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  • Wedding Agreement With CEO

    Wedding Agreement With CEO



    Ellena Patricia Lubis, a 22-year-old woman who is often called Elle, has to live her life in the capital. The family's economic situation worsened after a car accident that claimed her father's life, forcing her to continue to struggle to find money to pay off her father's debts to moneylenders. One day, because she didn't want to be late for work, Elle left in a hurry using an automatic motorbike belonging to Filia Vallencia, her boarding house friend. However, unfortunately. That morning, she accidentally hit a luxury car that was speeding from another direction, causing her and the motorbike she was driving to lose control and cause an accident. She hit the car and the car was badly damaged. Ironically, the owner of the car is Lucas Ryszard Fidell, a young executive whose name is already worldwide, and the sole heir to the owner of the largest industrial company in Indonesia who is none other than the CEO of the company where Elle works. It has fallen down the stairs too, that's how Ellena's life is quite suffocating. The accident actually brought new problems for her, where Lucas asked for compensation for the damage to his car with a very fantastic nominal, so of course Elle couldn't fulfill it, who only worked as an ordinary employee with a very mediocre salary. "If you really can't make amends, you have to do one thing for me," he said. "What is it? I promise I will," Ellena replied a little enthusiastically. "Marry me!" How will their story continue? Will Elle accept Lucas' offer? Follow Instagram @pena.batik03

  • Love Agreement With The King

    Love Agreement With The King



    When two people unsatisfied with their already written fate meet, what they can do to finally live the life they desire is enter into an agreement. The agreement is sanctioned by Prince John, a man who was never seen before, because of that he’s considered like a ghost by the inhabitants of the city. John is a cold-hearted man, ruthless and unsympathetic. He’s unable to love, having a rich history with breaking hearts he came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t date anymore. The only person he ever cared about, besides himself, was his father. After his sudden death, Prince John had to ascend the throne. When he met Roselyn, a girl who was known for her skeptical thoughts about love and her free spirit who had simple desires which didn't include a man to be fulfilled he sees in her the potential to achieve what he always wanted. The agreement required them to fake their marriage and pretend they are in love deceiving the whole world including their own family. In return, they could live the life they always wanted to live. As the story develops more mysteries and hindrances threaten their perfect plan, such as Roselyn’s supernatural rare powers and sudden wars. -------------------------------------------------- Abstract: "I like to think this is a strange twist of fate. You’re the kindest person I know. So beautiful and precious while I am a cold-hearted guy hunted by his demoniac nature." John leaned over to her, gently lifting her chin so that she could meet his gaze. When Roselyn did, he smiled. "Your nature allows you to create life, mine allows me to take it." He chuckled shyly. "I am not forcing you to accept my darker side, but maybe we were destined to meet. You are the peace to my senses, the sun to my darkness, the reason that wakes me up in the morning. I hate the way you make me feel, so vulnerable and sensitive." His gaze moved to her peachy lips. He stroked her hair behind her ear. "At the same time I love it because, in all my immortal existence, I have never felt more alive." Roselyn finally smiled, as she understood that he didn’t have two opposite sides. He just had one, the evilest vampire in the village. But when with her, his heart melted that ice shield to reveal a completely different person who only she could have access to. --------------------------------------------------- Link server: join to find updates, new, and coins free The book contains intense smut, read at your own risk Extra chapters will be posted on sunday based on the number of golden ticket collected during the week! Send summoning pens to get an anticipated release! . [The book cover belongs to their respective owner.] ALERT warning: 18+ smut -> however the chapters with smut will contain an alert of start and end smut so you can freely skip that part if uncomfortable!

  • Marriage Agreement

    Marriage Agreement

    Pernikahan yang terjadi bukan karena perjodohan apalagi paksaan. Sebuah pernikahan yang terjadi juga bukan karena dilandasi dengan rasa suka, apalagi cinta. Sebab pernikahan itu terjadi karena unsur saling menguntungkan bagi keduanya.Seperti apakah pernikahan mereka? Apakah pernikahan yang dimulai dengan sebuah perjanjian itu, akan berakhir bahagia? atau malah berakhir seperti perjanjian awal mereka?

