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  • Eternal Thief

    Eternal Thief



    A young boy was living peacefully. Although he was poor and alone, he was happy with what he had. Until one day a girl came into his lonely life, making it worth living. However, this also didn't last long when the girl who he considered his only family in this world got afflicted with a mysterious illness!In the end, he sold his parents' house which was the last memory he had of them, hoping to save his Lil Sis.He was even willing to live in the slums if he could save her and for the first time in his life stop this tragedy from happening! But fate yet played another trick on him when a greedy shop owner sell him fake medicine and take all the money he got after selling his parents' house!After being pushed into the corner, he hated those treacherous people; he hated the unfair life, and he even hated Heaven itself! In the moment of hatred and helplessness, he holloed to the sky, "IF I HAVE THE POWER, I'LL STEAL FROM HEAVEN ITSELF, JUST LIKE HOW IT STEALS EVERYONE FROM ME!"However, this boy didn't know this absurd wish of his will be granted one day by something called the system, and it will also force him to walk on the path of a THIEF!A path that was despised and loathed by Heaven itself!------Also, check my new Novel,[Cursed Immortality]

  • A Thiefs Tale

    A Thiefs Tale

    This follows the tale of a young man reincarnated in the cruel world of cultivation.(his past life won't have much of an effect on his new life)

  • The Great Thief

    The Great Thief



    He had never invested in shares or bought a lottery ticket, and neither did he have any experience in the general business industry. Lu Li found that the only thing he could do was play games. Luckily he had experienced rebirth, and was one step ahead of everyone else. Luckily, games had been developing extremely quickly, and there were many people who had become rich through playing games. In his ‘past life’, he had spent countless nights awake, in grief and anguish. However, although all of this had been washed away, so what…? This life, he was determined make a fierce counterattack against fate and stand at the very top! ------ Release Rate: 5 Chapters/Week; will be released on Mon, Wed, Fri and Weekend;

  • My Girlfriend is an S-Class Adventurer

    My Girlfriend is an S-Class Adventurer



    Luke is a half-beast who grew up in the twisty streets of a large city called Oukiwa. Abandoned by his parents as a child, he soon had to learn the arts of thievery to survive. Even on the fringes of a super-powered society, he has followed a single rule all his life: never get involved with the Adventurers. However, this rule is broken when his gang begins to hatch a plan to rob the most powerful family in town. And so begins the chronicles of Luke Lange, a thief with no ancestors who in the future becomes one of the strongest men in history, with powers that are rivaling even the gods. Discord: ------------------------------------------- Main Tags: Harem, Weaktostrong, Male MC and Adventure. Schedule: 7 chapters/week. Chapter length: 1000 - 2000 words

  • Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

    Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

    Fantasy Romance SYSTEM


    Xiao Rou, a girl growing up in a poor countryside family, found that she was actually the daughter of a wealthy couple, and her mother mistook another girl as her when she gave birth to her in hospital. She thought she would change from an ugly duckling to a noble swan and lived happily ever after with her real family, but the reality gave her a heavy blow. The girl, Xiao Jinning, who took her family, her fiancé and everything else from her, used every possible means to frame her up. She returned to her biological parents only to find her parents despised her but doted on Xiao Jinning. She was framed as a thief and expelled out of home. And then, she was hit by a car and stomped to death by Xiao Jinning. her tragic life was ended. Tang Xi, a real princess, the heiress of the powerful Empire Group, was murdered by her greedy relatives. When she opened her eyes again, she found she was in another girl’s body. She became Xiao Rou and had a magic system—008 in her body! With the help of 008, she began her journey of revenge. She would avenge poor Xiao Rou, punish the murderers of her, become the most popular star, and….make up with her true love---Qiao Liang.

  • Jake's Thief

    Jake's Thief

    What happens when a desperate man tries to pick a Dominant's pocket?<br><br>Jake Cohen is lonely; he wants a submissive of his own now that his friends all have someone to take care of. He's so desperate he's going to ask the Sub Club for help. Until the worst pickpocket ever bumps into him one night.<br><br>Davey just doesn't have it in him to be a good pickpocket but he's desperate. Luckily, he tries his skills on Jake. When Jake hears Davey's story, he's inclined to help him. Jake also thinks Davey is just what he needs both in his professional and personal life.<br><br>Can two desperate men looking for the same thing overcome their pride and fears, and give in to their wants?

