliva.He pushed his water to her which she immediately put on her mouth.He was watching her lips covering the mouth of his bottle.When she realized this, she almost spat at him again but it did not happen.She swallowed all the water with wide eyes!He just kissed her!When there was nothing else in her mouth, the kiss ended too.She was stunned. He was nervous too, why did I do that?!He was frustrated at himself for losing control.He forced a poker face and pretended to look at his screen."Don't think too much. Your face shows you're going to spat again on my face. I just prevented it from happening again. Why do you always spat water on my face though?" he interrogated her as if she's the one at fault."I'm sorry, I was.." before she could realize that the situation has been reversed he already replied,"It's okay. Just don't do it when I'm working as the CEO. Show me some respect okay?" he asked in a very gentle tone.--A simple story of love, daily life, dream and family.Yuyu, the pampered little girl from the White family had no choice but to cut ties to save her adoptive family from a clan trying to claim her for her special skills is business.Living alone, she focused on another dream, to be a chemist.When she found the ladder to her dream, it turned into a ladder of romance.Will she get back to the path of her dream or continue to fall in love?--------I am writing part of the story everyday.Please do not copy, distribute, re-post anywhere without my consent.------Adult contents included. Please make sure you are 18 and above :) mature enough to understand that this is just a story specially on parts with matrimonial activities.enjoy! :)





    This story is about 2 Billionaire Brothers and 2 Billionaire sisters. Samantha Julie and Alexi Julie are two sisters, who struggled a lot from their childhood, cause they were drowning in debt then. From a very tender age, they had to work hard to earn for their family.And their parents always regretted and living a guilt life. Cause they couldn't fulfill their children's dream.When other kids enjoyed their teenage, these two sisters had to work hard for their livelihood.But by God's grace, and their hard work turning fruitful, they achieved the peak of the success and became billionaires.And the world was shocked seeing their success in just finger counting days.Now Samantha was the founder of the Top hotel and resort of their country. And Alexi was a supermodel and famous actress in the Hollywood industry.Even after everything falling in its proper place, Samantha could not lead a peaceful life, nor could Alexi.They hold up a secret with them, which didn't let them trust the world again.But what was their secret? Why were they afraid to confront their love for the Famous Davis brothers?Johnson Davis and Martin Davis were celebrities of their country. Johnson Davis was the CEO of the top Interior designing company of their country, and Martin Davis was the owner of a video gaming company.They two led a luxurious life, after a lot of problems in their life. They were counted among the top billionaires of their country.But what were their problems?What led Johnson to hold up a grudge for his parents?And after falling in love with beautiful Julie's sisters would they able to accept them after knowing their secret? THIS WORK IS PURELY FICTIONAL!Note 1) Under Editing! Edited completed till 16th chapter. 2) Cover is mine.Join me on my Discord server. or Instagram: payalsinghrajput_2608

  • Villainess Becomes The Knight

    Villainess Becomes The Knight



    Abigail Essendson, the prideful daughter of George Essendson, Duke of the Forchestire Empire, had everything, money, respect, a strong image in high society, and loving and caring parents.But she made a mistake, she accepted the proposal for marriage by the archduke, Gerard Wiltshire, cousin of the crown prince.The man wanted nothing but money to strengthen his power so that he could attack the crown prince, which eventually he did and took over the empire.And that was the fall of Abigail’s family too, who was loyal to the crown. Her whole family was killed in the massacre. Her brother sacrificed his life to save hers. She blamed herself for everything as she was the one who chose Gerard over the crown prince. She trained hard, as a strong knight she was. She tried to kill Gerard by herself, but alas, she wasn't that strong to handle his whole army."Even if you will ever be reborn, you will never be able to defeat me. You and your family will die from my hands." Gerard laughed as she was taking her last breaths."I will. I will come back later to take revenge and will snatch everything back from you." These were her last words when she died.But not like the books she read, she did not go back in time. Instead, she was born again in the 21st century as a doctor, but the guilt never left her alone. One day, as she tried to save a little girl, she got hit by a truck and was transmigrated back to her previous life as Abigail.At last, God finally listened to her pleas. After she woke up, she was back in her previous life when she was 16. Would she be able to fulfill her wish this time?