  • Mutual Agreement

    Mutual Agreement

  • Death Agreement

    Death Agreement

    Pagi yang cerah untuk memulai hari yang semakin berat, dalam hitungan mundur ring tinju kian terbuka lebar. Sorak sorai semangat dari siapapun hanya terdengar seperti ejekan, terus mengutuk karena gadis yang tidak diharapkan kehadirannya ini melaju ke babak penyisihan nasional. Secangkir kopi hitam hangat yang berdiri di meja tampak menggoda untuk kusesap. Selagi menunggu perempuan tua di dapur yang sedang sibuk dengan peralatan masaknya, sebuah pesan siaran masuk dari kontak 'Giny' di aplikasi chat terkenal, WhatsApp,Yuk kirim pesan rahasia buatku secara anonim, tap link senyum kecil membuncah tanpa sengaja, getir jiwa kebencian yang selama ini kupendam menyeruak. Tak perlu waktu lama bagi ponselku untuk menampilkan situs web yang dimaksud. Kutaruh cangkir itu kembali ke tempatnya, dan dua ibu jari bersiap menari di atas keypad.Secret Message :Lebih baik Kita tidak pernah saling bertemu, karena selalu ada alasan bagiku untuk membencimu. Jika Aku tau takdir akan mempertemukan Kita seperti ini, lebih baik Aku mati.Sent.

  • Secret Agreement

    Secret Agreement

    Teen ROMANCE

    Bata pa lamang ay mapagmahal na si Falisha sa kanyang Ina. Ngunit sa di inaasahang pangyayari ay kinakailangang lumisan ng kanyang ina upang may mapangtustos sila pang-araw-araw. Nagdaan ang mga taon at siya ay tumungtong na sa pagdadalaga doon niya nakilala si Freyden Maice ang alaga ng kanyang Ina. Labis na nainis si Falisha lalo na't nalaman niyang kung anong tinatawag niya sa kanyang Ina ay siyang ganon rin pala ang tawag ng lalaki sa kanyang Ina. Hindi lubos na akalain ni Falisha na mahuhulog sya sa lalaking kanyang kinasusuklaman at magiging magkasintahan sila nito. Ngunit dahil sa isang pangyayari ay halos maguho ang kanyang mundo at kanilang samaha'y biglang nagbago dahil sa nalaman niyang may naganap palang isang kasunduan at ang pagtatagpo nilang dalawa ay planado na. Dito naghakaawa at humingi ng kapatawaran ang kanyang lalaking kasintahan. Pero dahil sa lakas ng kapangyarihan ng pagmamahal ay sa huli ay natanggap niya rin ang mga pangyayaring mga naganap.

  • The Roommate Agreement

    The Roommate Agreement

    Ryan Gadsden is in his second year of college when his landlord decides to bump up his rent. Not having much of a choice with the matter, Ryan lets Veronica Amaya move in. Little does he know what will happen between them when it comes to light that they both have problems sleeping. The agreement was never part of the plan.

  • Their Royal Agreement

    Their Royal Agreement

  • Marriage Agreement

    Marriage Agreement


    Aria has a tough childhood. Her dad is a gambler while her mom always out with different man. She is now a wife of a billionaire with a contract, in order to protect and save her baby brother, Alan who is suffered from progeria. After a few years of marriage, she once meet her old lover. Will she keep her marriage or will she start anew with her old lover? Stay tuned.

  • The Royal Agreement

    The Royal Agreement


    "This was your plan all along wasn't it?" she screams at me tears falling freely and ruining her makeup."What? No of course it wasn't, Camila, we're sisters" I desperately say, looking at mom and dad for help, but they look as distressed as I feel."I don't have a sister anymore."~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Carmen Hernandez always dreamt of having a simple life. Finish her last year of high school, go to Harvard, become a prosecutor, marry, and have a small family of 4 children and two dogs. But when her family moves to Aldovea and attends the royal ball, everything changes. Now she has to juggle a life of royalty and high school while trying to maintain a good relationship with her sister. And all the while her parents and the royal family are hiding secrets from her that could explain the wolf she's been seeing in her dreams and people from her past are haunting her.Will Carmen be able to handle all the pressure or will she crack?

