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  • Wings



    Teenage Valerie is the criminal of her story, and it's easy for her to be, with her wings. That is, until she falls in love with the hero.

  • Wings


    A story of a simple girl who is from small city Nashik and comes all yhe way to Mumbai. Her adventures , etc. (PS -these series are inspired by a very nice show ' girl in the city ')Hope you all like this story . A short poem written by me"I sour in blue skyIt thrill me when cold wind currents hit meI am a phoenix with strong wings and i am bound to fly high.My fated to fly higher"

  • When The Timer Hits Zero

    When The Timer Hits Zero

    Eighteen-year-old Ari has been able to see timers ever since he was twelve. He doesn't know what they mean or why he can see them, but one thing is sure: something bad is bound to happen when it runs out. When the timers of both Ari and his bestfriend Ezra are close to running out, he starts to panic. In what way will it change their lives?This is Wings's first ever book: a quick-paced, short LGBT one. It plays in the same universe, even in the same school, as some of their other books. Though it is not needed to read all of them in order to understand the seperate stories, there are some things that will make more sense.

  • Sing For Me

    Sing For Me

    Nuriel is an eighteen-year-old senior in high school. Together with his friends Noah, Lucian and Caden, he has formed a band. He yearns for some change in his life, though he wouldn't know what; he gets what he wishes for when he meets Jerah, who turns his life upside down and makes his heart and brain contradict each other. Will he ever give in to what his feelings tell him, or will he allow his senses to deny them forever?

  • To Defy Fate

    To Defy Fate

    Micah doesn't think anything of his lonely, gloomy life; he has accepted it, not bothered by the fact that he doesn't have any friends or accomplishments. When he moves, he sees it as nothing but a change of scenery. But when Micah almost gets hit by a car, everything changes; a boy named Zain brings color to his monochrome world. There's not much time to sort his newfound feelings, though. Micah quickly learns that he's actually related to the goddess of luck, Fortuna, and that her nemesis Pepromene, the goddess of fate, is coming to kill him. Will he survive?

  • wings?!


  • •Wings•



    taking flight like a bird , soaring the sky's, endless freedom a dream of many but only few can hold

  • Wings.


    There’s a moment in everyone’s life where we want to run away from the world we live in. And which we know so well that is starts to suffocate us to the point we can’t breathe. The world we see starts to crumble and change and those we love change with it.

  • Wings of Destiny

    Wings of Destiny


    I promise that I will be the one to find you in our next life. I swear to prioritize you before my duty as you prioritized me. I will love you wholeheartedly and not hold back anymore.....I love you, Max - Charis Astrea's perfect life came crashing down when her family was charged with Treason against the royal family of Nethilor. She fled to the neighboring Empire of Findara and lost her memories because of an injury. But her life restarted as she was adopted by the couple from that kingdom. Everything looked well until her first love and fiance came into the picture. Lorcan Radcliffe, will not stop at anything until he gets his beloved back. Whereas Cassian Wulfgur who is her destined mate and fiance in the Findara empire would never give up on her. A vampire prince and Alpha of the strongest pack of werewolves, Who will she choose, and what will happen when her complicated past life's enemies enter her life? Follow Astrea in her journey to find her true self and one true love. Look how she will complete her unfinished duty from her past life amidst all this chaos. 'Cover is not mine' Follow my insta @ruby_rosie_2001 #werewolf #Alpha #Fatedmate

  • Super Gene

    Super Gene



    In the magnificent interstellar era, mankind has finally developed teleport technology, but when trying to teleport, they are not sent to the future, the past, or any land known to men... This mysterious space is called God’s Sanctuary, where lived numerous unknown creatures. Here, humans will make the greatest leap in their evolution to create the most glorious epoch in history. "Sacred-blood creature black beetle killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood black beetle gained. Eat the meat of sacred-blood black beetle to gain 0 to 10 geno points randomly."

  • With These Wings

    With These Wings

    It was just another routine flight from Hong Kong to Manchester for Flight attendant Nigel Grimond until he spied sexy bodybuilder Phil Wilson crammed in seat 12E. Upgrading Phil to business class, Nigel spent as much time as possible talking with the man as well as admiring his muscles and his eagle tattoo.<br><br>As a thank you for the upgrade, Phil asks Nigel out to dinner at a village pub. Pessimistic at his chances of scoring with such a hunk, Nigel’s hopes are lifted by his psychic friend Tracy who is convinced this is Nigel’s big chance at finding love.<br><br>Nigel waits at the pub for Phil, who is running late. Through a series of text messages, Phil assures Nigel he won’t be long. But after two hours of waiting, Nigel goes home alone.<br><br>Phil begs for a second chance, so Nigel is back at the pub the next night, but the excellent food and friendly bar staff will be little consolation if Nigel is stood up a second time.<br><br>What if Phil doesn’t show? Why is Tracy so insistent that all signs point to love? Shouldn’t Nigel just go home, get drunk, and forget all about strong muscles and tattooed eagle wings?

  • On the Wings

    On the Wings

    How are demons born? That's the question i never found an answer to.

  • On These Wings

    On These Wings

    Kurosawa is a college graduate living in Kanazawa with his friend Nao. After two years, he decides to return to Osaka to see a friend again. During this trip, feelings surface.

  • Red Wings

    Red Wings

    Fantasy SYSTEM

    It's a story about a level-headed guy that dies in a motorcycle accident. He gets reincarnated as a mosquito just because the Morrigan wants to be entertained. Or are there more powers at play? It's my first real writing project. If someone wants to redo my cover and get their name on here they should just say so. I'm really curious about your opinions. I'm Dutch, so my English will not be perfect, but it is pretty okay.

  • Golden Wings

    Golden Wings

    Chizuka Luna was blamed by her parents for her sister's death-not gave her a huge impact which affected her life. Little did she know that the case of her sister became a huge mystery that remained unsolved two years ago, until now, and intrigued the few members of Central Intelligence Agency (CIDA). Gin Roselcov was asked to meet her up to ask some information about her sister. In exchange, Luna being agitated, she also asked for update informations how her sister died. They decided to spend more time for investigation until something unexpected happen. What would that be...?photo taken from pinterest

  • Broken Wings

    Broken Wings


  • Earning Wings

    Earning Wings

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    Nokati shirou lived until she was 25. She wasn’t a saint. She had done some bad things in life. But when she was alive she always was told she’d go to heaven, and finally be with her mother, who died when she was six. So when she did the things she did, she didn’t think about the fact that she might not get her wings. When she got in a car accident at 25 years old she died, but did not go to the place she’d expected. Instead she woke in a cage . There was this heat sensation that hurt terribly. She had to find a way to get to heaven! This is a tale of a fallen angel who goes on a journey through hell to reach the top: living the life in heaven with her mother and earn her wings.

  • Bloodied Wings

    Bloodied Wings


    A story about a boy who was born with demon and Devine wings. This story follows him through his life of scorn and acceptance.

  • Missing Wings

    Missing Wings

    Mika has lived her life while being haunted by her last, that is, until she soon finds a blinding heaven move into the vacant apartment beside hers. From then on, her life takes a drastic trun as sure bliss awaits her to open up her front door on the form of her hero.




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