  • Heart Over Sword

    Heart Over Sword



    Evanna’s world came crashing down the moment the physician gave her mother 6 months left to live. But after discovering a long, lost secret hidden by the elves, the sheltered and naïve princess sets off on a quest to find the one item that could change the hands of fate. In order to do this, she must come face to face with the Flori, the heartless and deadliest of the elven kingdoms.Her plan disintegrates when she is caught red-handed in the elven kingdom, where the penalty for even crossing over to their land is death. However, the princess soon finds herself to be the shiny new toy for the cold-hearted elven prince to play with; determined, she does what she must to survive.Will she be able to escape from his clutches and make it home in time to help her mother, or will she find herself falling deeper into the elven world he introduces her to?*** SNEAK PEAK ***[ MATURE CONTENT ]"Do you know what we do to thief's here, Evanna?"She placed her fork of meat down on the plate soundlessly, her attention still on the king. Evanna subconsciously held onto the knife still."No, your highness," Evanna replied politely.The king glanced at the prince, and she followed his gaze."We chop off their hands," The prince finished.Evanna watched and pulled her hand back in time for the prince's knife to slam into the table where her hand was placed. She gasped; another hand had been stabbed, sticking them to the wood.A loud yelp sounded from behind her.Within a flash, the prince stood up, pulled a sword out from his side, and swung it down on the man's wrist, dismembering the hand from his body. Blood squirted out and coated the table before her, along with her plate of food.The man fell back, wailing and holding his wrist. Evanna watched in shock as the guards came forwards and dragged him away. She looked back at the prince, who was wiping his blade with a handkerchief nonchalantly before sheathing it. Her attention was brought back to the king, who continued to eat as though nothing had happened."Just remember that the next time you wish to steal from us." The king said lightly as he relaxed his cutlery and stared at Evanna, "You may be my son's new plaything, dressed up to look pretty, but do not fool yourself into thinking that he will release you once he is bored of you. You took something of great importance to him."-------------------DISCLAIMER: *MATURE CONTENT*Graphic ViolenceStrong LanguageSexual ContentAttempted Rape*This is a slow burn book and is still ongoing*YOUTUBE: For a review on the first 25 chapters of the book, watch Third Eye Trap on Youtube, the first video is up which will give you an overview of the first 4 chapters: He will be posting weekly between 3-5 chapters up until chapter 25!-----------------Book Cover Design:I own the book cover so please do not use it :) Artwork illustrated by @if.__art Graphic design done by @katielord.designs Both found on instagram^^-------------------Support me on Instagram: @xkelly_starrzx or join me on discord where you can chat to me/ ask questions: Kelly_Starrz#5020BUY ME COFFEE?

  • The Moon Thief

    The Moon Thief


    "Power in the world of magic belongs only to the Ainsars who can create frightening storms and seas of flames."This was a phrase that was spoken to Heinald when he was still a child, by his grandfather, who was once a mighty Ainsar.Heinald was a young man who has been trained from childhood by his grandfather. His only desire was to become a mighty Ainsar.But the game of fate never awaits!One day he meets a mysterious person man introduce himself as Moon Thief, and from then on, the game of fate begins for him.Who was the Moon Thief?To reveal this ancient secret, he had to ascend to the top of the Ainsar World and become a tyrant!

  • A Legendary Thief

    A Legendary Thief


    It is a story about a solitary thief who survived on the verge of life and death and trudged on the road with the aid of a kitchen knife. It is also a story about the old curse of the ghost wizards in the graveyard from the remote past, the singing of the demons in the distant fiend prison and in the dark and gloomy abyss, the ancient battle cries of the old ox-headed priests in the Orc tribe, the lost technology civilization in Goblin state, the distant ancient ruins in Turalion forest, the mysterious treasure on Emerald Island, a peculiar ethnic group in Endless Sea, and a different legend for the same Enzes.

  • thief


  • Thief | √

    Thief | √


    Falling Inlove in the game is not easy especially When he captures your heart the moment you met him in the game and also in Real Life