  • Married without Agreement

    Married without Agreement



    Kalvian and Kalebriena are married because of a marriage arranged by their parents. Marriage without any drama, contract or any requirement. According to them, rejecting a regulated marriage will only waste their time. No need to be a sickening drama. This is not a classic wedding Married without Agreement.


    THE AGREEMENT (series)


    this is a series of different stories containing different genres.

  • Marriage Agreement

    Marriage Agreement

    Menceritakan kisah cinta yang di mulai dengan kerja sama yang menguntungkan. Bukan pernikahan terpaksa apalagi perjodohan, tapi murni sebuah pernikahan antara keduanya yang mempunyai maksud tujuan masing-masing di dalamnya, yang jelas akan saling menguntungkan untuk keduanya.Akankah pernikahan yang dimulai dengan tujuan yang salah itu berakhir Indah, atau justru berakhir seperti kesepakatan awal mereka?Ikuti kisahnya!



    Menunggu selama dua tahun karena harus menjalani hubungan jarak jauh dengan kekasihnya. Akhirnya seorang wanita cantik bernama Mutiara bisa bertemu kembali dengan kekasih yang sangat dia cintai yaitu Dion Wijayakusuma. Ditambah kedatangannya juga, membawa kabar baik jika dirinya akan menikahi Mutiara dan membawanya ikut bersamanya ke Jakarta. Sehingga, tanpa berpikir panjang lagi. Mutiara pun menerima lamaran kekasihnya dan akhirnya mereka resmi menjadi pasangan suami istri. Merasa menjadi orang yang paling bahagia di dunia ini dan sudah yakin jika ke depannya Mutiara bisa hidup bahagia dengan Dion saat di Jakarta nanti, membuat Mutiara tidak berhenti terus berucap syukur dengan kebahagiaan yang dia dapatkan saat ini. Namun, semuanya tidaklah sesuai dengan apa yang dia bayangkan Karena baru dia hari dia menikah dan Dion membawanya langsung ke Jakarta. Nyatanya, tidak sesuai dengan yang dia bayangkan sebelumnya. Karena setelah sampai, bahkan dia belum disentuh sama sekali oleh Dion, Mutiara malah di bawa kesebuah rumah besar yang dimiliki seorang pria misterius yang dikatakan jika, pria itu adalah pria buruk rupa, kejam dan tidak memiliki perasaan terhadap wanita. Dia seorang pria yang sangat buas dan banyak wanita takut untuk bersamanya. Tapi, demi perusahaan mertuanya Dion yang ternyata sudah menikah dengan wanita kaya yang sebenarnya sudah membohongi Mutiara, membuat Dion bertekad untuk menjadikan Mutiara sebagai barang pertukaran dengan kerja sama yang akan dilakukan oleh pria buas itu. Sehingga, saat mengetahui semua itu. Hati Mutiara seketika hancur dan dia sangat membenci pria yang dia cintai dengan tulus selama ini, malah menghancurkan hidupnya dengan sangat kejam. Sehingga, dendam, benci dan perasaan cinta itu pun lenyap serta mengubah Mutiara menjadi wanita dingin yang tidak percaya lagi akan namanya cinta, juga saat itu pula Mutiara menganggap dirinya sudah mati dan Mutiara yang sudah berada di ujung putus Asanya hanya bisa menerima nasib menjadi istri si pria kejam yang rumornya sangat mengerikan itu. Namun, rumor itu ternyata salah. Pria jelek, tua, kejam dan sadis itu. Ternyata tidak ada ada di diri pria yang menjadi suaminya yang keduanya itu. Karena dia ternyata pria sempurna yang diinginkan semua wanita tapi tidak untuk Mutiara yang sudah mengalami rasa sakit dan trauma yang teramat dalam dari mantan suaminya yang dia nikahi dua hari saja dan hubungan dia dengan sang billionaire's itu hanya sebuah perjanjian yang saling menguntungkan satu sama lainnya. Sehingga, tidak ada cinta dan juga perasaan satu sama lainnya selain untung keuntungan masing-masing. Mungkinkah hubungan ini akan berakhir seperti perjanjian yang sudah mereka sepakati? Ataukah akankah cinta datang untuk mengikat kuat hubungan yang berdiri diatas perjanjian itu? Sean Savero: "Kamu sekarang adalah milikku! dan  tugasmu  saat ini adalah menjadi istri yang baik di depan orang-orang itu dan juga, jadilah patuh serta puaskan aku sebagai suami kamu." Mutiara: "Aku yang sudah tidak memiliki apapun bahkan cinta saja sudah tak ada. Maka aku akan mematuhi semua perintahmu, wahai suamiku sang tuan pemilik tubuhku yang tidak berharga ini."

