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  • False Loneliness

    False Loneliness


    In the depths of a great and mysterious forest where nothing is what it seems to be, Randall, a 20-year-old, orphan and former soldier of the Enzidax kingdom, begins a new life full of adventure discovering unimaginable things that will completely change his perspective of the world.[Some scenes may contain violent actions (+18)]

  • Loneliness Love

    Loneliness Love

    Teen ROMANCE

  • Loneliness System

    Loneliness System



    Nightmare. The world where monsters dwell in every corner, a place completely inhospitable to humans. The sun only comes up for 6 hours a day, while the rest of the time the sky is cloaked in dim rouge rays of light emanating from the moon. Join Alban as he starts off as a human and evolves into a terror that strikes dread into the very world itself.-------------------------------------------------------------------Hey, I'm new at writing and thought I'd take a shot at it. Native English speaker, so if you spot any typos, feel free to admonish me. I’ll try to fix them before burying myself in tons of chapters.--Warning, right now update rates will be VERY inconsistent! I took some time off to plan what I actually want to do in this book, so right now I’m trying my best to write enough chapters to have a stable release rate. I’m a student, so that’s the kind of situation I’m in...thanks for your understanding!—Like it? Add it to your collection and follow my progress! I try to post 5 chapters everyday, but I may not always be able to. Regardless, I hope you enjoy my story as it develops.P.S: Leave a review please, it helps!

  • Opposite of loneliness??

    Opposite of loneliness??

    All about my experiences being an Army.

  • The Story Of LONELINESS

    The Story Of LONELINESS

  • The Feeling of Loneliness

    The Feeling of Loneliness

  • loneliness love

    loneliness love

    Fantasy Romance ACTION HISTORICAL

  • My loneliness

    My loneliness

  • loneliness girl

    loneliness girl

  • Angle of Loneliness

    Angle of Loneliness


    All we know of death is it’s music, A single note held until it turns to mist. Long, thin chimes in a gust; laughter bouncing off chest walls. An echo

  • The Fear of Loneliness

    The Fear of Loneliness


    "The sword will be of no use. If the dragon prince wishes to end his life, then it shall be. There is nothing he can do. Absolutely nothing. Nothing but lay down and die."Leonidas Windsor has never been someone extraordinary. In the war-torn country of Nayanamh, the boy finds himself unable to kill. He cannot take a life and has never really had the need to before. However, enlisting into the army, Leonidas finds himself facing up against a Dragon Prince, Will the boy finally take a life, or will he allow his own to be taken?

  • The Loneliness and Me

    The Loneliness and Me


    I wish my life was simple but fate didn't let me to...People think it is selfish but THIS IS ME...!

  • Loneliness of the duke

    Loneliness of the duke


    Elena , the illegitimate child of the western duke . she used to a in main spotlight before but after a child named Lucia . said that she claimed be the child of duke . she looked just like her father.......................

  • Loneliness is a Monster

    Loneliness is a Monster

  • The Pain Of Loneliness

    The Pain Of Loneliness

  • Path of the Loneliness

    Path of the Loneliness

    The Tower of Babylon is not part of the "official" list of wonders of the world. However, it is one of the most outstanding structures of the ancient Babylon, and its name is still a symbol of confusion and disorder.The Tower of Babylon is spoken of in the Book of Genesis, which was long before our era. In the country of Sennaar, in the basin of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, on a beautiful, unusually good land lived all the people inhabiting the Earth and spoke the same language. They were living better and better, and it made them proud. "And they told each other, we will make bricks and burn fire. And they had bricks instead of stones, and ground tar instead of lime. And they said, Let us build for ourselves a city and a tower high to the heavens; And we shall make ourselves a name before we disperse ourselves in the face of all the earth."The tower was rising higher and higher until Yahweh was alarmed and decided to see what it was. Human pride led him into anger, and he mixed his tongues. And the builders stopped understanding each other by throwing away the piles of material and tools they had used, they gave up their defiant designs, and scattered all over the world.This was supposed to be the story, but the story will change in a different direction. The plot of this newsletter will tell you about the times when high technology was rivaling, and in this turmoil, out of nowhere, there was a huge tower in the center of the Equator. So, and the story of this interesting (maybe not) novelty began.

  • the loneliness of a room

    the loneliness of a room

  • my loneliness love

    my loneliness love

  • Loneliness amongst the crowd!

    Loneliness amongst the crowd!

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Many of the teens these days go through the feeling of loneliness and such a feeling is so disgusting that u feel as if u have everything but yet nothing and it Makes us sad and a bit depressed. In this story both the ML go through some Such situations wherein at the end the feel as if despite having everything they have nothing worth preserving !Do read to find out what happens that parts a lovely couple and what happens that they end up feeling depressed !!!

  • Room filled with loneliness

    Room filled with loneliness

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE SLICEOFLIFE

    A young woman was chipping away at an office. From her eyes, it appears she was forlorn and her pressurized more. Unexpected she nods off on that table while working in late evening. There were not a solitary individual around her all are now left in the wake of completing their work. The entire spot was forlorn simply the manner in which she is. She appears to be crushed. Who was that young girl and why was she so pressurized at such a young age get to know about her by reading.Note : the imagine used is not mine and those poetry I used in my book is belongs to one of my friend who wrote it for me...I update regularly so do check it out.I did portrayed how our life's works between family, friends and lover. I wanted show as much as I can I hope all will like itIf anyone have queries you can ask me here Instagram id : Ella_manga_loverVolume 1 : Lingering emotions (Ongoing)

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