  • Thief




  • The thief

    The thief

  • The Strongest Thief

    The Strongest Thief


    What could be worse than death? The answer was the loneliness of never being able to die. Of billions upon billions upon billions of creatures across worlds and realities, no matter how powerful they were they would always be consumed by that feeling. It was the true terror that would devour any living entities until their mind shattered and turn to void. What happened if there was a creature, a person, a human who could overcome the fear of nothingness? In the world of Loriana, the world of magic, the world of endless battles between heroes and demon lords. The young boy Torei summoned with his group of friends and his unrequited love. Like any Isekai transmigrators, they were given powers and fame. Well, except for Torei his class was a thief, a lowly infamous class only for thugs, and criminals. What could Torei do in this cruel world filled with endless hatred, suffering as a thief? Cough cough I stare at myself in the mirror for a long time after writing this synopsis. I think I'm serious this time about WSA contest I'm not a native English speaker so expect some grammar errors in my novels I will try to improve with time. If this goes well I'm gonna update a more thoughtfully editing version later. Q&A: Will this has harem? (still not decided yet) Will this have NTR? (No) Is the cover yours? (No, I'm just borrowing it please don't kill me) Final word I'm a newbie writer so please be easy on me.

  • Memories of the Night

    Memories of the Night



    COMPLETEDHis business rivals drugged a cold-hearted and handsome CEO, and the medicine intoxicated his whole body. The only way to cure him is through sexual contact. He went to the hospital to have his antidote, and a young nursing student who substituted someone to save this mysterious man fell into his trap. The ordeal lasted for three nights in a row. The man disappeared like he never existed before. After how many years, while she gradually discovers the mystery of her father's death, they meet again. For four years, he barely slept through full nights, and he developed severe insomnia caused by the drug.Accidentally, he accused her of being a thief. He captured and imprisoned her; however, vague memories of the scent and woman's body that served him during his struggling moment keeps haunting him. The smell of her body is like magic, gradually calming his restless nerve and making him sleep. He possessed her immediately and promised not to let her go the time he laid his eyes on her. He discovered she is the same woman who had become his antidote that night, yet he concealed the truth because she strives to flee away from him. No wonder he got a sense of déjà vu when he first saw her and smelled her fragrance. No wonder he was so enamored by her and her body. It turns out that she's the woman he often dreams about, the first significant woman in his life. The woman he is longing for and his beautiful nightmare.He fell in love with her and does all means to make her his wife. She wanted her freedom, and she refused him several times. The painful memory of the past keeps haunting her, and she promised to take revenge on a man who assaulted her four years ago. Would she fall in love with the man who takes advantage of her that night? Does the mysterious man, love at first sight, will change their fate? How long could he stand against her hatred to win her trust and love?Special Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong.

  • Blind Box of Real Estate: I Have the Divine-level Hint System

    Blind Box of Real Estate: I Have the Divine-level Hint System

    Did you know what the blind box of real estate was like?The speculators would buy the real estate that had been foreclosed houses.For fairness, the door and windows were locked. You didn't know what was inside.Everyone could only observe outside and look for clues.Maybe the luxurious furniture inside was worth a lot of money, or some of them were leaked which you would cost a sea of money to repair.While others were still raking against the wall and looking around.Lee got the divine-level hint system, and all the house values were clear at a glance!"The decoration of this building is terrible, and the thief has come here in advance. Don't buy it.""This villa is worth 5 million dollars. There are antique gold coins hidden in the basement!""Don't miss this warehouse. It's worth 20 million dollars. There is the authentic work of Picasso in it!"

  • Reincarnated as a Thief

    Reincarnated as a Thief


    A man has died and has now been reincarnated. Having no idea about his name or how he died, he must now figure out how he will survive in a completely unknown world with very little to his name.

  • The Story of Yu Feng

    The Story of Yu Feng



    Yu Feng was a street thief with a reputation as 'the thief who has never gotten caught'. Until that one day...Her capture threatened her to work for him. Her task? To carry messages and deliver them to each receiver—she became a runner.The seventh prince, Prince Yi was fighting against time as they are trying to find evidence of the enemy trying to assassinate the Emperor. However, recently most of his messenger never reached their destination and this has caused them a huge loss. This was why he needed someone who knew the Capital City's streets and shortcuts to help him. When Prince Yi found out his runner's identity, he was delighted! But once Yu Feng found out the identity of the man she was working for, she tried to escape.“Yu Feng, you dare to run away from me. This Prince had caught you once. Believe me when I say that I will catch you again.”---This story is written to participate in WPC 137: Catch Me If You Can---Cover illustration: kirinlukis---

  • Memoir of a Thief

    Memoir of a Thief


    Four magic attributes — Flame, Water , Earth, and Wind — dominate the kingdom of Lapis. In this kingdom, a young boy meets his fate as he embarks on his journey to the castle. He soon found himself at the centre of attention when he summoned a useless old ring with his Neutral attribute...where a threat is around the corner and his destiny awaits...