  • real agreement

    real agreement

  • Agreement With The Devil

    Agreement With The Devil

    Reina, gadis berusia 20 tahun. Menjadi yatim piatu karena kedua orang tuanya meninggal dalam sebuah kecelakaan, semua harta benda yang ditinggalkan disita karena kecurangan yang adik ayahnya lakukan. Semua musibah bertubi-tubi itu membuat Reina terguncang dan putus asa. Merasa tidak ada gunanya lagi dia hidup, Reina terpikir untuk bunuh diri. Dia berdiri di lantai 14 sebuah gedung, berniat untuk melompat. Akan tetapi, seorang laki-laki misterius yang mengenakan jubah hitam tiba-tiba menarik lengannya dan mengurungkan niat Reina untuk bunuh diri. Javier, iblis yang mendapat tugas untuk mencari manusia yang melakukan dosa besar. Jika berhasil membuat perjanjian dengan manusia, maka dia bisa naik tingkat mendapatkan kekuatan yang bisa membuatnya berubah untuk menjadi manusia kapan pun dia mau. Menemukan Reina yang akan melakukan dosa besar dengan berniat bunuh diri. Iblis laki-laki itu lantas menolong Reina dan berpura-pura mendekatinya. Dengan niat untuk menjadikan gadis itu target utama. Lalu, bagaimanakah kelanjutan kisah mereka berdua? Akankah Reina melakukan kontrak perjanjian dengan Javier?

  • A Proper Agreement

    A Proper Agreement

  • Agreement with the King

    Agreement with the King


    When two people unsatisfied with their already marked future meet, all they can do to finally live the life they desire is enter into agreements.The agreement is sanctioned by Prince Nathan that, after his father’s sudden death, had to ascend the throne and by Florence, a girl who is skeptical about love.It required them to fake their marriage and pretend they are in love deceiving the whole world including their own families.In return, they could live the life they always wanted to live. Florence would travel around the world and conduct the simple life she always wished to had. Prince John would live his life as a vampire without the fear of being discovered since he had her help to cover up his absence in town.It was an agreement of fake love which just had one condition. Freedom was welcomed and Love was forbidden.Will they succeed in their agreement and the strict rules it involved? Can two people live for the rest of their life together without falling in love at some point? Can they lie to everyone and pretend forever just to chase a glimpse of freedom and the life they always wanted?Historical and Fantasy Romance. This story is about a strong woman and a complicated yet the deepest unexpected love story.[The book cover belongs to their respective owner: .]ALERT: 18+

  • The Fiancée Agreement

    The Fiancée Agreement

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY ABANDONED

    Excerpt‘ I don't believe in fairytales, in reality the rich prince charming does not fall in love with the pauper...but why is Zhou Leicheng pulling me towards his mother? ' Lianmin wonders as she glances at Leicheng's hand which held her tightly, then his face which wore no expression and then at his Mom who was waiting patiently for them with a smile on her face as she stood in front of the Zhou Villa. “ Z... Zhou Leicheng w..why a..are" Lianmin stutters but pauses when Leicheng calls out his mom.“ Zhou Yao...” Zhou Leicheng calls his mom by her name which surprises Lianmin.“ I'm home ” Leicheng says to his mother, a shadow of a smile touching his face.Zhou Yao cups Leicheng's face with her palm, her eyes glittering with so much love as she stares at him like he would disappear in an instance.“ Welcome home my child ” Zhou Yao's smile becomes brighter.Lianmin stares at the both of them unable to understand why she was there.“ Is she...? ” Zhou Yao asks as she turns to look at Lianmin.“ Uhh?...” Lianmin wonders what Zhou Yao is talking about.‘ Am I...what? ’ Lianmin wonders.“ Oh... I almost forgot Zhou Yao meet Jiang fiancée ” Zhou Leicheng says and Lianmin goes blank.SynopsisZhou Leicheng returns to Beijing after a year to take over Light Empire, a top game company in China Leicheng created when he was 16.Upon his arrival in Beijing, he lodges at a hotel where he was to meet prospective business partners.When Jiang Lianmin gets a new job, her best friend Long Jingning sets her up on a blind date with celebrity Li Xinjiang to celebrate her new job. Unaware that her blind date cancelled on her, she meets Zhou Leicheng at a traditional restaurant and mistakes him for her blind date, when the paparazzi clicks photos of them both, people start assuming that Lianmin is Zhou Leicheng's mystery woman.When the news gets to Leicheng's Mom who has been disturbing Leicheng about his love life, his secretary advises him to take advantage of the situation. Leicheng takes his advice and introduces Lianmin to his mom as his fiancee.Lianmin insults Leicheng for deceiving his Mom and walks out angrily thinking they would never meet again.As fate would have it, the next day when Lianmin goes to work, she finds out that her mysterious boss is Leicheng, she tries to avoid him but he stops her after work.Leicheng asks Lianmin to enter a contract with him stating that they'll stay engaged until Leicheng finds a wife for himself after which she will exit his life.But when Lianmin moves into Leicheng's house, feelings become harder to control for the both of them.

  • Wedding Agreement With CEO (Indonesia)

    Wedding Agreement With CEO (Indonesia)

    Ellena Patricia Lubis, wanita berusia 22 tahun yang kerap disapa Elle harus menggantungkan hidupnya di ibukota. Keadaan perekonomian keluarga yang semakin memburuk setelah kecelakaan mobil yang merenggut nyawa ayahnya, memaksa ia untuk terus berjuang mencari uang demi melunasi hutang-hutang sang ayah kepada rentenir.Pada suatu hari, karena tidak ingin terlambat datang ke kantor, Elle pergi dengan sangat terburu-buru menggunakan motor matic milik Filia Valencia Lubis, teman kostnya. Namun, Nahas. Pagi itu, ia tidak sengaja menabrak sebuah mobil mewah yang melaju kencang dari arah lain, sehingga membuat ia dan motor yang dikendarainya pun hilang kendali dan menyebabkan terjadinya kecelakaan. Ia menabrak mobil itu hingga mobil tersebut mengalami kerusakan yang cukup parah. Ironisnya, sang pemilik mobil itu adalah Lucas Ryszard Fidell, seorang eksekutif muda yang namanya sudah mendunia, juga seorang pewaris tunggal dari pemilik perusahaan industri terbesar di Indonesia yang tak lain adalah CEO di perusahaan tempat Elle bekerja. Sudah jatuh tertimpa tangga pula, begitulah kehidupan Elle yang cukup mencekik. Peristiwa kecelakaan itu nyatanya membawa masalah baru baginya, di mana Lucas meminta ganti rugi atas kerusakan mobil miliknya dengan nominal yang sangat fantastis, sehingga tentu tidak bisa terpenuhi oleh Elle yang hanya bekerja sebagai karyawan biasa dengan gaji yang sangat pas-pasan. "Kalau kau memang tidak bisa mengganti rugi, kau harus melakukan satu hal untukku," ucapnya. "Apa itu? Saya berjanji akan melakukannya," balas Ellena sedikit antusias. "Menikahlah denganku!" Bagaimana kelanjutan kisah mereka? Akankah Elle menerima tawaran dari Lucas?

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